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As per the case studies and upcoming jobs in 2020-21 it is found that the digital marketing is the fastest growing industry. There are many companies looking for digital marketers world-wide.


Yes, it is true that in this digital era every small or large business needs digital marketing to reach their potential audience.


Through digital marketing strategies it is very easily to target the right audience by selecting age, gender demographics etc. Targeting the right audience on particular platform gives more appropriate results.


As compare to traditional marketing Digital marketing is not at all expensive. Strategies like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performed in digital marketing is completely organic i.e free of cost .


Digital marketing for entrepreneurs is a very good option for promoting there business / brands online, reaching the target audience and generating leads.


Google Adsense , Affiliate marketing and Youtube are the platforms through which one can generate their online income.


Writing content , Website designing providing digital marketing services to clients working from home is a very good opportunities for freelancers.


Digital marketing is a useful platform for content writers. Content writers can deliver/share their content either by writing blogs or presenting it on Youtube through video marketing.


Digital marketing gives the ability to reach a global market place. Small or Medium scale business owners can generate lots of profit through Digital marketing at low cost.


Digital Marketing Course Overview

In the very first Module of Digital Marketing Training, we'll provide you basic expression info, differences of traditional marketing vs digital marketing, the notion of a search engine functions, etc.. When we examine that specific module of ETI with Other Digital marketing Institutes, you'll find out that We've Have More comprehensive intro of digital marketing in our first module. That Why? We're the Best Internet Marketing Institute.

Definition of Digital Marketing
Scope Of Internet Marketing
Trends Of Digital Marketing
Significance Of Online Marketing
How It Is Different From Traditional Channels Of Marketing

Understanding Website Designing

At this Module of Internet Marketing Training we instruct you how you can produce your own site. We'll help you learn basic construction. You'll find an notion of dynamic and static website pages. Every Student has a different standpoint in accordance with their attention and requirements, you are going to find out how to make an ecommerce site, Fitness website, corporate site etc. You'll find out that We have detailed Website Planning within our module if we compare ETI along with other digital marketing training Institute. That why? We are the best Internet Advertising Institute.

Dynamic vs Static Website
What Are Responsive Websites?
Components Of A Website
Difference Between Website And Blog
Difference Between Website And Web Portal
Points To Consider While Designing A Website
Competitor Analysis

Static Website Creation

Basic HTML
What Is CSS
Understanding Web Design
Understanding The Structure In HTML Code
Designing the Structure According To The Requirements
Incorporating Basic Features
Page Internal Linking
Creation Of Inner Pages
Adding Facebook Like Box
Twitter Feed
Google Map
Enquiry Form
Live Chat

Domain Registration & Hosting

What Is Domain Name
How To Choose Domain Name
What Is Web Hosting
How To Choose Hosting
What Is Shared Hosting
What Is VPS (Virtual Private Server)
What Is Dedicated Hosting
How To Host A Domain
What Is FTP
Understanding c-panel
What Is SSL
How To Create Business e-mail ids

Wordpress Website Creation

What Is CMS
What Is Blog
Understanding Wordpress & Its Functioning
How To Install Wordpress
Theme Selection & Installation
Exploring Theme Options
Creation Of Pages & Menus
Content Building For Front Page
Team Members
Counters (Milestone)
Image Slider
Pricing Tables
Blog & their Categories
Call To Actions
Service Box (Flip & Icon)
Progress Bars
Gallery (Masonry, Grid, Animated & Stripes)
Adding Required Plugins
Introduction To Woo Commerce
Payment Gateway Integration
Creation Of Page Using Page Builder (Visual Composer)
Register/Login Option
Widget Creation (Side Bars, Footers)

Advance Search Engine Optimization

In this Module of Internet Marketing Institute Course. we instruct you how to get top ranking in google with the help SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, It is a procedure to optimize your page in a high ranking in search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., for any specific keyword without paying anything. Search engine optimization is a job that is technical established. It works on over 200 Ranking Factor. Itself divides one is on page SEO along with one is seo. If we compare this specific module of ETI with other internet marketing training Institute, you'll find out that We have thorough search engine optimization instruction in our module. That why? We are the top Internet marketing Institute.

