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FAQ 1. What will happen if I miss any live session of Internet marketing course?
We will provide you backup class of your missed session with the recording of every session.
FAQ 2. What kind of practical experience will I get in this Course?
In this Digital Marketing course, we provide fully Digital marketing practical training starting from website development to running live advertisements (PPC ads, Facebook ads etc.), creating campaigns, live SEO audit, creating Social Media Strategies, working on various tools and assignments based on practical work.
FAQ 3. Do you offer placement assistance in this digital marketing course?
Yes, we offer 100% Placement with digital marketing course. The number of agencies and brands approach us for their hiring needs on regular basis. We also approach reputed brands and agencies according to requirements of our participants. Your Internet Marketing skills will also help you in fulfilling your professional objectives including an internship, part-time/freelancing or full-time job opportunities.
FAQ 4. Do you provide any free trial Digital marketing class for student satisfaction before joining the Course?
Yes, we provide a free Digital marketing trial class (demo class) and one live session for the student satisfaction before joining at ETI.
FAQ 5. Do you also offer customized Digital/Internet Marketing Training Program for student?
Yes, we offer customized Digital marketing Training Program in Delhi for students as instead of selecting whole Course, students can also choose individual programs like for SEO, SMO, PPC, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc. The student can also select a single program, combination of programs or full course at Expert Training Institute in Delhi.
FAQ 6. Why Expert Training Institute is the best Digital Marketing training institute in Delhi?
Having expert trainers who have specialization in the field of SEO, PPC, SMO, Email, Wordpress etc. Having an experience of 10+ years in teaching and industry. They believe in providing best of the knowledge and tactics used in Internet Marketing. Keeps on updating their teaching techniques with the updating technologies and platforms used in Internet Marketing. There are hundreds of reasons why Expert Training Institute is best some of them are: 33 UNIQUE MODULES - 15 CERTIFICATIONS (ETI Certification(Course Completion) + Google Certificates) - 200+ hours classes - FREE TOOLS - Internships - 1-year course validity - 80% of Practical Classes and 20% of Theory Classes - Affordable Fees (Installment options available) - 100% PLACEMENT - Batch Size (8-10 students) - Laptop & Wifi Availability - Backup for Missed Classes - Separate Doubt Sessions - Life Time Support we are the best in digital marketing course.
FAQ 7. What kind of practical experience will I get in this Digital Marketing Course?
In this Digital marketing certification course, we provide fully practical training starting from website development by Creating live 4 kind of websites( Static, Dynamic, E-commerce & Blog) to running live advertisements (PPC ads, Facebook ads etc.), creating campaigns, live SEO audit, creating Social Media Strategies, working on various tools and assignments based on practical work.
FAQ 8. What kind of practical experience will I get in this Course?
In this Digital Marketing course, we provide fully Digital marketing practical training starting from website development to running live advertisements (PPC ads, Facebook ads etc.), creating campaigns, live SEO audit, creating Social Media Strategies, working on various tools and assignments based on practical work.




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This is the twenty seven module of Advance & Professional Top Internet Marketing Institute in Delhi. For more information

This is the twenty eight module of Advance & Professional Top Digital Marketing Course in Delhi. For more information

Content For Digital Marketing Course

1. Digital Marketing Course Overview

Definition of Digital Marketing
Scope Of Internet Marketing
Trends Of Digital Marketing
Significance Of Online Marketing
How It Is Different From Traditional Channels Of Marketing

2. Understanding Website Designing

Dynamic vs Static Website
What Are Responsive Websites?
Components Of A Website
Difference Between Website And Blog
Difference Between Website And Web Portal
Points To Consider While Designing A Website
Competitor Analysis

3. Static Website Creation

Basic HTML
What Is CSS
Understanding Web Design
Understanding The Structure In HTML Code
Designing the Structure According To The Requirements
Incorporating Basic Features
Page Internal Linking
Creation Of Inner Pages
Adding Facebook Like Box
Twitter Feed
Google Map
Enquiry Form
Live Chat

4. Domain Registration & Hosting

What Is Domain Name
How To Choose Domain Name
What Is Web Hosting
How To Choose Hosting
What Is Shared Hosting
What Is VPS (Virtual Private Server)
What Is Dedicated Hosting
How To Host A Domain
What Is FTP
Understanding c-panel
What Is SSL
How To Create Business e-mail ids

