Recover From Google Penalty

Recover From Google Penalty

Are you running an online business and are tensed because of the declining traffic on your website? Or has the Google search engine ranking of your website seen a drastic fall in the recent time? Then it is quite possible that your website has been penalized by Google.

What is Google Penalty?

Google has a set of guidelines which are acknowledged as the Webmaster guidelines.

Mobile Marketing

Emerging Trend of Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is the elixir for a successful business venture today. We could say Mobile Marketing is the future but its implementation has already taken up a steady pace in the present. Mobile Marketing is the fabrication of the ads on mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and various other mobile devices.


Five worth knowing WordPress Plugins for Marketing

Gone are the days of conventional programming, the boring way to code from scratch are succumbing to the fate same as that of Dinosaurs. WordPress backed by it powerful plugins directory provides full-fledged content management system, resulting in the migration of many Html and PHP towards itself.

For an instance, to implement any media gallery or pictures at least 300 lines of short codes are required which takes a couple of hours.

10 Effective Ways to Increase Sales

With the changing times, the stupendous growth in the E-commerce Stores has left the online sales industry baffled. Online stores have resorted to selling everything right from toiletries to fashion wear and marketers need to find new tactics that attract potential customers so to boost sales drastically. If you are an E-commerce site owner,

5 Benefits of a Mobile Website

5 Benefits of a Mobile Website

Over the decades, the usage of the internet has increased threefold along with an ever increased demand. People can now use the World Wide Web in a way, which was just a dream a decade ago. Tablets, laptops, gaming devices, watches, and mobile phones, just name the device, and you’ll get the benefit of internet connectivity in it.

Facebook Page Applications for Brand Marketing

One of the easiest and best ways to use Facebook page to its fullest prospective for social media marketing is to hire third-party Facebook applications. This makes the page significantly more appealing to the audience which improves the user experience. Also, it translates to more visitors who interact and share the content, this in turn then appears in the activity streams and is more frequently discoverable.