Introduction & Understanding Of SEO And Search Engines
Understanding Basic SEO Terminology
Types Of SEO With Brief Explanation
White Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO
Doorway Pages
Invisible Text
Grey Hat SEO
On-Page SEO

Competitor Analysis
Initial Site Analysis
Keyword Research & Mapping (Placement)
Analytics & Webmaster Code Integration
Site Map (HTML & XML)
Internal & External Linking & Its Benefits
301 & 302 Redirections
Structured Data Mark Up (Schema)

Off-Page SEO
Types Of Links
Directory Submission
Social Book Marking
Article Submission
Guest Blog Posting
Blog Commenting
Press Release
Business Listing & Classifieds
Profile Creation
Forum Posting
SEO Tools
Google Webmaster Tool
Backlink Analysis
Disavow Tool

Advance Google Ads PPC

In this Module of internet marketing institute, we introduce you on how to get top ranking using Google Adwords. SEM stands for Search engine marketing, Search engine promotion is a process to secure visibility in ad's standing through bidding and generating on advertisements by the usage of Google Ads. Google Ads is a stage used to make ads in networks such as Video, Screen, Search, Mobile, Shopping, and Universal program. In search engine marketing, Google ads operate on the bidding procedure and advertising quality. You'll find out that We've got thorough search engine promotion training within our Module if we compare this specific Module of ETI along with other Digital internet marketing institutes. That why? We're the top professional Internet marketing Institute.

What is PPC?
How PPC differs from SEO?
Understanding Advertising Goals
What is Google Adwords?
Account Creation
What is Search Marketing?
Types of Ads
Do's & Don't's of Ads
Keyword Match Types
Bid Strategies
DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion)
Count down Ads
Bid Adjustment
Ad Extensions
URL Option
What is Display Marketing?
Branding With Display Marketing

Type Of Ads
Creation Of Banner Ads
What is Shopping Network & Merchant Center
Creating Merchant Center Account
Google Merchant Center Linking With Adwords
Creation Of Shopping Campaign
What is App Marketing?
Mobile App Install
Mobile App Engagement
Promote Mobile App
What is Remarketing?
What Is Video Network?(YouTube Marketing)
True View In-Stream Ads
True View Video Discovery Ads
Bumper Ads
Video Remarketing
What Is CPV?
Promoting Videos
Paid Advertisement on Youtube
What is Remarketing?
Custom Audience
What is Bid and Budget?
Google Adwords Hierarchy
Account Creation
Understanding Account Structure
Case Studies
Advance Settings
Campaign Designing & Optimization
What Is Quality Score & Its Importance
Concept Of Landing Page
Conversion Tracking
Ad Scheduling & Delivery
Advance Settings
Competitor Analysis
Google Adwords Facts
My Client Center
Campaign Automation
Countdown & Keyword Insertion
CTR And Its Importance
Ads Bid Strategies
Adwords Billing
Adwords Tools
Adwords Examination Books
Bing Ads
What is Bing Ads, How does PPC works?
How to run Search Campaign?
Import from Google Adwords
What is a UET Tag?
Keyword Research
Bing Ads Policies
Remarketing in Paid Search
Ad Extensions
Dynamic Keyword Insertion
Conversion Rate Optimization
CRO Strategy
A/B Testing - Split Testing
Role Of Analytics
Remarketing Principles
Budget Allocation Over Digital Marketing
Role Of Testimonial & Other Supportive Material
Method To Increase CRO

Social Media Optimization

In this module of Digital Marketing Training, We'll provide you a brief Information about Social Media Optimization. SMO is a procedure to raise your visibility through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. without paying anything to these social networking websites. We teach you how you can work on social networking tools such as FST, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc. for bulk posting and sharing and auto-scheduling. If we compare this module with other digital marketing institutes, you'll find out that We have detailed Social media optimization training within our module. That why? We're the best Online Marketing Institute.

What is Social Media?
Social Media Uses
Social Media Platforms
Benefits of social media
How to target right audience?
Social media tools
How to add large number of friends in single click
How to grow your Instagram fast?
How to use Pinterest?

Social Media Marketing

In this Module of Internet Marketing Training, We'll provide Brief knowledge of SMM to you. SMM stands for Social Media Marketing, SMM is a procedure to advertise your Business, your website, facebook pages through Facebook business, and Twitter ads for gaining visibility and clients. You'll find out that We have detailed Infomation if we compare this module of ETI with other training institutes. That why? We're the no.1 Internet Marketing Institute.

Social Media Introduction
What Is Viral Marketing?
Scope & Importance Of Social Media
Facebook & Instagram Marketing
Facebook Business Page Creation
Business Page Optimization
Adding Features into Page
Facebook Groups
Facebook Ads
Facebook Retargeting
Facebook Power Editor
Facebook Shopping Ads
Facebook Video Marketing
Lead Generation through Facebook
App promotion through Facebook
Reporting & Analysis
Instagram Ads
Creating A Business Page
Switching Accounts
Twitter Profile Optimization
Using Hashtags
Increasing Followers
What is Re-tweet and Mention?
Twitter Ads
Twitter Retargeting
Twitter Video Marketing
Lead Generation through Twitter
App promotion through Twitter
Reporting & Analysis
Creating Strong profiles on LinkedIn
Creating Company profiles
How to Post Jobs on LinkedIn
How to create Groups on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn Retargeting
Sponsored Content Ads
Text Ads
Sponsored In-mail Ads
Reporting & Analysis
How to Upload Videos
On-Page Optimization of Videos
How to add End Screens & Annotation to Videos
How to add Cards to Videos
How to add Subtitles to Videos in different languages
SEO of Videos

Google Analytics

In this Module of Internet Marketing Institute, We'll provide Brief knowledge of Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool that helps you to analyze your website traffic. If we compare this module of ETI with other online marketing institutes, you will find out that We have much more detailed Google Analytics training in our fifteenth module. That's Why? We are the best Internet Marketing Institute.

