HumCommerce – A Must Have E-commerce CRO Tool Too


While launching an e-commerce store seems to be a fascinating desire, managing it can surely wreak havoc upon you. Moreover, just like several other massive domains on the internet, even e-commerce industry has become competitive for new business owners.

When it comes to turning the store into a thriving business so that it not only supports you but your family as well and fulfill all your dreams, it’s possible that you may lag in the race. In fact, most of those who start enthusiastically don’t even get a chance to finish well.

Generally, people end up investing their time in such areas that either yields them no return or very little of it. And, as a result, they get disappointed and compelled enough to abandon the store.

What most people don’t know is that for an e-commerce store to run efficient and thrive, it is essential to keep an eye on the analyzation part. Although there are several tools available out there that can help you with conversion optimization and other executions, it surely becomes a bit difficult to choose from a gamut of options.

To ease out the process of finding an appropriate analytic tool for your e-commerce website, here is one that will help you at every step – HumCommerce. This one is a comprehensive tool that has several features.

Here is the detailed knowledge of this tool:

What Is HumCommerce?

HumCommerce is a tool that can help you keep your e-commerce store’s conversion rate optimization up-to-the-mark. With this tool, you can obtain behavioral analytics, including heat maps, visitor recording, and more. Not just that, but the tool also helps you gather traditional analytics, such as website traffic, the source of traffic, and more.

How Is HumCommerce Useful?

HumCommerce will help you analyze the behavior of your visitors and help you take appropriate steps to improve conversions.

This tool comes packed with a bunch of effective features that you can utilize easily with the help of easy and innate directions that are available within the dashboard of this tool.

HumCommerce integrates seamlessly with all the top stores such as WooCommerce, Magento, X-cart, etc.

To understand the in-depth advantages of this tool, let’s have an insight of its useful features.

So, here’s the list of all the features that you can find in this tool-

Visitor Session Recordings


Knowing how people are interacting with your website is always essential for the growth of your e-commerce store. After all, who wouldn’t want to know whether visitors’ interaction is being useful or not, right?

Usually, session recording or visitor recording is the type of data that lets you understand what your visitors are doing after coming to your website. Having this data will help you to look at the famous part of your website among your visitors.

Not just that, but visitor session recordings also tell the data about the areas that are being overlooked or the links or buttons that are getting maximum clicks. With this data, you’d be able to optimize your entire website according to the behavior of your customers.


With heat maps, you can have an update of the website’s interaction data. Right from where your visitors are moving their cursors, to where they are clicking and scrolling down, heatmaps lets you know every possible thing.

In HumCommerce, heatmaps show separate data for varied devices, such as tablets, mobiles, and desktops. Also, with HumCommerce, you can have a track of three different types of heat maps, such as:

  • Hover Maps:


Also known as attention maps, they help you discover those parts of the websites where your visitors stay affixed. Generally, visitors move their cursor towards the area that has got their utmost attention. Therefore, with this mouse movement map, you’d be able to understand such content that is relevant and eye-catching for your audience.

  • Click Maps:


Whether you have integrated links in a text, blank space, or in a picture, your ultimate goal would be to gather clicks on it, right? So, this click map is designed to let you know such elements that are getting the maximum number of clicks. Not just that, but with this map, you can even spot the faults in usability. Hence, replacing those links that aren’t leading anywhere would be easier.

  • Scroll Maps:


With these maps, you can have an idea of how far your visitors are scrolling down a webpage. You’ll get a percentage of people who scrolled down to a specific part of a page. With this, you can even figure out the section where your visitors spend their time the most.

A/B Testing

A-B Testing


Also famous as Bucket Testing or Split Testing, this feature will help you experiment with different aspects of your website. With this option in hand, you’d be able to compare two versions of a single webpage through live traffic and find out which one was effective enough to attract a large number of customers or visitors.

This HumCommerce feature helps you in tracking the way interactions are happening, buttons your visitors are clicking upon, whether or not they are watching videos, etc.

E-Commerce Conversion Funnels

E-Commerce Conversion Funnels


Understanding the entire methodology of sales funnel is vital because, ultimately, it helps you visualize your customer journey right from the stage of awareness to the point of conversion. Therefore, if you haven’t started yet, now would be the time to discover tailbacks in your conversion funnel and optimize them appropriately.

With this feature of HumCommerce, not just you’ll be able to create a funnel but will also see exactly where your visitors are deserting your website, along with some other obstacles. Once you have a profound understanding of this aspect, you’ll be able to enhance the funnel to gain maximum profit.

Form Analytics

If you have formed up and running on your e-commerce website, you’d surely want to have an insight of its result, isn’t it? So, HumCommerce lets you have this opportunity. With Form Analytics feature of this tool, you can have a glimpse of how your visitors are interacting with your website form. With a specific plugin, you’d be able to have an idea of problems that are present in your form. And hence, optimizing will be quite a plain-sailing thereafter.

Search Engine Keywords

Search Engine Keywords


With this feature, you can easily have an entire list of relevant keywords searched by your target audience on Bing, Google, and Yahoo. Not just that, but the result sheet also provides you the number of clicks, impressions, search result position, along with the ClickThrough rate.

Furthermore, it even lets you have a peek inside information that is related to robots’ crawl, like items that your robotos.txt file might have blocked, errors that may come up while visiting a particular page, etc.

User’s Flow

User’s Flow


With the User’s Flow feature, you can find out how your visitors are reaching your app or website. It is a great way of cross-checking if there are some bugs in your site or whether your CTA button is working properly or not. On top of that, you can even figure out execute conversion optimization to increase sales.

E-Commerce Insights

E-Commerce Insights


With E-Commerce insights, HumCommerce helps you in finding out how every individual product is performing, depending on its conversion rate, visits, revenue, and more. With this data, you’ll know which product needs improvement and your keen attention.

Furthermore, you can even gain data related to an abandoned cart. Right from checking the revenue left in the cart to the percentage of abandonment, you can have several stats easily. Not just that, but you can even get your hands on profound information of your customers, including the source of sales, and more.

Customized Reports

If standard reports don’t fit your requirements, HumCommerce provides you a chance to get custom reports. Such reports will be helpful enough in setting up new goals and optimizing the website appropriately. On top of that, it even provides a list of 200+ metrics, visualizations and dimensions from where you can select as per your choice.

How to Use HumCommerce?

Considering how tedious setting up certain tools can be, pondering upon this question for HumCommerce is quite obvious. However, unlike other tools, you’ll face almost no hassles. Let alone hours; this tool can be easily set up in 5 minutes. If you are taking the paid version of this tool, then not the websites but the page views would be counted. With the free version, you can have as many as 10,000 views every month.

Free Vs. Paid

HumCommerce offers a free plan which you can use it for as long as you want without paying a single buck, given if the features provided in this version are enough for you.

If not, you upgrade to the paid versions. Even in this category, you have three different plans. Therefore, you can decide on one that is good enough for your requirements.


Overall, this analytic tool is one of the best that you can get in the market. So, if you are willing to keep an eye on every possible aspect of your e-commerce store, try HumCommerce once. You can even start with the free version and move up to another whenever required.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).