5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2019 for Small Business Owners

Digital Marketing Trends 2019 – We live in a turbulent time. The political, economic and commercial world is in eternal motion. In such circumstances, it is difficult for small business owners to adopt sustainable strategies to keep their businesses on track.

Digital Marketing Trends


The influence of marketing and advertising is all around us. In such an atmosphere, it is important that small businesses develop marketing strategies adapted to the current situation.

Here are five digital marketing trends 2019 that small businesses can benefit from:


1. Going Mobile

What is common in most demographic data? Connection. Specific mobile connection. In this time of smartphones, companies optimize all digital aspects of their business for mobile devices. Smartphones are almost like another attachment for most people.

They are used to check their emails, order meals, pay bills, view social media and buy everything online. It’s important to place your business emotionally on all mobile platforms to stay abreast of the technology wave. The survival of your business can depend on it.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media is at the heart of acquiring new customers, promoting products and building brand equity. Most small businesses use Facebook as the main point of engagement through its features like Facebook Store, Debt Management and Ads. In many cases, Facebook is the most important component of any marketing strategy, especially for small businesses.

Social marketing not only helps win new customers, but is also a way to create brand awareness and visibility. The best way to do this is to use attractive and attractive visual content, preferably original.

You can also work with Facebook influencers and use their platforms to promote your business. Influencer marketing is becoming popular today due to the influence of influencers on a wider audience.

The authenticity that affects adding to your product, service or brand serves as a recommendation. 67% of entrepreneurs acknowledge that influential cooperation has benefited their business. The impact on Facebook and Instagram seems to be more effective marketing than traditional advertising.

3. Original Content Creation

The big names emphasize the importance of original and consistent content as a way to remain relevant. Amazon, Apple, Facebook are all focused on creating content to be present. While you may not have the resources to start producing TV shows or video feeds, there are no financial constraints on creativity.

The original of the content is what is most for the public. If you constantly create tempting, original and customer-focused content, you achieve measurable results with your marketing techniques.

Ideally, some of your content becomes viral, collects tons of performance and results in conversions. To constantly expand your customer base, you must be consistent with your content.

4. A blend of Micro and Macro Marketing

It is important that small business owners accurately target the right audiences and identify their needs as deeply as possible. To do this, they may need to use a mixture of macro and micro marketing techniques.

Most people are familiar with macro marketing that involves email, paid to advertise, and Facebook restart. Most small business owners use them daily. To target your customers to a completely different level, you can also use micro marketing techniques.

You can split email lists into smaller segments and target specific segments.

One commonly used technique is to sell some targeted topics on your site based on your customers’ preferences. You can also search for specific audiences for your Facebook advertising and promotion, based on age, location and interests.

With micro marketing, you can target specific sub-segments of your larger audience, promote conversions and engagement.

5. Quantify your results

Most small businesses do not analyze the success of their marketing techniques to determine what works and what works.

Many fall victim to pouring time and resources into marketing efforts that aren’t successful to begin with. This inefficiency has led to the downfall of many enterprises. But how do you, an entrepreneur running different aspects of the business, figure out how to do that?

Technology is your savior. Analytical tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights exist to comprehensively measure the success or failure of a marketing strategy. Getting the hang of these tools will allow you the ability to analyze how effective your strategies are and make changes accordingly.

Its not easy being a small business owner. You are running different aspects of your business and can’t be tied down to just the marketing facet. But it always pays off to keep an eye out for new marketing trends that you can follow.

So the next time you see an ad from lederhosen men or your local car wash, try to follow the justification behind it. You may learn something that you can use in your own organization.


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