Automated call extensions for Google AdWords Click-To-Call Ads

Google AdWords are soon going to see new features in the click-to-call ads. The new updates will be available at account level and they include automated call extensions and adding business names in headings and much more.

Account-level call extensions can easily be set across the ad campaigns. The settings can be made across campaigns instead of adding the call-extensions to each campaign and ad group. Google is soon going to roll out the feature later in the week.

But Google needs some time to roll the automated call extensions. According a reliable source, the largest search engine will take at least a couple of months in rolling extensions for automated calls. What this feature has in store is it will connect advertisers to targeted customers. AdWords will give priority to ads with phone numbers and set call extensions automatically to help drive sales and get business. It will help advertisers globally.

Google has created an attractive design for call-only ads. The design has business name on headline and Google says that it will help in maximizing calls-driven sales. Also the viewers will become familiar with the businesses.

Another important feature of click-to-call ads is reporting. Google will add the call details to keywords and ad copy reports. The new reports will have columns specifying “Phone Impressions” and “Phone Calls” to show how the click-to-call ads are performing. Also the users can optimize the click-to-call ads for better performance. For example, the click-to-call ads can be used for selected keywords only. Keywords with highest phone-through rates are best suited for click-to-call ads. Also the wait time for customers coming from these ads can be reduced for better conversion.


Click-to-call ads will soon have new features that will improve performance of the ads. Google will roll out the features one-by-one. First of all, there will be account level extensions to the Google AdWords accounts and finally the account users will be able to see comprehensive data regarding calls in their reports. It is a welcome gesture on the part of Google as it is trying to improve its paid ads services.

Udit Khanna

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