15 Best Off Page SEO Techniques For First Page Ranking in 2019

Off Page SEO Techniques – In becoming business savvy, a website must become search engine-friendly in the first place. It must also satisfy the parameters laid down by big search engines like Google to stay visible before an online audience.

Off Page SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the lone technology that makes websites search engine compatible. It is one of the top digital marketing channels as well that offers best ROI by ensuring a sustained, long term hike in traffic to business websites.

Fast-Changing SEO Tactics

However, SEO techniques are not stagnant. They keep changing and new methods are coming up. Two components of SEO are best known—-On-page and Off-page SEO.

Smart marketers are always on the lookout for the latest off page SEO techniques that help to zoom business of a client’s to higher ranks in the search engine results pages.

Before figuring out what is off page SEO let us study the impact of off-page SEO and there are more things to do Beyond On-Page SEO.

In the latter, a lot of off-page optimization techniques are at work to ensure maximum visibility of a website to enter and stay put in top ranks of unpaid search engine results (SERP). This can happen only when domain authority and backlinks are at a high. Off-page optimization is vital in three areas.

  • Increasing the Page Rank
  • Increasing the Rankings in SERP
  • Hiking the overall visibility of the website

These are critical variables in unleashing the flood of traffic to a website, lead generation, and business growth.

Off-page SEO factors can improve a website’s ranking in SERPs. Since the techniques applied are happening outside of the website, the name is rightly put as off page SEO.

Staying on top of SEO off page optimization techniques is a must to avoid getting lost to competitors who may dominate top ranks in the SERPs and walk away with hard-earned customers.

Why is SEO important?

latest Off page seo techniques

Today bulk of online traffic is driven by search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Of late social media has started sending visitors to websites. But the prominence of search engines as a top source of navigation is still unchallenged.

Now let us take a casual look at the core SEO action points in making a website search engine friendly.

Keyword Research: Matching search queries to the service or product offering.

On-Page SEO: Using Keywords to sharpen audience targeting and revamping important areas of look and fell plus Title, images, URLs etc.

Off-Page SEO: Adding authority to the website by developing links from external websites via a series of actions outside the website.

Technical SEO: Making sure the web pages are duly crawled and indexed by search engines’ robots.

Content Creation: Producing quality content that serves as a lighthouse to visitors to enter and experience solutions to their problems.

Content Marketing: Marketing the well-produced content to the target audience and slicing out customers.

As in any technology, there are changes happening with time off page SEO activities as well. What worked as a super technique yesterday and won a front page rank may be useless today.

Why Off-Page SEO is Important For Success

Off-page techniques matter more as the current digital age is seeing a close race by all businesses including large companies to make a name online to garner customers, revenue and profit.

This scenario adds a compulsion to assume greater domain authority via off-site optimization techniques in making sure that a website is taken seriously by users and search engines.

Now let us look at the top off page SEO techniques. They include many link building tactics.

Some New Trends in Off Page SEO

off page optimization techniques

In the latest off page SEO techniques, Internal Linking Strategy has become vital. That is a precondition for any SEO master for making quality backlinks for websites under optimization or curation.

Internal Linking: That gives a powerful funnel effect as it can guide a visitor coming through a link can be prodded to visit many other pages of the website.

Solid Backlink Strategy:  Creating top quality content consistently can cause a ripple effect on both on and offsite SEO and can be the guarantor for building a vast basket of links.

This makes sure people link back to your site for a valid of the reason for reading good content. Providing quality content proves expertise and brings a stronger audience, quality connections and strong backlinks.

Establish Thought Leadership: Offline SEO impact can accelerate authority by expanding to branded media. Take part in the Ask me anything sessions on Reddit and answer queries on Twitter to increase fame and drive visitors to the website.

Similarly, giving quotes and interviews can expand expertise, recognition, and exposure. Any interviewer will be happy to include website links of the person in focus.

Social Media Exposure

Google is saying social media is not an influencing factor in direct ranking. But sharing great content on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and generating links can support a crucial hike in ranking.

Google honours such offsite efforts of websites in the SERPs ranks. This is one of the simple pathways to great offsite SEO results.

Some Off Page SEO Techniques

Contribute as Guest Author: There are a number of good and quality blogs that are open for a guest post from various authors. Write an amazing research piece and reach them with the content for the guest post. Don’t focus on quantity of links but rather focus only on quality links. Also, don’t keep posting multiple times on the same guest blog site.

For Guest Blog Post Sites List

Blog Directory Submission: Directory Submission is one of the effective off-site SEO techniques for creating quality backlinks.

There may not be rapid results. But the results can work well for long term gain. Some of the popular directories include the following.

