Best Backlink Analysis Tools

The use of backlink analysis tools will be imminent if a business finds that most of its competitors are in top ranks at Google search results and ranking well for certain target keywords.

The review of one’s own site’s backlinks and the competitor will show what is giving a cutting edge to a competitor. Often it is rich backlink profile that needs to be studied with a clear understanding of what is a backlink and what makes a good backlink.

In SEO operations, backlink checker tools or Backlink Analysis Tools are important. Backlinks can make or break ranking of a page as they are the backbone of Google’s PageRank algorithm deciding the page rankings.

 How to Build Hundreds of Backlinks to Your Site


Main Backlink Analysis Tools

Faster analysis of link profile is a must. Time is out for unbearably time-consuming, stressful and frustrating link counting. That is why popular tools for backlink analysis with rich features are luring discerning users. We will take a look at some of the top tools for backlinks.


Backlink checker tools

Ahrefs is one of the best backlink checker tools or Backlink Analysis Tools. It is already a top favourite of Digital marketing professionals for tracking backlinks and keywords. It also gives an inside view of what a competition is doing.

Ahrefs quality of data is outstanding is amazingly accurate as most current backlink data is ready. A quick search will give the most accurate data to any link profile. In addition to total numbers, it will also examine the individual qualifies as well.

Plan a Backlink Strategy

A backlink analysis essentially points out which all sites are linking to a site and to the competitor. Comparing one’s own site backlink profile with a strong competitor will help in making a strategy to be stronger than others.

Obviously, competitors stay ahead in SERPs because they have a rich pool of backlinks. There are two types of competitors to analyze for. One is domain‐level competitors whose sites compete with any business in the SERPs.

For this, go to Ahrefs, site explorer -> enter domain -> Competing Domains and get a report with a list of competing domains that are on keywords basis.


Backlink finder tools 

Linkody homepage says there is no need to check backlinks manually again because Linkody has automated the whole process. That ends the tedium of manual backlink counting.

Linkody has turned popular as everything is automated including notifications that inform when links are lost or gained. It can also spot out spammy links.

The notifications from Linkody and daily reports offer good insight into the health of a link profile.


backlink generator tools

CognitiveSEO provides a variety of internet marketing tools to take the business forward. CognitiveSEO’s alert system sets triggers and notifications regarding website or competitors.

This feature shoots information directly to the inbox, with details such as Link velocity, NoFollow vs. DoFollow Links and domain influence.


Best backlink analysis tools

Kerboo tools’ “monitor” links and report whether they are living or down. Results of link building or link removal daily checks can be updated to the users. One cool feature of Kerboo is the ability to compile a list of most important links.

When enabled, the system will automatically check links on a daily basis. If a link is down or not followed for long, the toll will send out notifications. Kerboo will also remove bad links and will monitor to ensure non-recurrence in the future.

Free Backlink Checker Tools and Backlink Analysis Tools

Google says “Content and Links going into your site” are the top two ranking factors followed by RankBrain.

After good content is put in place, the focus must move to backlinks pointing to a domain and in the important pages. This is because quality links are the key to outranking competitors and in earning additional referral traffic.

This free backlink checker will offer access to the backlink profile of any website and show who is linking and indicate the best performing content as well.

Competitor Backlink Analysis Tools

For any online enterprise, outdoing competitor is imperative if it is aiming high search ranks. For this, a constant watch on the strengths of competitors is important including traffic sources, keywords they rank for and importantly the backlinks pointing to their domain.

A clear idea on the competitors’ backlinks will help in planning a backlinks strategy by knowing what domains are linking to their posts and how those sources can be leveraged.


best backlink checker tools

The SEMrush backlink checker tool or Backlink Analysis Tools has a whopping 160 billion links plus and the number is growing faster. Backlinks identified by the SEMrush website link checker will provide a no-follow or follow note making clear that whether a link will be able to transfer link juice to a website.

