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Advance SEO Course in Delhi

What Is SEO? & Scope of SEO?

The scope of Search Engine Optimization is high, and it is one of the greatest career options for everyone interested in this field. The online industry is growing every day at a higher pace. Besides, it plays a vital role in bringing the targeted audience to the website. It creates brand awareness among people and explores customers' needs to provide the best possible services.

Search Engine Optimization is all in one digital marketing channel that enhances your website's traffic and ranks you in the top search results in google. It is the practice of increasing your audience using organic results. It helps you build a user-friendly site where you can apply all the effective strategies and tools to improve the search results.

Is SEO in demand?

As per the study conducted to measure the demand for SEO, it increases digital marketing channels. The internet has taken over modern marketing, and all businesses are highly focused on generating leads and becoming top in the search results. It is the first and oldest effective way to increase traffic on the website. In simple words, it has become the pillar of online marketing, and it is only going to increase and enhance in the coming years.

Is it worth investing in SEO

In short words, search engine optimization is one of the effective investments on websites because it offers long and lasting results, which leads to conversion and revenue generation. It increases the quality of your website and puts you in the top results of the search results.

Is SEO a skill?

SEO is one of the essential skills and the only effective way to improve on-page optimization. Whether you are in the SEO industry or you are looking for people to hire for this job, there are five must-required SEO skills needed in this field, which are as follow:

● Content Marketing
● Link Building
● Usability
● Social Media

Who Can Do SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is an evergreen field that takes time and money. However, even in a short period, you can choose to opt for SEO training. There is no specific need for who can do it and who cannot; it is specialized for everyone regardless of their professional field. All you need is skills and experience.
SEO Course For Students

SEO is one of the demanding job professions in the marketing industry. Students doing engineering or other courses switch to search engine marketing because of its scope and flexibility. Students who want to pursue SEO can apply to SEO Institute to attain the basic experience.
SEO Course For Housewives

Are you a housewife who is in search of SEO jobs? SEO is one of the integrated channels of digital marketing, which has been there for many years. It is one of the perfect courses for all the ladies having family responsibilities. The best part is that it offers flexibility to work from home.
SEO Course For Professionals

Professionals pursuing various courses or are working in different courses can also switch their fields of study. All you have to do is get a certification of the skills you have all the professional and advanced knowledge to start your SEO future. It offers many opportunities to the professionals who join this field, especially for marketing and MBA students.
SEO Course For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs working in various fields can become experts in this field by gaining skills and experience. The demand for SEO increases every day, and all the big companies want to target their audience to increase lead generation. SEO is considered to be the most effective approach.
SEO Course For Job Seekers

Are you searching for a job? If yes, you have arrived on the right page. It is important to know the kind of job you want to do based on your experience. If you are new to the field with no basic knowledge can apply for an SEO course to get the certification. It will give you the validation to start your career in this field by proving that you have the required skills.
What skills do SEO marketers need?

Are you looking for a career in SEO? You will need to master certain skills to become successful in getting the jobs of your dream. Here is the list of some of the essential skills required in the SEO field:

● Adaptability
● Communication Skills
● Writing Skills
● Critical Thinking
● Quick Problem Solving Skills
● Analytical Skills

What Are The Fees For SEO Course?

There are various SEO courses available both online and offline mode. If you are looking for SEO course charges, you are likely to arrive at the right place. The SEO training cost fees are likely to be around 7,000 INR, and the ETI SEO certificate will be provided after completing the course. Apart from that, some of the additional certifications are also given by them, which are:

● Facebook Marketing Certificate
● Google AdWords Fundamentals
● Google Display Marketing
● Google Search Marketing

How Much Does SEO Training Cost?
The fees for SEO training depend on the course duration and the type of course from institute to institute. The basic fees for advanced training of SEO is 7,000. If you are looking for online institutes, there are many online portals to search on. However, if you want to take admission in a longer period, or you can say degree courses, it will cost you between 2 lakhs to 15 lakhs, depending on the institute. For a certification course, it takes between 3 to 6 months. Besides that, there are many free SEO training courses provided online which are as follow:

● Moz Free SEO Course
● Yoast Free SEO Course
● Reliablesoft Digital Marketing Academy
● Udemy Free SEO Course
● HubSpot Free SEO Course
● Clickminded Free SEO Course
● SEMRUSH Free SEO Curse

Importance Of SEO & Benefits Of SEO ?

