Social Media Marketing Strategy: How Can You Boost Your Business in 2019

Social Media Marketing Strategy 2019 – Social media is literally spinning the globe on its fingers! The social media trend has blown every business, every industry- just like the big bang. While most of the business back in the time were popular all because of their products and services- but now it isn’t the case.


Social Media Marketing Strategy- How Can You Boost Your Business in 2019


Along with incredible services and products, one brand, company, or startup must have a great social media marketing approach. It has become a necessity now. People tend to spend more time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social networking sites than searching “Will Deep Learning make machine humans?” on Google search page.

Everyone is busy on their mobiles talking, chatting, video calls- all thanks to the social platform but looking at the bigger picture, social media is more about news feeds. Isn’t it? We want to look at what others are wearing and where is he/she going and all that stuff. Looking at these things, you get a small ad in the feed which depicts XYZ company’s products, pricing etcetera, and etcetera. We get fascinated by it, go to their Facebook page and check out their products, and sometimes purchase them too. This is what social media marketing is good in- expanding business and bringing more customers.

Most business owners don’t pay attention to the social media marketing niche. They feel it is unnecessary to do such nonsense or don’t want to invest. Or it could be the business owners are outdated! Coming to the track, no one will go and check your website unless you promote it- bottom line. And, what better than promoting on the world stage which is nowadays Social Networking Platforms. People from the whole world can check your stuff and you will expand your family- as simple as it could get.

So, if you are the one who is handling a company, business, offering services, and products and haven’t dived into the social media marketing thing, then it is never too late buddy. Here’s a quick guide on how you can boost your brand or company by creating a rocking image on social media. Firstly, you must be clear with some social media terms.

Social Media Marketing Strategy 2019


1. Content

It is something you are going to post on your company’s page- Facebook, Instagram, or whatever. But, be sure, it is crisp and connects to people easily. For example, if you are the one with a fashion brand, you need some funky quotes, fashionable content harmonizing with the photos you put. Or, if you run a man grooming brand, then you might need some husky and masculine quotes showing the macho-ness of the man after using the product. This is something that will bring more people to your brand.

2. Hashtags

Hashtags are the new black in the market. Hashtags will definitely expand your reach of posts. People following that hashtag might end up seeing your blog post and might check out your products too. So, using appropriate hashtags is a must- period!

3. Engagement

Most important of all- are people just seeing your post or are they coming to your website and checking out your products too. If the latter one is true, then my friend you are rocking in this business.

Most of the companies hire a special social media handler who handles the social media of the company- all the posts, pictures and keep the check on how the accounts are performing- be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Quora, or any other platform.

Now, that we have come a long way in understanding how social media and marketing work- what can you do to boost your business?


See, it is pretty simple. You post the content and if people like it, they might also share it with their friends and family members like Clothing Offers they love to share these kinds of things. It will eventually increase your brand family. So, the content must be something that stays in the hearts of people and can be shared godspeed.

5. Current status

If you are a newbie in social marketing and you are starting from scratch- then first find out where you stand. Does anyone know your brand is there any buzz about your brand in the market so, these are the things one must know and then strategize how to proceed further and start marketing their product?

6. Find your audience

Like I said before, get to know your audience first. First things first, you will probably end up going on the wrong end if you don’t catch your audience. If you are a sneaker brand, then is it making any sense to target the jewelry audience No, it isn’t! So, place your cards right- find the audience and strike that part of the people first.

7. Give your audience something

Make a statement on social media platforms. Like- who you are? What you are looking at? How are you serving people differently? How your products are stand out amongst all others? This statement might catch some attention in the market and make things right for you.

8. Keep a check always

See, how will you know is it all worth it or not Are these campaigns successful or not For this, you must keep a check on the total shares, conversion rates, engagement, time spent on the website, reach, sentiments, and brand mentions. If you are getting these things right and the results come out nice, then it is a great start for you. But, just know that every start has a shaky beginning- so don’t lose the strings.

9. Crispy content is a must

Like I mentioned earlier, you want to keep your blog posts, status, photographs crisp, to the point and full of creativity. The more people like your post, the more it will go viral and god knows, your website gets a million hits in a month only. Hiring a social media content creator might be the best idea to look into that.

10. Invest a little in Social Media tools

It is a nice idea to such things. A little bit of investment might give you a big profit. You can put your Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads which will pop up in someone’s news feed. This will make the product reach more and people might get fascinated by your product and check your website. So, investing in ads is a good idea to bring some traffic to your website and extend your reach.

11. Keep track and optimize

Keeping monthly or quarterly track of the social media engagements will give you how you have been performing. If you are lacking somewhere, then you can pull up your socks and if you are doing well, then investing in social media marketing paid off- congratulations! Just know that bringing more customers and making most of the social media needs time- patience is the key and being consistent too.

All said and done, social media marketing is something which has become a necessity in modern times or I should say the era where social media is booming and flourishing. It will only expand the reach of your brand and bring more customers to it.  But, a great social media marketing strategy is something you need to have and the constant work towards your social media pages too which will pay off in the end.


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