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Master Digital Marketing in Delhi

Master Digital Marketing in Delhi


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Course Duration 3+ Months
Modules 75+
Certifications 15+
Video Course Yes
Session Recordings Yes
Internship 3 Months
Job Assistance 100%
Domain/Hosting Free (1 Yr)
Tools 100+
Provide Laptops Yes

Fees: 50,000

Rs. 29,995

3 Months Internship
3 Months Course


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Fees: 50,000

Rs. 29,995



First 2 Classes Free As Trial

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Where can I study digital marketing?

For a professional and in-depth study of digital marketing, begin with a good quality digital marketing course in Delhi. Obviously, the first step is to search for the course that is a fine blend of theoretical and practical training.

You will have to consult exerts in the digital field and find out a reliable digital marketing institute. The institute should have good faculty and provide the best and the latest digital marketing training that is in sync with the marketing dynamics. Then select the course which is suitable to your time frame, budget and duration requirement.

You can also learn from various sites that offer best quality online courses. They are reputed sites and have excellent content and professional course modules. Some courses offer recognized certificates and it helps in your portfolio as well. Some courses are free and some have fees. Ensure to choose the best possible course.

Can a digital marketer work from home?

A digital marketer can definitely work from home. One of the current challenges is to fit yourself in a work from home situation. Many companies are shifting base to work from home mode. There are ample opportunities with an array of benefits for a digital marketer in a remote working situation.

Digital marketing consultancy can be done from home. A digital marketer can work on some specific posts from home, if he has expertise and experience. These posts are PPC Specialist, SEO Specialist, Copy Writer, Digital Marketing Expert, Social Media Expert and Manager and Content Specialist and Marketer.

If you want to be a successful digital marketer working from home, you should have one or more of the following skills- technical, off-page and on-page SEO, good digital communication, design skills and so on.

A digital marketer has the advantage of working independently and with flexible work hours. The costs of working from home are lower. A good work life balance achieves more productivity. You can do a digital marketing course from a good digital training institute in Delhi. Getting professional digital marketing training empowers you to excel as a work from home digital marketer.

Can I do digital marketing after 12th?

Yes, you can do a digital marketing course after 12th standard. Digital marketing is a booming industry with countless job opportunities that offer lucrative salaries. You may be a student of science, arts or commerce field. You might have chosen your career path or might be uncertain about it. But digital marketing training will always benefit you in your future career path. Digital marketing has expanded and evolved a lot. The job opportunities are diverse. In the coming years, millions of job opportunities are supposed to be created in this vast field. Starting early at the stage of 12th standard will give you the early bird advantage.

After 12th standard, you can enrol in a reputed digital training institute of your choice and chode the digital training vertical of your choice. You can do a course of SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Analytics, You Tube Marketing or Affiliate Marketing.

There are numerous courses you can apply for after completing your 12th standard. You can do a full-fledged graduation and get a degree and do post-graduation thereafter. If you are looking for a short duration course, opt for a diploma or certification course.

Before you do a course, have a look at the syllabus the institute is offering. It is important to know what topics you are going to learn. Once you master digital marketing, you can chalk out a career in that field itself. Or this course can be a great value addition to your existing field of education, as an additional qualification.

Almost every company needs a digital marketer. Once you complete your 12th standard from a recognized board, with a good aggregate of marks and fulfil the eligibility criteria of a digital marketing course in Delhi, enrol yourself for a good course and learn the skill of the 21st century.

Can I learn digital marketing on my own?

Yes, you can learn digital marketing on your own. There are various online digital marketing courses available, paid as well as free. You can choose the digital marketing vertical of your choice, watch online free videos and upgrade your skills, step by step.

While learning digital marketing on your own, you will have to chalk out the topics. Then create a schedule of your own and start learning. You get many digital marketing institutes that offer digital marketing training through their faculty. There a number of degree courses, post-graduate degrees, diplomas and certifications for self-learning. You can start with free courses then go for the detailed paid ones.

You should ensure to use authentic content and it should be the latest in the field. Or you might end up learning outdated skills. So do check the authenticity of the course content and its relevance to the current trends, before you watch it and practice it.

However, self-learning might have a limitation. You do the course but may not get the hands-on practice. Practical experience is a must. So, you can either practice after your course or take up small assignments to hone your digital marketing skills.

Career in digital marketing

The current challenging situation has created a lot of new educational and entrepreneurial opportunities. Online learning, work from home, remote working are the buzzwords. The digital world has undergone a revolution and a lot of new career opportunities have emerged.

Is digital marketing a good career?

Digital marketing can be a great and lucrative career option for the future generation. The reasons for this are multi-fold. The first and foremost is that the digital marketing is everywhere, in every domain, in every industry and business vertical. The well-trained digital marketers are constantly in demand. They get lucrative salary, job security and growth prospects.

Career opportunities in digital marketing

Digital marketing has already become the support system of every company. The filed is very dynamic, fast paced and futuristic. Consequently, loads of employment opportunities have been generated in the field of digital marketing. They are as follows.

PPC Marketing Manager

The PPC manager conceptualizes and develops Pay Per Click campaigns on social media handles. He or she looks into copy writing, key word selection, A/B testing, data analysis and more. He develops the strategies for increasing the traffic and for optimizing to get cost efficient results.

SEO Manager

He or she is the person who is in charge of the overall Search Engine Optimization Strategy. His goal is to improve the company’s or brand’s ranking in the Search Engines such as Google. His responsibilities include, web analytics, content strategy planning, website marketing, social media strategy development, keyword strategy development and so on.