Importance Of SEO

● SEO is important for promoting the website. People who look for the website by searching it on Bing or Google can more likely promote it on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
● The majority of the users who use search engines are most likely to click on the top 5 suggestions of the result pages. SEO will help you appear on top searches, which will help you gain visitors and traffic to your website.
● It is important to keep you in the completion. Suppose, if two companies are selling the same product, the SEO website is more likely to gain more customers than revenues.
● It helps your target audience to find your website by putting the services in front of them when they actively search for it. It offers a huge opportunity to the customers and provides major benefits to you and your company.

Benefits Of SEO

● SEO leads to lead generation and a better user experience. There are multiple ways one can improve the website and increase the user experience. It includes authentic and concise information, related texts, photos or videos, etc.
● SEO is beneficial for higher conversion rates. A good ranking on the search engine will guarantee higher conversion rates, and the target market will be more focused on you as long you maintain that position.
● Reaching out to the customer will bring better quality traffic. You would not have to pay for ads in this field, which means once you create the page, you can update it every month with high-quality content using the apt keywords.
● It builds brand credibility and trust among the customers. It features your content on the top results and by producing the relevant content.

What is the Average SEO Salary In India?

The growth of SEO depends on digital penetration, your skills, and e commerce booming. The industry highly attracts the fresher with increasing demands and marketing skills. The SEO salary depends on the region, countries, years of experience, and knowledge. The average salary for SEO in India starts from 2.5 lakh per annum. However, the salary is based on many factors.

SEO Earning
Are you looking for a job without an SEO course? The earning is going to be very difficult for you. To start a successful career in this field, individuals need to improve their skills to earn more based on experience. The earning depends not only on the training programs but also on the person's portfolio.

SEO Income
The income in the SEO field also depends on the position and recognition. The trainee in SEO can earn between Rupees 96,000 to 1, 44,000 per year. It also depends on the task and skills; some employees also earn incentives and extra work bonuses.

How Do You Make Money In SEO?
SEO professionals can earn money in various ways. Since the pace of digital marketing is increasing, the competition is also increasing in the market. You need to be smart, intelligent, and strategic in the market. However, some of the best ways to earn money in SEO are getting a job in an agency, doing ecommerce, collecting retainers from clients, etc.

How Much A SEO Marketer Earn In India?
An SEO marketer's task is to implement design and strategies to achieve the objectives, work on competitor analysis, report the competitor analysis, prepare the detailed strategy, link building strategies, etc. An SEO marketer can earn between 3, 00,000 to 3, 60,000 INR per year.

How Much Can A Freelancer Earn In SEO?
Freelancers can earn up to 90 000 to 3 00, 000 per annum. Freelancing is one of the best and demanding jobs in today’s world, which is also beneficial for gaining in-depth knowledge.

How Much Can A Fresher Earn In SEO?
As per the data, a fresher can earn up to 1.8 to 2.8 lakh per annum. Freshers who have recently passed out for college or universities can apply for internships and entry-level jobs.

What Is The Salary Of SEO Marketers?
The average salary for an SEO marketer is between 1.8 to 4 lakhs per annum.

Can An SEO Marketer Work From Home?

Yes, SEO is a vast field and an essential channel of digital marketing. It stands for Search Engine Optimization, while SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and various job website portals are offering remote jobs and internships to the applicants. It is one of the best jobs to grow the website and increase traffic on your website. An applicant who has basic knowledge in SEM can actively work from home. If you are looking for ways to establish your career in this field, it can start from basic. You can spend your getting SEO training from online sources or certified institutes to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Here Are the responsibilities of SEO Marketer Working From Home:

● Researching Mind-set
It is essential for an SEO marketer to enhance research methods and techniques, especially when working from home. The marketer needs to understand the algorithm of search based on the concepts. The essential and effective keywords are needed to be researched based on industry and focused groups. The more you research in this field, the more knowledge you are going to get.