5. Wordpress Website Creation

What Is CMS
What Is Blog
Understanding Wordpress & Its Functioning
How To Install Wordpress
Theme Selection & Installation
Exploring Theme Options
Creation Of Pages & Menus
Content Building For Front Page
Team Members
Counters (Milestone)
Image Slider
Pricing Tables
Blog & their Categories
Call To Actions
Service Box (Flip & Icon)
Progress Bars
Gallery (Masonry, Grid, Animated & Stripes)
Adding Required Plugins
Introduction To Woo Commerce
Payment Gateway Integration
Creation Of Page Using Page Builder (Visual Composer)
Register/Login Option
Widget Creation (Side Bars, Footers)

6. Advance Search Engine Optimization

Introduction & Understanding Of SEO And Search Engines
Understanding Basic SEO Terminology
Types Of SEO With Brief Explanation
White Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO
Doorway Pages
Invisible Text
Grey Hat SEO

On-Page SEO

Competitor Analysis
Initial Site Analysis
Keyword Research & Mapping (Placement)
Analytics & Webmaster Code Integration
Site Map (HTML & XML)
Internal & External Linking & Its Benefits
301 & 302 Redirections
Structured Data Mark Up (Schema)

Off-Page SEO

Types Of Links
Directory Submission
Social Book Marking
Article Submission
Guest Blog Posting
Blog Commenting
Press Release
Business Listing & Classifieds
Profile Creation
Forum Posting

SEO Tools

Screaming Frog
Open Site Explorer
Plagrism Checker


Rank Brain
Google Webmaster Tool
Backlink Analysis
Disavow Tool

7. Advance Adwords PPC

What is PPC?
How PPC differs from SEO?
Understanding Advertising Goals
What is Google Adwords?
Account Creation

What is Search Marketing?

Types of Ads
Do's & Don't's of Ads
Keyword Match Types
Bid Strategies
DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion)
Count down Ads
Bid Adjustment
Ad Extensions
URL Option

What is Display Marketing?

Branding With Display Marketing
Type Of Ads
Creation Of Banner Ads

What is Shopping Network & Merchant Center

Creating Merchant Center Account
Google Merchant Center Linking With Adwords
Creation Of Shopping Campaign

What is App Marketing?

Mobile App Install
Mobile App Engagement
Promote Mobile App
What is Remarketing?

What Is Video Network?(YouTube Marketing)

True View In-Stream Ads
True View Video Discovery Ads
Bumper Ads
Video Remarketing
What Is CPV?
Promoting Videos
Paid Advertisement on Youtube
What is Remarketing?
Custom Audience
What is Bid and Budget?
Google Adwords Hierarchy
Account Creation
Understanding Account Structure
Case Studies
Advance Settings
Campaign Designing & Optimization
What Is Quality Score & Its Importance
Concept Of Landing Page
Conversion Tracking

Ad Scheduling & Delivery

Advance Settings
Competitor Analysis
Google Adwords Facts
My Client Center
Campaign Automation
Countdown & Keyword Insertion
CTR And Its Importance
Ads Bid Strategies
Adwords Billing
Adwords Tools
Adwords Examination Books

8. Bing Ads

What is Bing Ads, How does PPC works?
How to run Search Campaign?
Import from Google Adwords
What is a UET Tag?
Keyword Research
Bing Ads Policies
Remarketing in Paid Search
Ad Extensions
Dynamic Keyword Insertion
Conversion Rate Optimization
CRO Strategy
A/B Testing - Split Testing
Role Of Analytics
Remarketing Principles
Budget Allocation Over Digital Marketing
Role Of Testimonial & Other Supportive Material
Method To Increase CRO

9. Social Media Optimization/ Marketing

Social Media Introduction
What Is Viral Marketing?
Scope & Importance Of Social Media


Facebook & Instagram Marketing
Facebook Business Page Creation
Business Page Optimization
Adding Features into Page
Facebook Groups
Facebook Ads
Facebook Retargeting
Facebook Power Editor
Facebook Shopping Ads
Facebook Video Marketing
Lead Generation through Facebook
App promotion through Facebook
Reporting & Analysis

Instagram Ads

Creating A Business Page
Switching Accounts


Twitter Profile Optimization
Using Hashtags
Increasing Followers
What is Re-tweet and Mention?
Twitter Ads
Twitter Retargeting
Twitter Video Marketing
Lead Generation through Twitter
App promotion through Twitter
Reporting & Analysis