Blogging is one of the most popular digital marketing media. A blogger is basically a writer or a creative thinker. His or her job is to choose a topic, write, edit and publish his created content on a website or a blog.

The blogger’s tasks are mainly to promote products via affiliate marketing, proving content rich blog on various informative topics, to keep updated on social media, to work in co-ordination with SEO team to develop content that reaches the target audience.

Marketing and Automation Specialists

One of the rewarding digital marketing careers is the career as a marketing and automation specialist. This person handles the automated marketing strategy of a company or an office. He or she is in charge of the technological aspect such as website design, app design, development and implementation.

The tasks of a marketing and automation specialist are to make landing pages, increase conversions, set up marketing campaigns, email automation, analytics and to automate customer communication.

UX Designer

A User Experience Designer is the person who defines and designs what the user experiences when he or she is interacting with a website or an app. He will decide how the website or the app looks like, how users are supposed to interact with it and how they respond to it. UX designers are highly in demand today. With a proper digital marketing course and UX design insights you can take on this career.

Some other careers in digital marketing are- digital marketing influencer, social media manager, SEO professional, mobile marketer, digital market researcher, e-commerce expert, audio video producer, freelance content provider, AI professional, analytics expert and so on.

To give your career goals proper accreditation, take up proper digital marketing training from a reputed digital marketing institute. A formal course though not mandatory, will be your asset in the long run. Keep your learning hat on and explore current trends in digital marketing, for the more you learn the more your career prospects grow.

Do digital marketers need to know coding?

If a digital marketer knows coding, it will definitely be an added advantage for himself and his career. Knowing coding is not mandatory, but it will enhance your job prospects. In the digital field, jobs are fast becoming inter-disciplinary. The more skills you know, the more n demand you are.

A digital marketer needs to work with the team of developers. If you know the coding skills, you can make required changes, do certain modifications and your job gets easier. Learning HTML, JAVA, Python or CSS will help you to contribute to the team more effectively.

With a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, a digital marketer can create email campaigns and advertising campaigns by himself. He gets acquainted with basic design fundamentals. The coding enables you to understand what technology you are handing. It also boosts your innovative thinking.

The knowledge of coding will ensure smooth and informed communication with the developer you are working with. You will put your ideas forward with confidence and competence. We recommend you choose an excellent institute having latest coding course and enrol for it. There are great courses for beginners that will add to your kitty of skillsets and enhance your employability.

What are the fees for digital marketing course in Delhi?

Currently, there are various types of online and offline digital marketing courses available in the market. They offer to make you an expert ad competent digital marketer. The course fees of digital marketing training in Delhi vary depending on various factors.

The difference in fees for digital marketing courses depends on the following factors-

  • The reputation of the digital marketing institute. It is defined by the experience of the institute, its legacy and stature, reviews and testimonials about it and its overall brand image.
  • The city and the location. In Tier 1 cities like Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, the fees are higher.
  • The inclusion of internship or live training in the course. If it is there the fee is slightly higher.
  • Placement opportunities offered by the digital marketing institute. If it provides excellent placement opportunities at renowned companies, the fees are higher accordingly.
  • The depth and quality of the curriculum. If the course has more superior, high quality or in-depth syllabus, the course is valued more in the job market. Therefore, its fee is on the higher side.
  • Highly qualified faculty. If the faculty is expert, experienced and better qualifies, the students get more knowledgeable and industry ready. Good mentors are crucial in building a stronger foundation. Hence, the digital marketing course with excellent faculty is costlier.

Other factors such as live projects, certifications, assistance after the course also impact the fee. The best strategy is to choose right digital marketing institute having all the plus factors.

Is digital marketing easy?

If you start from the beginning and learn step by step you will find digital marketing very easy. The difficulty level increases as you go deeper. It depends on how thoroughly you want to learn and what skillsets in digital marketing training you want to master.

First let us understand what exactly digital marketing is. Digital marketing is online marketing which includers online media such as blogging, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, Facebook campaigning and so on. Once you enrol in a good digital marketing institute, they will acquaint you with this.

Many people think digital marketing difficult because it involves a number of skillsets. A digital marketer is expected to have good communication skills, writing skills, fast turnaround time, focus, result orientation and more. A typical digital marketer needs to work in Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, Video Editing, Data Analysing etc. He or she needs to be committed and versatile to be successful in the fast-evolving digital field.

Nowadays, digital marketing has entered every field including finance, healthcare, food and consumer products and IT. Expert and experienced digital marketing professionals are constantly in demand.

So, instead of worrying about the difficulty level of digital marketing, it is better to find a good digital marketing institute and enrol yourself in the course fitting to your time, cost and duration requirements. Once you get into the subject you will find it extremely interesting. It will also empower you for better career growth in future.

What is the eligibility of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a skill which can be mastered for your career growth. To be honest, anybody can train himself or herself to be a digital marketer. Today work from home jobs are available in a large extend, so housewives, homemakers, senior citizens are also doing digital marketing courses online. There is no such eligibility to do take digital marketing training by yourself.

But for the formal training you do need a qualification. Most reputed digital marketing institutes have recognized graduation as their eligibility criteria. That is the applicant must have 10+2+2 qualification of any stream from a college, institute or university.

Some digital marketing institutes offer courses for the candidates who have passed 10+2 from a recognized board. Some diplomas or certifications can be available on weekend basis also. They are for those who are studying or working and want to do the digital marketing course simultaneously.