● Learn Basic Web Designing And Coding
The SEO Marketer needs to be aware of the basic coding and website designing. However, their main focus is to increase traffic on websites based on the optimized tools and techniques. They must be aware of the tags to be used in the articles and web content.

● Analytical Mind-Set
Analytical and critical thinking ability are two important prospects for increased insights into a website. You can track the website based on region, country, location, month, date, day, etc. It gives a clear picture of the number of pages accessed by the visitors of the website. All you have to do is to understand the basic analytics.

Can I Do an SEO Course After 12th?

Many students in India go through various examinations once after completing class 12th, higher secondary education. A right choice always takes the individual towards a great career, but a wrong choice can put you in wholesome problems. However, if you want to build your SEO career, there is no compulsion that you have to get admitted to the training institute. There are many online SEO courses available from various sources to gain knowledge in the field. Many of the courses are fully approved, and once you advance in this field, you can easily find a job in this field.

Reasons Why SEO Course Is The Best Choice After 12th Standard
● The course does not require any complex exams. Anyone who has passed 12th grade can easily enroll in this course.
● It is of short duration. However, there are institutional courses with three years but many online sources and training programs that provide courses of 3 to 12 months. You do not need to spend many years building your career in this field.
● Students can get international certifications at an affordable rate without spending too much on institutional education.

Job Opportunities In SEO

Can You Get A Job With A SEO Certificate

SEO jobs not only depend on certifications, but skills are also required. However, SEO training and certifications are important to prove your knowledge and time in this field. No organization will hire you without field knowledge; therefore, it is important to find a job and showcase your skills. It is one of the oldest and effective digital marketing concepts, which is essential to improve website traffic quality. Start companies do take applicants with certificates that prove they have basic knowledge in the field.

SEO is one of the booming careers, which is only growing day by day. The digital marketing industry is only evolving and enhancing each day. SEO offers ample job opportunities to the applicants, and all you need is skills two grow in this field.

How Can I Get A Job After SEO?
There are multiple ways to start your SEO career, as various job portals are posting SEO specialists' everyday requirements. If you want to start your job in organizations, one best way is to start as a freelancer. You can get a job in SEO, build up your skills, improve communication and writing skills, acquire development skills, and gain analytical and practical skills.

SEO Jobs For Fresher
SEO is a wide field, and a fresher who has pursued digital marketing can easily get a job in SEO. After you complete college, gain some practical field knowledge by doing part-time or internships. It will only increase the number of job opportunities for the applicants.

SEO Jobs For Students
A student who is still studying but is interested in SEO, there is no other field better than this. Nonetheless, many students realize during their course that they want to switch their courses. It is one of the broadest fields of all time with several opportunities for students, and to become successful in this field, you must complete the course from an approved SEO institute.

Career In SEO?

Do you want to learn SEO? Many young people think of it as a good road to walk on. This field provides ample opportunities to the people. To evaluate this field, you have to enhance your skills. For that, you can look upon various SEO courses from online and offline sources. However, it is essential to have a clear picture before starting your career in any field.

Is SEO A Good Career?
If you have SEO skills, it is one of the best career choices to make. This field requires several skills and understanding. It is never going to bore you; there is always something more to learn in the field. One of the biggest changes in this field is the marketing process. All the content to be published on the website needs to be fully optimized because it is one of the largest digital marketing traffic sources.

Career Opportunities In SEO
Online and offline both sectors are gaining substantial popularity. SEO is an important tool for gaining traffic on the website. Various websites are posting ample opportunities in different modes of employment for SEO professionals. You can find all full-time, part-time, internships, contract, freelance, managerial, SEO jobs. If you search for search engine optimization jobs, there are multiple websites where you can register yourself. Some top websites to find SEO jobs are LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, FlexJobs, Remotive, Jooble, AngelList, Upwork, etc.

