Image Submission Sites List 2019

Image Submission Sites List 2019

Image submission sites are indispensable resources or tools in boosting visibility, traffic and in aggregating backlinks for business websites. Some of the high recall image submission sites and image sharing sites are Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook. Leveraging free image submission sites is as much important as the use of text content in a website. High-quality images boost content and attract traffic to hike site’s online visibility.

The key benefits of image submission sites are the following.

The highly popular free image submission sites include:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr
  • Instagram

Targeting Right Audience

Image submission site list is used by marketers in targeting audience for all niches. Image sharing websites and image submission sites are sure pathways for backlinks via search results.

From an SEO point of view, for effective results from image submission sites, the following factors are to be addressed.

  • Use of the right image
  • Using the correct file format
  • Use of alternate text
  • Effective image description

According to experts, there are two ways of using image upload sites

  • Posting images on one’s own business website
  • Submitting or posting images to image submission sites and image posting sites
  • Doing SEO action for images on the website

All the images used in web content must be optimized to enable crawling for which the tips for image indexing must be known.

The Benefit of Alt Text

Use alt text on images for successful upload.

Offer sitemaps as mandatory information on the images used.

Update image information regularly to existing sitemaps.

SEO Benefit from Image Sharing Sites

Adding content brief to the ‘alt attribute’ of the image helps in search engines to index the link of parent website in the SERP.

For websites, images offer a better user experience. By adding images there is the scope to enhance overall aesthetics.

Use images for internal linking to navigate smoothly around a website. Image sharing sites and image submission sites for SEO is a prominent off page technique to gain the benefit of traffic and garnering links from high domain authority sites.

The Procedure of Image Submission

For submitting images to the popular image hosting sites, create accounts to post images to concerned sites. Allow sharing of uploaded images among people in the network to increase website links to images and add traffic.

Top Image Sharing Sites

Here we are listing some high PR image sharing sites. Back-links coming from top PR sites command high authority in the SEO parlance.


Think of the benefit, when a single link from Pinterest by simply posting gets a link worth 100 DA.


High DA Image Submission Sites List



Link Type



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High DA 100 Free Image Submission Sites List 2019 [Dofollow and Updated]
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High DA 100 Free Image Submission Sites List 2019 [Dofollow and Updated]
High DA Image Submission Sites list play an important role in SEO today. These Image submission websites list will help you in getting some quality backlinks.
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