Creating Strong profiles on LinkedIn
Creating Company profiles
How to Post Jobs on LinkedIn
How to create Groups on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn Retargeting
Sponsored Content Ads
Text Ads
Sponsored In-mail Ads
Reporting & Analysis

Google Plus

Creating and Optimizing Google Plus Profile
Circle Management & Communities
Turn Your Profile into a 24/7 Digital Business Card
Create Your Google+ Business Page
Add a Google Plus Button to Your Website
Know how to share links, images, videos, and create polls on G+
Find, Connect, and Engage with your exact target audience
Reporting & Analysis


How to Upload Videos
On-Page Optimization of Videos
How to add End Screens & Annotation to Videos
How to add Cards to Videos
How to add Subtitles to Videos in different languages
SEO of Videos

10. Google Analytics

Web Analytics & its importance
Introduction to Google Analytics
Essential Google Analytics Reports
Setting up Advanced Filters & Reports
Setting up Goals & Funnels
Tracking Conversion & Performance
Monitoring Traffic Sources & Behavior
Analytics For E-commerce
Analytics For E-mails
Advance URL Tracking

11. E-mail Marketing

Understanding & Benefits of Email Marketing
Permission Marketing & Spamming
Designing an Effective Email Campaign
Email Marketing Tools
Email Guidelines(CanSpam)
How to Increase Open & Click through rates
Tracking Email Marketing Reports
Blog Email Automation
Subscription Email Automation
eCommerce Automation
Creating Signup form for website

12. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing with its benefits
3A's of Affiliate Marketing
Ways of Affiliate Marketing and Success
How to make Money
Affiliate Marketing Agencies
Affiliate for Hotel Industry
Affiliate for Travel Industry
Affiliate for eCommerce Industry
Affiliate Tracking Affiliate's Software

13. Google Adsense

What is Adsense?
How to get approval for Adsense?
How to gets Ads on your Blog/Youtube
Ads Placement
Block specific Sites or Category

14. Geo Targeting

Introduction To Geo Targeting
IP Based Geo Targeting
Tracking Email Location
Website Planning Based On Geographic Targeting
Keywords Selection Based On Geographic Targeting Regional Listing
How To Reach Visitors From Different Countries

15. Guerrilla Marketing

Introduction To Guerrilla Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing History
Integration Of Guerrilla Marketing Ideas
Exploring The Creative Idea
Launching Your Fictional Project

16. Creating Internet/Online Marketing Strategy

Examples of Integrated Marketing Plans
Using the Best Internet Marketing Channels for Maximum Impact
Create an Integrated Online Marketing Plan

17. SMS Marketing

Introduction To SMS Marketing
Why SMS Marketing?
Kinds Of SMS
Promotional SMS
Transactional SMS
How to Integrate SMS On Softwares

18. Lead Generation & Nurturing

Understanding & Importance
Landing Page Creation
Best Practices for Creation
Landing Page Optimization
Converting Leads into Sales
Creating Lead Nurturing Strategy
Lead Funnel

19. e-Commerce Marketing

What is e-Commerce Marketing?
Categories of e-Commerce
e-Commerce scenario in India
SEO Strategy for e-Commerce Website
Types of e-payments
Digital Marketing in eCommerce
Paid Marketing for eCommerce
Challenges in e-Commerce
Landing Page Optimization for eCommerce

20. e-Commerce Development

Creating e-Commerce Website
eCommerce CMS Management
International eCommerce Strategy
Gateway Providers & Policies
Mobile Payments
Core Selling Strategies

21. Online Advertising

Online Advertising and its Types
Display Advertising
Rich Text
Pop Up and Pop Under
Contextual Advertising
Payment Modules
Companies and Networks
Tracking and Measuring

22. How To Sell Digital Marketing Services/Freelancing

How To Improve Your Personal Profiles
How To Find Projects Online
How To Grab Freelancing Projects
Client Servicing
Proposal Creation

23. Online Reputation Management

Understand Online Reputation Management
Why is it required?
Why PR is more powerful than advertising?
Why ORM is Important?
ORM Techniques
Google Alerts and Mention
How to Engage With Consumers Online?
How to Tackle Negative Feedbacks?
Links and Resources for further study Case Study

