Best 10 Advanced SEO Techniques To Drive Huge Traffic in 2019

Want To Get Millions Of Traffic Through Our Advanced SEO Techniques?

Then You are at Right Place Because Today I am Going To tell you about 10+ Advanced Seo Techniques. The Good Thing is That all The Techniques Are working Properly In 2019



So Here Are your 10 Advanced Seo Techniques:

1: Do Keyword Research

Many people thinking about that keyword research is a basic thing that we already know.

Ok, Guys,e that’s good that you guys already know about keyword research but it highly helps you to rank in Google

After choosing your blog post idea always do keyword research through keyword research tools to find how much work we have to do to rank on google.

If you are doing the right keyword researching your chances of ranking in Google will increase.

The keyword researching tool is Google keyword planner, Moz Keyword planner

And that I personally use is Ubersuggest by Neil Patel and the amazing thing is that this tool is fully free.

2: Work On Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is very important for ranking your website on Google because most of the users today use a mobile phone.

Tips for mobile Optimization:

# Make your website to load faster on the mobile phone.

# Don’t do over scripting in your website that also makes your website to load slower.

# Always use compressed images.

# And the main thing optimize your site for Google mobile bots to crawl easily.

3: Write Long Articles

Google ranks that post who have the quality from many years SEO experts find that for ranking in Google you should not ignore the blog length.

In deep when we have done research we find that most of the blog post on Google search result which is on the first number has an average 1800 + words content.

So this proves long blog post also matters and if you have to rank you have to write a long blog post.

4: Keep Updating Blog Post

To make your visitors to also visit your old content for this you have to update your old content from time to time.

Let’s understand with an example: Suppose that you have written an article about SEO techniques 2 years ago and recently Google changes there algorithm so for this you have also to update that article.

If you’re getting high traffic on your old blog post it is recommended that instead of writing a first blog post you add something interesting in your old blog post And it helps to get huge traffic.

5: Optimize For Rank Brain

To provide good content to their visitors Google uses an algorithm known as the rank brain. These algorithms work like a human being whenever a person search anything on Google the rank brain understand and give search result like a human being.

To increase your search ranking you must have to optimize your website for the rank brain.

Now the question arises: how to optimize for the rank brain?

If lots of people are clicking on your web page on the search result that is displayed on third number and not clicking on the page that is on first number rank brain will boost it up to first.

The best way to get clicked on Google search result is to add a number on your title and in description, the experiment shows that people love to click on the blog post that contains a number.


6: Analyze Your Website SEO Score

Analyse your website SEO score because that helps you to find that what error is coming in your website that effect you to rank on google.

There are many free tools to do Site Audit.

One of the best tools for checking is ubersuggest By Neil Patel the recently added a new feature of site audit that helps you to improve your SEO score.

7: Use Internal Linking

If your most of the users are coming to your home page this is not good because your target is to make them to click on your blog post.

The easy way to do this is internal linking.

In this you can provide your other blog post links to your your other post’s.

You have linked your content internally this will make Google crawlers to crawl easily and it help you to rank faster.

With this I guarantee that your blog post will pull up more Traffic.

8: Create Backlinks from Wikipedia

Wikipedia has very high domain authority if you have gained one backlink from Wikipedia your website will start ranking faster.

And now the main question arises that how can we get a backlink from Wikipedia

You have to find Deadlinks in Wikipedia and changes That Deadlink to your blog post link is that’s it.

9: Share On Social Media

You just share your blog post on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp this will give you direct traffic not increase your Google search ranking.

If you have to increase your Google search ranking you have to go through the platforms that are Quora, Pinterest, Slideshare Etc.

If you’re using this type of platform it will give you direct traffic as well as help you to improve your Google search ranking that helps you to get huge organic traffic.

10: Optimize For Voice Search

You had seen about Google home and Amazon Alexa they make our life easier. This type of products allows us to do multitasking in our real life do whatever you are working as well as Surfing the internet.

And you have seen that many people voice search in their mobile phone if you want that during voice search your content will display in Google search result in your content need to be optimized for tailored speech.

And the most important thing that I have already told you above that if you have to rank your website on Google voice search query you have to optimize your site for mobile phone.

Bonus: Evergreen SEO Strategies

Evergreen content is now a buzzword in articles strategy, and its regarded as a key success factor for articles suppliers. Here I’ve supplied some responses to the most famous questions concerning the evergreen content as well as its application in content marketing!

What does evergreen mean in advertising?

The term evergreen is a lot older than advertising. But here it is possible to find a more complicated as well as formal definition of these evergreen content: Evergreen contents are appealing due to driving more traffic, obtaining a lower maintenance cost, obtaining higher Search engine optimization rank and getting more social shares for a protracted period.

Strategies for producing an evergreen bit of content –

Although every content with no expiration date may be regarded as green, there are many tips, guidelines, and statements about attributes and features of an evergreen bit of content:

Evergreen content cannot include news, statistical reports, seasonal themes, and current trends. Evergreen content shall ideally aim at narrow beginner topics. BeginnerGreen content is your best alternative for producing evergreen content.

Evergreen content needs to seek for higher remain long or time click. Evergreen articles are usually longer. Samples of evergreen content types –

Here you’ll get some examples to have a more clear image on your head: the bulk of the definitions are evergreen articles –

Resource lists are another popular type of evergreen content – based Checklists are another sort of evergreen content that be attractive both into your beginner and expert readers.

How-to articles may be easily designed in an evergreen format and may be helpful and engaging.

You can just have a look at these following topics:

Evergreen articles as a gap filler or as a component of these articles strategy?

Every content provider has a part of evergreen articles in its articles portfolio. Just check any newspaper, and you’ll get a mixture of green as well as non-green articles that in most cases aren’t selected deliberately.

Reading any newspaper, you’ll get a mixture of green as well as non-green articles that in most cases the ratio isn’t chosen intentionally and on purpose.

The majority of the newspapers and news companies fill their content gaps with evergreen content. These companies would prefer to talk on the last night’s explosions, and there isn’t any hot new available.

These companies would prefer to talk on the last night’s explosions, and once there isn’t any hot information available, fill these gap with a report about an ancient as well as forgotten place in these suburbs of these.


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