What Are Important Points Of Google AdWords Certification?

Google came into being in 1998 and it launched its AdWords Certification/Google Partners program in 2004, after becoming popular in the Internet marketing domain. And this program became an instant hit but some people still wonder what makes AdWords program popular.

  • Reaches targeted audiences on right time
  • Works for global as well as local market
  • Brings more visitors

Let’s have a quick discussion over AdWords Certification and its advantages in Internet marketing

Aim of Google AdWords Certification exam

The certification program is aimed to test knowledge of the participant on basic as well as advance online concepts. It tests:

  • Valuing online advertising campaigns
  • Setting and managing campaigns
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Campaign optimization

Interested persons can sign up for Google Partners to take part in AdWords Certification exam

What is Google AdWords Certification exam?

The certification program includes two exams – Google AdWords Fundamentals and one of the following exams:

Google AdWords Fundamentals exam is now free and its duration is 120 minutes. Participants have to answer 100 questions in 120 minutes. Exams for search and display marketing are of the similar duration and they also have 100 questions each. Duration for other exams is 90 minutes and the number of questions is reduced to 70.

A participant has to pass the exam with 80% marks and those who can’t pass the test are eligible to reappear in the exam after seven days.

Why Google AdWords Certification?

No matter how experienced you are in search marketing, you aren’t a professional until you pass the certification test. Also there are several other benefits of certification.22

  1. Improved PPC account performance

Google provides AdWords Online Training through live Webinars. The training gives knowledge that improves performance in the long run.

  1. Learn about new features that you might be unaware of

AdWords has many features and the only way to get knowledge and education on how to use these features is through online training. Some of the features are Website Optimizer, Conversion Optimizer, Content Network and Google Analytics. Even an experienced marketer needs training to understand these features.

  1. Employers and clients look for this

Whether you are offering PPC account management service or working as an in-house account manager, the certification will help making and retain clients. Your clients will take you seriously as you are duly certified by Google for optimizing AdWords campaigns.

How to give Google AdWords exam?

Step 1: Sign up for Google Partners

Visit google.com/partners to complete the sign up process. It is a simple sign up as it doesn’t involve technicalities.

Step 2: Go to certification AdWords

After completing the signing process, you will enter the platform. Find Certifications tab on left side of the screen and find AdWords below the tab.

Step 3: Get started with the test

All you need to take the exam is high speed broadband connectivity. If you are ready for the test, you click on the ‘Take Exam’ option in the AdWords Exam section.

Step 4: Repeat the process

AdWords Fundamentals is compulsory but you have the option to choose the additional exam. Here you need to be specific about your needs as you will be certified as a marketer in specific exam and your clients will consider you for that field. For instance take “Shopping Advertising”. If most of your clients are from ecommerce sector then this exam will be more beneficial than others. Once you clear both the exams, you will be certified as an AdWords professional.

How to prepare for AdWords certification exam?

Preparing for AdWords Certification test is quite a task as time duration for the test is 120 minutes and questions to be answered are 100 and also you need 80 right questions to pass the test. But you can pass the test with the help of guides and training institutes.

  1. Google exam study guides

Google has extensive study guides for participants. It provides plenty of study material and but, if you aren’t a bookworm or don’t have much time to visit link after link then you won’t find the study guide useful.

  1. Training institutes

Expert Training Institute is one of the best training companies for Google AdWords Certification/Partner Program. It offers comprehensive course program that addresses all the aspects of the test. It offers courses for following exams:

  • AdWords Fundamentals
  • Search marketing
  • Display marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Shopping ads
  • Mobile marketing
  1. iPass Exam

It is an online training program for the AdWords exam. It is helpful as the questions asked are similar to those in the exam and also the practice is conducted in the same duration. But the exam has a fee.

Practical training and guidance is the best resource for education for the exam. It is advantageous as Google also recommends on-the-job AdWords experience before you participate in the certification program.

What after passing the exam?

So, you have passed the test with above 80% score and now wondering has to cash the certification. Here is how you can take advantage of the certification.

First thing after passing the test is to get the certificate. Sign into your Google Partner account and access ‘My Profile’ under the overview section. Find ‘AdWords Certified’ link and order print certification to get your certificate.

The certification will improve your reliability, if you are a service provider and employability, if you are an employee. Make a strategy to highlight certification in your resume.

For instance, here’s what you can say about your certification status….

“I am an AdWords certified professional and Google endorses my marketing skills for promotion and branding of businesses. I am not only qualified but experienced as well to work as an Internet marketer cashing my knowledge on Google AdWords.”

Also you should promote you as a certified professional in different forums and platforms

LinkedIn: Go to the certification section and add a title in that section showing your skills

Twitter: If you active on Twitter, you can show your certification in your resume below the Twitter profile picture

Others: Go on adding the certification to your business card, website, blog, resume and everywhere where you can

How can you stay certified?

Now it is the most important thing to remember. The certification remains valid for one year from the date of issue. If you want to retain it, you need passing the test after expiry of the certification.

Difference between Google AdWords certification and Partner tag

There is no technical difference between the two certificates. Individual are certified while agencies get partner tag. If you are working as an agency then you will need going through a set process to get a partner tag.


Passing Google AdWords certification test isn’t a herculean task, if you know what it is and how it could be beneficial in your professional life. Also you should make a strategy to take advantage of the certification as just passing the test won’t be enough. Your clients and employers must know about the certification and the newly acquired knowledge. If you are working as an agency then you will need partner tag and also you should remember to renew the certification or the partner tag after one year.

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