24. Content Marketing

Introduction To Inbound Marketing
Understanding content Marketing
Generating Content Ideas For Business
Effective Content Writing & Content Promotion
Where To Find The HOT Venues
Content Writers Are Publishing On Now
Conduct Proper Research For Your Projects

25. Professional Blogging

Introduction To Blogging
Blogging Best Practices
How To Grab Freelancing Projects
Client Servicing – Proposal Creation
Setting Up Your Blog - Live

26. Growth Hacking

Introduction To Growth Hacking
Growth Funnels & Tactics
Growth Hacking Tools
Case Studies Of Growth Hacking

27. Market Place Selling

Introduction To Market Place
How To Sell On Amazon & Flipkart
How To Become A Vendor
Requirements To Become A Vendor
How To Optimize Products

28. Digital Marketing Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation Essentials
How to Crack Any Interview? - Industry Secrets
Essential Tools and Resources To Help You Succeed
Mock Interview Session

29. Media Buying & Planning

Advance Media Buying Options
Creating Media Buying Strategy

30. Mobile Marketing

Social Media & Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing Mix
Advertising Tools for Mobile Marketing
Creating Mobile Websites
Uploading Mobile App in Playstore & iTunes
Ecosystem of Mobile Advertisers & Publishers
Advertising on Mobiles
Targeting Ads on Apps
Targeting Ads via Location
Targeting Ads on Search Engines

31. International SEO Fundamentals

International SEO Myths
International SEO Strategy Development
Diff b/w International SEO and Global SEO
Considerations For International SEO
Multilingual SEO
Guide to International SEO
Multilingual Websites & Multiregional SEO Tips
International SEO Checklist

32. Graphic Designing For Business

Graphic Design Fundamentals
Designing – Marketing Kits
Designing Online Documents

33. Cyber Laws

Cyber Law in India
Overview of the Information Technology Act, 2000
Overview of Rules issued under the IT Act, 2000
Cyber crimes/Cyber Frauds
Regulatory Authorities
Cloud Computing

Digital Marketing Course In Delhi

Digital Marketing is known as the best method that promotes one's business either products or services. It is considered as the fastest growing field in this current digital age. Digital Marketing must be learned from Digital Market Course Institute In Delhi with the help of Digital Marketing Classes In Delhi. Anyone can make the best use of Digital Marketing Course In Delhi without outsourcing or hiring a person. In current scenario, Digital Marketing is considered as the most sensitive field which always demands for quality work. People are always in search for the Best Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi and always demand for Best Digital Marketing Course In Delhi. This search for the digital marketing never ends with outsourcing of work or hiring a person because only Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Delhi can make you the best digital marketer.

Why do people always look for the Best Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi! If you don’t serve the best quality to your visitors then you have to face the breakdown of your business. To avoid such situation you always in dire need of Advance Digital Marketing Course In Delhi from Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi. Every Institute Of Digital Marketing In Delhi provides advanced and Top Digital Market Course In Delhi for newbie to make them learn the latest digital marketing strategies & techniques. To learn such courses you need to take Digital Marketing Training In Delhi from the best Digital Marketing Training Institute In Delhi like Expert Training Institute. With the help of best Digital Marketing Training Course In Delhi you can understand all things Like What is Digital Marketing What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization), What is SMO(Social Media Optimization), What is PPC(Pay Per Click), What is Website Designing, What is Email Marketing very swiftly and practically.

Digital Marketing experts are always in demand because they have the ability to manage all the tasks related to digital marketing for your company for promoting your business through digital marketing. For that reason, demand for such digital marketing skilled experts is getting increased day by day. They manage all the problems very professionally in the most significant way. They also manage all the campaigns related to digital marketing clients. But how they are enough capable of managing such prominent tasks so here is the answer. Only a well-defined and structured Digital Marketing Training Course In Delhi will give you the best and proficient digital marketers. These digital marketers can fulfill all the requirements generated by varying companies. Only the Best Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi bears all the aspects in mind and provides the best course to focus each & every important point related to digital market. Best Digital Marketing Course In Delhi is proficient enough to cope with numerous requirements of the company.

