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  Why Digital marketing  




Expert Training Institute is the best institute to find PPC training in Dwarka, India. PPC or Pay-Per-Click is also famous as CPC or Cost-Per-Click. The PPC course is developed in such a way so that the aspirants can easily choose it as the best career alternative.

PPC can help a company in acquiring leads and more sales. With an effective pay-per-click marketing strategy, an organization can easily get listed on the top of the search engine results. If you are willing to learn the PPC course then the ETI PPC course institute in Dwarka is the right place for you!

This course is designed by the experts of the industry who have over 10 years of experience. We have covered all the latest topics in the PPC course modules starting from the PPC fundamentals to the best marketing strategies used for the best SERP rankings. In order to keep students updated, we timely revise our PPC course so that no latest trends and techniques are left behind. The regular revision of the course modules makes sure that students are trained on the on-going requirements in the industry for a great on-the-job performance.

Advantages of Learning PPC Course in Dwarka

PPC has progressed as a highly versatile search engine advertising method by the virtue of quick results and extensive traffic, which helps companies outreach their targeted audience.

  • The results of PPC campaign can be easily measured and tracked
  • Provides instant lead & business
  • Give good results even with other marketing techniques and channels
  • Gives 100% results

Now, we’ll let you know why you should learn the PPC course in Dwarka. We, at ETI, promise to make you a PPC expert so you can perform all job responsibilities independently and take your career to the peak of success all by yourself.

The Need For Learning PPC Course in Dwarka

As PPC is a rapidly evolving marketing technique in the domain of digital marketing, almost all companies are looking for a professional who can handle their PPC campaigns with expertise. This ensures more business with complete assurance. Therefore, the scope of Pay-Per-Click is extensively high in comparison to its counterparts SMO and SEO.

Therefore, at ETI PPC training institute in Dwarka, we tend to impart in-depth PPC training that includes the elaboration of even minute details of relevant keywords to the management of complicated accounts for optimizing clicks and to get a lot of business than your rivals. Here, we have provided a list of what you’ll be learning during your PPC certification course in Dwarka.

  • Introduction of Google Ads
  • Understanding Marketing Goals
  • Keyword research
  • Designing campaigns & ad groups
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Optimization of Campaign
  • Reporting of Campaign
  • Billing and Accounts
  • Display Advertising Module
  • Search Advertising Module
  • Google Ads Campaign Optimization
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Re-Targeting
  • Keyword Planning for Paid Advertising
  • On-page Optimization for Paid advertising
  • Landing Page designing
  • Strategies for Making Ad
  • Video Advertising
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Re-Marketing Module
  • Ad Extension, including Sitelinks, Callout, Call, etc.
  • Adding negative keywords
  • Google Ads Search Media Plan
  • Google Ads Display Media Plan
  • Google Ads YouTube Media Plan
  • Ads Geo-targeting
  • Google Ads Reporting & Analytics

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PPC (Google Ads) Fundamentals

This module of our PPC course will explain to you the fundamentals of Pay-per-click strategy. You’ll understand how it is different from SEO. We will make you learn how you can make use of Google Ads to make engaging Ads for more conversions. Everything is elaborated with superior clarity and due to this our PPC certification course becomes the most effective.

How PPC differs from SEO?
Understanding Advertising Goals
What is Google Adwords?
Account Creation
Custom Audience
What is Bid and Budget?
Google Ads Hierarchy
Understanding Account Structure
Case Studies
Campaign Designing & Optimization
What Is Quality Score & Its Importance
Concept Of Landing Page
Conversion Tracking
Ad Scheduling & Delivery
Advance Settings
Competitor Analysis
Google Ads Facts
Campaign Automation
Countdown & Keyword Insertion
CTR And Its Importance
Ads Bid Strategies
Ads Billing
Ads Tools
Ads Examination Books

Search Marketing

Search marketing is a way of advertising on the internet search engines. On browsing the internet for a particular search term or keyword, the search results includes some paid and unpaid results. Paid results are what search Ads, which appear on the top position in the SERPs. We’ll let you know how you can create the Ads using Google Search Network, called Google Ads. You will surely enjoy being the part of this session as Ad creation is an engaging task. Detailed conceptual knowledge is the speciality of our PPC certification course.

