7 Branding Tips For An Effective Attorney Website Design

Most legal firm owners have understood that attorney website design is a separate field. They have started to engage firms which specialize in custom law firm website design to build their interfaces. However, a lot of lawyers are still unaware of the importance of branding for their organization.


7 Branding Tips For An Effective Attorney Website Design


Brand building helps in leaving a strong impression on potential clients. It also helps in creating a distinct identity for a firm and sets it apart from its rivals. A website is an essential accessory for promoting all kinds of businesses as well as professionals. Law firms also need to market themselves in order to attract more clients and build their reputation.

A list of some valuable suggestions which will help in integrating branding in a law firm’s interface is being presented here. The tips will be helpful to all attorneys who are looking to popularize their agency in the virtual world.

1. Branding Goes Beyond Visual Identity

For most lawyers, branding begins and ends with creating a logo for their firm from Free logo creator. However, branding is much more than merely creating visual identity instruments like logos or business cards.

The complete branding process involves not only creating powerful visual indicators but also building a strong perception among the target audience that the firm has significant knowledge and experience in its practice areas.

Including a blog on the company website featuring informative and interesting articles regularly will help in the purpose. Moreover, creating attractive profile pages for all the legal consultants of the agency which highlight their qualifications and achievements will also help in the purpose.

2. Create Buyer Personas To Target The Audience Effectively

The website must be designed to effectively communicate the marketing message to prospective clients. How do you compose a message that resonates strongly with the audience? It can be done by researching the people who can be your potential clients.

For instance, if you specialize in helping small businesses, then you must study the startups in your location. The main purpose of this kind of research is to create buyer personas. This will help in identifying the objectives as well as the legal pain points of the target audience.

Once you get an extensive idea of the kind of issues they face, you can create messages indicating how your firm is the best choice for resolving those problems.

3. Research The Competition

The best law firm web design companies always make it a point to study the top competitors of their clients. This gives an insight into the tactics used by the best players in a field. Attorneys must always research their rivals to identify the kind of branding strategies they are using.

However, they must not blindly imitate a successful firm’s tactics. They must assess whether the approach will be suitable for their agency or not. Studying a rival firm’s attorney website design will also help identify the methods or elements that must not be used.

Competitive analysis helps lay the foundation of creating a faultless web design.

4. Identify Your USP

Just like any other business, legal companies must also identify their unique selling proposition(USP). You must decide what should be the differentiating factor for your firm. For instance, if you provide low-cost in-house counsel services to small businesses, then this fact must be stressed upon in the promotional messages.

It must also be included in the website content so that not only prospective clients but search engines also spot the USP. This will help the interface appear prominently in relevant search results which will boost its organic traffic.

5. Simplicity Holds The Key

Simplicity holds the key to effective branding. Visitors to a law firm website must easily understand the kind of work the organization specializes in. The layout of the interface must be neat and uncluttered with visual hierarchy so that people are guided towards desired areas.

It will also be sensible to use an easy to remember term as the website’s name. Appropriate colors that signify trust and dependability must be included in the design. An intelligently-picked color palette and simple design scheme will help create a perception of a strong and dependable brand. Simplicity also signifies professionalism and helps project a sober image of the business.

6. Get A Logo For Your Firm

We said at the beginning that branding is not restricted to logo design. However, a strong visual symbol is necessary for creating a lasting impression on the audience. Choose colors that convey trust and dependability in designing the logo.

Select a simple and unique image that is appropriate for the legal industry. The symbol must be distinct from the logos of other competing law firms. Moreover, ask the designers to include either the name or the initials of the company in the symbol or you can use free logo creator.


Place this icon on all the pages of your interface and ensure that it is displayed in a consistent manner across all digital and physical platforms. A logo will help in creating a powerful visual identity for your agency.

7. Remove All Kinds Of Technical Errors From The Website

All your promotional efforts will be rendered ineffective if the website does not function properly. Ensure that features like animations and video backgrounds display perfectly. Ask your developers to check that the add-ons are working fine so that visitors of the interface enjoy a satisfying experience.

This will help in fulfilling the objective of increasing the conversion rate of the firm.


Incorporating branding elements in the attorney website design is necessary for promoting a law firm. Experts specializing in marketing for attorneys and law firms suggest that such a layout will be productive and boost the business of the organization.


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