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Advance SEO Masterclass Course Content
1. Introduction6 Lessons | 0h 51m 05s
  • Lesson 1. What is SEO? - Preview - 15:47 Mins
  • Lesson 2. On Page n Off Page - 09:23 Mins
  • Lesson 3. How Google Works? - 39:09 Mins
  • Lesson 4. White Hat n Black Hat - 22:14 Mins
  • Lesson 5. Difference b/w Organic(SEO) & Paid(PPC) - 15:25 Mins
  • Lesson 6. Voice Search - 09:07 Mins
2. Website Requirements3 Lessons | 0h 59m 43s
3. Introduction To Keywords & Meta Tags18 Lessons | 6h 33m 55s
  • Lesson 10. Keywords Introduction - Preview - 09:44 Mins
  • Lesson 11. Types of Keywords - 17:33 Mins
  • Lesson 12. Keyword Density & LSI Keywords - 09:21 Mins
  • Lesson 13. Keyword Difficulty & Competition - 12:08 Mins
  • Lesson 14. Keyword Research Tools - 41:42 Mins
  • Lesson 15. How To Do Keyword Selection - 47:00 Mins
  • Lesson 16. Keyword Selection-List 1-Course - 45:44 Mins
  • Lesson 17. Keyword Selection-List 2-Service - 08:26 Mins
  • Lesson 18. Keyword Selection-List 3-eCommerce - 33:35 Mins
  • Lesson 19. Keyword Selection-List 4-Informative - 28:30 Mins
  • Lesson 20. Keyword Selection-List 5-Recipe - 19:38 Mins
  • Lesson 21. How to Create Meta Title - 28:43 Mins
  • Lesson 22. How To Create Meta Description - 17:52 Mins
  • Lesson 23. How To Create Meta Keywords - 09:55 Mins
  • Lesson 24. How to create Heading Tags - 12:28 Mins
  • Lesson 25. ALT Tag - 15:23 Mins
  • Lesson 26. Keyword Placement in Static Page - 18:57 Mins
  • Lesson 27. Keyword Placement in Wordpress - 17:15 Mins
4. On Page SEO7 Lessons | 2h 42m 16s
  • Lesson 28. What is robots.txt? - Preview - 40:13 Mins
  • Lesson 29. What is HTML Sitemap? - 15:23 Mins
  • Lesson 30. What is XML Sitemap? - 17:16 Mins
  • Lesson 31. Internal & External linking - 29:38 Mins
  • Lesson 32. Canonicalization - 29:16 Mins
  • Lesson 33. Analytics Integration - 15:21 Mins
  • Lesson 34. GSC Integration - 15:09 Mins
5. Page Speed15 Lessons | 1h 36m 30s
  • Lesson 35. Introduction - Preview - 07:39 Mins
  • Lesson 36. Render Blocking JS - 05:23 Mins
  • Lesson 37. Enable Compression/Gzip - 05:13 Mins
  • Lesson 38. Leverage Browser Caching - 12:19 Mins
  • Lesson 39. Server Response Time - 06:45 Mins
  • Lesson 40. Content Delivery Network (CDN) - 06:30 Mins
  • Lesson 41. Defer Loading JS - 12:34 Mins
  • Lesson 42. Combine External JS - 05:11 Mins
  • Lesson 43. Combine External CSS - 12:58 Mins
  • Lesson 44. Minify CSS - 07:48 Mins
  • Lesson 45. Defer Images - 05:36 Mins
  • Lesson 46. Defer Videos - 04:44 Mins
  • Lesson 47. Calling Css before Js - 03:50 Mins
6. Schema - Structured Data Markup16 Lessons | 1h 48m 11s
  • Lesson 48. Introduction - Preview - 28:06 Mins
  • Lesson 49. Event Schema - 07:20 Mins
  • Lesson 50. Product Schema - 11:00 Mins
  • Lesson 51. Course Schema - 06:17 Mins
  • Lesson 52. Recipe Schema - 03:13 Mins
  • Lesson 53. Article Schema - 06:32 Mins
  • Lesson 54. FAQ Schema - 04:00 Mins
  • Lesson 55. Organisation Schema - 07:24 Mins
  • Lesson 56. Website Schema - 02:48 Mins
  • Lesson 57. Breadcrumb Schema - 03:35 Mins
  • Lesson 58. Video Schema - 02:37 Mins
  • Lesson 59. Local Business Schema - 08:41 Mins
  • Lesson 60. Person Schema - 05:56 Mins
  • Lesson 61. Book Schema - 02:46 Mins
  • Lesson 62. Sitelink Schema - 04:30 Mins
