What is Yesware?

It is a sales productive platform launched in 2010. The exact figure of its users isn’t known but it had over 80,000 users in March 2016. Considering the growth rate the platform achieved in initial years, it can be anticipated that it would have over one million users today. Basically it is an email tracking system used mostly but not limited to Gmail.


What is Bananatag?

It is an email tracking software launched in 2011. It notifies users whether the emails sent are successfully delivered and opened. Bananatag is used in email marketing where mass emails are sent to millions of targeted customers are response awaited. The tracking software generates a detailed analytics report indicating details of emails.

The analytics report show date and time of sending emails;

What is email tracking software?

What is Email Tracking Software?

Email tracking software monitors delivery of emails to targeted ids. The tracking technology relies on digitally time-stamped record to find the exact day and time of delivery emails. The technology also tracks IP addresses of recipients and views whether the emails are successfully received and opened.

Use of email tracking

 It is useful in marketing.

What is a Search Engine

What is a Search Engine?

A search engine is a software system developed to search information on the web. In another definition, it is called a website that collects info and arranges it in a systematic manner for convenience of searchers. It can also be compared with an online database of information.

How do Search Engines work?

The job of a search engine is to gather information and provide info to the searchers.


What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of digital platforms for marketing and there are many platforms where businesses can be promoted. Digital marketing is a set of marketing processes that involves business promotion on various digital media platforms.

Media channels used for internet marketing

Search engines:

Google and Bing are the biggest and also the leading platforms for searching information on businesses.