For digital marketing basic Mathematics and English are the subjects you must know. You can do a digital marketing course at undergraduate level also. But after graduation it is better to choose a reputed digital marketing course that has strong market standing. This is because, larger companies choose people with national qualifications as their employees. So, doing a digital marketing course from a nationally known and well accredited institute is advised. Having done an internship at a good company, also scores well on your portfolio.

Other skills required for an eligible digital marketing aspirant are creative ability, good communication skill, listening ability, analytical skills and most importantly, passion for learning and adapting to the fast-paced world.

Channels in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the backbone of every business in the current situation. It stands on the foundation of digital marketing channels, which are the platforms for reaching out to your target audience. Digital marketing channels take your product, brand or service to your prospective customers. They also allow your customers to come up with queries, which you can solve at your end.

If you want to strengthen your digital presence and to get noticed by the right kind of people, you need to use right channels of digital marketing. Every digital marketing channel has its own advantages and all of them contribute to your business expansion in their own way. Let us have a look at some prominent digital media channels.


Countless people are searching internet for various subjects, food, fashion, education, business, investment and what not. SEO or Search Engine Optimization facilitates organic search which is keyword based. It is the first digital marketing channel. When customers search for products or services, they immediately click whatever ranks higher. Keyword research, content creation, blog post optimization are some SEO practices. They increase your visibility, get more traffic to your page and upgrades your rank. Plus, it helps in link building.


Per Pay Click is a model if digital marketing where the advertisers whose ad is displayed pay every time their ad is clicked. PPC is one way of buying visits to your website. Every time an ad is clicked and the visitor is sent to your website, you have to pay the search engine a specific amount. A successful PPC campaign begins by researching and choosing perfect keywords. These keywords then are organized into campaigns to optimize the PPC pages. With good digital marketing training, handling PPC is as easy as interesting.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a conventional digital marketing channel but still popular and commonly used. It is a great tool for generating leads and revenue, both. In email marketing you send a topic specific, specially written and designed content via email straight to the users’ inboxes for marketing purpose. This type of marketing enhances your brand awareness and conversion. A bond is established with the customers and trust is garnered. Email marketing gives you great Return on Investment and makes your business successful.

Social Media

Today, social media is an integral part of our life. Initially, social media platforms were designed to foster interpersonal interactions but now they are thriving business tools. You must invest time and money in social media advertising if you want your business to grow organically. Social media allows you to engage your brand followers, expand the reach of your brand, facilitate strategic growth. Using social media effectively can be achieved by developing a strategy which is a balanced blend of various social media.

Website Design

Website is designed by expert professionals in the field of website development and digital marketing. A website is a must have digital marketing channel for any type of business. Through a website you can educate your customers about your brand, product or services. A website is a guaranteed business booster. Right content on the website increases organic traffic and generates leads for you. If you attend a digital marketing course in Delhi, from a reputed digital marketing institute, you learn about learning and optimizing a website.

Content Marketing

In the dynamic digital market, content is the king. It is proven that content marketing generates more leads and gives more Return on Investment. The content marketing consists of well written and keyword-based articles, infographics, blogs, news items, case studies, video content, lectures or webinars. Good content drives traffic to your website and to bring it, you have to be consistent with posting useful content. Getting good digital marketing training at a trusted digital marketing institute will teach you about ways to create quality content.

Factors that impact the selection of digital marketing channel

  • The goal of your digital marketing campaign, it is a hardcore sales campaign or brand awareness, customer conversion, lead generation or brand communication will impact your choice of channels.
  • The allocated budget defines which channel you will prefer for digital communication. Advertising budgets vary according to the digital channels.
  • Target audience which you want to reach out to. You have to develop the content which adds value to the target audience’s life or growth.
  • Your selection of channels depends on the selection of your competitor’s channels as well.
  • The business type and turnover also influences how digital marketing channels are chosen.

The best way to learn about these channels is to join a digital marketing course and get thorough training.

Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital marketing skills are required for every job nowadays. Plus, there are many exciting opportunities in the field of digital marketing as well. If you are eyeing a lucrative digital marketing job, identify your skillsets and apply for the job in the filed of your choice.

Can you get a job with a digital marketing certificate?

Yes, your chances of getting a job with digital marketing certificate are higher. The completion certificate is the acknowledgement of your employability. A certificate from a well-known digital marketing institute will open up more job opportunities for you in your career.

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities

Digital marketing is a vast field with excellent openings for the right candidates. There is scope for everyone from a fresher to an experienced senior in the job hierarchy. Let’s have a look at some digital marketing jobs that are currently in vogue.

  • Digital Marketing Manager for managing campaigns
  • Content Strategist or Content Developer for content creation
  • SEO and SEM Specialists
  • Virtual Reality Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager and Social Media Executive
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • User Experience Designer
  • Paid Ad Manager
Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

Many jobs are available for freshers with digital marketing training. They have to begin at the entry level, learn from good faculty and mentors. Their expertise helps them get a good job and then they can gain further experience.

How can I get a job after digital marketing?

The first step is to complete a course from good quality digital marketing institute and acquire relevant skills. Once you are job ready, start applying to reputed companies or good start ups. Ensure that your resume is well written and strong. To promote yourself, you can do a website of your own.

Is digital marketing job stressful?

If you are skilled, confident and competent, you will not find digital marketing job stressful. At the beginning, you might have to struggle a bit and learn the fundamentals of your company’s working systems. Once you are experienced, sky is the limit for opportunities.

Digital marketing jobs for students

Students also have some job opportunities in the field of digital marketing. They can work full time or a freelancer

Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs

To be a successful digital marketer you complete a digital marketing course from a digital marketing institute in delhi and approach various companies with your resume. You can work as freelance website designer, content writer, copy writer, internet marketing professional and so on.