  • Lesson 63. How it can Help Boost your Rank - 03:26 Mins
7. Google Search Console25 Lessons | 2h 29m 54s
  • Lesson 64. Introduction - Preview - 21:36 Mins
  • Lesson 65. How to Associate Your Website with GSC - 15:09 Mins
  • Lesson 66. GSC Performance - 27:02 Mins
  • Lesson 67. GSC URL Inspection - 05:07 Mins
  • Lesson 68. GSC Coverage - 07:30 Mins
  • Lesson 69. GSC Sitemap - 01:40 Mins
  • Lesson 70. GSC Removals - 03:32 Mins
  • Lesson 71. GSC Core Web Vitals - 10:08 Mins
  • Lesson 72. GSC Mobile Usability - 04:39 Mins
  • Lesson 73. GSC AMP - 07:28 Mins
  • Lesson 74. GSC BreadCrumbs - 03:29 Mins
  • Lesson 75. GSC Events - 03:08 Mins
  • Lesson 76. GSC FAQ - 01:35 Mins
  • Lesson 77. GSC Logos - 02:01 Mins
  • Lesson 78. GSC Review Snippets - 04:45 Mins
  • Lesson 79. GSC Sitelink Searchbox - 02:16 Mins
  • Lesson 80. GSC Unparsable Structured Data - 03:06 Mins
  • Lesson 81. GSC Manual Action - 03:06 Mins
  • Lesson 82. GSC Security Issues - 03:54 Mins
  • Lesson 83. GSC International Targeting - 02:55 Mins
  • Lesson 84. GSC Messages - 01:37 Mins
  • Lesson 85. GSC URL Parametres - 04:37 Mins
  • Lesson 86. GSC Links - 04:31 Mins
  • Lesson 87. GSC Settings - 02:52 Mins
  • Lesson 88. GSC Crawl Stats - 02:08 Mins
8. Recover Website Penalty5 Lessons | 0h 40m 11s
  • Lesson 89. How To recover Google Penalty - Preview - 18:02 Mins
  • Lesson 90. How to Find Backlinks - 06:56 Mins
  • Lesson 91. How To Find Bad Backlinks-Process - 06:23 Mins
  • Lesson 92. How To Contact Webmaster-Process - 03:38 Mins
  • Lesson 93. How To DISAVOW Bad Links-Process - 05:12 Mins
9. Off Page SEO15 Lessons | 3h 43m 29s
  • Lesson 94. Introduction - Preview - 18:49 Mins
  • Lesson 95. What are Natural Links? How To Create Them? - 17:41 Mins
  • Lesson 96. Directory Submission - 23:38 Mins
  • Lesson 97. Social Bookmarking - 16:27 Mins
  • Lesson 98. Classified Submission - 15:32 Mins
  • Lesson 99. Business Listing - 16:55 Mins
  • Lesson 100. Profile Creation - 07:15 Mins
  • Lesson 101. Forums Submission - 19:54 Mins
  • Lesson 102. Qustion n Answer Submission - 12:50 Mins
  • Lesson 103. Blog Commenting - 13:16 Mins
  • Lesson 104. Press Release Submission - 10:15 Mins
  • Lesson 105. Infographic Submission - 07:28 Mins
  • Lesson 106. Article Submission - 14:17 Mins
  • Lesson 107. Guest Posting - 23:09 Mins
  • Lesson 108. PPT, PDF, DOC Submission - 06:03 Mins
10. Google Local Listing1 Lesson | 0h 39m 22s
  • Lesson 109. How to list business on Google My Business - 39:22 Mins
11. SEO Plugins6 Lessons | 1h 25m 05s
  • Lesson 110. Yoast SEO - 27:39 Mins
  • Lesson 111. Google XML Sitemap - 06:26 Mins
  • Lesson 112. SPEED-WP-Rocket & WP Optimize - Preview - 21:22 Mins
  • Lesson 113. Broken Link Checker - 10:57 Mins
  • Lesson 114. Squirrly SEO - 11:45 Mins
  • Lesson 115. Google Analytics by Monster Insights - 06:56 Mins
12. SEO Algorithms5 Lessons | 0h 35m 58s
  • Lesson 116. Google PANDA - 07:32 Mins
  • Lesson 117. Google PENGUIN - 06:18 Mins
  • Lesson 118. Google HUMMINGBIRD - 09:36 Mins
  • Lesson 119. Google PIGEON - 04:05 Mins
  • Lesson 120. Google RANK BRAIN - 08:27 Mins
13. Google Ranking Factors30 Lessons | 2h 2m 21s
  • Lesson 121. Domain Age - 04:51 Mins
  • Lesson 122. Keywords Appear in TLD - 03:22 Mins