Advantages Of Digital Marketing Program By Digital Marketing Course Institute In Delhi

As digital marketing is the source of advertisement for all small, medium and large scale business. For that purpose, people always love to explore more before selecting the Best Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi. This search always based on lots of positive reviews, online feedback and ratings from those students who are already studying in that particular institute. Digital Marketing Training Institute In Delhi always provides the best and experienced faculties for Digital Marketing Course In Delhi. These faculties are the best guide who helps you step by step in all digital marketing concepts. To yield business, lead and a successful digital marketing campaign they tell their students about the best methods and techniques to promote their brand and business.

The best Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi offers you numerous programs such as Corporate Program, Executive Program, Diploma Program, and Advance Program. With the help of such programs, anyone can understand the basics of digital marketing as such Advance Digital Marketing Course In Delhi. This course is invented on high demand of working professional. There are few courses given below with some useful details.

  • Corporate Program - This digital market course incorporates 60+ offline marketing modules along with 120+ assessments and internship.
  • Executive Program - This course will surely enhance the digital and creative strategy building skills. Anyone who wants to grow their individual skills and begins their career in online marketing should consider the digital marketing institute.
  • Diploma Program - This course is an amalgamation of 6 professional courses that are digital marketing masters, Android App Development, Professional Graphic designing, professional Video Creation & Editing Course, Black Hat SEO Course, and 22 live projects & 24 certifications.
  • Advance Program - This course has 60+ modules with 80+ assessments. It is a digital market course that supports 2 months of additional internship.

They include website designing, SEO, SMO, Paid Ads, Content Marketing, Social Media with an emphasis on lead generation, traffic boost and conversions.

The full-fledged classroom training for various components helps in securing well-paid jobs without any hussle.

Courses are designed with Weekdays and Weekends demands and fee is reasonable. This course is helping students, businessmen, professionals and marketing executives to serve their target markets with greater efficiency & profitability.

After taking the Top Digital Marketing Course In Delhi you can be a pro blogger, content writer, play with ad words, web designer, freelancer, android app developer, graphic designer and video editor. Institute Of Digital Marketing In Delhi always provides very effective Digital Marketing Classes In Delhi. Digital Marketing Institute adds pro blogger program in their advance course. With the help of this course, people who love sharing their thoughts and knowledge can turn their passion into profession. Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Delhi also offer the content marketing program that is considered as the second name of digital marketing. It is an added part of advance program.

The best Digital Marketing Course Institute In Delhi provides the tips and tricks of social media optimization. This course is best for those people who want to monetize through social media and who knows how to play with Ad words. They can win the battle field of online platform. Digital Marketing Training In Delhi makes you able to fight the war of online marketing in order to win numerous visitors. Nowadays, Website designing has become the most important element in the promotion of any business. If anyone used this tool very effectively so it will assure you to take the branding to the next level. Freelancing is the most demanding work amongst the young generation. People always love to be independent in the business. By using freelancing in the most effective way you can earn a lot.

Focus on Quality

ETI helps understand & motivates people in kickstarting a vibrant internet marketing career. The practical training by industry experienced faculty grooms competent experts in digital media marketing.

ETI’s legacy of grooming young professionals has a wider acceptance.

Digital (Internet) marketing course have made securing job easy for almost 90 percent of students and professionals.

Students looking for a digital marketing course get flexible study options, Advance & Professional with a broad range of courses caters to all individuals.

Flexible Course Modules

There are weekday, weekend & only sunday courses. ETI is particular that the course content must have the latest & advance online marketing modules with access to learning resources as well as full support. ETI's industry experts also train expert practitioners working in the online marketing field.

The importance of internet marketing course is that it is fully prepared to leverage the huge opportunity in the market.

Plenty of Jobs

There is a huge shortcoming of internet marketing skills and skill gap is widening. The demand for digital marketing professionals is many times higher than the professionals currently available.

ETI, an internet marketing institute in munirka is also helping to address the unemployment problem of educated youngsters.

Brands have intensified hiring of candidates from digital marketing institutes in munirka. Market forecasts say that 150,000 digital jobs will be up for grabs in the next two years. Ideally, the best institute in munirka will be the winner as it offers the unique competitive advantage for its candidates.

Recession Proof Job Sector

munirka is one of the top cities which has Training Institutes that offer such courses to help build careers in Digital Marketing. The metropolis offers an array of Digital Marketing Courses. Internet Marketing sector is recession-proof. Unlike other sectors, a slowdown in the economy will not make the workers jobless. There is continuous hiring and fresh graduates will not have to stay frustrated regarding job prospects, pay hike or other issues.

