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Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing involved the marketing of a commercial message to a group of people through email. It has emails for sending the advertisements, solicit sales, request business or donations. It is also meant to build loyalty, brand awareness, trust, etc.

Types of email marketing

There are two types of email marketing, and these are as follows:

Transactional emails

These are triggered based on a customer’s action with a company. Their primary purpose is to complete, confirm a commercial transaction, and facilitate. It is to verify if the recipient has given the permission or agree to enter into an agreement with the sender.

Direct emails

It is an interruption based marketing that involves in communicating the promotional message by sending an email. Most companies collect the email address of customers to send them direct emails about the catalog of products or any special offer.

Industry scope of E-Mail Marketing

The digital marketing industry is booming at 30 percent growth rate while other industries are struggling at 5-10 percent growth rate. In the upcoming years, it will get much bigger. Due to high usage of the digital world by consumers it has become essential for the marketers to adapt to the digital mail marketing instead of the traditional mail. Email marketing is an important strategy that organizations are adopting to promote their products due to faster and cheaper access to a substantial number of customers.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Inspite of the traditional methods of advertising through regular mails, email marketing has gained popularity among companies these days due to the following reasons:

Exact ROI

It helps in tracking the exact Return on investment that helps in getting high returns if done in the proper manner.

Cheaper and faster

It is much cheaper and faster than the traditional mail because for producing the artwork, addressing, printing, and mailing that takes more time and increases the cost.

Ease of reaching customers

E-mail marketing is considered a good way to reach the subscribers who have opted to receive emails they want to receive.

Higher response rate

In comparison to the traditional mail, direct email marketing helps in producing higher response rate.

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