How to Generate Leads on Social Media For Your Business

How to Generate Leads on Social Media – Social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become gold mines for playing lead generation strategies.

social media lead generation

By leads, we mean indicators of interest left by potential customers during their searching or evaluating a product or service. The contact details left can be pursued to the level of sale.

The impetus for social media lead generation is further buttressed by market research that says old ways of lead generation are dead and gone. At the same time, the emerging social media trends have given rise to so many lead generation companies.

On the question, how to generate leads in social media or How to Generate Leads on Social Media we must know old methods such as cold-calling, static websites, and paid advertising is not working well. Today’s media-savvy buyers do not like them and want a more interactive approach.

Consumers and high-level executives do not like marketing phone calls and sales teams are also averse to banking on cold calls for leads development.

At the same time, actions in social media are soaring and it has turned a hub of buyers where at least 70 percent of users engage in a conversation with a peer before buying any product. This has made social media indispensable for all business in lead creation.

Use The Right Social Platform for Leads

The thumb rule in leads development at digital marketing is going after platforms where the audience resides most. That is why signing up for Instagram is not a good idea for getting B2B customers. Specific channels exist for all types of audience.

Demographics need to be analyzed in knowing where the audience is most active. Instead of spreading out everywhere, targeting the B2B audience will be better.

LinkedIn and Facebook have massive user bases. Sprout Social says the 18–29 age band dominates most social media outlets including LinkedIn.

The Keyhole is a good tool in discovering the target audience at high presence areas. Just put a popular hashtag used by competitors and search it on Keyhole. In the results, there will be a “Top Sites” section showing the domains where the hashtag is in high use indicating target audience.

More Leads Essential for High ROI

Lead generation through social media or How to Generate Leads on Social Media is vital for sales and revenue. The marketing world is evolving fast and the main goal of marketing has to be linked with the goal of high ROI or return on investment. The merit of social media marketing is that results can be measured easily.

how to generate leads from social media

That is how data has become the new king in marketing. Most marketers have to justify the marketing dollars a company is spending and know how they translate into valuable returns.

At the core of any lead, generation-strategy is an objective to maximize ROI. But some marketers are yet to have clarity on optimizing ROI by choosing the most viable lead generation methods.

Top B2B Lead Generation Methods

In the business, to business sphere (B2B) digital lead generation techniques include SEO, email marketing, event marketing, and content marketing.

Analytics can reveal the number of people reading emails and those visiting website and who is getting converted from relevant leads.

Measure the Effectiveness of Individual Channels

Quality of lead generating activities impacts the ROI. That is why marketers working on lead generation on social media often compare the results from different channels– SEO, PPC, content marketing, email marketing, and social media to assess which channel is showing the capacity to attract new customers. They also examine how much resources each consumes in lead generation.

Cost Per Lead vs Cost Per Acquisition

Two ROI Indicators are supreme—Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). The cost efficiency is calculated by quantifying the marketing expense prior to analyzing metrics. Marketing cost covers all expenses such as personnel, events and paid channels.

Why Quality Social leads Matter?

According to an eMarketer analysis, B2B marketers require quality leads than a big quantity of unproductive leads. Lead generation works well only when targeting is effective.

Before figuring out how to generate leads on social media let us examine the proven role of gated content. In generating leads from social media or How to Generate Leads on Social Media gated content is useful in wooing visitors and readers who are happy to oblige with contact information for accessing the content.

Gated content takes the reader to a landing page via the link for accessing the content.

Is Your Social Media Marketing Working? How to Generate Leads on Social Media

Good Content

In getting new business leads from social media all you have to do is post relevant content pertaining to a product or industry and guide the readers to the landing page and make them fill up details for great leads.

EMarketer study shows white papers, case studies and, webinars constitute useful content for lead generation as far as B2B marketers are concerned.

Automated Lead Generation Tools

Many types of social media lead generation software are available in the market. They are both user-friendly and easy solutions.

Some marketers advocate ‘LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lite extension for Chrome’, also known as Rapportive as an extension providing core information about a prospect at the sidebar of G mail inbox.

Callingly: This is another useful lead generation software tool with combo features of an online form and phone. As soon as a new lead comes up via a filled up form, calls can start automatically.

Tools are also available for B2B lead generation strategies including the making of offers, call to action, landing pages and nurturing leads. The benefit of b2b lead generation tools is that they relieve the stress and hasten leads.

In B2B marketing, SlideShare is like the Youtube and is great for online knowledge sharing. Easy presentations that are visually rich address pain points of a prospect and remedy with solutions.

SlideShare’s ease of integration with other platforms helps in tapping faster insights regarding people’s response and level of interaction with a given content.

Run Contests

Contests play a big role in using social media as a platform for lead generation. But contests need to carry value for triggering people’s interest to turn them into future customers.

For example, if a contest offers an iPhone or trip to Hawaii, people will gladly leave their contact information. This not because of any interest in the company or its product, but they want the valuable gift attached to the contest.

Market Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center has traced clear trends on how millennials follow various brands on Facebook and other social media.  It says 66 percent of social media users are seeking coupons or discounts, while 37 percent are looking for contests.

For announcing and high lighting contests, tabs on the left side of Facebook Business Pages can be suitably leveraged for leads via social media.

Use Geo-targeted Search

Effective lead generation via local focus or geo-targeting has been demonstrated by many brick-and-mortar businesses such as stores and malls by dipping into social media’s potential for lead generation.

Using tactics of geo-targeting in terms of social media posts and ads add customers for new products, special sales, discount offers. Social media-centric campaigns also bring audiences closer to their business.

In terms of overall percentage, more businesses need to come on board for leveraging advantages of geotargeted social search to explore local leads.

Geotargeting is best in social search and taking the business to right consumers and getting them on board to fill up the lead generation form.

Lead Generation Through Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have also emerged as prominent tools in lead generation. Companies create mobile apps to ensure seamless communication with potential customers. As in social media mobile apps also broaden interaction and communication giving a local focus and relationships.

Localization: Precise data relating to a user’s location, mobile carrier, and phone model will be available. A mobile app is very good for customer profiling.

Push notifications can reach mobile app subscribers with promotional or discount offers even when they are walking, jogging, eating or driving.

Promoting public events with the mobile app subscribers facilitate larger participation and a series of promotional discounts or bonuses.

Bonus need not be a high-cost giveaway. A free snack and a cup of coffee or a promotional discount will be sufficient.

The main goal of a mobile app is to encourage the user to interact with a business directly. To do this, the number must be visible on each app screen where a simple tap can get it dialling.

Push notifications as mobile notifications unlike emails are easily opened and read showing scope for broader engagement.

Case Study on Lead Development Using Mention

The success of One World Direct in social media lead generation will inspire many. The US-based order fulfilment company is into outsourcing distribution and call centres mainly for e-commerce firms.

The OWD tried some creative methods for generating leads.

Business Development head Gideon Oakes noted how extensive use for social media monitoring tool Mention helped in creating alerts to track top competitors. It was more than the monitoring of output and watched what their customers had to say about their services.

He found that one competitor was having a tough time and struggling to deliver services. Oakes decided to step in before negative feedback started spreading on Facebook, Twitter, and other forums.

The way OWD reached out to clients is a case study on how to use social media for developing leads or How to Generate Leads on Social Media. It convinced customers that problems in delivery can be resolved if they can switch to enjoy a hassle-free time. This proved a good lead generation tactic.




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