How Do I Become SEO Certified?

SEO certification is approved by the individuals who complete a successful SEO Course. It represents that the person has gained integrated skills and training to work under search engine optimization. Nonetheless, there are many ways one can get SEO certification. You can sign up for various courses regarding SEO. You can learn anything from your home's comfort in the modern world, as there are various resources to learn from.

How Do I Become Google SEO Certified?
There is no such thing as Google SEO certification; however, you can get a Google Ads Certification. It is one of the effective and credential ways to represent the level of knowledge you have. Google offers various training programs in the SEO and Ads field; you can sign up for the same. You can also join SEO Training Institute to do a certified course of SEO.

Is There An SEO Certification?
Multiple SEO certification courses are valuable and completely free for beginners. Most of the SEO courses are prepared by professionals and specialists, having years of experience in this field. Some of the top SEO Certifications are as follow:

● Hubspot SEO Academy
● Google Analytics Academy
● Backlinko’s Advanced SEO Strategies And Case Studies
● ClickedMinded SEO Course
● Moz’s Free SEO Course For Beginners

What Is Eligibility For SEO?

There are various courses available associated with SEO, but you have to complete your higher studies to be eligible for further education in the field. You can apply for an SEO course to gain the basic knowledge and skills to help you grow in your professional field. Search Engine Marketing's basic eligibility is to graduate from school or a certified educational institute with an aggregate of 50% in overall subjects.

What Qualifications Do You Need For SEO Marketing?
There is no particular qualification needed to start SEO marketing. This field is perfect for everyone who wants to switch their field, and for that, you at least have to complete a certification course in SEO marketing. A certificate holder can easily find a job and internship with a decent salary. However, some skills are required to establish a successful career in this field, including analytical skills, critical thinking skills, excellent verbal and writing skills, technical and programming skills, etc.

Can I learn SEO On My Own?

Everyone starts from basic before they master it. All you have to follow is the guidance and standards of the SEO course. Once you get the focus and required skills, you can easily build your career in this field. The basic step to learn SEO is first to understand its concept, keywords, research points, etc.

How Do I Become A SEO Marketer With No Experience?
To become an SEO marketer, you can sign up for an SEO training program available online. Certification is an important part of SEO, and one cannot start one career in this field without knowledge and skills. There are various categories of SEO, such as on-page and off-page SEO. The algorithm of SEO changes from time to time, and therefore, it is essential to study it in depth.

How Long Does It Take To Study SEO?
Learning SEO is not a complex job, but it requires focus and time, depending on studying. Many SEO institutes offer various programs and courses for a minimum of three years, but many applicants do not prefer spending much time in the course. Nonetheless, the basic SEO can be understood in the duration between 1 to 3 months.

Do SEO Marketers Need To Know Coding?

Having basic coding knowledge is not going to harm you; in fact, it is a plus point for anyone. Anyone working in a digital marketing agency or big companies must relate how beneficial it is to know to code in SEO. However, some of the institutes teach coding in SEO training to provide additional knowledge and better understanding. Some of the renowned coding languages are JavaScript and Python. Coding language is only going to make the task easy for the professionals.

However, there is a separate department for the coding profession. Some of the benefits for knowing to code for SEO professionals are:
● One of the essential benefits of knowing the basic coding in SEO depends less on the add-ons and plugins.
● The SEO professional will have a better understanding of the website's technical side, improving SEO and analytical skills.
● The professional will be able to solve many technical problems without being dependent on the technical department.

Is SEO Easy?

SEO is not that hard a subject to learn. It required dedication and willingness to allocate the time and effort to understand its concepts. If you have just started with this field and are wondering how you can reach from basic to simple, the answer is simple, by practice. Sometimes, it may become frustrating for the new people to the field, but you will attain your goals as you practice more and more. However, you can sign up for various SEO courses to learn the base of SEO.

How Difficult Is SEO?
Search engine optimization is considered one of the cost-efficient marketing strategies you can hold on to. Although the field is not as hard as you think, most people understand 95% of its concept, and the other 5% depends on the experience and skills. SEO seems difficult to those people who are beginners and learn the algorithm policies provided by Google. The SEO algorithm changes every year and it is one of the essential points you need to focus on.






