Top 10 Easy Steps to Rank Your Blog and Website Ethically in 2019

“Top 10 Easy Steps to Rank Your Blog and Website Ethically in 2019”    –    If you are a new user and you are going to publish a new website and wants to know about how to rank blog easily without breaking search engine guidelines. You are at the right place today we are going to write about Google Ranking factors and after reading our blog you can easily rank your blog. Make sure that you have read all the Google algorithm (Board Core Algorithm Update) guidelines about websites and ranking.


Top 10 Easy Steps to Rank Your Blog and Website Ethically in 2019


1. Keyword Research:

Keyword Research with the assistance of Google search engine which has.  The ability of keyword research is based on better understanding your intended audience and the way they’re looking for your articles, solutions, or products. This can assist Seo Specialist to ascertain that Keyword the individuals are using associated with your site content. you can use the keyword research tool for finding the best keywords.

The consumer needs to opt and they are difficult to position for SERP. A keyword analysis is a basic practice in research engine optimization (search engine optimization). An individual may decide on the Keyword such as”Digital Marketing course at Delhi” instead of “Digital Marketing course” Since that keyword is tight as compared to the very long tail keyword.

2. Website Must Be Mobile Friendly

A mobile-friendly website is one that correctly displays on a mobile & desktop/laptop, The Site must be mobile friendly that is easy to readable and accessible on any browser on the mobile because we know that many users work on the mobile rather than the computer so that Seo expert make the very responsive blog.

Also, Google has been valuing those websites that having mobile friendly and have the same number of click-through the mobile & desktop.

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3. Meta Title


The meta title tag is used to tell search engines and visitors the content found on a web page, the meta title is very important as a ranking factor so be aware with the meta title tag, the meta title tag should be 65 characters long and remember one thing that the meta title content should be unique.

It is one of the main things that an SEO expert focus on because the SERP pay the first attention to the Post Title because of SEO title defines the whole blog. SEO expert always makes the SEO title that makes sense, and in the SEO title, there must be your primary Keyword on which the user is focusing on.

4. Meta description

The meta description is a search engine snippet & characters up to about 155, is shown below the meta title of the website at SERP, meta description is an HTML attribute that provides a brief summary of a web page, Meta description plays a significant role in on-page SEO, A page’s meta description should intelligently fix with your relevant keywords this will also help in ranking on any search engine.

5. Alt Tag

An Alt tag is an HTML attribute applied to picture tags to provide search engines with an alternative text. It is also an important factor in ranking. The search engine can’t identify images but they can read their alt tag attributes so that’s why alt tags are important because it is for search engine.

6. Make Url Search Engine Friendly

Make sure that you are using URL having not more than 120 characters, URL is for both search engine and human so your URL confirms what your webpage is going to show on, tip uses your keyword in URL and your URL structure must be good, for better ranking.

7. Internal Linking

Internal linking is a very important part of SEO. Links are one of the essential things that an SEO expert focuses on because it helps to redirect another page of our blog, and Google also crawls the relationship that is posted on your review. It becomes difficult that another website put our blog link in his website, but the user can put his link on his blog, and the user can connect two posts with the help of one article with your old article by placing the links in that blog.

8. Content

Content is a standout amongst the most significant Google ranking elements. Content plays a great role in affecting your SEO rankings. It has been a significant ranking component for some time — but lately, we have seen an inclination towards more relevant content written in natural language than keyword-focused content. you can apply different – different content marketing strategies to improve your website traffic.  

9. Local Backlinks, Citations, And Customer Reviews

Search Engines need to see proof that your business is regarded locally. The most ideal approach to show your business’ regard and respect online is for other local, solid sources to mention(or even better, link) your business’ website page. 

You can get references and backlinks by registering in locally-oriented web registries. You can make it a step further and get engaged with your community to create a local buzz about your business. Call local news associations to do a profile of your organization. Any online notice of your business will fortify your SEO ranking. 

Also, encourage happy clients to post reviews on the web. The most significant reviews will be associated with your Google Places Profile.

10. Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)

Page speed has been referred to as one of the primary SEO ranking variables for a considerable length of time. Google wants to improve clients’ involvement of the web, and quick loading website pages will do that. 

Search Engine Optimization is a consistently evolving industry. In a previous couple of years, we have seen Google make an enduring push for rich substance, quality links, and perfect mobile device experience.

Other ranking elements are surely significant and will definitely play a vital role in your rankings, but if you organize improving components of your site identified with these elements, then you will beat the challenge. Also, you can hire any Search Engine Optimization Company to get it done properly and professionally.

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