Digital Marketing Salary

The digital marketing industry is currently teeming with opportunities as every brand or company is exploring digital space. Branding, marketing, advertising and communication and education are being done online and the digital space experts are in high demand in various fields.

How do you make money in digital marketing?

You make money in digital marketing as a full-time employee or a freelance professional. The salaries in digital marketing depend on your expertise, experience and the field you are working in.

How much a digital marketer can earn in India?

A digital marketer’s earning will depend on his expertise, experience, the company and field he is working in, the city he is working in and his position.

  • The salary of a digital marketing manager is in the range of 4 to 8 lakhs. Experienced managers can earn up to 18 lakhs.
  • A Pay Per Click analyst begins with average 2 to 2.5 lakhs per annum and as his experience grows, his salary can grow up to 6 lakhs annually.
  • SEO interns get around 12,000/- to 15,000/- per month while SEO specialists get around 2.25 lakhs at the executive level. At higher levels salaries can rise from 8 lakhs to 15 lakhs depending on skill and leadership qualities.
  • For a social media marketing person, the general salary for a marketer with less than 3 years of experience is 1.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs while the social media manager earns from 5.5 lakhs to up to 10 lakhs in India. The salary rises as the person multi-tasks or leads a team.
  • The content creators are highly in demand. They earn up to 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs at the entry level. The content marketing manager or the team lead is lucratively paid. He earns from 6 lakhs onwards.
  • An email marketing person has the scope of earning Rs. 15,000/- to 20,000/- per month. As his experience and skill gets better and faster, he can demand and get a raise.
How much a freelancer can earn in digital marketing?

A freelancer has a scope of earning excellent money in the field of digital marketing. The candidate can work as a copy writer, content writer, graphic designer, web developer and more. The salary depends on your skill and how much work volume you can put in. Blogging and its monetization is also one way of earning as a freelancer.

The demand for a well trainer, competent digital marketer is increasing by the day. To begin your journey, you first take up a digital marketing course for a prestigious digital marketing institute in delhi. Then hone your digital marketing training with good communication skills, and then go for the job you desire. Your salary with definitely be on the higher side.

Importance of Digital Marketing

In the age of digitalization, people spend a lot of time online. That is the reason why, digital marketing has gained tremendous momentum. Digital platforms are integrated with everyday life and they offer various schemes also.

Many businesses, brands and services have benefitted from digital marketing. Digital marketing is different from conventional marketing, in its use of digital channels and methods. It requires fast turnaround time. It also delivers fast results. Digital marketing has lots of benefits. Let us explore some.

Benefits of digital marketing

Strong lead generation

Digital marketing enables you to generate lots of leads through social media and other digital channels. The only prerequisite is to have the right content that will attract more traffic to your website.

Strategizing with the data

With digital marketing tools at hand, digital marketers can plan their marketing strategies, gain insights into market trends and customer preferences and their buying patterns.

Good and quick conversion

Digital marketing helps businessmen to connect with their prospective customer very organically. Then they can use the generated leads and increase their conversion rates.

Cost efficiency over traditional marketing

Digital marketing is less expensive than the traditional media such as print media, events and exhibitions, hoardings and outdoor, electronic media such as TV. It saves money in promotional activities and other events as well.

Higher Return on Investment

Revenue increase is one major benefit of digital marketing. It helps business to get higher return on their investments in marketing. The digital campaigns give immediate results and no extra costs are involved.

Competitive advantage

With creative digital marketing campaigns, you get a competitive edge. Strategic digital marketing takes you to your target customers. If your campaign creatives or message clicks, your advertising and branding stands out and the results of digital marketing are optimized.

Helps brand building

With right mix of digital marketing tools, companies can build their brands. Digital marketing generates trust in the brand, product or service. It is convincing and creates right impact.

Creates loyal customer base

When you start analysing your digital marketing campaigns and their response, you can track your customer’s actions and choices. Customer behaviour patters can be identified. You can follow up your customers. In this way, a loyal customer base can be created and maintained.

Real time results

Digital marketing gives real time results and lets you see where you have gone wrong and where your strategy has been right. In this way, you can take right steps to improve your strategy.

Spreads your reach

With digital marketing, you can reach out to a vast local, national or global customer base. This is an engaging and interactive way of communication and makes you globally known. These are the benefits of digital marketing and you should avail of them for your progress.

Who can do digital Marketing?

ETI's Digital marketing course in Delhi for students

Digital marketing is a skill that can be mastered by every age group including young students. Digital marketing can be a great learning experience for students. Digital companies are looking for young digital marketers who are aware of the trends and who are passionate about work. Studying and doing a digital marketing course simultaneously can give them that edge in their career.

ETI's Digital marketing course in Delhi for housewives

Nowadays Internet is a lucrative career choice and model for business growth. It is a great opportunity for women who want to have a good career and work-life balance. Digital marketing can be learned as per your convenience and if you choose to be a freelancer, job timings are also flexible. So, you can start your business as a marketer or work as a freelancer.

ETI's Digital marketing course in Delhi for entrepreneurs

With well-planned digital marketing strategy, the entrepreneurs can reach wider audience, nationally as well internationally. This can be done at lower costs than traditional marketing tools. As an entrepreneur, you can design your own website and achieve your expected sales target.

ETI's Digital marketing course in Delhi for professionals

Professional fields such as engineering, business management, business administration have their specific syllabus. But in the digital age of today, just a formal degree would be of no impact. A digital marketing qualification is as important as the degree. You can have it independently or as a value addition to the degree. Professionals with additional digital marketing qualification are sought after in the market.

