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Steps To Winning SEO Stratagem For Your Website in 2020

With the ever-changing trends and advancements in digital technology, online marketing is all set to take major leaps in the future. We have witnessed e-commerce giants such as Amazon prioritizing the marketplace. Moreover, we are seeing Google, the search engine giant test out innovative and novel approaches like shopping tab for enhancing the overall customer experience and leveraging buying intent and constantly focusing on boosting engagement and customer experience by rolling out time and again some effective algorithm updates. Vernacular searches and voice searches are growing at an incredibly fast pace and this trend is all set for witnessing exponential growth in 2020. 

As per, the findings of a survey conducted by ET revealed that digital advertising would be growing at 32% CAGR by 2020. This data seems to suggest that the current digital media spend that is 15% would be going up to 24% by 2020. With 38% CAGR growth in terms of video, 36% in terms of Display, and 25% in terms of Search. All these three verticals would be boosting their individual spends by 2020. 

The fact remains that if Google doesn’t recognize you, nobody would. All business owners want their business to establish a niche for itself and become an authority in the trade. However, the key to gaining a competitive edge is to ensure that Google could effectively and quickly communicate whenever necessary with your website. That is primarily the reason why we have come up with certain steps or secrets to formulating a winning SEO stratagem. 

Steps To Winning SEO Stratagem For Your Website in 2020

Initiate with Meticulous Keyword Research

If you are an experienced SEO campaigner you know the significance of keyword research by now. But many newcomers to the SEO landscape do not pay much attention to keyword research. Keyword research may not seem that important but remember that an SEO stratagem without proper keyword research is surely destined to struggle. The question is why? Simply because keywords are the real difference between what you are assuming your target audience wants and precisely what you know your target audience needs.

You always need to be certain that you are 100% targeting the correct keyword. It is a good idea to ensure that all pages on your website are targeting a minimum of one precise topic or keyword. In the event, you are lost totally and have no clue whatsoever, you may consider using Google’s Keyword Planner tool for free to accurately determine what precisely your target audience cares about. Get in touch with an experienced and reliable SEO expert for perfect SEO solutions. 

Do Not Forget that Content Is Still the Undisputed King

Do not know precisely why certain business owners believe that content is just an effective means to a certain end. However, content is essentially the undisputed king. Often brands trick Google’s algorithm for some time to experience growth on a short-term basis, however, it is not worth the effort. Google is sure to fix the issue sooner or later. Moreover, the fact remains that a consumer is sure to read your content in the future. If your content seems to be a huge mess, rest assured that your potential customers would simply bounce off and not come back to your website anytime soon.

Your wish to optimize your existing content for SEO should never interfere with the creation of valuable and high-quality content. Remember Google has marked certain techniques as unacceptable. Most black hat SEO techniques are regarded as obsolete. If you wish to gain a competitive edge in 2020, ensure your approach towards content is getting transformed with time. It takes a solid plan and a lot of preparations for perfect search engine optimization. Remember random action would be generating odd or haphazard outcomes.

You must consider analyzing the content presently on your site and the precise degree to which the content would be reflecting the intent and interests of shoppers depending on your precise keyword research. Do not forget to concentrate on the templates that would be underpinning each page of your content for identifying or detecting scalable opportunities for optimizing every page simultaneously. 

Backlinks Are Crucial

‘Links’ from Google’s Search Console would be providing downloadable lists of practically every page or site that is linking to yours. You must consider sifting through the data for determining the quality and size of your link profile. Consider identifying links that come from low-quality websites or signs that numerous of the links are coming from other websites that your organization owns. A portion of your 2020 stratagem must focus on achieving more reliable and top-grade external links.

Give Priority to Mobile

Mobile is the way to go now. If your website doesn’t seem to be optimized for mobile in 2020, you would be in serious trouble and lagging vis-à-vis your competitors. Consumers today are more used to searching and shopping on mobile devices. When you know that half of your targeted audience would be accessing and experiencing your site via their smartphones like iPhone, it is mandatory to facilitate an amazing UX. Moreover, Google has officially claimed that mobile rankings would be given top priority and that they are supposed to be the brand new status quo. Remember if you do not focus your attention and dedicate your efforts toward mobile optimization this year, be ready for a disappointing 2020. 

Focus on User Experience

User Experience could be making or breaking your website. Remember SEO is not limited to or solely about outsmarting Google algorithms. Google algorithms are looking for generating ideal UX or user experience. Instead of focusing on impressing the Google algorithm, marketers must focus on impressing the users. You must focus on generating a flawless User Experience simply by optimizing your pictures, making sure that all the headings are effectively-structured and also that your website seems to be easily navigable. Google would at once recognize you automatically if you have come up with a top-notch website. 


Remember once you understand ways to effectively target your audience via SEO, you would see the world opening up to you. You need to evaluate all your organic search competition. Organic search competitors seem to be different from your other industry counterparts. Organic search competitors seem to be the websites that achieve the rankings you are aspiring for. You must focus on identifying the specific areas that generate such high rankings.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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