What is Yesware and How to Track Email With Yesware?

What is yeswareYesware is a sales productive platform launched in 2010. The exact figure of its users isn’t known but it had over 80,000 users in March 2016. Considering the growth rate the platform achieved in initial years, it can be anticipated that it would have over one million users today. Basically, it is an email tracking system used mostly but not limited to Gmail.


Here’s how Yesware makes emailing easier:

Send emails from your account and at the same time track opens, re-opens and clicks
Get alerts when the recipients engage with your email messages
Follow up with your emails when you have leads

How Yesware tracks emails?


The software places a tracking image at the end of the tracked email. It is the same technology that newsletter services use but Yesware took the technology a step ahead. It provides an easy-to-use interface for tracking email messages and files sent at attachments with emails. The real-time tracking provided by Yesware helps salespeople in staying in touch with the targeted audiences.

Step-by-step email tracking:

# Recipients load tracking pixels or click on tracked links or attachment
# The activity sends IP addresses of the recipients to Yesware server
# The server sends notifications to users about the activity that is opening of the email message and clicking on links
# Users see the notifications as popups and also they get notifications through emails from Yesware server

Issues with Yesware

what is yesware

The company started in 2010 and soon became popular. But there are some issues related to Yesware tracking.

1# The tracking doesn’t work in case the images are disabled by recipients
2# In case of mass mailing and CC emails, the software would only notify about the opening of emails
3# Yesware link tracking has issues with spam filters recipients could use to prevent spam emails from flooding their inboxes.Expert Training Institute

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