Advance SEO Masterclass Course Content

1. Introduction6 Lessons
  • Lesson 1. What is SEO? - Preview
  • Lesson 2. On Page n Off Page
  • Lesson 3. How Google Works?
  • Lesson 4. White Hat n Black Hat
  • Lesson 5. Difference b/w Organic(SEO) & Paid(PPC)
  • Lesson 6. Voice Search - 09:07 Mins
2. Website Requirements3 Lessons
3. Introduction To Keywords & Meta Tags18 Lessons
  • Lesson 10. Keywords Introduction - Preview - 09:44 Mins
  • Lesson 11. Types of Keywords - 17:33 Mins
  • Lesson 12. Keyword Density & LSI Keywords
  • Lesson 13. Keyword Difficulty & Competition
  • Lesson 14. Keyword Research Tools
  • Lesson 15. How To Do Keyword Selection
  • Lesson 16. Keyword Selection-List 1-Course
  • Lesson 17. Keyword Selection-List 2-Service
  • Lesson 18. Keyword Selection-List 3-eCommerce
  • Lesson 19. Keyword Selection-List 4-Informative
  • Lesson 20. Keyword Selection-List 5-Recipe
  • Lesson 21. How to Create Meta Title
  • Lesson 22. How To Create Meta Description
  • Lesson 23. How To Create Meta Keywords
  • Lesson 24. How to create Heading Tags
  • Lesson 25. ALT Tag
  • Lesson 26. Keyword Placement in Static Page
  • Lesson 27. Keyword Placement in Wordpress
4. On Page SEO7 Lessons
  • Lesson 28. What is robots.txt? - Preview - 40:13 Mins
  • Lesson 29. What is HTML Sitemap?
  • Lesson 30. What is XML Sitemap?
  • Lesson 31. Internal & External linking
  • Lesson 32. Canonicalization
  • Lesson 33. Analytics Integration
  • Lesson 34. GSC Integration
6. Schema - Structured Data Markup16 Lessons
  • Lesson 48. Introduction - Preview
  • Lesson 49. Event Schema
  • Lesson 50. Product Schema
  • Lesson 51. Course Schema
  • Lesson 52. Recipe Schema
  • Lesson 53. Article Schema
  • Lesson 54. FAQ Schema
  • Lesson 55. Organisation Schema
  • Lesson 56. Website Schema
  • Lesson 57. Breadcrumb Schema
  • Lesson 58. Video Schema
  • Lesson 59. Local Business Schema
  • Lesson 60. Person Schema
  • Lesson 61. Book Schema
  • Lesson 62. Sitelink Schema
  • Lesson 63. How it can Help Boost your Rank
7. Google Search Console25 Lessons
  • Lesson 64. Introduction
  • Lesson 65. How to Associate Your Website with GSC
  • Lesson 66. GSC Performance
  • Lesson 67. GSC URL Inspection
  • Lesson 68. GSC Coverage
  • Lesson 69. GSC Sitemap
  • Lesson 70. GSC Removals
  • Lesson 71. GSC Core Web Vitals
  • Lesson 72. GSC Mobile Usability
  • Lesson 73. GSC AMP
  • Lesson 74. GSC BreadCrumbs
  • Lesson 75. GSC Events
  • Lesson 76. GSC FAQ
  • Lesson 77. GSC Logos
  • Lesson 78. GSC Review Snippets
  • Lesson 79. GSC Sitelink Searchbox
  • Lesson 80. GSC Unparsable Structured Data
  • Lesson 81. GSC Manual Action
  • Lesson 82. GSC Security Issues
  • Lesson 83. GSC International Targeting
  • Lesson 84. GSC Messages
  • Lesson 85. GSC URL Parametres
  • Lesson 86. GSC Links
  • Lesson 87. GSC Settings
  • Lesson 88. GSC Crawl Stats
8. Recover Website Penalty5 Lessons
  • Lesson 89. How To recover Google Penalty
  • Lesson 90. How to Find Backlinks
  • Lesson 91. How To Find Bad Backlinks-Process
  • Lesson 92. How To Contact Webmaster-Process
  • Lesson 93. How To DISAVOW Bad Links-Process
9. Off Page SEO15 Lessons
  • Lesson 94. Introduction - Preview
  • Lesson 95. What are Natural Links? How To Create Them?
  • Lesson 96. Directory Submission
  • Lesson 97. Social Bookmarking
  • Lesson 98. Classified Submission
  • Lesson 99. Business Listing