ETI's Digital marketing course in Delhi for job seekers

Digital marketing offers excellent job opportunities. Various digital channels are in the need of various positions. You need to have a bunch of skillsets such as analytical, communication, leadership, management, designing etc. You can be an employee as well as a freelancer in the digital marketing field.

ETI's Digital marketing course in Delhi for business owners

Digital marketing can be done by owners of businesses in various domains. Small business owners, proprietors, traders must learn digital marketing. With the help of digital marketing methods, they will be able to expand their business as per their choice.

ETI's Digital marketing course in Delhi for Marketing and Media Professionals

Marketing, media, public relations are people centric fields. If the professionals who choose to have careers in these fields, do a digital marketing course, it is extremely helpful for their careers.

In the future, almost all the companies are going to hire professionals with a qualification from a digital marketing institute. So, whatever your profession, do have digital marketing training from a reputed digital marketing institute and turn it into your advantage.

What is the scope of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the buzzword today. It has already revolutionized the market. In the near future, it is going to be an integral part of living. Millions of businesses worldwide are using digital marketing techniques and are succeeding in the same.

The scope of digital marketing is vast and it has many fields in it. To understand it better, enrol yourself for a digital marketing course in a reputed digital marketing institute in delhi. Companies do digital marketing on two levels. Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). Digital marketers in B2B and B2C use social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. But the scope of digital marketing is beyond just social media and it covers a lot of other tools and techniques. 2021 onwards, it is going to expand yet further.

  • Paid Search is done through the Pay Per Click model. The Organic search is done using keyword analysis and search engine optimization (SEO). This improves the ranking of the website.
  • One of the integral parts of digital marketing is Analytical content marketing. E mail marketing is still an effective digital marketing tool. Small businesses prefer it since emails are easily accessible and frequently referred.
  • Social media influencers can be highly useful in promoting a brand or a product. For examples, some blogs and bloggers are very popular and trusted by consumers. Such blogging or content-oriented tools such as websites help grow business.
  • Content marketing such as articles, tutorials, help guides engage the target customer and result in brand promotion and business growth.
  • Webinars is one more effective and impactful way of providing valuable information while promoting brand, service or product
  • Podcasts is one more way to reach your prospective customer and it can be used in combination with other media for digital media campaigns.
Is there any future in digital marketing?

The field of digital marketing has ample scope for a hard-working professional to develop his or her career. The future of digital marketing holds in store countless opportunities of jobs, businesses, start-ups, joint ventures and self- employment.

The beginners or professionals who master the skills and tools of SEO, PPC, web analytics, mobile marketing, email marketing, social media and others, have a promising future in digital marketing.

The field is futuristic and offers excellent remuneration and growth prospects. One can enter at any job level and grow further. Increments are given depending upon your skills and performance.

Every brand, product and service are looking for expansion. Hence, digital marketing is here to stay. It is up to us to reap its benefits.


Upon successfully completing this program, you’ll earn a Digital Marketing Certificate that is co-branded by Expert Training Institute as the Knowledge Partner. This Certified Digital Marketing Course will add considerable value to your professional credentials.

FAQ 1. Why should i join ETI for Internet Marketing Training?

Digital Marketing Course at ETI is devised and imparted by Digital Marketing experts having more than 10 years of practical experience in the field. The combination of 20% theoretical knowledge and 80% Practical Digital Marketing training makes us the best digital marketing institute.
We have listed below some other reasons why you should take Internet marketing Training from ETI Rohini, Delhi.

Advance digital marketing course with 75+ Modules
In-depth course coverage in 200+ hours
Flexible course timings with flexible batches
Affordable digital marketing course than other training institutes
Free Books and Notes
Live Classroom Videos
Laptops for practical sessions
Easy Fee Instalments
4-months internship
100% Job Placement
1-year course validity
1-year free web hosting
15 International Certifications
Doubt sessions & Missed classes
Lifetime Query Assistance
Interview tips and training
Resume creation support
Real-time projects and case studies

FAQ 2. Will ETI Help Me With Placements After My Digital Marketing Course Completion?

We are proud to have a secure and good association with more than 600 medium-scale companies and MNCs. There are numerous organizations who are hiring for the Digital Marketing Executive. Our placement cell is competent to provide our students with the placement assistance whenever needed. In this way, we are all-time ready to help you in getting a job after completing your Digital Marketing Course.

FAQ 3. How Do I Enroll For The Internet Marketing Course At ETI?

Enrolling for the digital marketing course at ETI Delhi is simple and hassle-free. If you’ve interest in internet marketing then you can be a part of the demo class conducted at our ETI centres either Rohini or Vikaspuri every Sunday at 12pm. You’ll be given a practical demo of the course and you are allowed to have face-to-face interaction with the trainer for any doubts. Once you’re satisfied, you can enrol for the course.

FAQ 4. How much can i start earning after completing Digital Marketing Training from ETI?

There are endless earning opportunities for a digital marketer. We, at ETI, provide you with the unmatched digital marketing course, which make you competent to earn a good amount. After completing the course from ETI, you can expect to earn from minimum 15,000 per month to 50,000 per month according to your profile and expertise. Your ability will decide your payout so make the most of your time in the digital marketing institute for a bright future.

FAQ 5. Do you provide Internship with Internet marketing courses?