Web Analytics & its importance
Introduction to Google Analytics
Essential Google Analytics Reports
Setting up Advanced Filters & Reports
Setting up Goals & Funnels
Tracking Conversion & Performance
Monitoring Traffic Sources & Behavior
Analytics For E-commerce
Analytics For E-mails
Advance URL Tracking

E-mail Marketing

In this Module of Internet Marketing Institute, We'll provide you a brief Information about Email Marketing. Email Marketing is a procedure to send mass emails in one click. You will learn how to use bulk email marketing softwares like Aweber, Mailchimp, etc.. Inside this, you will know how to send every mail-in inbox without paying anything. You'll find out that We have detailed Email Marketing Content if we compare this module of ETI with other training centers. That's Why? We're the best and Advance Online Marketing Institute.

Understanding & Benefits of Email Marketing
Permission Marketing & Spamming
Designing an Effective Email Campaign
Email Marketing Tools
Email Guidelines(CanSpam)
How to Increase Open & Click through rates
Tracking Email Marketing Reports
Blog Email Automation
Subscription Email Automation
eCommerce Automation
Creating Signup form for website

Affiliate Marketing

In this Module of the Internet Marketing Course, we will give the advance knowledge of Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a process to start earning commission by selling some other's website products. If we compare this module of ETI with other institutes, you will find out that We have much more detailed Affiliate Marketing training in our sixteen module. That's Why? We are best Online Marketing Institute.

Affiliate Marketing with its benefits
3A's of Affiliate Marketing
Ways of Affiliate Marketing and Success
How to make Money
Affiliate Marketing Agencies
Affiliate for Hotel Industry
Affiliate for Travel Industry
Affiliate for eCommerce Industry
Affiliate Tracking Affiliate's Software

Google Adsense

In this Module of the Internet Marketing Course, We'll provide you a brief Information about Google adsense. Google adsense is a platform use to get ads on your website or webpages. With the help of Google adsense, you can start earning from your website. If we compare this module of ETI with other internet marketing institutes in Rohini, you will find out that We have much more detailed Google Adsense training in our seventeen module. That's Why? We are the best Internet Marketing Institute.

What is Adsense?
How to get approval for Adsense?
How to gets Ads on your Blog/Youtube
Ads Placement
Block specific Sites or Category

Geo Targeting

Introduction To Geo Targeting
IP Based Geo Targeting
Tracking Email Location
Website Planning Based On Geographic Targeting
Keywords Selection Based On Geographic Targeting Regional Listing
How To Reach Visitors From Different Countries

Guerrilla Marketing

Introduction To Guerrilla Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing History
Integration Of Guerrilla Marketing Ideas
Exploring The Creative Idea
Launching Your Fictional Project

Creating Internet/Online Marketing Strategy

Examples of Integrated Marketing Plans
Using the Best Internet Marketing Channels for Maximum Impact
Create an Integrated Online Marketing Plan

SMS Marketing

Introduction To SMS Marketing
Why SMS Marketing?
Kinds Of SMS
Promotional SMS
Transactional SMS
How to Integrate SMS On Softwares

Lead Generation & Nurturing

In this Module of Internet Marketing Training, we introduce you on how to do Lead Generation. Lead Generation is essential for any business. It helps you to start getting business leads in a short period with the help of social networking sites, email marketing, seo, etc. If we compare this module of ETI with other internet marketing institutes, you will find out that We have a much more detailed Lead Generation for business in our Sixteen modules. That's Why? We are best Internet Marketing Institute in Delhi.

Understanding & Importance
Landing Page Creation
Best Practices for Creation
Landing Page Optimization
Converting Leads into Sales
Creating Lead Nurturing Strategy
Lead Funnel

e-Commerce Marketing & Development

In this Module of Digital Marketing Training, We are going to offer a brief knowledge of Ecommerce Marketing. Ecommerce is a shopping site. Ecommerce Marketing is a process to Sale your products or boosts your earnings through seo, social networking websites, email marketing, content promotion, etc.. You'll find out that We have detailed Ecommerce Marketing in our module if we compare this module of ETI with other online marketing institutes. That why? We're the best Online Marketing Institute.