Types of Ads
Do's & Don't's of Ads
Keyword Match Types
Bid Strategies
DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion)
Count down Ads
Bid Adjustment
Ad Extensions
URL Option

Display Marketing

In this module of PPC certification course, you will learn about display Ads. We’ll teach you how you can convey your business message to your target audience using display ads. These types of Ads reach to more than 85% people across the world, which is evident of the effectiveness of display ad network. Our unique way to impart training makes us the best PPC course training institute.

Branding With Display Marketing
Type Of Ads
Creation Of Banner Ads

Shopping Networks and Merchant Center

Merchant Center is a tool that allows you to upload your products and store data to Google and make it available for a range of Google services such as Shopping Ads, etc. We’ll let you know how you can create shopping ad campaigns and edit the inventory so shoppers will always have correct information about the products. We have well-explained the Merchant Center Module of the PPC certification course so you can independently do all things related to this tool.

Creating Merchant Center Account
Google Merchant Center Linking With Adwords
Creation Of Shopping Campaign

Mobile App Marketing

The process of making marketing campaigns to reach your mobile app users at each stage of the marketing field is termed as mobile app marketing. Basically, it’s a marketing strategy, which helps you achieve user engagement through app advertising. In this module, we’ll take you through all the aspects of mobile app marketing, which includes mobile app engagement, how to promote your app and do remarketing. Being the PPC certification course provider, we make sure you gain expertise in all concepts.

Mobile App Install
Mobile App Engagement
Promote Mobile App
What is Remarketing?

Video/Youtube Marketing

When ad campaigns are created and run on personal or other person’s YouTube video and across the Google Display Network then this type of PPC campaign is known as Video or YouTube marketing. During this module of PPC course training, we’ll tell how you can create different video formats in distinct formats such as skippable, non-skippable, out-stream ads, etc. All experts at our PPC institute will help you have a thorough knowledge of this crucial concept.

True View In-Stream Ads
True View Video Discovery Ads
Bumper Ads
Outstream Ads
Ad Sequence
Video Remarketing
What Is CPV?
Promoting Videos
Paid Advertisement on Youtube

Concept of Remarketing

Remarketing is a unique way through which you can target the same audience who visited your website several times with the remarketing Ads. Showing them Ads again and again is likely to influence their purchase decision. We will let you know how remarketing works along with creation of remarketing list. This module is indeed engaging, which is one of the USPs of our PPC course.

What is Remarketing?
How Remarketing Works
How to Create Remarketing list?
Benefits of Remarketing
Dynamic Remarketing

Google Ads Manager Account (mcc)

Google Ads Manager is an all-round hosted Ad platform that simplifies your Ad management for websites, Apps, mobile website, etc. We’ll make you understand how to set up your account with Google Ads Manage and use it for creating great advertisements. This module of our PPC course is interesting and elaborative, which makes you feel that our course gives you full value for money.

What is Google Ads Manager account?
How do I set up a Google Ad Manager account?
How to get Google Partner badge?
Google Academy for Ads

Google Ads Editor

In this module, you’ll learn about the Google Ads Editor to create ads for PPC campaign. It is a no cost application, which can be easily and quickly used offline for ads creation and bulk correction. This is one of the most important modules of our PPC course, which we teach in an interesting style at our PPC institute.

What is Google Ad editor ?
What are the benefit of using AdWords editor?
Expert campaigns from editor
Creation and editing of campaigns using ms excel
Import new campaigns through editor

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is a procedure of allowing visitors to take an action on visiting a website. A business can enhance the probability that users will “convert” into an actual customer or a verified lead before leaving. We’ll take you through each and every aspect of conversion rate optimization in our PPC training in Delhi.