Yes, we do. The internship is optional for you after completion of the digital marketing course. We are associated with different internet marketing organizations and SAAS providers so you’ve a great chance to work as an intern in these companies. Depending on your capability, they’ll offer you stipend. You’ll be provided with the live projects of the customers and are expected to offer the best results during internship. On completion of internship, you’ll get the internship certificate, which further increase your chances for placement in well-established organizations.

FAQ 6. When will i get course material, certificate and software of Digital Marketing Training?

Yes, you’ll get the digital marketing course material, course completion certificate, and software for practice. Once you join ETI, you’ll be given the course material and applications for ease of learning. We make sure that each of our students understands each of the modules deeply so the practical session becomes easier for them. When you complete this 3 to 4 month course, we’ll give a certificate as a proof of your proficiency in digital marketing field.

FAQ 7. What will be my profile after completion of Internet marketing course from ETI?

ETI Digital Marketing Institute provides its students with the best-in-class digital marketing course so they can unfold various job opportunities for themselves. After completing this course from ETI, you can start your career as SEO Executive (Search Engine Optimization), PPC executive, content writer, SEM Executive, etc. As “We care for our student’s future”, we make every possible effort to train them for a high-profile job and secure future.

FAQ 8. Who will be our Online marketing trainer at ETI?

Mr. Udit Khanna, a 10+ year experienced Digital Marketing Expert and founder of ETI Digital Marketing Training Institute will be imparting you the internet marketing course. He knows in and out of digital marketing training and happily shares his knowledge to mass audience through his YouTube Channel- Digital Udit. You won’t have to worry about the quality of the internet marketing training when you have Mr.Udit Khanna by your side.

FAQ 9. What is the best way to get updated in the digital marketing field?

To stay updated in the field of digital marketing, you can go through several websites that share latest updates related to internet advertising and marketing. To name some of them, you can follow Ahrefs, Searchengineland, Moz, etc. Apart from this, we, at ETI Delhi, provides newsletters to our students within our digital marketing course.

FAQ 10. Can i complete my Internet Marketing Course in 3 Months

Absolutely, you can! However, it depends on your grasping ability. Digital Marketing course is a comprehensive course, which requires your effort and time. This is why we ask you to pay attention during the sessions and practice as much as you can. We offer you ample opportunities to practice all modules of the course after or before the digital marketing classes.

FAQ 11. I don't have a website or blog. Can i complete my Internet marketing course?

When you enroll at ETI for your Internet Marketing Course then we'll be providing you with training on how to create a blog or a website. This module is one of the most important step in our Digital Marketing Course. We make you learn the designing of both Static (HTML) and Dynamic (Wordpress) websites. We impart training about Product based, Services based and Blog Based websites in detail, which will help to fetch a good job in the industry. We assist you in personalizing your site and instruct you how to take care of a blog and articles. So, you don’t have to worry about the website or blog as we’ll help you create one for the completion of your digital marketing course.

FAQ 12. What kind of practical experience i will get in this training?

We don’t believe in providing you just theoretical knowledge as we understand it well that, work is done practically in companies. At ETI, we make sure you have understood each concept clearly through giving you practical projects.

1. What do you know about Digital Marketing?

Marketing is a vast field and digital marketing is its part. For doing digital marketing, we need digital devices and the internet. Basically, it is a process to enhance awareness, increase sales, and improve branding by advertising the products and services online. Digital Marketing is also famous as internet advertising. Unlike offline marketing which is done using newspapers, hoardings, pamphlets, etc, digital marketing is done through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. When I was studying the digital marketing course at ETI Delhi, I realized that it has a wide scope in the near future, which can assist companies to achieve their goals.

2. How many Categories belong to Digital Marketing term?

I have been a part of the well-recognized digital marketing institute- Expert Training Institute wherein I’ve studied about two types of terms in the digital marketing course namely outbound marketing and inbound marketing.
Inbound Marketing is a procedure to attract traffic through content created by the organization, Social Media Marketing (6 Sessions), and SEO. The relevant content for which the potential customers are looking for is made available to them. So, they explore more on the customer’s website in search of the required information, product or service.
On the other hand, outbound marketing includes the promotion of a product or service through continuous advertising and PR Campaigns. It is also known as interruption marketing because companies try to interrupt the users with content they don’t require. It is basically a bothersome way of traditional marketing. Despite being annoying, it is a great way to collect lead data for any company.

3. Why people choose Digital Marketing over Traditional or Offline Marketing?

There can be several reasons to choose digital marketing over traditional marketing. During my digital marketing course at Expert Training Institute, I got to know that internet marketing has a greater scope than offline advertising as it helps the companies to reach a mass audience and attract them towards their product or service.
As offline marketing is done via newspaper, pamphlet distribution, hoarding, the message or information reaches to a limited audience that results in a lower volume of sales. Whereas with increasing usage of digital devices along with the internet, it easier to connect with a large population. Search Engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc and various social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc are the backbone of digital marketing.

4. What is the difference between Static and Responsive Website?

The digital marketing course provided me with a complete overview of website designing, which includes static and responsive websites. A website is an amalgamation of web pages that are created using different coding languages, including PHP, HTML, JSP, etc.
Of all these coding languages, HTML is utilized for creating static websites. Static websites are the ones that don’t change their design or display different information on clicking any option on the web page. For example; the “Contact Us” page on a static website won’t display the content like contact details or addresses of the company rather it will remain the same no matter how many times to click it.
On the other hand, a responsive or dynamic website is one that modifies the data based on the user, IP, and location. For example: if you click the “About Us” page on a dynamic website, you’ll see information about the background or profile of the company. Similarly, on clicking different pages on the website, you will get different data.

