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When talking about creating high-quality backlinks, there are multiple effective off-page SEO techniques to adopt. Blog commenting in SEO is one such method that provides your sites with the relevant backlink. Let me tell you how?

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In this post, we will be throwing light on the list of high DA blog commenting sites in 2021 and the plus points that comes along with it.


Most web pages will let you include your website’s link to your comments. This process of commenting posting with your website link is termed as Blog Commenting. It’s an advantageous SEO technique that drives web traffic.

The process of blog commenting can be split into two- Manual & Automated. Read further to know about them in detail.

1. Automated Process

The automated method involves making use of different tools to publish comments on multiple autos approve blog commenting websites. For this, Instant approval blog commenting sites list is required. These blogs are open moderation websites and don’t need manual moderators for comment approval on different posts. The SEO experts don’t suggest these automated blog commenting sites and procedure as most of them are spam.

2. Manual Process

If you’re looking for high-quality and natural backlinks for your website then the manual process is highly advantageous to you. Since you are publishing comments based on the actual content, you will get approval for sure. Apart from building backlinks, a manual blog commenting process helps in generation of tons of traffic. Most high DA blog commenting sites have moderators to approve and reject the comments. If you post relevant comments on a particular blog post then it will be visible to others after approval.

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You will find the list of benefits of using the best DoFollow blog commenting sites. Hopefully, these reasons convince you to start implementing this technique to promote your brand.

1. Better Exposure

You can enjoy better exposure when you put meaningful comments on blog commenting sites of your niche. Millions of people use such sites on daily basis. So, when you get approval from the moderator of the blog commenting sites on which you have posted the comments then your comment having your site’s link will get circulated to a wide set of audience.

2.  Get Connected with Top Influencer

Getting connected with top industry influencers becomes easier when you choose high DA blog commenting sites to post your comments. When you post relevant comments early, you can get replies from top influencers. With this, you can get connected with them.

3. Backlinks

Top blog commenting sites can assist in creating relevant do-follow backlinks. Although some sites will not pass on the link juice to your site. But by making use of DoFollow blog commenting sites list provided below, you will make efforts to get do-follow backlinks that will give you higher authority & traffic.

4. More Traffic

If you post highly relevant comments on the blog commenting sites then other readers will be compelled to click on your site’s URL, thus generating traffic.

Among other reasons to use high DA and free blog commenting sites list are:

  • You will always have an opportunity to learn something new.
  • You can be approached by successful bloggers if they found your comments and site content relevant.
  • Enhance your writing skills.
  • It also helps to increase your followers on social media. People like to follow those who can give solutions to their issues.
  • Your site can experience a higher rank on SERP owing to the link juice that is passed on by these sites.
  • Your profile also gets improved, developing more opportunities in the online world.

Having known the plus points of using the blog commenting sites, you must be wondering how to use them. The process is too easy!


The following tips will help you to use blog commenting sites effectively for improving overall SEO.

1. Choose Blog Posts Related to Your Niche

In order to reach out to your target set of audience, it’s wise to choose only those blog commenting sites, which are related to your niche. Posting appropriate comments will enhance your link profile and help in driving traffic to your website. To search on Google for your niche-related blog commenting websites, you should browse:

  • Niche-related Keyword + “add your comment”.
  • Niche-related Keyword + “submit your comment”.
  • Niche-related Keyword + “add comment”.
  • Niche-related Keyword + “submit comment”

2. Reveal your Real Details

We suggest you register on these websites with genuine details, including name, email id, and logo of your business. It is easier to get comment approval when you use real information.

3. Study the Blog Post before Posting Comments

It is not sensitive enough to directly scroll to the comment section without going through the content of the blog post. Additionally, you should read the first fewer comments to understand how your comment should be like.

4. Post Appropriate Comments

Make a genuine and appropriate comment on a blog post. Ensure you post a length content, usually of 100 words or more, to make it appear more relevant. Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes while using the blog commenting sites. Doing this will reflect your expertise and knowledge in your niche. With this, you can gain the admin’s heart and easily get the comment approval.

5. Early Commenting Habit is Good

In order to make your comment more visible to others, you should comment as early as possible. This will help you get the attention of top influencers in your niche

On top of that, posting engaging comments early can transform your comment into a long conversation. People begin making appropriate comments on your comment, and in this way, you get more famous through free blog commenting sites.

6. Keep following up the blogs

It’s not a good blog commenting practice to ignore those blogs after you’ve posted comments on them. Regular follow-ups with high DA blog commenting sites will help you to be an early commenter.


Precautions are important for avoiding mistakes that will adversely affect our reputation online. So, follow the below tips to make your blog commenting activity successful.

  1. Make sure that your blog comments are free of spam and natural. There are various tools that can recognize spam comments. If caught spamming, you’ll have to face penalization.
  2. Avoid using search terms or keywords in place of your genuine full names.
  3. Never get abusive while blog commenting as this can prevent you from getting approval by the blog’s admin.
  4. Avoid posting comments without following up. It is advisable to make contributions to every conversation.
  5. Avoid posting comments which are inappropriate to the niche topic. Comments such as “nice post”, “Thank you for this information”, and something like that are too short. To attract the attention of other readers and admin of the blog, you need to write one or two things highlighting how their content has been useful to you.

There are other off-page SEO techniques that increase your website ranking like directory submission, profile creation, business listing, guest posting, article submission, social bookmarking.

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