CRO Strategy
A/B Testing - Split Testing
Role Of Analytics
Remarketing Principles
Budget Allocation Over Digital Marketing
Role Of Testimonial & Other Supportive Material
Method To Increase CRO

Bing Ads

Just like Google Ads is the ad network of Google, the Bing Ads is the ad network of Microsoft. Bing Ads search network lets the PPC professionals create and run ads on the Bing search network as well as Yahoo and AOL networks. This particular module of our PPC course explains to you how PPC in Bing works, the method to run a search campaign, etc. Indeed, it’s interesting and well-explained.

What is Bing Ads, How does PPC works?
How to run Search Campaign?
Import from Google Adwords
What is a UET Tag?
Keyword Research

Merchant Center

Shopping Ads are intended to target those people who are actually to buy any particular product or service. Such ads offer qualified leads, which are easy to convert as they are in actual need of that product or service. This module of our PPC course will explain to you how to create shopping ads along with creating and linking of Google Merchant Center with Google Ads.

Google Trends
Google Keywords Planner
Microsoft Excel
PPC Protect





As per the case studies and upcoming jobs in 2020-21 it is found that the digital marketing is the fastest growing industry. There are many companies looking for digital marketers world-wide.


Yes, it is true that in this digital era every small or large business needs digital marketing to reach their potential audience.


Through digital marketing strategies it is very easily to target the right audience by selecting age, gender demographics etc. Targeting the right audience on particular platform gives more appropriate results.


As compare to traditional marketing Digital marketing is not at all expensive. Strategies like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performed in digital marketing is completely organic i.e free of cost .


Digital marketing for entrepreneurs is a very good option for promoting there business / brands online, reaching the target audience and generating leads.


Google Adsense , Affiliate marketing and Youtube are the platforms through which one can generate their online income.


Writing content , Website designing providing digital marketing services to clients working from home is a very good opportunities for freelancers.


Digital marketing is a useful platform for content writers. Content writers can deliver/share their content either by writing blogs or presenting it on Youtube through video marketing.


Digital marketing gives the ability to reach a global market place. Small or Medium scale business owners can generate lots of profit through Digital marketing at low cost.


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FAQ 1. I’ve missed some of my PPC Course classes? How can I cover the missed part of the training? Will you charge for it?

There is nothing to be worried about if you have missed some of your PPC course classes as we have a provision of backup sessions. You can schedule the backup classes at your convenience so you can cover the missed course part. Also, we record all lecturers and provide these videos to you so, you can learn from them as well. There will be no cost for the backup classes as it’s included in the PPC training beforehand.

FAQ 2. I couldn’t understand some of the concepts well. Will I get classes on those topics again? If yes would you charge anything?

If you haven’t understood any of the topics in your PPC course, we’ll conduct the doubt classes where you can clear doubts upfront to our trainer. We’ll not charge you for the doubt sessions as they are inclusive in your PPC Certification course.

FAQ 3. How much salary will I be getting after completing PPC Course?

PPC Certification course has a great scope in the future as all online businesses looking for a quick and infallible way to get more sales and PPC makes this possible. If you have clarity of all concepts of PPC course then you can be hired as PPC executive or manager. These designations offer an impressive salary package that ranges from at least 20,500 INR per month to 40,000 INR per month. You must keep this in mind that these salary estimates are dependent on your skills and expertise.

FAQ 4. Do you give placements?

We provide you with the 100 percent job assistance once you complete your PPC certification course. Firstly, we’ll provide you PPC training and then will share your resume with numerous companies who are looking for PPC executives. We’ll schedule interviews and depending on your skills, you’ll be hired in that company.

FAQ 5. What is the eligibility required to do the PPC course?

There is no set criterion or eligibility to pursue the PPC course. However, having a basic computer and internet knowledge is sufficient for you to understand the Pay-per-click concepts. You don’t have to have a certain qualification for the same. This course can be done by working professionals, students, house makers, retired persons.