The skills imparted by Digital marketing institute are future-proof and enhance career progression.

According to research, the demand for internet marketing professionals is growing 38 percent annually. There is no such opportunity in any other industry sector.

Internet marketing training offers a wide range of placement opportunities. One can opt from SEO Executive, PPC Associate, SMO Executive, Email Marketing Specialist etc..

The well to do digital marketing training course in munirka feeds the demand from top industry sectors including FMCG, Foreign Direct Investment, Utilities and Financial services.

Even as demand for internet marketing professionals is outstripping supply, there is no compromise on quality. The calibre of trained professionals is made strong with due attention on the quality internet marketing course.

As the best institute for Internet Marketing, ETI incorporates latest technology trends in the course content.

The digital marketing Training classes in munirka by ETI are so fashioned that all latest trends are taken care of. In any industry, large-scale skills shortage makes professionals a commodity making them command high salaries. That is the case in online marketing sector.

Surveys by Prosperity say digital salaries are rising faster not only at managerial positions but also many entry level PPC positions.

The impact of internet marketing is already marked out. The Marketing Salary survey by The Marketing Institute and Alternatives has duly confirmed that exciting advancements in internet marketing have made 50% respondents expressing joy at the periodic salary hike and two-thirds reporting bonus payment.

Faster Jobs and Good Salary

In traditional careers like advertising a coveted internship or graduate placement is a must to enter the industry. But advance internet marketing course shows unlimited opportunities to bloom one’s career.

Candidates of digital marketing from ETI can also enrol to take online exams such as Google Analytics and HubSpot’s Inbound Certification to increase branding and amplify the digital marketing knowledge.

Expert Training Institute
178, Jai Apartment Sector-9, Rohini, Delhi, India 110085
Avg Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 1500 user ratings

Scope of Internet Marketing in munirka, India?

Digital Marketing is creating waves of opportunity for businesses in all sectors. It is finding customers from a wider marketplace compared to the limited range and scope of marketing modes.

Internet Marketing or Digital marketing is unique with its focus on expanding demand in the most cost-effective manner.

The mechanism is totally different from traditional marketing rules. Well to do Online Marketing campaigns are boosting sales, increasing brand awareness and stamping the names of new ventures among the target audience.

What makes Internet Marketing special is that it is not a unipolar method of marketing but an amalgam of many methods in promoting goods and services over the digital platform.

That aspect makes it more failure-proof and less costly unlike advertisements in TV or print media.

Successful Internet Marketing Campaigns

Case studies are a plenty showing how the scope of Dynamic digital marketing strategies have increased company ROI and enhanced value to customers.

Some of the killer Internet marketing campaigns are really inspiring. They have rendered captivating content that sizzled the audience and enhanced brand awareness perpetually.

Zappos, the online shoe commerce major is a great example of the smart digital strategy. Having invested intelligently in online marketing and social media campaigns it set a focus on the needs of customers than pushing the brand ‘s wares to fulfill the demands of customers. It is brilliance in content marketing and is giving measurable results.

One more example is American Express (AMEX) that is talking to online communities. American Express has succeeded in drawing great value from its Open Forum website where industry experts converge to share their thoughts.

The collaborative website of AMEX brings guest authors to share rich business wisdom. It is a staple with search engines and American Express is a winner from good content.

Scope of Internet Marketing in India

In India, Digital marketing ad campaigns are thriving. The campaigns are offering good ROI and come to the notice of leading marketers and advertisers.

The scope of internet marketing is not restricted to profits to the businesses. It is also producing lateral benefits like massive job creation. There were 8 lakh job opportunities in a single quarter of 2019.

In India, the scope of digital/Online marketing is very bright. Digitisation is spreading exponentially to all sectors under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India program for quick service delivery to citizens.

Since the whole nation is geared to a digital way of life, the scope of Internet Marketing’s has turned really humungous.

Career of Digital / Internet Marketing?

Digital marketing careers are in spotlight. They are driven by high demand, low supply, and passion of candidates joining the fray from diverse backgrounds.

In the current market situation, a career in digital marketing is always rewarding. It has two angles—high scope of employment plus the opportunity to learn hot technologies.

Unlike other marketing methods, Internet marketing needs both versatility and multi-skilling abilities.