  • http://www.boingboing.net
  • http://technorati.com
  • http://www.networkedblogs.com
  • http://www.elecdir.com
  • http://www.a1webdirectory.org

For Directory Submission site list

Article Submission: Submitting articles in article directories can add superb links to a website provided the content is unique. Content smelling low quality and stuffed with keywords will get rejected. While submitting the article, make sure it goes to the right category and a catchy title exists.

  • http://www.thefreelibrary.com
  • http://www.magportal.com
  • http://ezinearticles.com
  • http://hubpages.com/
  • http://www.brighthub.com/

For Article Submission Sites List

Question and Answers: The following Question and answer websites are great in obtaining links to a website besides enhancing visibility virtually free.

  • https://answers.yahoo.com/
  • http://www.ehow.com/
  • https://www.quora.com/
  • http://askville.amazon.com/
  • http://www.blurtit.com/

Social Bookmarking Sites: Social bookmarking sites are great in promoting websites. Bookmarking a webpage or blog post on bookmarking websites can gain high extra mileage to the webpage.

Some of the popular Bookmarking Websites are

  • http://stumbleupon.com
  • https://delicious.com
  • http://digg.com
  • http://slashdot.org

For Social Bookmarking Sites List

Forum Submission:  Search forums are ideal to bring the attention of new visitors. By replying to threads, engaging people’s questions boosting a site’s authority and traffic is possible.

  • http://www.addthis.com/forum
  • https://bbpress.org/forums/
  • http://www.chronicle.com/forums
  • https://www.flickr.com/help/forum/en-us/
  • http://www.careerbuilder.com

For Forum Submission Sites List

Video Submission: By submitting videos to websites with high Page Rank (PR) powerful backlinks are assured. Go to popular video submission sites, add a proper title, description, tags and reference links.

  • https://www.youtube.com/
  • http://www.hulu.com/
  • http://www.break.com/
  • https://vimeo.com/
  • http://www.ustream.tv/
  • https://vine.co/
  • http://www.metacafe.com

For Video Submission Sites List

Image Submission: By sharing optimized images with the correct URL and title tag, prospects of good backlinks become bright.

  • https://instagram.com/
  • https://www.flickr.com/
  • http://www.deviantart.com/
  • http://www.fotolog.com/
  • http://imgur.com/
  • https://picasa.google.com/
  • https://www.tumblr.com/
  • https://www.mediafire.com/
  • https://www.shutterfly.com/

For Image Submission Sites List

Infographics Submission: Creative infographics are in high demand. Use infographics submission sites with due reference links to the blog or websites. Some of the popular websites for infographics are here.

  • http://submitinfographics.com/
  • http://visual.ly/
  • http://www.infographiclove.com/
  • http://www.infographicsarchive.com/
  • http://www.reddit.com/r/Infographics
  • http://www.nerdgraph.com/

Infographics Submission Sites List

Changing Trends in SEO techniques

SEO experts with their mission to take a website to the top charts of SERPs have the discretion to focus on the appropriate SEO action area. The overall boost to ROI of business can only come from achieving top rankings in search results.

Some of the new trends gracing the SEO segment for 2019 can include the following.

  • High focus on user experience
  • Action for voice search optimization
  • Special attention on topic clusters
  • Minimum detailing
  • Use of more YouTube videos
  • Ensuring variety in backlinks
  • Creation of local landing pages to woo regional customers

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Why Offline SEO is Valuable Despite Time Lag?

One reason why Digital marketing agencies suggest a long term SEO treatment for websites is borne by the urge to pay better focus on latest off page SEO techniques and methods.

When a good SEO action plan places, a website will stay closer to the target audience. Credibility is built more by effective backlinks nurtured by the power of good content and respect for the latest rules of SEO.

Hire Off Page SEO Services

As noted in the above analysis, Off-page SEO methods are essentially promotion methods involving every part of the website.

The efforts behind Off-page SEO will continue to remain geared toward building high-quality links. Personalized off-page SEO strategies are the forte of many experienced SEO agencies.

Important Off-page SEO tools

Let also not forget useful off page SEO tools. Google is a top name as it indexes the whole web. There are Back link explorers such as MajesticSEO, Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer. Keeping track of Backlinks data of one’s own site and competitors’ is imperative for which these tools are good.

Identifying new link opportunities using tools like Majestic SEO’s Clique Hunter tool will be a brilliant attempt. Linkclump as a Chrome extension can spot out multiple links in short notice.

To conclude, relying on off-page SEO services and providers can back you with many out of the box tactics including Press Release Submission, Blog Posting and Blog Commenting as part of the latest Off-Page SEO techniques. They naturally strengthen the authority and exposure of websites without any big costs.



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