By monitoring the ratio of do-follow links to no-follow attributes, a balance can be maintained and link building efforts can be harnessed by increasing valuable do-follow backlinks.

The SEMrush website backlink checker will give a view on competitors’ do-follow links, the sources, relevant industry sources, and also websites interested in referring to a client’s content.

SEMrush Backlinks tools also show geo distribution widgets such as graphs, pie charts, and a world map to find where exactly the backlinks are coming geographically.

One can also easily view the unique IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of referring domains, total domains at each IP, the links from these domains, country wise IP distributions as well as top-level domains (TLD) spread.


best free backlink checker tools

This tool can determine whether a link is really suitable for a website. This is because there is closer integration with data in making sure that the best backlink check is offered.

The comprehensive backlink profile analyses every link in terms of 95 metrics. Customizing filters can help match metrics with research. Some of the top filters include contact data, power, impact, buzz and trust.

 Majestic SEO: 

best backlink finder tools

Majestic SEO is good for those having a strong interest in their backlink profile. Merely entering your URL into the search box will do all the work.

While the total number of external backlinks gains quick attention, key details should not be ignored.

  • Referring domains
  • Referring IPs
  • Referring subnets

These will broaden the understanding where exactly link profile stands. The backlink history is helpful in giving a clear understanding in terms of gaining or losing steam with regard to link building efforts.

Monitor Backlinks: 

competitor backlink analysis tools

The tagline claims it is the best tool for the easiest checking of bad links and competitor’s good links.

Certainly, this tool is useful for its capability in exposing what your competition is doing. One feature is connecting to Google Analytics account and set up email alerts when backlinks are earned or lost. To study any aspect of link profile just visit the Monitor Backlinks dashboard that offers updates on

  • Backlink status checker
  • External link count
  • Referring traffic per backlink
  • MozRank
  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority

SEO PowerSuite: 

free backlink checker tools

This adds good punch to other online marketing tools as experienced by more than half a million people users. The SEO PowerSuite SEO SpyGlass tool can help in the following areas

  • List of backlinks pointing to a site
  • Anti-penalty audit
  • Link quality factors
  • Backlink reports

The backlink reports by SEO PowerSuite as noted for its richness in data. SEO SpyGlass is free and the data will show areas in which improvements are required.

Open Site Explorer: 

The mission statement says all—we develop a high-quality inbound Link Profile.

There are ways to use this link checker tool

  • Research backlinks
  • Discover links that are holding your website back
  • Locate the best link building opportunities

Great speed in search leads to faster results in a matter of few seconds.

Notable Backlink Finder Tools and Backlink Analysis Tools

Backlink Explorer is an efficient backlink checker tool or Backlink Analysis Tools and gain a quick view of backlinks pointing to a domain and get an idea of competitor’s backlinks.

More backlinks will mean a website’s domain authority (DA) is higher than that of competitors’ websites. It explicates the competitor’s online presence in terms of important keywords that are keeping it in limelight.

Backlink Explorer calculates backlinks pretty fast and the display is based on many parameters.

  • URL Flow Metrics (Trust Flow and Citation Flow)
  • Domain Flow Metrics (Trust Flow and Citation Flow)
  • Type of link (Dofollow, No-Follow, Deleted)
  • Visibility (First Seen, Last Seen and Date Lost)

In search engine optimization, Google backlink checker tools or Backlink Analysis Tools have a decisive role in determining the pace of entry into the organic search results in the first page. Assessing the quality of backlinks is an important part of search engine optimization.

SEO backlink checker tools or Backlink Analysis Tools rate quality links highly as the passport for entering the top 10 positions of SERP. That calls for a large volume of high-quality links.

The free backlink tool uses Yahoo’s Site Explorer data and backlinks are displayed with details such as URL, anchor text and the number of links in a page. In backlink analysis of competitors, three things are critical.

Links in more domains means better domain popularity emphasizing higher relevance of pages for higher ranking. Anchor text is very important in Google’s link analysis and algorithms. If an anchor text describes the targeted page well rankings zoom.


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