What Are The 5 SEO Mistakes You Can’t Recognize in 2018

What Are The 5 SEO Mistakes You Can’t Recognize in 2018

Every SEO makes mistake as to err is human. You also make mistake and the only way to prevent doing mistakes is to stay focused on your job. The role and responsibility of SEO have changed from getting websites on top to diverting targeted traffic to sites. Today human traffic matters more than search rank.


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Here’re 5 SEO mistakes that even smart SEOs can’t recognize

1. Putting bots before visitors

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The logic behind using bots is to activate tactics like manipulative linking schemes with keyword stuffing and generating specific content length. But these tactics are no longer effective in SEO. They are used for algorithm chasing to surge websites with mixed traffic. These tactics are good for nothing in present day scenario where SEO has become more human-friendly than it was ever before.

2. Focusing on tactics instead of strategy

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A tactic is part of a strategy but some SEOs consider tactics different from strategies. You can change your tactics to make your strategy successful. Here’s the difference between strategy and tactics.

Strategy: It is a long-term plan to achieve a certain objective. You set a target and try achieving it in a certain time frame. Also, you use tactics to get quick results.

Tactics: It is like a tool used for a specific task like you can use tactics to generate quality backlinks that is part of your search marketing strategy. A strategy can include a couple of tactics.

While the objective of a strategy and tactics is similar but the way is different. The strategy has long-term goals but tactics are for short-term gains. Focusing on strategy is more beneficial than working on achieving short-term goals.

3. Relying on non-performing metrics

Hits are KPI for websites but the hits can be manipulated using tiny images that get downloaded without any prior information to the visitors. In the initial stages of SEO, there was only one way of getting hits that is by visitors but today there are hundreds of ways to generate fake hits.

Today’s SEOs don’t rely on old KPIs but they are still using the age-old method of finding performance metrics. For instance, take inbound links that can be manipulated to inflate website with links. Inbound links are counted as votes but they should come from a relevant website.

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

4. Failing to monitor performance

SEOs make strategies and invest much time and money in pursuing those strategies. But failing to track strategies can lead to failure in achieving set goals. Today one shouldn’t fail in tracking performance because there are many tools available for growth monitoring. SEOs can use Google Analytics, Search Console, SEMrush, Moz and Raven to keep track of their performance.

Website Performance In Google Analytics

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5. Relying on questionable resources

The biggest advantage of the Internet is that the information lives forever and it is also the biggest drawback of the Internet. The published articles and blogs would remain in circulation until they are manually removed by their publishers. When you search information, you should rely on latest info instead of articles and blogs published in past. Also, the source of information should be checked to determine its authenticity.

Prepare a list of reliable publishers and follow their content to serve useful information to your visitors. Also, get in the habit of confirming critical details before using the data in your content.


SEO has become a fast moving job where SEOs have to remain mobile all the time. In search marketing, things are changing fast and if you aren’t updating your SEO strategy with changes, you won’t be able to give satisfactory results to your clients.

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