The Ultimate Social Media Checklist For Maximize Your Post Engagement

Social Media Checklist For Maximize Your Post Engagement – It often becomes difficult to reach your strategic goals while launching ads, scheduling posts and engaging in similar tasks which might seem utterly confusing at times.


Ultimate Social Media Checklist For Maximize Your Post Engagement


Keeping such things in mind, we have come up with a social media checklist by segregating your tasks into daily, weekly, monthly and even quarterly basis to assist you in prioritizing work and carrying on the same with consistency.

Ultimate Social Media Checklist For Maximize Your Post Engagement


 1. Daily Tasks

 These are an important part of the web and mobile app development as it maintains the smooth running of your social media pages for maintaining your brand image. The daily task comprises of the following:

  • Keeping an eye on the posts of your competitors.
  • Constantly checking and updating your posting calendar.
  • Discovering upcoming industry-related threads and keywords from your Social Cloud for being included in your posts.
  • Replying to the posted comments and queries.
  • Discovering trending hashtags.
  • Monitoring and commenting on the post of influencers.
  • Monitoring hot topics and other industry news.
  • Monitoring online brand mentions and reacting to them accordingly.

2. Weekly Tasks

Herein you need to build a community for keeping your followers updated regarding latest developments in the form of promotions and company news. Weekly task brings the following activities under its radar:

  • Tracking the results of all your ongoing ad campaigns.
  • Creating a posting schedule for the particular week. This can keep you protected from fall in engagement metrics during month end. You can also adhere to the KPI requirements at the quarter end.
  • Synchronizing with upcoming activities as well as the goals of fellow teams.
  • Identifying the best performing posts of competitors.
  • Adding key trends and holidays to your content calendar once you are done with the routine weekly tasks.

3. Monthly Tasks

You can gain valuable insights for reviewing your social media strategy by completing the monthly tasks. At the end of the month, the comprehensive report will hint at your best performing post so that you gain a clear understanding of what to include in the upcoming content schedule.

You can also evaluate the content of your Ambassadors and Influencers to understand whether or not they complement your ultimate brand image. The following things need to be taken care of on a monthly basis:



  • Analyzing the social strategies of competitors.
  • Collecting monthly stats.
  • Conducting research on upcoming events and news which can promote your service or product.
  • Identifying the month’s success for being integrated into your social strategy.
  • Comparing the performance of your brand with that of competitors for determining your standpoint.
  • Defining the succeeding month’s ratio of entertaining to educational content.

4. Quarterly Tasks

You can easily identify the performance of your social media strategy and whether it is moving you a step closer to the ultimate KPIs by properly performing quarterly tasks. After revisiting your social media strategy, it also becomes imperative to conduct a competitor analysis.

This step will highlight the key messages of your competitors so that you can alter your strategy according for the upcoming quarter. This is also the ideal time to update the creative assets and related page information to generate additional page visits by keeping your audience lured.

However, you need to ensure up to date keywords on your tracking tool and add details of the latest products or services which are all set to be launched in the upcoming quarter. Quarterly tasks comprise of the following activities:

  • Maintaining consistency of your brand image across all must have social logins.
  • Defining your KPIs and setting your goals for the upcoming quarter.
  • Conducting audience analysis to ensure that you are targeting the right audience.
  • Evaluating the last quarter‘s KPIs to validate your standpoint.


You can easily ensure that you don’t miss out on your activities and stay abreast of the current trends without getting derailed from your target goals coupled with the social media checklist listed above.


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