5. Tell me some points to increase traffic to my website?

There are many platforms that can be utilized for boosting your website traffic. The digital marketing course explained two types of traffic that include simple users and potential users. Personally, I don’t prefer simple users as they’re simply the visitors without any result. A potential user can help increase your sales and profits. I would suggest using social media networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc to attract visitors. Additionally, doing SEO on keywords brings relevant traffic to your website to increase sales.

6. How many tools can we use in Digital Marketing?

There are many digital marketing tools in the market, which can be used for improving website traffic. But we make use of the best one. During the Digital Marketing course, I was provided with some tools that include Alexa, Animoto, Wordai, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, Buzzsumo, SEMRush, Advance Grammarly, etc. I have completed more than 3 projects in my internet marketing training at ETI Delhi using these tools. This is why I am proficient in using them and I’m confident about the best results with these tools.

7. Where do you see yourself in my company after work of 5 years in digital marketing field?

You’ve to answer this question with your intellectual. However, it’s suggested to talk about your ambition and how this organization plays its role to fulfill your dreams. Digital Marketing Course unfolds countless advantages, which can help you get a great CTC even as a fresher. Talk about how your skills and efficiency can give the best promotion results to the company, which would help you both grow together.

8. Difference between Direct Marketing and Branding.

Direct Marketing is a kind of marketing, which is done to connect directly to prospective customers. There is a higher chance to convert such customers into actual sales. Branding is carried out with the help of social media channels so that the audience can identify your brand only by looking at your logo. In simple words, you attempt to gain brand recognition.

9. What is Remarketing? Can we use Remarketing in Google and Facebook both?

Remarketing is a procedure to target the same customer multiple times who visited your website. This kind of marketing helps in maximizing branding and sales conversion.
Yes, remarketing is possible in both Google and Facebook. Google Display Network is utilized to make remarketing ads. You may target your choices with three options- Display Keywords, in-depth Targeting, and Internet & Remarketing. You’ll get an option of the remarketing list in Interest & Remarketing to create remarketing ads. Facebook also uses the same procedure as Google to make remarketing ads. You’ll have a choice to set marketing to your effort. As this process is based upon JavaScript code, you’ll have to put marketing code onto your Landing page to start marketing ads.

10. Is there any limitation in digital marketing?

Every marketing strategy always has some limitations. In the case of digital marketing, we cannot touch products and know about their quality. Reviews are the only way to get to know something about the product’s practicality but still, they don’t tell about the product’s authenticity. It happens many times that the product showcased on the website is different from the product actually delivered. This leads to customer disappointment and affects the relationship between client and company.

11. How will you ensure us for profit through digital marketing

In initial stages, no one can ensure you guarantee for profit through digital marketing. But, I assure you post one week, I’ll offer the best results for your company. Why I’m saying after one week because, in the first week, I’ll analyze your prospective audience and ways to generate potential traffic. Additionally, I’ll be conducting a competitor’s analysis for better results.

12. What are the best ways to get updated in digital marketing field?

There is no best way to stay updated in the field of digital marketing than subscribing to Digital Marketing news, blogs, and trending topics on Moz, Search Engine Journal, and other internet marketing portals.

13. Have you done any project in digital marketing?

Yes, I have done more than 3 digital marketing projects. I did them on Hospital, Furniture, and Real Estate. I completed these projects using SEO, SEM, and PPC.

14. Are you ready to do night shift?

It depends on the salary package and work. If you offer me an appropriate CTC, which fulfils my needs then I’m happy to work on the night shift.


40 lakh jobs
in India by 2021

Industry projected to
grow at 32% CAGR

24% of entire spends
will be Digital Media

Average salaries of
3 lac for freshers


  • MBA In Marketing & 5+ Years of Industry Experience
  • 10+ Years Of Experience In Running Training Institute In Delhi
  • 7+ Years of Experience of Digital Agency
  • Director & Founder - Expert Training Institute (2012), DigitalUdit (2015). I am also the creator of several websites, host of a digital marketing channel on YouTube. I teach many SEO topics that I myself use all the time. They include link-building, keyword research, and using other sites like YouTube, Amazon, and even freelancing sites like Fiverr as search engines to get discovered when people are searching.
  • I wanted to take a bigger role in the businesses that is how I got into business and marketing. Today, I am a successful entrepreneur. I geek out on things like motivation, building healthy habits, and creativity.My aim is to reach at the highest stage of prominence in the SEO course training. The continuous hard work of more than 10 years has fetched me fruitful results in the field of digital marketing.


Expert Training Institute (ETI) is one of the best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi providing unsurpassed Digital Marketing training in a practical and unique atmosphere created by 10+ years of experienced expert digital marketer Udit Khanna. He is the one who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to gain excellence in internet marketing with his massive domain knowledge.


“The scope of digital marketing in Delhi, India is very huge. Digital Marketing has the possibility to create enormous opportunity in the modern era what television made a century ago.”

Today, ETI has achieved success and is the leader in the digital marketing domain only because of the professional, experienced, and dedicated trainers who actually care for the future of the students. By pursuing the digital marketing course from ETI, students are making a positive effort for their future as this field opens up countless opportunities to earn and live a desired lifestyle.
This course is versatile enough to help learners monetize their ability and skills just after its completion and take their earning potential to the next level.

The Digital Marketing Training Course is an all-in-one solution for those looking to start their career in this field. The specialty of ETI is that we stand beside our students whenever they need our assistance.
The industry of online marketing is already showing great results and is expected to grow at an exponential pace in the near future. We have attained competence in Digital Marketing and strive to provide each student with the best internet marketing training.

