How to Get Followers on Instagram and Social Media in 2019

How to get followers on Instagram – The mobile photo-sharing social network is a great favourite with individuals as well as business brands. Boasting 1 billion monthly users Instagram has evolved into super content marketing and networking platforms.

 How to get followers on Instagram 

The huge volume of Instagram search for the latest images of Hollywood celebrities or sportsmen shows the pull that social media outlet is exercising on the masses, especially the youth. For brands, Instagram is always best for targeting millennial customers.

Instagram lures both individuals and brands with its 60 times higher engagement rate other social media, according to the data from Instagram users’ statistics.

Social media specialists who suggest solutions on how to get free Instagram followers and have this idea at the back of their mind.

High Traffic Social Media

It has been estimated that 60 million images get shared on Instagram on a given day and 1.6 billion likes are also stamped.

Brands have understood the hidden potential of high Instagram engagement rates.

how to get followers on instagram fast

According to research, Instagram engagement rates for brands are 58 times more than the normal 0.1% rate in other media, says a Forrester study.

On how to increase Instagram followers free, a user needs to master a few Instagram hacks that can help in optimizing captions, hashtags, profile, so as to attract more followers.

For newbies on Instagram, friends already on that platform will be the first pointer to get new followers. Go to the profile tab select “Find Friends” and look up for friends who integrated their Facebook accounts with Instagram.

Similarly, following famous and interesting people for sustained inspiration will help Instagram’s algorithm to assess a user’s likes and accordingly the Discovery tab will be fed with appropriate videos and images.

How to Get Instagram Followers?

Most search engines are filled with the question — how to gain followers on Instagram. The simple premise makes it easy to be discovered by other people.

For a successful presence on Instagram and leverage its potential, followers need to be created. The same is true about Twitter.

Making friends on Facebook is relatively easy. But earning Instagram followers is not that easy. Having followers in thousands is a compulsion for brands.

But how do you get followers on Instagram?  Before answering the question let us have an overview of the features and see how it functions vis a vis others.

Twitter is noted for its domination by celebrities where noisy discussions are common. But Instagram is beautiful and quiet; there is no scope for too much of text reading; only pictures and videos provided to enjoy.

Instagram’s features such as Instant Upload, InstaEdit, and inbuilt photo edit features are drawing hordes of users to it. Apps like DubsMash,, and VivaVideo are creating awesome stuff on the platform.

Free Followers and Paid Followers on Instagram

how to increase instagram followers

There are two types of followers–organic and paid. Organic engagement is easier. But that comes from brilliance in content and ability to spend more time engaging other users.

Methods on how to boost Instagram followers will be useful for beginners on Instagram who complain about the depressing early phase when they get no Likes or fewer likes despite all the hard work and high expectations.

One way to step up success rate on Instagram is adding more followers by planning to get more likes on the images posted.

To attract followers there must be value coming from good content and a higher sense of engagement.

Ways to Increase Followers in Social Media

According to Hootsuite, there are many options to expand the number of followers if the strategic points are taken care of.

The essential ingredients of such an action plan would have the following elements.

  • Have a clear Instagram strategy
  • Share compelling content
  • Use hashtags
  • Attractive captions
  • Create a great bio and profile
  • Tag relevant users
  • Tag location
  • Post Instagram Stories
  • Post live video
  • Engage communities
  • Use Instagram advertising

How to Get More Instagram Followers Fast (and Be Instafamous)

Craft a Workable Instagram Strategy

In solving the tangle of how to get followers on Instagram the main requirement is clear goals on what to achieve.

In a social network, a plan will salvage resources and optimize returns on investment.

What Brands Must Take Note Of 

If brands have an Instagram marketing plan the goals have to be defined. It may include increasing brand awareness, expanding product sales, or simply increasing the traffic to the website.

End of the day what matters is Instagram marketing goals needing compatibility with the interests of the target users. The composition of the target audience must be clear in terms of geography, age, profession, social media usage habits, pain points, and their challenges.

