8 Web Development Tips To Better Your Website Success In 2019

 8 Web Development Tips To Better Your Website Success – Your website just can’t succeed on the basis of design and content solely. One thing that is necessary is to have a web design that helps in making the user experience better. Further, it is important to communicate with your audience.

As website has become a more powerful tool as it can potentially make or break your business, we have covered eight web development tips for your website success:


8 Web Development Tips To Better Your Website Success In 2019


1. Don’t be afraid to use white space

Many times you must have heard there’s too much white space on the site but this very white space is essential for a good design. As this can actually help rest eyes of the audience in between content.

This enables the user to focus on the elements too. According to research, it is said that your attention increases by 20% when there’s a white space around text. White space also helps in giving a website a more clean and fresh look. However, too much white space can be problematic too. The key is to keep balance between the content and the space.

2. Optimize your page speed

One of the most annoying experience your user can get is a slow loading website. Waiting for anything can be frustrating but if your website fails to load in a matter of seconds, your user might go to the next site without thinking twice. You can check your page speed with Google, it also offer improvement in load time on Mobile and Desktop.

3. Implement better call-to-action

Your user are accustomed to the following visual cues determine exactly which content is important.Call-to-action buttons helps in indicating the next step user should take on a page. Spamming the website with bottom of the funnel call-to-action can cause more harm than do good for the website.

One must also remember the psychology of color and messaging. For this, it is important to choose the words that are bold, action-oriented but time sensitive too.

4. A well-written headings

Your headings and content should include keywords that helps in targeting your message and attracting the right audience. Search engines always give more weight to the headings than any other content. So it is important that you choose a heading that stand out to improve the search ability even further. What make heading even more important is that it can guide the users to scan through the content easily.

5. Segment Important Information with Bullet Points

Bullet points help user quickly get all the important information they want: key features, ways to solve their problem and all in a short amount of time. This enables the user to get all the critical information. You don’t have to traditional bullet circle and get creative with your bullet and help the reader further images that represent your point.

6. Use Images`

People nowadays can immediately judge your website based on generic stock photos they might have seen elsewhere or that it resembles the non-personal style of stock photography. Stock photos can actually decrease the trust and this can lead to a generic and non-unique content, making users trust you less. Using relevant and non-generic images strategically to support the content to give your user a visual break from text.

7. Use Hyperlink Differentiation

One thing to make sure is to make your links visually identifiable. When the text is highlighted or colored differently, the attention of the readers and help them click on it.

8. Mobile-friendly

As more and more people prefer using mobile these days, having a website that is mobile friendly is a game changer. This is an important thing to keep in mind as Google has recently started penalizing sites that aren’t optimized.

These tips will help you analyze and create a better website to make it more user friendly. Enterprise Web Cloud can help in revamping your site with completely custom design.


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