  • Lesson 123. Domain Registration Length - 02:18 Mins
  • Lesson 124. Domain History - 02:31 Mins
  • Lesson 125. Country TLD Extension - 06:03 Mins
  • Lesson 126. Keyword in Title Tag - 03:52 Mins
  • Lesson 127. Keyword in Description Tag - 04:19 Mins
  • Lesson 128. Keyword in H1 Tag - 02:37 Mins
  • Lesson 129. Content Length - 06:04 Mins
  • Lesson 130. Page Loading Speed - 04:04 Mins
  • Lesson 131. Image Optimization - 02:57 Mins
  • Lesson 132. Magnitude of Content Updates - 04:22 Mins
  • Lesson 133. Keyword Prominance - 02:06 Mins
  • Lesson 134. No.of Outbound Links - 08:22 Mins
  • Lesson 135. Broken Links - 03:26 Mins
  • Lesson 136. URL Length - 02:37 Mins
  • Lesson 137. Domain Trust/Authority - 03:37 Mins
  • Lesson 138. Presence of Sitemap - 02:50 Mins
  • Lesson 139. Server Location - 03:16 Mins
  • Lesson 140. SSL Certificate - 05:53 Mins
  • Lesson 141. Mobile Optimized - Usability - 03:50 Mins
  • Lesson 142. Use of Analytics & Webmaster - 03:06 Mins
  • Lesson 143. User Reviews - 05:18 Mins
  • Lesson 144. Linking Domain Authority - 05:31 Mins
  • Lesson 145. Links from .gov & .edu domians, Social Media & Wiki - 03:43 Mins
  • Lesson 146. Backlink Anchor Text - 04:45 Mins
  • Lesson 147. Link Location on Page - 03:48 Mins
  • Lesson 148. Bounce Rate - 04:34 Mins
  • Lesson 149. Direct Traffic - Repeat Traffic - 02:52 Mins
  • Lesson 150. Chrome Bookmarks - Social Shares - 05:27 Mins
14. Black Hat SEO20 Lessons | 1h 34m 27s
  • Lesson 151. Keyword Stuffing - 07:15 Mins
  • Lesson 152. Keyword Cannibalization - 07:44 Mins
  • Lesson 153. Over Optimised ALT Desciption - 04:12 Mins
  • Lesson 154. Commercial Anchor Text on Internal Pages - 04:23 Mins
  • Lesson 155. Irrelevant Keywords - 04:08 Mins
  • Lesson 156. HTML Heading Over Optimization-H1 - 02:55 Mins
  • Lesson 157. Copied Content - 05:15 Mins
  • Lesson 158. Bait & Switch - 05:15 Mins
  • Lesson 159. Article Spinning - 03:39 Mins
  • Lesson 160. Cloaking - 04:00 Mins
  • Lesson 161. Malicious Active Content - 06:33 Mins
  • Lesson 162. Click Bait - 05:38 Mins
  • Lesson 163. Link Farm & PBN - 03:16 Mins
  • Lesson 164. Link Exchange - 06:00 Mins
  • Lesson 165. Blog Comments Spam - 07:54 Mins
  • Lesson 166. Shady Redirects - 03:04 Mins
  • Lesson 167. Paid Advertorials - 02:20 Mins
  • Lesson 168. Parasite Hosting - 04:50 Mins
  • Lesson 169. Typosquatting & URL Highjacking - 03:51 Mins
  • Lesson 170. Negative SEO - 02:15 Mins
15. SEO Terms15 Lessons | 1h 18m 06s
  • Lesson 171. Sandbox - 08:41 Mins
  • Lesson 172. The FOLD - 03:27 Mins
  • Lesson 173. Domain Authority-Ways To Improve - 05:38 Mins
  • Lesson 174. Bounce Rate-Ways To Reduce - 13:51 Mins
  • Lesson 175. Google Dance - 01:05 Mins
  • Lesson 176. Web 2.0 - 02:52 Mins
  • Lesson 177. Branded Keywords - 03:37 Mins
  • Lesson 178. CTR-Ways To Improve - 07:06 Mins
  • Lesson 179. Co-Citations - 04:07 Mins
  • Lesson 180. Dwell Time - 07:02 Mins
  • Lesson 181. Featured Snippet (Result Zero) - 05:39 Mins
  • Lesson 182. Link Velocity - 05:12 Mins
  • Lesson 183. Niche - 04:18 Mins
  • Lesson 184. Orphan Page - 02:46 Mins
  • Lesson 185. Bad Neighborhood - 02:45 Mins
16. Bonus Videos2 Lessons | 0h 32m 29s
  • Lesson 186. SEO AUDIT & GO THROUGH - 12:16 Mins
  • Lesson 187. Google Tag Manager - 20:13 Mins