A career in Internet Marketing can be pursued by people of any background provided they have a high-level of interest and initiative to learn new skills and technologies.

Those who are already in marketing, copywriting, web development or designing can make a faster switchover to internet marketing as they possess many transferable skills.

Top Jobs in Internet Marketing Sector

Digital/Internet marketing training offers many career opportunities with scope for specialization in the following.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Mobile Marketing

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Social Media

Email Marketing

Video/Audio Production

Content Management
Web Development

Web Design



A survey by Smart Insights notes some of the top digital marketing skills that faced high demand in 2019. They included content development, digital advertising, and social media.

Importance of Digital Marketing Courses

Digital / Internet marketing training institute In munirka had been playing a crucial role in filling the demand and also in expanding career opportunities of internet marketing personnel.

Reputed center's like munirka’s ETI are noted for comprehensive training helping candidates to secure good digital marketing jobs and also in running freelance careers as digital marketers.

Good centers impress with better brand value, course modules, course duration, fees structure and placement support.

Internet Marketing training by good institutes covers the following segments:

Digital Marketing basics

Lead Generation for Business

Website Building and Planning

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

PPC Advertising

Google Adwords

Google Analytics

Online Advertising

E-Commerce Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Content Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

AdSense & Blogging

Skills in demand

Demand for digital marketing careers will grow as digital economy is now part of everybody’s life. Not a day passes without searching for something online making SEO indispensable in any digital marketing course and strategy.

Emerging trends like Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality are transforming the online marketing sector. Therefore, aspirants looking for a career in Internet/Online marketing must carefully choose training centres and ensure that those areas are part of the modules offered.

Benefits of Digital Marketing?

Benefits of online marketing are well evident in the high traction of online or internet marketing among businesses.

Businesses are making a rapid switchover from traditional to digital marketing. This fact is supported by market research that says the industry is growing at a whopping 36 percent per annum.

Digital marketing makes use of so many channels to reach and connect with consumers.

Traditional marketing and branding are restricted to TV, radio, and print. One of the key benefits of internet marketing is that despite its wider and diverse reach it is not costly as in the case of traditional advertisements.

Digital marketing taps a mass market at a lower cost in a personalized style unlike impersonal TV Ads or print advertising.

Digital/Internet Marketing also runs the advantage of eliciting a direct response from the potential consumer with its promotional tactics in mobile, social media, video and email platforms.

Now, look at the most prominent benefits of Internet or Digital marketing Courses.

Best Return on Investment (ROI)

Internet marketing brings good revenue as a high return for the investment compared to other modes of marketing. This is because online marketing works around real data.

Thanks to real data, digital marketing can trace trends and peoples’ actions factually and will not rely on quirky sample data or assumed guesses.

Increased Competitiveness and Sales

Businesses joining the digital marketing raise the competitiveness with an effective online marketing strategy.

The benefits of digital marketing are multiplied by SEO and Social media tactics. Since Internet Marketing is seamless and immediate more sales are bound to follow. Online marketing also enhances brand loyalty in addition to sales.

Measurable Results

Using web analytics a campaign’s effectiveness can be measured online. It gives good data on how much can be earned from each digital tactic. That helps in revisiting the existing strategy.

Global Reach and Customer Loyalty

Businesses having a website can seek new markets and e-trading can start with a small investment. Getting involved with social media and managing it carefully can build customer loyalty and easy engagement.

Opportunity for Low-Cost Viral Campaigns

A well planned online marketing campaign can reach the right customers at a tiny cost compared to traditional marketing methods.

Internet marketing helps in creating amazing campaigns using content suited to different media. The Internet makes the content viral.

Scope for Personalisation

Business websites linked to a customer database can greet visitors with targeted offers. Refining the customer profile will increase the efficiency in responding to the best offers.











Udit Khanna is the founder of Expert Training Institute, a Digital Marketing Training & Services Company that heps Businesses, Students, Professionals & Freelancers to fulfil their objectives of Increasing Leads & Sales for themselves or their clients by 250%

Before devoting his work full time to Expert Training Institute, Udit served various roles in Digital Marketing Industry including eCommerce, Travel, Education, Real Estate etc.

Udit has written various writeups & journals for various Digital Marketing & Advertising publications

In addition to being a Trainer & a marketer, he also serves as a consultant with no. of organisations.


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