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What Feature Would Be Used To Compare Two Date Ranges In A Report?

  1. Hourly, Day, Week, Month views in the time graph

  2. Real-time reports

  3. Date range comparison

  4. Account selector


Explanation: The date range selector at the top right of your report pages allows you to select a date range, and optionally to compare that range to another one, so you can see data for different time periods in your reports.

Select and compare date ranges

The date range selector is at the top right of every report except the Real-Time reports. Click the arrow next to the existing date range to open the controls.

Select one of the following from the Date Range menu:

  • Custom: Data for your custom date range. (See instructions, below.)
  • Today: Data available for the current calendar date up until the time of your selection
  • Yesterday: Data for the previous calendar date
  • Last Week: Data for Sunday through Saturday of the previous calendar week
  • Last Month: Data for the first to last day of the previous calendar month
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days

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