About Udit Khanna

Director & Founder - Expert Training Institute (2012), DigitalUdit (2015)

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  • Did Hotel Management Course From A Reputed College
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  • 5+ Years of Industry Experience
  • 8+ Years Of Experience In Running Training Institute In Delhi
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When you enroll in my courses, you get:

  • Personal care and attention: I host regular office hours for my students and reply to 99% of student questions within 24 hours and my goal is to reply within 1 hour.
  • Instructor with deep expertise, proven success, and knowledge that is both theoretical and practical.
  • I am committed to student success and go the extra mile to help students in my courses succeed at whatever they are working on, whether it is planning, starting or growing your business.

More About Me:

  • I am also the creator of several websites, host of a digital marketing channel on YouTube. I teach many SEO topics that I myself use all the time. They include link-building, keyword research, and using other sites like YouTube, Amazon, and even freelancing sites like Fiverr as search engines to get discovered when people are searching.
  • I wanted to take a bigger role in the businesses that is how I got into business and marketing. Today, I am a successful entrepreneur. I geek out on things like motivation, building healthy habits, and creativity. My aim is to reach at the highest stage of prominence in the SEO course training. The continuous hard work of more than 10 years has fetched me fruitful results in the field of digital marketing.

Best Online SEO Course

Starting at the beginning, this Onine SEO course covers everything you need to know to get your pages ranked without resorting to SEO loopholes and tactics that will get your site penalised.

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The Online SEO Course starts off with an introduction to SEO, highlighting the main differences between SEO today, and SEO just a few short years ago. You'll learn all about the major Google updates, and why they were introduced. As you learn about the updates, you'll begin to understand exactly what Google want to achieve, and the types of content they want to rank at the top of the search engine.

The Online SEO Course goes on to introduce you to the FOUR main pillars of modern SEO.

1. Quality Content

You'll learn about two types of keyword research and how to do both correctly. This will provide the best possible SEO platform for your web content. I'll show you how to use that keyword research to help you rank for multiple keywords without actually optimizing for any one keyword (though I'll show you how to do that too).

You'll learn how to find the type of content that your visitors want to see and how to create it without compromising your SEO efforts.

You'll learn about all of the important on-page SEO factors that will influence your rankings and how to correctly optimize your web pages for those factors.

You'll also learn all about structured data and how it can help your SEO. Structured data is a special type of content you can embed in your pages that only the search engines see. Using this structured data, Google can create rich snippets in the search results making your pages stand out more and get higher click-through rates.

2. Site Organisation

You'll learn all about site structure and what is expected by the search engines. We'll cover page hierarchy and how silos can help organise your content in a more logical way for your visitors and the search engines.

You'll learn about site organisation - why it is important for good SEO, and how to achieve a good site structure that benefits your SEO efforts and helps your visitors

3. Site Authority

Site authority keeps getting more important in modern SEO. Backlinks are the main way to build your authority, but also the quickest way to destroy it.

You'll learn about the best types of backlinks to pursue, and how to go about getting them. With backlinks causing so many problems for so many webmasters, you'll also learn about the types of backlinks that Google are on the lookout for, and why they punish sites that employ them. A lot of SEO sites offering tips on how to rank will get this terribly wrong. So wrong in fact, that by following their SEO advice, you are likely to see your site penalised or even banned from the top search engines.

We'll throw the idea of anchor text backlinks out of the window and discuss the best anchor texts for backlinks. We'll also cover the "holy grail" of backlinks and how to get them. These are links from high quality, related sites.

We'll talk about broken link building as a good way to get rank-boosting backlinks, and guest posting as a way to build traffic generating backlinks.

