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There are several ways to promote your brand and search engine optimization is one such important and effective method. In SEO, you can do on-page activities to bring more traffic and to support your on-page optimization, you need to get started with off-page techniques.

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The sole purpose of doing so many efforts both on the page and off the page is to get more sales and higher visibility in SERPs.

In an attempt to do off-page SEO for your site, you may choose different techniques, including classified ads submission, press release submission, blog commenting, web 2.0 submission sites, and many more. In this post, we’ll concentrate on how you can take advantage of Dofollow web 2.0 sites for brand promotion.


Web 2.0 sites for SEO are effective for taking your site to the top level in the search engine results pages. In the web 2.0 submission, you have to share engaging content through blog sites.

In web 1.0, there are static internet pages due to which limited interaction between users and sites used to happen. There was no way to post comments and feedback on particular posts and pages. So, the demand for improved web pages increased and then web 2.0 websites are introduced on the internet.

The second generation of the websites, also known as web 2.0 websites, feature dynamic pages. Now, users can make contributions by making their pages and connecting with other users. Through Web 2.0 submission sites, you can submit articles, blog posts, videos, and images to create backlinks.

Your website ranking and traffic will surely be improved with the usage of these sites. Web 2.0 submission sites list include social networking websitesvideo sharing sites, blog submission sites, etc.

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If we compare web 2.0 sites with web 1.0 then there are various features in the former ones that make it easier for users to use them. Want to know what are these features? Keeping reading…

  1. Contributions of Web Users

With web 2.0 sites, users have a way to contribute to pages. These sites allow for adding add or editing any content just like Wikipedia gives freedom to post content relevant for the readers.

  1. Great User Experience

Best web 2.0 sites make use of installable web applications. This is an amazing feature, which eliminates the user’s concern of downloading desktop apps every time they have to go through any content. You can download plugins right from your browser.

  1. Hashtags Usage

With web 2.0 submission sites, users can use hashtags to relate to online resources. These hashtags help their content go viral on the internet.

  1. User Participation

Unlike on web 1.0 sites, users can participate in web 2.0 submission sites. Giving reviews and suggestions is a lot easier with such websites.

  1. Spread of Content

Web 2.0 websites use multiple channels to circulate your content to the target audience.


Since web 2.0 includes dynamic pages, there are many benefits that you get from using it for content submission. Here’s a list of advantages to promote your website.

  1. Creation of Quality Backlinks

How can you use web 2.0 submission sites to achieve backlinks? It’s very easy! It is advisable to choose some sites from high DA Web 2.0 sites list that you will find in the latter part of this post. Most of these sites allow you to put the URL to your posts, which will help you in backlink building.

The maximum the DA web 2.0 sites, the more relevant backlinks you will create for your site. The idea is to do quality link building without involving spam activities. So, all you need to do is publishing one or two articles on different web 2.0 sites with your post link.

  1. Cheap maintenance

Web 2.0 sites are not just easy to maintain but also the cost of maintenance is cheaper than others. All you need to be worried about is the quality of the content that you are making life on your site.

  1. The Creation of Responsive Sites

Web 2.0 sites like WordPress provides you with flexibility and convenience to design a responsive site at zero cost. With such sites, creating a blog or website to become a digital world’s part has never been so easier.


You need to know the following things to get started with these sites rightly.

Step 1- Select the sites from the high DA Web 2.0 submission sites list provided by us.

Step 2- Create an account on the chosen web 2.0 websites. Avoid making more than one account on a single website. If you use just one site and create multiple accounts on it that it’s considered as a spam activity, and you will be penalized for it.

Step 3- Make sure you select a keyword-rich domain name. Now, create a similar profile as your primary site.

Step 4- Create other pages such as about us, contact us, etc.

Step 5- Publish SEO-friendly content on each page of your web 2.0 website to engage your audience. It is advisable for you to hire professional content writers who will write great content for publishing on these sites.

Step 6- Make sure you use appropriate multimedia contents such as videos, images, and infographics, and many more.

Step 7- Treat your web 2.0 websites as your primary website. In order words, take care of on-page SEO on these sites too.

Step 8- Start making natural backlinks to your site. But before you get started with it, it’s important for you to create a robust network of do-follow web 2.0 sites by posting articles and blogs. When your content start getting indexing and ranking, you can look after money factor.


Use this web 2.0 sites list to submit content for website promotion:

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