10 SEO Traps To Avoid Google Downranking

As SEO is changing and getting complex with every year, the latest tactics keeps you into the competition. Past years have seen those changes integrated to the strategy to meet the standards, but the standards are only going to get a level up. This blog focuses on what 10 things you need to avoid while performing SEO to keep your website away from possible trouble.

What Will Google Maps Choose: A Licence To Operate Or Going Out Of India?

Another law is to be enacted by Indian government trying to regulate the way many Internet giants function. This time it is about representation of geographical boundaries and details related to it. Soon companies like Google Maps will be finding themselves in trouble for doing what they do, which is providing web-based digital maps and detailed information of any geographical location.

How Can You Use Google Analytics To Monetize Social Media Marketing Efforts

Every marketer today understands the importance of social media marketing, more or less but many among them are still not able to pinpoint how. They are doing everything they are expected to do that forms the activity around social media marketing, like making profiles, engaging with the audience and posting new content every day, but they are not really sure if all of it is working and to what extent.