Top 6 Tips on Writing SEO Friendly Article for More Blog Traffic

Writing SEO Friendly Article – In this blogging battle, all we want is traffic. We need attention and so many visitors in our blog and that’s the satisfaction of a blogger. But did we think little deep that what actually bring traffic in our blog? I think, of course, you know that it’s SEO friendly blog content or articles.


Top 6 Tips on Writing SEO Friendly


Day by day, blog content structures are changing; Google is updating their algorithm very often, that’s why it’s become really hard to understand exactly what type of content works better in search ranking. But experts have come in conclusion and given so many guides on how can someone create a blog content that is SEO friendly and get huge blog traffic.

We will exactly cover that topic here, and I will share the top 6 tips on writing SEO friendly articles. I hope if you can create articles following these tips, you will get better ranking and better traffic in your blog.


On Page SEO

For optimizing blog content for search engines, you have to know about On Page SEO first. That’s the most crucial part right now in SEO battle. Because Google is being strict about creating backlinks, that’s why you don’t have any choice but choose to create great content with proper On-Page Optimization.

What is actually On-Page SEO means?

It’s some matrix and data that you have to put in your content, which will let search engines understand your content, is valuable and similar for the search query.

To optimize a blog post with On Page SEO, first of all, you’ve to find the proper keyword that you want to rank for. And then create an appealing ‘Blog Heading’. You must have to put your keyword in the blog heading; this is the first rule of On Page SEO.

And then, you need to put the keyword on a subheading, on the content with a natural flow and ratio, in the URL or Permalink.

But remember don’t do keyword stuffing; it’s the lame SEO practice ever.

Google is very smart; they won’t get you ranked if you do keyword stuffing.


Informative Content

Your content should be informative. Try to be the best among your competitors. If you can, then I can guarantee you will get ranked, sooner or later.

All we need is proper and detailed information.

People are searching on the internet mainly for information, and if you can’t provide the right information, then why should you get ranked?

So try your best to create informative content that includes so much information and better information than your competitors.


Content Writing Flow and Expert Tone

When you are writing on a topic, remember you are presenting yourself as an expert in the niche. So you have to keep your tone as like a pro or a guy who is really expert and know about all the stuff about the particular niche.

How to do that?

It’s not easy actually. It takes time to study a topic and do research before writing. For me, I wake up early in the morning and start researching and studying about the topic that I need to write about.

Morning time is amazing for me, I can understand the thing, and the catchy parts easily when I do a study at that time.

And then, I start writing and try to provide the best information and more information than my competitors. Sometimes, it becomes really hard to do that, but you have to do it if you want to get ranked.

Why should Google get you ranked, if you can’t do better than the existing sites or contents?

Is that making sense?

I think so.

Sometimes native tone is not important, especially when our targeted audience is not a native English speaker. Suppose, you are creating a blog targeting the people of India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, you don’t need to be super native in writing flow.

You just need to ensure that you are not doing any grammatical mistakes.

Grammatical mistakes are worst; Google has really smart Algorithm update to kick the contents out of SERP with Grammar errors.


Create a Long-Form Article

According to research long-form articles get ranked better than short contents. That’s why experts suggest creating content for more than 1000+ words.

Personally, I don’t create content under 1200 words and love to create long-form content always. I suggest everyone do the same.

In long-form content, you should explain your topic in-depth with your own experience or experiment. Personal opinion, reviews, and comments are really made a good impact on engagement.

If you want to generate long-form content, you need to have strong knowledge on your topic that you are writing about. Otherwise, it becomes really hard and sometimes pretty much impossible.

That’s why before writing content you do a proper study.


Attach Graphics, Info-Graph, and Charts in Your Article

There was a time when blog content means was ‘text article’. That time has gone. Now people find long articles boring and that’s why they love graphical contents.

What’s that all about and what you do in that case?

In your article, you have to attach similar graphical contents, as like Images or Info-graphs those provide information on your topic.

Never ever attach anything irrelevant. That could make a really bad impact on user experience.

Sometimes we need to express some data with the chart, you can create a unique chart using Microsoft Office program, and you can attach these charge as graphical content or additional information on your blog post.

Remember one thing, never ever add anything boring.

Cause graphics is all about beauty and design. If people find your graphics boring, then they may never come back in your blog.

There are so many free tools available there, where you can make really good looking info-graph or charts.

I prefer for that type of tasks. Canva is working just amazing for me. You should give a try.


Embed Video in Your Article

If you embed a video, it increases the session time on your page. That’s a really good thing. Sometimes it helps to reduce bounce or exit rate.

And you know, if you can decrease your bounce rate and increase session time on your site, then Google think that is a better site, where people are getting good information and they push this type of site higher in ranking.

So embedding videos on a blog post is really important nowadays.


Writing a good piece of content is not that easy and not that hard too. You just need to find the proper topic that you can cover. And do follow the tricks and tips I have provided here, I hope you will get better ranking for your content and will get more blog traffic.



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