How to Start Digital Marketing Company in India

How to Start Digital Marketing Company in India  – Digital marketing is a growing business in India and people are earning well from this business. If you are thinking of starting a Digital Marketing Company in India then this article will help you.


How to Start Digital Marketing Company in India


This article talks about the incorporation of Digital Marketing Company in India. You can start your business as a one-person company or a private limited company, or you can also start your own Digital Marketing LLP.

How To Start Digital Marketing Company in India


             First step of starting a business is Market research, you should conduct a market research first so after conducting a research you will find many things like you will know about the services provided by other digital marketing companies, what type of digital marketing is profitable, how profit will be generated, what type of license is required to start a digital marketing company and many things.

Market research is very important before starting a business like Digital marketing because it takes a lot of planning and planning needs research so you should conduct market research and then you should make a business plan or business model then you can execute the plan.

2. Business registration is necessary for every business because your business will be legally recognized after registration. If you are thinking of starting digital marketing in India then you can start your digital marketing business as a private limited company/one person company/Limited Liability partnership/ partnership firm/sole proprietorship firm.

There are many benefits of business registration if you start a private limited company or an LLP then it will be recognized as a separate legal entity which can sue or can be sued. There are many other benefits of business registration so you should register your business.

Private limited company and LLP can be registered under Ministry of corporate affairs. Every business entity has their own benefits so you should check the benefits of Private limited company, LLP and partnership firm then you should decide what type of entity will give you benefit.

3. Brand registration is also important for your business because anyone can copy your content or can copy your website or can copy your brand name so you should register your brand name under trademark act and you should also get a trademark on your logo so it will give your business a different identity.

4. If you are thinking of starting a digital marketing company then you have to apply for incorporation on the website of the ministry of corporate affairs. The company can start by a minimum of 2 or more members and there will be a requirement of paid-up capital.

You can file your incorporation form through online procedure. First, you have to get your Digital signature certificate and Director Identification number then you have to reserve your company name through WEB-RUN service then you can file your incorporation form.

During the filing of incorporation form, you have to attach the required documents like PAN card, Aadhar card, rent agreement, and address proof, Memorandum of association, Article of association and other important documents.

Then you can submit your form, after submission of the form, MCA will verify your form and if they found anything wrong in your application then they can reject your application. You can also start your business as a Limited Liability partnership firm for which you have to get your LLP registration You can file an incorporation form on the website of Ministry of corporate affairs.

5. It is very important to know that what are the compliances will require annually so you can decide what type of business entity will be benefited for you. After Incorporation of your Digital Marketing company or a Digital Marketing LLP, there are few compliances which have to comply.

It is important to comply with the rules and regulation of Registrar of firms and the Ministry of corporate affairs. You may have to pay fine in case failure of filing compliances within time. After incorporation of an LLP, you have to file your LLP agreement within 30 days and then you have to comply with other compliances like LLP annual filing.

LLP requires fewer compliances than a private limited company. If you want to start a business entity which requires lesser compliances than LLP and Company then you can start your own Partnership firm, it required fewer compliances.


As you can see in the above article that digital marketing business can be started easily but you have to get your business registration done so in future you don’t have to face legal consequences of unregistered company or firm. If you are thinking of starting a company then you can incorporate it by filing an incorporation form, and you can file this on the website of Ministry of corporate affairs.


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