15+ Common Mistakes To Avoid When Launching An eCommerce Website

Building and running a successful eCommerce business is a serious undertaking. Unlike a blog or a professional website, for an eCommerce site, you have to do in-depth research about your target audience. You need to find a niche market. You need to decide what products you want to sell and the different categories. You also have to set-up different payment channels and determine the pricing of each product, costs of shipping, taxation, etc.

However, with all of these tasks that need to be done, you are bound to make mistakes on-the-way. These mistakes can prove to be quite costly. Thus, if you are about to launch an eCommerce website or already have an eCommerce site, then here are a few eCommerce mistakes that you need to avoid and rectify respectively.

Some of the most common mistakes when building an eCommerce site are; not having a responsive website, having a limited budget, not having a strong business strategy plan, choosing a long domain name, etc. Once the website is launched, few mistakes that marketers make is; not having a proper eCommerce SEO marketing plan not having social media profiles for the business among others. These eCommerce mistakes can hamper the growth of your online business. Thus, it is important to avoid them from the get-go.

To this end, the below infographic has listed all the eCommerce mistakes you need to avoid/rectify. By following this infographic, youĂ­d be able to create a well-optimized website. This, in turn, will drive targeted traffic and increase your conversion rate considerably. So, go ahead and check out this infographic now. In addition, for more information on how to rectify these mistakes, you can check out this complete eCommerce mistakes guide

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19 Mistakes To Avoid When Launching An Ecommerce Website [Infographic] by the team at Hostingclues


Common SEO Mistakes Infogrpahic



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