  • Lesson 100. Profile Creation
  • Lesson 101. Forums Submission
  • Lesson 102. Qustion n Answer Submission
  • Lesson 103. Blog Commenting
  • Lesson 104. Press Release Submission
  • Lesson 105. Infographic Submission
  • Lesson 106. Article Submission
  • Lesson 107. Guest Posting
  • Lesson 108. PPT, PDF, DOC Submission
10. Google Local Listing1 Lesson
  • Lesson 109. How to list business on Google My Business
11. SEO Plugins6 Lessons
  • Lesson 110. Yoast SEO
  • Lesson 111. Google XML Sitemap
  • Lesson 112. SPEED-WP-Rocket & WP Optimize - Preview
  • Lesson 113. Broken Link Checker
  • Lesson 114. Squirrly SEO
  • Lesson 115. Google Analytics by Monster Insights
12. SEO Algorithms5 Lessons
  • Lesson 116. Google PANDA
  • Lesson 117. Google PENGUIN
  • Lesson 118. Google HUMMINGBIRD
  • Lesson 119. Google PIGEON
  • Lesson 120. Google RANK BRAIN
13. Google Ranking Factors30 Lessons
  • Lesson 121. Domain Age
  • Lesson 122. Keywords Appear in TLD
  • Lesson 123. Domain Registration Length
  • Lesson 124. Domain History
  • Lesson 125. Country TLD Extension
  • Lesson 126. Keyword in Title Tag
  • Lesson 127. Keyword in Description Tag
  • Lesson 128. Keyword in H1 Tag
  • Lesson 129. Content Length
  • Lesson 130. Page Loading Speed
  • Lesson 131. Image Optimization
  • Lesson 132. Magnitude of Content Updates
  • Lesson 133. Keyword Prominance
  • Lesson 134. No.of Outbound Links
  • Lesson 135. Broken Links
  • Lesson 136. URL Length
  • Lesson 137. Domain Trust/Authority
  • Lesson 138. Presence of Sitemap
  • Lesson 139. Server Location
  • Lesson 140. SSL Certificate
  • Lesson 141. Mobile Optimized - Usability
  • Lesson 142. Use of Analytics & Webmaster
  • Lesson 143. User Reviews
  • Lesson 144. Linking Domain Authority
  • Lesson 145. Links from .gov & .edu domians, Social Media & Wiki
  • Lesson 146. Backlink Anchor Text
  • Lesson 147. Link Location on Page
  • Lesson 148. Bounce Rate
  • Lesson 149. Direct Traffic - Repeat Traffic
  • Lesson 150. Chrome Bookmarks - Social Shares
14. Black Hat SEO20 Lessons
  • Lesson 151. Keyword Stuffing
  • Lesson 152. Keyword Cannibalization
  • Lesson 153. Over Optimised ALT Desciption
  • Lesson 154. Commercial Anchor Text on Internal Pages
  • Lesson 155. Irrelevant Keywords
  • Lesson 156. HTML Heading Over Optimization-H1
  • Lesson 157. Copied Content
  • Lesson 158. Bait & Switch
  • Lesson 159. Article Spinning
  • Lesson 160. Cloaking
  • Lesson 161. Malicious Active Content
  • Lesson 162. Click Bait
  • Lesson 163. Link Farm & PBN
  • Lesson 164. Link Exchange
  • Lesson 165. Blog Comments Spam
  • Lesson 166. Shady Redirects
  • Lesson 167. Paid Advertorials
  • Lesson 168. Parasite Hosting
  • Lesson 169. Typosquatting & URL Highjacking
  • Lesson 170. Negative SEO
15. SEO Terms15 Lessons
  • Lesson 171. Sandbox
  • Lesson 172. The FOLD
  • Lesson 173. Domain Authority-Ways To Improve
  • Lesson 174. Bounce Rate-Ways To Reduce
  • Lesson 175. Google Dance
  • Lesson 176. Web 2.0
  • Lesson 177. Branded Keywords
  • Lesson 178. CTR-Ways To Improve
  • Lesson 179. Co-Citations
  • Lesson 180. Dwell Time
  • Lesson 181. Featured Snippet (Result Zero)
  • Lesson 182. Link Velocity
  • Lesson 183. Niche
  • Lesson 184. Orphan Page
  • Lesson 185. Bad Neighborhood
16. Bonus Videos2 Lessons
  • Lesson 186. SEO AUDIT & GO THROUGH
  • Lesson 187. Google Tag Manager

