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Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is the technique of marketing using a mobile device and provides customers with personalized information promoting goods, ideas and services and is time and location sensitive.

There are various types of mobile marketing. Some of them are as follows can be stated as follows;

SMS Marketing

Over the past few years, SMS marketing has become a useful tool as an advertising channel in some parts of the world.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

This form of marketing provides the potential customers a timed slideshow of audio, videos and delivered through the MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service

Application based marketing

Application usage has increased with high usage of the mobile phones and technological breakthrough in mobile marketing. Application based marketing allows direct advertising and commercialization all at once.

In- game mobile marketing

The three trends in mobile phone gaming are as below;

> Massive multi-player games

> Real-time 3d games

> Social networking games

QR codes

It allows a customer to visit the web page with their phone’s camera, scanning a 2d image.

Industry scope of Mobile Marketing

The digital marketing industry is booming at 30 percent growth rate while other industries are struggling at 5-10 percent growth rate. In the upcoming years, this will get bigger and better. Due to the high usage of the mobile phones by consumers it has become essential for the marketers to go digital. Mobile marketing is an important strategy that organizations are adopting to promote their products. The government even is using the same strategy to for their election campaigns and their policies.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Reach target audience
Mobile marketing allows you to reach the target audience and facilitates in providing direct communication with different customer groups.

Effective two-way communication
Consumers are attached to their phones and have a habit to keep it with themselves mostly throughout the day. Hence, it facilitates in building a strong relationship between customers and their favourite brands.

Mobile campaigns at lower price
Since its setup and marketing preparation costs does not require a huge expense, hence it is better than other traditional methods. Mobile marketing also facilitates integration with other media channels such as social media, radio, tv, etc.

Accurate customer data
It is an effective way to maintain customers data through the phone numbers with unique IDs and also facilitates in keeping it updated and tracking as well.

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