Search Engine Submission Sites List 2023

Every digital marketer wishes to promote their websites to get a top-level ranking on the search engine results page. If you’re here today then you must be one of them. Have you ever worked on search engine submission sites to improve your search rankings?

Search engine submission websites are very effective in generating tons of traffic on the world wide web. Studies are evident that Google is the most used search engine. However, there are many other search engine sites that are appropriate for submitting your site’s URL.

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In this post, we will be sharing with you the search engine submission sites list in 2021. With the use of these sites, your SEO can go a long way and will generate huge traffic.


Before we jump into the discussion of what search engine submission is, let us first discuss what is a search engine?

A search engine is a system, which is designed for users so they can browse different things on the internet.

Some top free search engine submission websites include Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Now, it turns to discuss what are search engine submission sites in SEO?

It is a practical yet the most effective off-page search engine optimization technique that involves the submission of a website’s URL to multiple search engines. This method is ideal for creating organic do-follow backlinks, which will enhance your ranking on the internet.

Before we move further to reveal the best search engine submission sites list, we would like to explain the working of search engines

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Here are the important things you need to understand the working principle of search engines. These things are highly important for digital marketers, especially the new professionals in the industry to ensure the success of their SEO campaign.

We will explain you step by step how search engines work:

#1. How does Google work?

#2. What is Crawling?

#3. What is Indexing in Google?

#4. Why do some pages are ranked higher than others?

#5 How other Search Engines Perform?

1-   How Google Works?

Google is the most famous search engine. It is used to discover information about different things. Within a fraction of seconds of asking anything, Google shortlists the best results and display on your screen to help you in the most efficient manner.

Have you ever thought about how Google actually works?

Well, there are two prime factors on which this particular search engine submission site works to give you the best search query results. These include indexing and crawling.

2-   What is Crawling in Google Working Process?

Google crawls the internet to discover the reliable and relevant pages which it will include in its database. Therefore, most of the results that you see on Google for any search query come from its database rather than the internet. This direct fetching of results from Google’s database makes the entire process of searching a lot faster.

This search engine submission site crawls to help users get access to the reliable web pages whenever users put a search query.

This process of crawling is carried out with the help of Google crawlers. Their job is to find the new pages and get required and necessary information about them for the next step called “Indexing”.

3-   What is Indexing in Google?

Indexing starts immediately after crawling is done. Don’t forget that crawling is a process of finding new pages and fetching the relevant details about those pages while indexing is a process in which those crawled web pages are indexed and included in the Google’s database.

In nutshell, indexing is a listing of crawled websites in the database of Google- the most used search engine submission website.

4-   Why do some pages are ranked higher than others?

It’s a common question asked by many people that why some pages enjoy higher rankings in SERPs?

Right from the beginning, there has always been an order (ranking order) on which every indexed page appears on the search engine results page. This ranking order can be ideally explained as votes which every niche-related web page has. The more your votes, the higher your site will get on SERPs.

These votes are the organic backlinks earned by each web page. When your web pages get to the top of SERP then it’s a consequence of the number of organic backlinks that you have created for your site.

It’s crucial to understand that some websites backlinks are more than others. Additionally, those backlinks are of premium quality. Therefore, if you also wish to appear on the top of SERP of this free search engine submission website then you have to create high authority backlinks.

5-   How Other Search Engines Perform?

Other search engines such as Bing, MSN, Yahoo, etc, also perform on the same process as Google. They also have crawlers to crawl the web pages and then indexing is done. However, they have different strategies that they adopt to rank pages.


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