FAQ 1. What kind of practical experience will I get in this Course?
Our SEO course will give you practical knowledge of the necessary concepts of Search Engine Optimization, including On-page and Off-page SEO. We’ll give you an opportunity to work on the live projects under the guidance of our trainers. This will surely give you exposure to what kind of work you will be going to do on the job.
FAQ 2. Do you offer placement assistance in this Search Engine Optimization course?
Yes, definitely! We offer 100% assurance for job placements once you complete your SEO course from our SEO institute. Furthermore, we’ll assist you in getting prepared for the interview so you can know about your conceptual clarity. We work to make your practical base stronger so you can be an asset to any company.
FAQ 3. Do you provide any free trial SEO class for student satisfaction before joining the Course?
Yes. We have a provision of two free demonstration classes for those who want to enrol for the SEO course at our SEO institute. Additionally, for a demonstration, you will be allowed to join the regular on-going lectures.
FAQ 4. Can I offer SEO services as a freelancer after completing the course?
Yes, of course! In order to provide freelance SEO services, it’s imperative to have first-hand knowledge of SEO. Once you know how to practically implement each and every aspect of SEO, you can be an independent provider of SEO services. Through our SEO course, you can attain practical knowledge of SEO techniques.
FAQ 5. I am not an Engineer and don't know Programming. Will I be able to do this SEO course?
Yes. For Search Engine Optimization course, you won’t need any Programming knowledge as it is a certification course that is solely based on the skills and creativity. You just need to have the basic computer knowledge to get started with this SEO Course. We’ll train you on how to shortlist keywords, use different SEO tools to optimize a website, and SEO algorithms.
FAQ 6. I am a Web Developer/Designer with 5+ years of experience. Why should I learn this SEO course?
Being only able to design or develop websites is not enough as it’s important for any business to get exposure online. Every business person wants to have more leads and sales, which will help them to achieve their organizational goals and this is only possible through Search Engine Optimization. You can be an all-rounder expert who knows how to design and develop a website along with optimizing it. The SEO course will enhance your skills, improving your career opportunities.
FAQ 7. Who should do Search Engine Optimization Course?
There is no eligibility criterion for joining the Search Engine Optimization Course. Be it students, working professionals, homemakers, retired people, new entrepreneurs, and business persons who have the willingness to learn SEO course can enrol for it. With this course, you can improve your career opportunities, start your business, or improve the sales potential of your existing digital business.
FAQ 8. How can I trust that Search Engine Optimization is the best course in the Industry?
First of all, you must know that Search Engine Optimization is a way to enhance the performance of any website by optimizing it as per the search engine guidelines. Website optimization increases the chances of ranking on the topmost position on the search engine results pages, which will then bring organic traffic to the website.
As you know that these days almost all businesses have started operating online due to better sales opportunities, all business owners need a website. Now, until it’s exposed on the search engines, no one will get to know about its presence eliminating the sales probability. Therefore, to make a website visible online, SEO is needed. In this way, it has a wider scope in the future and website owners are looking for a certified SEO expert for improving their business that makes SEO course the best in the industry.
Q 1. What is SEO? What are the kinds of SEO methods?
Search engine optimization or SEO is a process of improving the quality and amount of traffic on a website by enhancing the exposure of a website/webpage to visitors across the internet. Basically, it is the enhancement of unpaid outcomes and doesn’t include direct or paid traffic. I have learned about all the techniques of SEO during my SEO course training that is On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.
Q 2. What is Webpage SEO? Does it differ from internet SEO?