Knowledge of the target audience can help in preparing the best content. Such Instagram posts can engage, inform and entertain the audience. Engagement rates soar when compelling visuals and punchy captions conjoin on Instagram.


What’s are the best times to post on Instagram? 3 Tips For Maximizing Instagram Engagement!


Share Stories

One big part of Instagram trends are stories that tell followers on how products are made or efforts at humanization of brands by sharing the perspective of employees.

Positioning a brand in an aspirational way on Instagram also involves showcasing the lifestyle or achievements of its customers.

For brands, Instagram success depends on consistent brand personality, visual looks, and a compelling narrative that make posts recognizable and easily relatable.

Instagram tags list are also handy as a shortcut for adding followers.

By using filters Instagram photos can become more refined with a personalized touch and followers love such quality work.

Using a college or cluster of images is also a smart way of uploading pictures on Instagram than bearing the tedium of showcasing stand-alone pictures. A group of images conveys an engaging story. Collages can be outsourced from third-party makers.

Should You Use Hashtags on Instagram? | How to Get More Instagram Followers


Hashtag Experience

Using relevant hashtags can help in taking the Instagram content to new users and niches. This exercise answers the paradigm of how to increase Instagram followers.

Using more Hashtags can bring a good number of followers. Of course, some Dos & Dont’s have to be followed in Instagram hashtags use.

Searching within Instagram can unravel excellent hashtags suiting various products, service, or industry and they may be applied optimally.

Also, try to popularise your own hashtag in offline circles. For example #Westside is your own brand hashtag. Suppose, if no one knows about it how will they share content?

So, take it game offline and print it on receipts, print ads, signage in stores and other relevant events.

Popularise the hashtag in all media– radio and TV, and direct people to use the hashtag and Integrate that to campaigns on social profiles, websites, and email blasts.

For every Instagram post, try using a cluster of relevant hashtags. They may be related to trade, trends or just popular ones.

Functionally, Hashtags work like long-tail keywords showing more intent and take the post to the right people.

There are universally trending hashtags such as #instagood, #tbt, #photooftheday or #fun which work like gateways to take pictures to a larger audience.

Popular hashtags such as #FF (Follow Friday), #followback, #tagforlikes, #instafollow, #l4l (Like for like) can sharply increase followers.

Influencer Marketing

how to increase instagram followers free

Growing on Instagram will also need indirect patronage of influencers. Check out the profiles of influencers in various domains and “Turn On Post Notifications” so that you get notified on the new content they share.

Interact with them regularly to be in their gaze. However, there is no substitute for the hard work in regularly posting engaging images.

According to Neil Patel, for every 100 likes he makes on random pictures, at least 6 more followers are returned.

Posting Time on Instagram

how to gain instagram followers free

Post photos at the peak times of 2 am or 5 pm as research shows these are the effective times.

Those with a good following on other social networks must also inform their fans about the presence on Instagram. They can also share a link to help the existing followers.

Highlighting the best Instagram posts on other channels and boosting them with paid advertising will be like a big bonus.

To gain more followers in the shortest possible time nothing works better than buying Instagram auto followers via automation software.

FollowingLike is a vendor offering auto follow, unfollow, like, unlike, comments support on Instagram.

Just add an Instagram account to that software, it will show up Instagram followers and following. Use it for tapping the desired number of follower every time you want. The core steps involved in the process are…

  • Adding Instagram account to the software
  • Set keywords to search people to follow
  • Set up keywords for people on Instagram

Free Followers on Instagram

The discussion has highlighted that gaining followers is no hard job on Instagram if a strategy is pursued. Free Instagram followers instantly will also work well if certain things are taken care.

  • A unique content posting style
  • Focus on a niche
  • Developing expertise to manage community

Ideally, the content mix must follow the 1/3 rule. Keep posting promotional, educational and inspirational content. Also, use free tools such as Buffer and Later to schedule posts for better results.

By using relevant keywords in bio, posts and hashtags coherency to posting can be achieved. Also, do not forget to engage communities by answering questions and sharing content liberally.



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