Updated 10 SEO Tips And Tricks To Rank Higher In Google

SEO Tips And Tricks To Rank Higher In Google – Whenever somebody makes a search then the top results on the first page of Google search results have the maximum chances of being clicked. Most of the users don’t even bother to go to the second page of search results.


SEO Tips And Tricks To Rank Higher In Google


Google often updates its Google algorithm which affects the website ranking in search results.  So it is necessary to be aware of the Google algorithm update to get higher ranking in search results that will also generate the required leads for your business. In this article, we cover the updated SEO tips and tricks in 2019 to rank your website higher in Google.

Updated 10 SEO Tips And Tricks To Rank Higher In Google

1. Improve your website loading speed

Most of the visitors will abandon the site if it takes more than 3 to 4 seconds to load. Google algorithm will surely recognize this and it will have a negative impact on website ranking in search engine result pages (SERP). This also undermines website traffic and popularity. So if your webpage loads quickly then Google will count it for better ranking in SERP.

Several online resources like https://gtmetrix.com/, https://tools.pingdom.com/, etc. are available to test your website speed.  Moreover, you can know about the working of your website and improve the page speed using https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=en) .

2. Update high quality content on your website

You must keep your site updated with fresh and relevant high quality content that people will like to read and spend more time on your site. This is necessary to increase website traffic and popularity. Your website SEO ranking will also improve when users bookmark your site.  The content on your site enables Google to understand your site role so emphasize on developing good content for the topics most searched in your niche.

3. Mobile usability of the website

Nearly half of the overall online search traffic comes from smartphones alone and for this reason, Google considers mobile first indexing. Mobile Indexing feature has already been included in Google search console. The website ranking will have a negative impact in SERP if it runs well just on PCs and laptops but not on mobile phones. So optimize your website for use on mobile phones.

4. Implement Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization SEO continues to play an important role in searching and voice search voice functionality is done by machine learning. The technology advancements have simplified the ways of searching and nowadays various apps like Apple’s Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, etc. are readily available. The trick for voice search optimization is using long tail key phrases and preparing a list of the most used key phrases for searching.

5. Fix broken links

Normally there is no need to worry about links breaking if we are providing hyperlinks to authority sites. But sometimes it happens and broken links will not only irritate your site visitors but also hamper ranking in search results. So you must check your site for any broken links and fix them by using online tools like https://www.deadlinkchecker.com/.  You can create a free account to access the auto checker.

6. Use appropriate keywords

Do keyword research to find the most suitable keywords for your content because they are an important component of the Google ranking algorithm.  Include keywords properly into sentences and header tags as these are the words that people will search for. When these keywords match the search then your web page link will be displayed at top places in the search results.

7. Meta description should be awesome

Meta description is the description displayed with the url in SERP.  Google has provided tips to write great meta descriptions which increase the chances of your web page link being clicked by visitors. Mention those keywords in the meta description that are pertinent to the article and this is an important part of SEO ranking perspective.

8. Share your content on social media

Sharing your content or blog posts on social media is must to make your brand popular and increase traffic to your website.  The sharing of content on social media will get your web page indexed by Google quickly which counts a lot in search ranking. Regular link building through blog outreach, preferably do follow and sharing the link on social media like Facebook is a powerful off page SEO trick to get top rank in Google search results.

9. Get SSL certificate

Google ranking algorithm gives preference to secure websites over non secure websites. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is a set of small data files that sre installed on the web server in order to secure the website from any unwanted threats. SSL security ensures that the data exchange between browser and web server is private and it cannot be hacked by external means. The website runs on a secure server (URL starts with https:// rather than http://) which helps in improving domain authority and also gains clients trust.

10. Structured data for SEO

 It is possible that some information might be very useful for the visitors but it appears meaningless to Google crawler. In such a situation, structured data that is directly added in the HTML enables crawler to understand the web page content and its purpose. You must have noticed while searching for information on Google that the best content is displayed at the first position within a box. These boxes are known as rich snippets.

You can get help about using structured data from Google’s structured data markup helper or https://schema.org/.  It helps Google to decide about including your content in that snippet. It is obvious that these snippets grab the attention of a large number of visitors and hence count for boosting the website traffic.

11. Infographic submission

Infographics are good for branding. So submitting appealing infographics with a spectacular design will facilitate more visitors to your site and easily know about the product or services offered by you. Since infographic is an image, you can use the same image on multiple sites. Only the text that is added besides image needs to be varied.


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