Webpage SEO is nothing but is an attempt to improve the ranking of a particular webpage on search engines whereas internet SEO is the process of optimizing the whole website. Internet SEO is much more complicated and time-taking activity than Webpage SEO.
Q 3.Is it possible to rank your website in one day?
Search Engine Optimization is something that involves a lot of research on different factors and an SEO specialist has to make several attempts to create a good SEO plan. So, it’s evident that website ranking in just one day isn’t possible. From keyword researching to image optimization and content development, it includes many elements that an SEO professional has to take care of.
Q 4. What can you intend by the expression “traffic”?
Web traffic is defined as the number of visitors who visits a web page. It is measured in “sessions” or “visits” and it the easiest way to analyse the effectiveness of online business to attract the audience. During my SEO training, I understood that website traffic is crucial for increasing brand awareness but it’s not the only way to keep up the performance of any website.
Q 5. Do you know the several methods of creating traffic to a web site?
Yes, I have learned about various methods to generate traffic for a website during my SEO course training such as:
1. By participating in relevant SEO campaigns
2. Keeping the content of the website updated
3. Ad posting
4. Adding new attributes to the websites
Q 6. Is it possible to adopt different strategies for SEO at the same time?
Yes, precisely. As SEO is an important aspect of improving the website ranking but it’s not the only approach, we can always use a combination of strategies for the best results. It’s good not to rely on just one as there are several approaches that can improve the website ranking without cutting the edge of each other.
Q 7. What can you intend by the word “Backlink”?
When any website owner gets his/her website URL linked with another high-authority website then this is called having a backlink and the process is termed as link building. Backlinks are created to improve SEO and are one of a kind off-page SEO methods. This brings relevant traffic to the website. In my SEO course, I was taught about the best ways to create backlinks that are relevant and high-quality from the SEO perspective.
Q 8. What is the importance of keywords in Search Engine Optimization?
Keywords are the phrases that visitors use to submit a search query to find any information, product, or service. These search terms hold great importance in Search Engine Optimization as they help in website ranking improvement. This is why the search engine’s guidelines for SEO include having keyword-rich content that means the content must be optimized with the right keywords. This will increase the probability of your website ranking on the top of the SERPs. I have gained a deep knowledge of keyword researching through the SEO course.
Q 9. What is link building in SEO?
Linking building is a technique in which we promote our website back links in other webpages with high domain authority. Basically, you have to look out for the websites of your same niche to make the high-quality backlinks.
Q 10. What is On-site and Off-site SEO?
On-site SEO is a collection of techniques that are implemented on the website or directly on the web pages for improving the ranking of the web pages. On the other hand, Off-site SEO includes those practices that are not directly implemented on the site rather it’s indirectly optimized through link building, blog or article submission, etc. I have been explained all the On-site and Off-site practices during SEO training.
Q 11. Why SEO is important for new websites?
Search Engine Optimization is crucial for improved visibility and searchability. The new websites need higher exposure so people get to know about their business. New online business owners face high competition as there are already other brands in the market, which are offering the same product or service to the clients. SEO is crucial for increasing brand awareness amongst the target audience.
Q 12. Do you know about the kinds of meta tags in Search Engine Optimization?
Meta tags are the short snippets of text which are used to describe the content of a page. They don’t appear on the web page itself, but just in the source code of the page.
There are four types of meta tags, including
- Description
- Meta Robots
- Meta Crucial tags
- Name tags



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  • Annual Salary of an SEO Analyst: 2,39,814 INR Or 19,985 INR/month
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