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Hello, I am Udit Khanna, a professional Digital Marketer consultant and trainer (at Expert Training Institute) in Delhi with over 10 Years of Experience in the field of Internet/Online Marketing Industry. I have created Digital Marketing Strategies and Optimized websites for various industries like Education, Travel, eCommerce, Training, Industrial Products, Technical Services etc.

Looking for”Expert analytics-driven digital strategy consulting” then you can completely trust us to increase your returns from Digital marketing. Our consultant Udit Khanna specializes in short-term strategic reviews to improve overall Digital Marketing effectiveness. Our consultant will advise on search engine optimization, pay per click, search emails, google analytics, social media marketing. Our recent project includes-

Our Services :

  • Digital strategy review and recommendations
  • SEO audit and recommendations
  • Review of Google AdWords effectiveness
  • Social media and content strategy
  • Email marketing contact strategies
  • Setup of customised business tracking in Google Analytics

Our Approach :

  • Results-oriented. Our consultant prioritises all recommendations with you according to their potential value and ease of implementation, so you can focus on implementing the quick wins initially.
  • Insight-based. We are experts in data analysis, so we identify quick wins based on insights from a range of specialist digital marketing sources including market analysis, customer data, campaign data and web analytics.
  • Process-based.  We use the most appropriate strategic analysis frameworks to help you explain the strategy. For implementation, we also use detailed checklists for benchmarking tactics like search marketing and email and social media marketing.

Integrated. To help define an integrated communications approach our expertise spans all areas of digital marketing from strategy development through to detailed knowledge of best practice in the most important tactics including search engine marketing, social media email marketing, website design and web analytics.

All you should know about Digital Marketing

Have you heard of digital marketing? It’s a platform to reach as many customers as possible with the use of marketing of products and services. There are many types of digital marketing that one should know like content marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, etc. If you are looking to make a career in digital marketing and confused about the profile to move ahead with, then look out for the best digital marketing consultant in Delhi who can guide you on how to start a career in this field.

What is Digital Marketing?

It is a vast domain and here to stay forever. Earlier, marketing of products or services was done through door-to-door or word-of-mouth. Now, the world is going digital with so much information easily available on handsets, computers, etc. This is not all, the latest techniques and oodles of segments in digital marketing making it the top-notch field for a beginner or professional.

Let’s see some of the tools of digital marketing that can help you to become a successful expert.

Fast Website Speed

Nowadays, customers want information to pop up fast as they don’t have time to stick to one page for longer than 10 seconds. If it happens, they hop on to your competitor site. This affects the conversion rates and to avoid it from happening go for a tool measuring your speed on daily basis.

Google Analytics

The most famous tool, Google analytics can help track the behavior of your traffic coming on your website. You can also procure where your visitors are coming from and what pages are getting the most attention and what are the pages getting ignored by the visitors.

PR Management

If you want to monitor the performance of your business, place in Google alerts. It is easy to use. Even if another brand is talking about your product, you will get the update. It is a perfect tool for PR management. Hire the best digital marketing expert in Delhi rendering you customized services to get the outcome you wish.

Facebook Insights and Power Editor

Another popular tool is Facebook insights that can help you know the customer engagements and responses over the posts. In addition to this, Power Editor Tool helps manage campaign simultaneously.

Conversion Rate Optimization tools

A perfect method used to enhance the performance on your site, these tools help you procure the hypothesis you create. Besides, it checks the areas where improvement is required. Isn’t it great what are you waiting for? Get these tools by coming within reach of the best digital marketing expert in Delhi.

Active Campaign

The good part about active campaign is it has a good e-mail marketing automation. It offers amazing features as to with you can create your own campaign. Plus, once you create it, you don’t have to worry whether the campaign reaches the visitors or not. The highly effective campaigns get automatically delivered to the visitors.

Importance of Digital marketing

The key areas of digital marketing are SEO, email marketing, content marketing and pay-per-click. The need for experts in these fields is increasing immensely. If you looking to make a career, hire online marketing consultant in Delhi, teaching you skills and technology for life. You will learn some of the main skills that you must learn to succeed in a domain called digital marketing. You can be assured if you get into this field as there will be a slight chance of job crisis ever. Moreover, if you are from content writing background, you can easily pick the skills required to excel in SEO. Take the help of SEO expert in Delhi and some certification program to become job ready in this field.

Some of the benefits of Digital Marketing are:

Higher Return on Investment

As compare to traditional marketing, Digital marketing proffers higher return on Investment at a lesser amount. You can target a bigger audience no matter small or big company within a budget.

Get Certified

Certification course will help you to enrich your skills in a variety of techniques. This will boost your confidence in front of senior management might leading to a promotion.

Brand Recognition

You can value your customers by getting connected with them through social media platforms. Doing this will build your brand visibility and give customers an easy way to share their experiences. Once you have potential customers, they will give positive reviews which will be a good sign in building the brand image.

Target Audience

With digital marketing, you can easily target the audience as compared to traditional marketing where you can’t be sure whether you are targeting the right audience or not. In digital marketing, you can monitor and evaluate the performance of the audience. So, approach the right digital marketing consultant in Delhi and be assured of business growth.

Good Salary Trends

Choosing this field will not only empower you with career growth but better salary aspects. So, now you don’t have to worry about the salary, leave your worries behind and get certified in one of the renowned courses in Digital marketing. There is no death of jobs for professionals in digital marketing. Enhance your career growth, salary and have a better career as you have always admired.

If you want to go for a certification course, there are many like digital marketing associate training, specialist program and expert training. All these courses are perfect for those who want to build mastery in the main domains connected with it. The course offers hands-on training and covers all aspects required to gain practical skills.

This article is aimed for those who want to start a career in this field with the satisfaction our heart desires. All you need to approach or hire the digital marketing consultant in Delhi giving you proper guidance and knowledge to make your presence important in this field. Switch to your dream profile now and stay happy for a lifelong.