It’s very crucial to understand the main concept of Digital Marketing before enrolling for the same. As a leading digital marketing training institute in Delhi, we feel it as our responsibility to brief you about Internet marketing or Online Advertising.

The term “Online Advertising” is self-explanatory that it is an act of advertising anything online. Unlike earlier times when products & services are sold in physical marketplaces, digital marketing involves product and service selling digitally/online. It targets customers using all types of electronic devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.

One can sell his/her product or service through personal websites or E-commerce platforms. For this, they must know SEO & PPC techniques so search engines can find your product or service and present it to those prospective clients who are looking for the same in the search engines.

Digital Marketing for Business Promotion

These days, just having a website is not sufficient anymore if you’re looking Lead Generation Hacks to get verified leads. Be it search engines, < a href="">social media sites, or Smartphone, you have to make yourself/brand visible on as many online platforms as possible.
In order to successfully advertise any business online and attract the traffic to your website or blog, it’s vital to make use of distinct types of digital marketing.

ETI suggests you to use a combination of digital marketing techniques to reach your target traffic or audience via different channels. We have provided brief information here about the most commonly used digital marketing tips & techniques that are proven to help grow your business. All the below-listed methods will be taught to students during the digital marketing course in Delhi

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the very first thing that strikes anyone’s mind when it comes to types of digital marketing. Basically, online businesses exist at the mercy of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The objective of SEO is to mould the content in a manner that it appears amongst the top outcomes on the search engine results page or SERP. We, at ETI, have a separate, in-depth module that covers everything about SEO. The digital marketing course is incomplete without SEO.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Though SEO is an essential part of internet marketing training but it’s not the only way to boost the traffic from various search engines. Through Search Engine Marketing (SEM), it is possible to promote any product in search engines and get it displayed among paid search outcomes. Usually, search engines prioritize paid results over organic results on Search Engine Page Results (SERP). They almost appear similar to the organic results but have a small difference in the look. To be clear, when you make a search query, the result page shows some related links that are highlighted on the top with the “Ad” label. This label denotes that they are the paid results. During the digital marketing course in Delhi at ETI, you’ll learn how to use Bing Ads and Google Ads for targeting a specific audience.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): Undoubtedly, social media sites are the game-changer for online businesses. Just like the other two, SMM (Social Media Marketing) is also one of the crucial types of online marketing. This technique is of the utmost importance for companies that offer in Business to Business (B2B) services. Sharing quality and relevant content on social media sites can significantly engage your customers with your brand. The ETI experts will explain to students how these social networking sites present distinct solutions for paid as well as organic traffic. Their deep knowledge of this concept makes our digital marketing course even more effective.

Content Marketing: Content Marketing is basically an indirect way of promotion as you publish content on the internet, which the audience discover while web browsing. The main objective of Content Marketing is visitor engagement through reading, commenting, and sharing it. This can be combined with other digital marketing strategies & techniques like SEO and SMM. You’ll learn how to create engaging content in the form of articles, blog posts, reports, white papers, etc in any specific niche to attract visitors to your blog or website.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is a great way to reduce your promotion workload by outsourcing. In this, the company has to only make the payment for the conversions after the affiliate marketer closed an order and the buyer purchased the item. All the marketing-related tasks will be handled by the affiliate marketers. The best example for this is the Amazon Affiliate Program where the affiliate partners earn a commission on selling a product.
During the digital marketing training in Delhi, our experts will train you on different tips & techniques of Affiliate Marketing so you can maximize your sales.

Digital Marketing Course: Providing an Edge to Everyone

Anyone can pursue these courses at the ETI's digital marketing course in Delhi to advance their business or job. This course provides numerous benefits to different people, out of which we have listed some of them below:

Students/Freelancers/Job Seekers

  • Get a number of job opportunities
  • Earning while studying
  • A chance to monetize your interest in Social Media

Working Professionals

  • Better job opportunities
  • Enhances your curriculum vitae
  • Better salary package
  • Learning while working

Business Owners

  • A way to digitalize your business
  • Increases sales through SMM, Affiliate Marketing (1 Session), and more
  • Helps in brand building

Out-of-the-Box Digital Marketing Training in Delhi at ETI

Expert Training Institute understands the perspective of every individual, therefore, has devised its digital marketing course accordingly. We impart training through our live digital marketing classes & videos. We deploy practical online marketing tools worth 60+K +. We never step back from getting new tools into the system as they help us train our students in a better way. Also, this is crucial to keep them updated of the latest digital marketing tools that are being launched in the market for Online Advertising.

We provide our students with top-class Digital marketing training in Delhi of 3 months' duration. We are committed to equipping them with all the necessary knowledge about digital marketing within these 90 days. There is a big reason why thousands of students choose us above other institutes- 100% placement assurance.

Since our inception in the year 2012, we have been associated with reputed organizations that are constantly looking for digital marketing interns. Therefore, you can rest assured of the internship and placement. Once you complete this course at ETI, you’ll be provided with an opportunity to work in the established companies as an intern. This would provide you a real experience of the work. Furthermore, you’ll also get the internship experience letter that holds great importance at the time of the interview.

Apart from imparting out-of-the-box digital marketing, we offer the following benefits too:

  • Affordable
  • Easy Monthly Instalment (EMI) Facility
  • Doubt sessions
  • Backup digital marketing classes
  • 1-year course validity

Connect with Us for More Details

We are all-time available at your service for this advanced course. If you want to enroll then contact us for the two free demo classes. Join us only when you’re satisfied with the trial classes by our experts.