Facebook Hashtags and How To Use Hashtags on Facebook in 2019

Use Hashtags on Facebook – Have you recently started putting those Facebook hashtags into use in your business and marketing campaigns? Are you not getting the most desired results?


Facebook hashtags


Are you still wondering how you can best put them into use? In this post, we shall explore some of the best techniques that can help you get away with best results in marketing by simply putting Facebook hashtags into their best use. We shall explore some of the most important considerations that need to be maintained while you plan to put your hashtag strategies together.

Why Facebook hashtags in marketing?

Hashtags are quite popular on Facebook and this means they are easily clickable and can be used with any keyword that you feel best matches your requirement. All you have to do is to put a hashtag along and you are done.

It’s simple and catches attention and it goes without saying that it’s trending in the world of Facebook today.  The inclusion of hashtag creates a link which can be clicked by anyone and when people visit the feed of the public posts that used the same hashtag plus keyword, you know how it works.

Let’s read more on how should you actually use those hashtags on Facebook and why?

Expand Your Reach

Quite recently, Facebook Hashtags have been gaining momentum but they were already there on plenty of other social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ and may be in a lot of other websites we may not know of.

When you know you are using them strategically and on different platforms, they are sure to reap you benefits that are ultimate boosters for your marketing campaigns. They simply help brands and service on the internet reach out to people who are particularly interested in the topic you just assigned a hashtag.

Making a note of best performing hashtag for your business is equally essential. It will take time for sure but effective and helpful in the long term.

They have also proved to be worthy assets for social media marketers that have always focused on expanding their reach to the target audience who look out for similar posts related with your topic.

The same audience can also locate people interested in those niche topics and can also find friends who share similar interest. They can further participate in the conversation.

Also, when you include hashtags, you know you get attention by many who may not have seen or followed your post otherwise. With hashtags, you give them a ‘reason’ to ‘connect’ – fair enough! However, marketers must ensure that they are constantly monitoring it on their Facebook insights as you have to be sure that they are fetching you the kinds of benefits you always wanted.

Engagement numbers and the reach will suggest how far you could succeed and whether your Facebook hashtags are really making a difference. The algorithm working in the backend is not known to anyone so you cannot really control how the data processing takes place and how many people it will reach.

Amplify Your Service/Brand

Currently, this is one of the best ways to brand your Facebook page by including a special hashtag that speaks specifically about your brand and service. It can also help your idea take off from the floor by giving enough boosts to the overall scope of your product in the market.

However, you have to be little more careful in analyzing the various kinds of topics and things people would be keen on sharing. With posts that are only promotional, less informational and least valuable, you are spoiling the game. As a result, you are going to have a hard time with people who may not at all be interested in sharing it out and the result is – failure!

Blend Social Platforms

For brands that have already been putting the hashtags into use on various other social platforms such a twitter and Google+, using hashtags in Facebook looks only a little more natural.

You know it’s time to save some time! We don’t intend to confuse you, all that we suggest is – post the same content all across the different social platforms and you are up for the game! However, make sure that you stop before it starts sounding like little annoyance which means you must not use them for all your Facebook posts.

Hashtags are more searchable on Facebook so integrate but logically!

Promote Events and Special

Brands that are keen on creating something special and promoting something they want to get noticed at the earliest must go with the Facebook hashtags. You know this is going to work amazingly well for contests, which means you put “#contest” in your posts directed to the same.

Let people participate in your contests by including branded hashtags over Facebook. This if one of the greatest and most effective. You never know what people like and starts sharing crazily and make your content viral. Within insight, you can view your data based on age structure also and in the form of an age-based pyramid known as population pyramid. This gives you quick info. of the age group most engaged with your content.

With these, you can also let people find out different contests and finally locate one organized by your brand. If you are aware of any popular and suitable Facebook hashtags that best meet your requirements over Facebook marketing, go for it and it may look fitting in your marketing goals.

However, this doesn’t mean that you start stuffing your Facebook posts with multiple hashtags that may or may not be relevant as it may soon lead to your fans tuning out from your page.

If you know you have got a few of those relevant and unavoidable hashtags, don’t step back. Go ahead and put them into your posts and they will go on giving your readers an idea about what actually it is all about.

Consider These While Using Facebook Hashtags

  • If you are using Facebook hashtags on your personal profile, make sure that you consider privacy settings that may still be in effect
  • Hashtags are to be used as ‘one word’. The moment you think of using space in between, it’s gone!
  • Capitalization doesn’t really matter when it comes to Facebook hashtags so don’t bother much on that
  • Hashtags are a result of your imagination, creativity and logic hence you can come up with anything, as far as it makes sense to you
  • Make sure that you research over the hashtag you are going to use in your Facebook posts while using them for a brand. See the impact a particular hashtag carries and measure its effectiveness in your posts
  • You can search for the hashtags or simply bookmark the results with the use of URL, after which you will require including the hashtag towards the end. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Before putting hashtags into use, businesses are always advised to test them out and measure the impact they can have on the brand promotion and marketing campaign. They are here to stay and they are not really going out anywhere soon so make sure you get used to them and reap the benefits!

Do not and never underestimate the power of Facebook or any other social media websites. Keeping a sharp eye on the underutilized or upcoming social media websites is another way of tapping into the possibility of a next big game changer.

Hashtags not only work with Facebook but also with Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn. You can also decide to use the same tags for creating brand identity and commonality for your content. So, let your campaigns begin and keep a track of audience it reaches. A more successful post can also be promoted further by paid advertising.

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