4. Visitor Experience

You will learn why it is important to give your visitors a good experience on your site, and build their trust. I'll show you ways of building that trust.

The second half of this Online SEO Course answers the question many webmasters ask when they find their rankings have started to drop, or gone completely.... "What's happened and what do I do now?". The complete SEO audit covers a complete set of both subjective and technical checks to make sure your site is not triggering red flags at Google.

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What you’ll learn by taking this Online SEO Course

  • Learn more about SEO and understand how it all works
  • How to structure and optimise your website to rank on page 1
  • How to find the best keywords to target for your website
  • Understanding the role of content in SEO
  • Find out how to spy on your competitors and see what SEO efforts they have been getting up to
  • How to find 100s of content ideas for your blog
  • How to build powerful backlinks that will crush the competition
  • Master technical SEO and outsmart your competitors

Literally everything you need to be able to implement a successful SEO campaign.

There are tons of resources for you to download throughout the Online SEO Course and lots of bonus tips and tricks you can use as well.

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Do you worry a little bit? I think you should...

It is the Wild West out there, but it is OK! I have you covered!

The intention of this Online SEO Course is to help you succeed by identifying problems and above all by discovering missed opportunities.

When you conduct a proper manual Search Engine Optimization Audit (SEO Audit), you will ensure that the health of your website is up to speed, you are keeping up with search engine algorithm changes, technology changes, and you have the potential to beat competitors who are trying to outrank you at their own game!

Once you have an excellent understanding of the current status of your SEO efforts, and you can see what needs to be done, then you will have your best chance to compete and above all win. This Online SEO Course does exactly that for you.

This Online SEO Course is based on extensive research, uses a Search Engine Optimization CASE STUDY to make it easier for you to understand concepts, and shares a wealth of strategies, resources, tools, trends and anything else you need to know in order to be successful in 2020.

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"One of the BEST courses on Search Engine Optimisation. This Online SEO Course is a Encyclopedia of SEO: On Page Seo, Off Page Seo, Link Building, Youtube SEO, SEO Tools, Copywriting, Wordpress SEO, Local SEO, White Hat SEO, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Voice SEO, Mobile SEO, E-commerce SEO: all topics covered in 1 course." Abhijit

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) TRAINING that will help you to MASTER SEO. Learn POTENT White Hat SEO strategies and the most modern SEO techniques. Get higher rankings & more traffic. Get profit stream with my step by step COMPLETE SEO GUIDE.

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Dear Students, Hi, Tomas Moravek here, Internet Efficiency 2016 Award Winning Digital Strategist, to introduce my brand new, updated, SEO MASTERY Course.

This is the most comprehensive and current Online SEO Course available!! No other Online SEO Course has so much up-to-date SEO information on the latest 2021 SEO strategy, like voice search, mobile SEO, video SEO, YouTube SEO, video featured snippets on Google, featured snippets on Google, image SEO, visual search, and Facebook search optimisation.

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When you enrol, you'll get actionable White Hat SEO Strategies that have been proven to work and will generate you the measurable results I know you want to see.

White Hat SEO tactics are the most effective as they comply with the major search engine’s terms and conditions and have been fully approved by them. Not only that, they focus on a human audience as opposed to search engines, so are far more effective at organically growing your reach than Black Hat or Grey Hat techniques.

Focusing on relevancy and organic ranking, these techniques are fully search engine optimised and are the BEST APPROACH to take if you're looking to build sustainable, long term growth for your brand. With White Hat techniques, you'll also see much more of a return on your investment in your marketing budget later down the road.

In my Online SEO Course, you'll gain a grounding in White Hat basics, then you'll learn a host of the most modern SEO strategies so you can enhance your SEO performance in EVERY area, including in VIDEO SEARCH and VOICE SEARCH and by using Google Featured Snippets and Rich Snippets.

You'll also discover why stuffing your content with the right keywords is outdated and will learn how to take a truly holistic approach to your SEO by including the right strategies in ALL your promotional content and marketing.

A contemporary SEO approach goes far beyond content, touching every area of your digital presence, and t you need to learn how to play the game right, or you'll be struggling to get seen amid all the noise.

Most Online SEO Online Course are not offering these kinds of cutting-edge SEO techniques, which are becoming increasingly important in today's digital marketplace. Don't waste your money on outdated techniques, when my Online SEO Course gives you everything you need - with FREE UPDATES, FOR LIFE so you'll always stay in the loop.

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