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Expert Training Institute has vested itself as an eminent and professional coach in search engine optimization training in Delhi & Noida.

Our SEO training classes have been designed in such a way that you get every single detail of what is going on in the industry. From its understanding to implementation, performance metrics to managing, this is not all - we also cover Advance SEO where we teach our students, how to lift the penalized website in search engines. As SEO is not only about taking the website to the top but to take it onto top, the one which has been penalized or sandboxed is a real challenge.

SEO is a necessity if one wants to keep his/her online presence alive on Google or any other Search Engine. SEO covers practices which were defined by Search Engines to implement on your website to take it onto the top to go beyond your competitors.

SEO basically covers many things starting from Initial Site Analysis, Competitors Analysis, Keyword Research, OnPage Optimization, OffPage Optimization, Quality Link Building, Fresh, Unique and Informative Content, Web Analytics for performance, Webmaster Tools to control and manage, site speed, site responsiveness etc., this list goes on. So, if you want to be a SEO, tighten your belt and jump into the informative world of algorithms, updates and webmaster's reviews to things happening in and around SEO Industry.

SEO Training is also necessary with a point if you ever get a chance to or if this ever happened with you that your site gets penalized by Search Engines and you are not any more present in the listings

Training only Enhance your knowledge and practical exposure, it does not harm you in any way.

Learn to succeed is what we teach our students to be confident enough to challenge real life competition. Candidates join in SEO after getting post graduate degrees but "We" with our SEO Training can assure - you will get much higher than them without having professional degrees.

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Be sure to select the Best SEO Training in Delhi,Ncr for your career growth after carrying out proper Research and Counselling. We believe in ourself and live it to the belief of providing expert training to make the candidates as perfect as we are.

Why People Wants To Learn SEO Course?
Why Choose Us?
  • Reputed 'SEO Training institute'
  • Advance training curriculum
  • Learn from "layman to expert" level
  • GOOGLE Qualified Trainers
  • Get SEO Training Certificate
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Flexibility: Weekday and Weekends
  • Free Backup Classes
  • Feedback: 4.8/5 - 600+ Batches
  • Trained over 10000+ Students

Freshers/Graduates or Post Graduates who are looking to make their career in the field of online marketing & advertising.

1. Add a certified online training experience in your resume.

2. Get a competitive edge over peers.

3. Get preference in interviews over just degree holders.

4. Better growth prospects once you get into job.

5. Fastest growing industry.

Working professionals in the field of IT or Marketing gets an opportunity to add (+) web/online marketing experience in their resumes & hence better jobs & salaries.

1. Upgrade your resume

2. Better paying jobs

3. Work as Freelancer or start your own business as a marketing agency & work with reputed brands directly.

1. Business owners who do not want to rely on other marketing professionals to take their businesses to new heights.

2. Become self proficient in marketing techniques

3. Generate business leads on your own

4. Increase online presence of your business

5. Brand creation and management


1. You can work whenever you want

2. You can work from where ever you want

3. You can be your own boss

4. Have much higher Income Potential

5. Take benefit of tax deductions

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Duration: 50 Hours | Fees: 8,000

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"Expert Training Institute is one of the best institute in Delhi NCR providing detailed program in Internet Marketing. Personal Attention, Flexible Class Schedule, Live Training & In Depth Curriculum makes it a preferred choice over others"

Anurup, Marketing Head (Google Pixel)
Swati Gupta

Since I am a Senior Content Developer, I was already familiar with almost every aspect of Digital Marketing, yet I wanted in-depth understanding in the subject matter. This is the reason I joined ETI and I never regretted my decision. After my 3 month stint with ETI and Udit Sir, I am confident of my knowledge of the subject matter.

I would gladly recommend him to everyonelooking for a career in Digital Landscape.


Expert Training Institute is one of the best institute in Delhi NCR providing detailed program in Internet Marketing. Personal attention, flexible class schedule, live training & in depth curriculum makes it a preferred choice over others.

Internet / Digital Marketing professionals are currently in high demand & Expert Training Institute is the right choice.


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