FAQ 6. Is there any flexible timing for working professionals during PPC training?

Yes. We have flexible timings and flexible batches that working professionals can join so they can manage both office and PPC training simultaneously. We provide PPC course training for 2 hours on weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

FAQ 7. Do you provide any training material for the PPC course?

Yes. We will give you PPC course training study material, which includes notes, PPTs, and live classroom videos. You can use this study material while revising the concepts at home. The best part is that the live classroom videos allow you to refer your practical sessions again for practising.

FAQ 8. Do you charge for study material?

No, we don’t charge you even a penny for study material as it’s a part of your PPC course.





1. How Pay-Per-Click advertising is different from Organic Search Engine Optimization?

Pay-Per-Click advertising involves paid ads positioned on the topmost or right side of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). On the other hand, Organic results are natural or unpaid. Organic listings get ranking from Search Engine Optimization techniques that include optimized content and link building.
My trainers at ETI PPC institute in Delhi have given me clarity over these two concepts and now I can do PPC and SEO efficiently.

2. What are the chief PPC services?

During the PPC training in Delhi, I learned about the major pay per click services that are listed below:
Adwords (Google)
Adcenter (Microsoft)
Apart from the above two, there are a few social media networking sites that offer PPC services:

3. How PPC can help your business?

PPC is beneficial for every online business as it helps in the promotion of newly-launched products and services, increasing awareness about the brand, generate targeted traffic to the website quickly, helps in lead generation and sales, and assist you to target the potential customer across the globe.

4. Are PPC results measurable?

Both of the chief PPC engines- Google and Bing allow you to track the conversion rates as well as offer a range of reporting features. Furthermore, E-Power Marketing also suggests making use of third-party reporting software.

5. THow do you pick keywords for PPC campaigns?

Finding the right and relevant keywords are the most significant step of any PPC campaign. I make use of several keyword researching tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner, AdCenter Keyword Tool, etc that help me in shortlisting the right keywords.
I have used all these keyword finding tools during my PPC training for creating an Ad campaign.

6. What is a Landing Page? How they are important?

A landing page is a web page where the users are redirected or landed after clicking on the PPC ads in any search engines.
Landing pages let businesses to share details of their products and services and sell them to the interested users through their ads. When a landing page is well designed, developed, and optimized then it increases the chances of conversions.

7. What is the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network is a group of thousands of websites, apps, and videos where your PPC ads can appear. This network is of great use as it reaches more than 90 percent of people who are using the internet worldwide.
During my PPC certification course, I have created several display ads through the Google Display Network.

8. What is Remarketing?

Remarketing means displaying Ads to those visitors who have visited your website earlier. This kind of advertising is effective as it influences the visitor’s buying decision.

9. Can you fix budgets for PPC campaigns?

Yes, I can. Both Bing and Google have a feature to set budget limits on a daily basis, at the campaign level, and at the account level. As of now the Microsoft AdCenter and Google Ads have not defined a minimum budget limit.

10. How do we get better outcomes from our PPC campaigns?

Although there is no standard way to improve the PPC campaigns due to the different performance of each campaign. However, we can always attempt to make it better by targeting the right keywords and location, preparing an attractive and engaging Ad copy, and having a well-designed landing page.
During my PPC course training in Delhi, I was trained on keyword researching, fascinating ad creation copy, improving landing page quality, and other things that can impact your PPC campaign.




Becoming a PPC Expert with ETI PPC Training Institute

PPC is getting recognition and earning fame on a regular basis. The more an individual get to know about it, the more interest it begins attaining. If you are also impressed by the concept of increasing business in limited time and with a minimum budget then you shall start getting PPC training at Expert training Institute from the PPC expert, Mr. Udit Khanna & team. He is well-known for his knowledge and approach to training on the concept of PPC. We are sure that you will get commendable PPC course training from him. Furthermore, the team of trainers at ETI is no less than anyone due to their immense experience and knowledge in the industry.

