Digital marketing Tools

Top 15 Digital Marketing Tools and Key Benefits of Using Them 2018

There are hundreds of digital marketing tools that aid marketers to extract business leads online.

From this vast sea of tools, the digital marketer faces the challenge of picking the most effective tools that can get the best results for his campaigns.

At the core of successful marketing campaigns is research in deploying the best web marketing tools.

what is seo

SEO Made Simple: A Complete Guide in 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) processes are defined by Wikipedia as a group of activities that improve exposure and visibility of a website or web pages in the unpaid results of search engines.

Despite SEO process definitions; there is always some amount of ambiguity in SEO techniques. The main question is–what are the elements of a website that are optimized for the SEO operations.

Top 10 Internet marketing jobs in India

Top 10 Internet marketing jobs in India 2018

The Internet marketing industry is growing exponentially and has opened good times for digital marketing jobs aspirants in terms of opportunities and good salary.

No other industry is growing the way digital marketing is surging with an average rate of 30 percent annual growth.

Opportunity for Digitization

More workforce is required as businesses are going digital and opportunities are increasing at an unprecedented pace.

Seo Tips And Tricks

SEO Tips And Tricks To Grow A Website From Zero To Hero to Be In The Future in 2018

Search Engines Optimization (SEO) can play an important part in making increased exposure of a blog and ensuring a high ranking in search engine results pages (SERP) as a mark of good traffic. Here we are discussing some SEO tips to boost traffic and conversion.

All bloggers and webmasters are aware that SEO techniques are constantly changing and they need to update fast with the latest techniques.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions For Freshers

2018 Interview Questions for Recruiting Digital Marketing Executives/Freshers

As a high growth sector, Digital marketing offers good job opportunities.

Candidates looking for managerial or executive jobs must face interviews wherein their depth of technical knowledge will be tested.

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They have to answer questions relating to digital marketing with confidence and finesse.