Hard Work for Easy Money: The Google Adsense Way!


Google Adsense. It is everywhere. For someone who loves being online or has to stay online due to demand of his job, he knows what Google Adsense being everywhere means. Open any website. There are ads by Google in the space between the main content and/or on the sidebars. If you click the ad, a part of the money from advertiser goes to the publisher and rest of it goes to the Google. People are talking of easy money. But, that remains debatable as to how much easy (or difficult) it is.

How it should have been and how it is

The concept essentially meant for the website which has a high traffic. These can become publisher of the ads chosen by Google relevant to the content of the site. This encourages visitors to click the ads and in the process, the publisher makes money alongside Google. Now the scenario is of a reverse trend in a way. Websites are built diligently; blogs are being created; content which users are sure to like; and all this is done to satisfy Google enough to approve for the Adsense account and keep the inflow of money.

Debates sparked by such trends

There are people who believe that the time and effort put into building a website and contributing to great content just to satisfy Google and convince it to publish clickable ads is not worth it. There is no real service given or received; one cannot tell that he has worked so hard; no credit is given what so ever; to some, it also doesn’t seem ethical to draw people to click what was not their primary need.

The stance of the Search Engine Giant

Google itself doesn’t want people to get involved in the so-called reverse trends. Motivated by this, it has some strict policies when it comes to approving the account. Sometimes, the bloggers and webmasters don’t even know what has worked in their favour (or gone against) when their application for the Adsense account got accepted (or rejected).

However, this is not helping much as the idea of making easy money online sticks to people, and conveniently to the new entrants.

So, what is needed?

Whatever is going down here, preached over and over again but still less.

Content: All type of relevant content in terms of images, videos, text, etc is good. The text is supposed to help the search engine crawlers understand the relevance. However, the other two are important to draw user interest.

Website: A credible website is a real place for a great content to be in. Without this, one may feel the efforts getting wasted. A unique domain is a prime necessity; WordPress and Blogspot are not going to be of any help.

Traffic a lot of it: Google hasn’t mentioned exactly how many visits per day would do the trick, but experienced professionals swear that nothing smaller than 300-400 visits per day works in favour. The more, the better.

Keywords: Experts tell that action words prompt net-surfers to click the ads positioned next to the content. This serves the purpose of the ads being present there and makes money for the publisher.

Understanding policies: This may be put at last but nothing is more significant than this. Miss on any single part and the offender would not even be able to say sorry. With so much needed to be taken care of, who says that making money with Adsense is easy. However, it is easy, only if the motto is simply not the easy money!

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Udit Khanna

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