Google Ads: The Main Factor in PPC Marketing

Currently, Google Ads is the most important and famous tool for organizations that help them advertise their business digitally. In order to obtain all the advantages of Google Ads, understanding what it is and what it does is highly important. The Google designs service & program to provide sponsored advertising to the interest advertisers. The algorithm opts for the 6 most relevant ads for the visitors so they can be ordered in a combination along with a monetary bid.

Our PPC course is inclusive of the introduction of Google Ads as well as all the strategies of the Google Ad campaign.


Our PPC experts have explained the major benefits of creating PPC campaigns using Google Ads to make your marketing strategy successful.

Google Ads features the largest client base

The biggest advantage of Google Ads platform for the advertisers is that Google is the most used search engine in the world due to which it has an extensive customer base. When ads are created using this platform, it reaches a greater audience than any other search engine. Therefore, it’s an effective paid advertising tool for businesses.

Our trainers will teach you how you can create effective ads so it impacts the buying decision of the visitors. This is why our PPC training program is of great use to everyone.

The audience can be segmented with ease

This is a feature that directly provides an edge to start-ups and local businesses. This is another benefit of Google Ads as you can set, manage, and organize the public segment for your ads. It enables a PPC marketer to choose the target audience according to the preferences, location, behaviour, etc. With our PPC training, you will learn how to segment the audience for more verified traffic and leads. This will help you make the right use of your marketing budget.

The quick and friendly interface

The ease of usage is another plus point of Google Ads platform, which allows marketers to use it effectively without any challenges. Furthermore, as this type of digital marketing needs regular updates in order to maintain the relevance of the advertisement, the interface of Google Ads is well-integrated, user-friendly, and fast. We’ll make you learn how to use this interface to the best for getting the desired results. Our easy way to provide PPC training makes us the best PPC course institute in Dwarka.

A tool for higher conversions

Unlike other Ad platforms, Google Ads is highly effective as it serves the requirements of both companies and the audience. It provides higher conversions to the brands while the audience gets the relevant information on the search engines. This platform shows ads depending on organic positioning.

At our PPC institute in Dwarka, you will learn in and out of this PPC tool that adds to your skills. From theoretical to practical, we’ll provide all-round knowledge about Google Ads.


We, at ETI Dwarka, are the organized and full-fledged PPC course providers in the city. We have created a top-notch environment for the students who want to make an addition to their skills for a better career. We impart the unmatched PPC training to individuals from different backgrounds (students, retired people, housewives, working professionals, and more) so they can use their talent and knowledge for the profit of their own business or someone else’s business.

There is an extensive demand for PPC professionals who can solely manage the PPC campaigns of the companies for more profits. Therefore, after completion of the PPC certification course in Dwarka, you can either render your services to established companies or can even start up your venture to become an entrepreneur.

Many aspirants who come to us for enquiring about PPC training ask us what sets us apart from other PPC institutes in Dwarka. The answer for this query includes multiple points such as:

  • Training by domain experts who have more than 10 years experience
  • 2 Free trial classes
  • 12 comprehensive and thoughtful modules
  • Inclusion of case studies for quick grasping of concepts
  • Affordable course fees as compared other PPC course providers in the city
  • Flexible fee payment option i.e. 3-month or 7-month EMI facility
  • 1-year course validity where if you wish to repeat the whole course within 1 year of the commencement of PPC training then you can do so without any charges
  • Lifetime query support where if there is any issue regarding any concept after course completion then you can come to us anytime
  • 100% job assistance where we’ll assist you in getting the right job in this field

Miscellaneous plus point of ETI PPC Training Institute in Dwarka

  • Well-maintained environment for unhindered PPC sessions
  • Training rooms feature comfortable chairs and tables, laptops for module practicing, LED screens for live training, whiteboards for a proper theoretical explanation, proper lighting, fans, AC.