What is e-Commerce Marketing?
Categories of e-Commerce
e-Commerce scenario in India
SEO Strategy for e-Commerce Website
Types of e-payments
Digital Marketing in eCommerce
Paid Marketing for eCommerce
Challenges in e-Commerce
Landing Page Optimization for eCommerce
Creating e-Commerce Website
eCommerce CMS Management
International eCommerce Strategy
Gateway Providers & Policies
Mobile Payments
Core Selling Strategies

Online Advertising

Online Advertising and its Types
Display Advertising
Rich Text
Pop Up and Pop Under
Contextual Advertising
Payment Modules
Companies and Networks
Tracking and Measuring

How To Sell Digital Marketing Services/Freelancing

How To Improve Your Personal Profiles
How To Find Projects Online
How To Grab Freelancing Projects
Client Servicing
Proposal Creation

Online Reputation Management

Understand Online Reputation Management
Why is it required?
Why PR is more powerful than advertising?
Why ORM is Important?
ORM Techniques
Google Alerts and Mention
How to Engage With Consumers Online?
How to Tackle Negative Feedbacks?
Links and Resources for further study Case Study

Content Marketing

In this Module of Internet Marketing Course, we introduce you on how to do content marketing for your business growth. Content Marketing is a process to compose latent content which can make sell through content. You may even make from writing content from iwriter, freelancer, elance, PayPerPost, etc.. Inside that, you may know about how to create content for the company and any keyword. If we compare this module of ETI with other digital marketing institutes, you'll find out that We have much more comprehensive Content Marketing training in our Eight modules. That's Why? We are the top Online Marketing Institute.

Introduction To Inbound Marketing
Understanding content Marketing
Generating Content Ideas For Business
Effective Content Writing & Content Promotion
Where To Find The HOT Venues
Content Writers Are Publishing On Now
Conduct Proper Research For Your Projects

Professional Blogging

Introduction To Blogging
Blogging Best Practices
How To Grab Freelancing Projects
Client Servicing – Proposal Creation
Setting Up Your Blog - Live

Growth Hacking

Introduction To Growth Hacking
Growth Funnels & Tactics
Growth Hacking Tools
Case Studies Of Growth Hacking

Market Place Selling

Introduction To Market Place
How To Sell On Amazon & Flipkart
How To Become A Vendor
Requirements To Become A Vendor
How To Optimize Products

Digital Marketing Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation Essentials
How to Crack Any Interview? - Industry Secrets
Essential Tools and Resources To Help You Succeed
Mock Interview Session

Media Buying & Planning

Advance Media Buying Options
Creating Media Buying Strategy

Mobile Marketing

9.In this module of Online Marketing Training, we instruct you on how to do Mobile marketing. Mobile Marketing is a procedure to market your program in devices that are various to receive installs and downloads of your applications. In this, you'll discover how to use Twitter and Facebook to get results. You'll find out that We have detailed Mobile Marketing in our Ninth module if we compare this module of ETI with other internet marketing training. That? We're the Internet Marketing Institute in Delhi.

Social Media & Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing Mix
Advertising Tools for Mobile Marketing
Creating Mobile Websites
Uploading Mobile App in Playstore & iTunes
Ecosystem of Mobile Advertisers & Publishers
Advertising on Mobiles
Targeting Ads on Apps
Targeting Ads via Location
Targeting Ads on Search Engines

International SEO Fundamentals

In this Module of the Internet Marketing Course, we instruct about Advance SEO Concept, International SEO where companies research and analyse which countries and languages they should target in order to expand their business. What actions should one take when going international, either it is multination or multilingual, we have to very sure first whether to go or not. If we compare this module of ETI with other institutes in Rohini, you will find out that we have much more detailed International SEO Module. That's Why? We are the best Online Marketing Institute.

International SEO Myths
International SEO Strategy Development
Diff b/w International SEO and Global SEO
Considerations For International SEO
Multilingual SEO
Guide to International SEO
Multilingual Websites & Multiregional SEO Tips
International SEO Checklist

Graphic Designing For Business

In This Module of the Internet Marketing Course, we instruct about Graphic Design basics and why its a serious skill which is high in demand when compare to other industries. We give training on tools which will help you build professional images for both google display ads as well as facebook ads. If we compare this module of ETI with other online marketing institutes in Rohini, you will find out that We have much more detailed Graphic Design Module. That's Why? We are the best Online Marketing Institute.

Graphic Design Fundamentals
Designing – Marketing Kits
Designing Online Documents

Cyber Laws

In this Module of the Internet Marketing Course, we instruct you about what is cyber law and its role in overall legal system. We also cover Cyber Law's importance, its types with examples of cyber crimes. If we compare this module of ETI with other online marketing institutes in Rohini, you will find out that We have much more detailed Cyber Law module in our eighteen module. That's Why? We are the best Online Marketing Institute.

Cyber Law in India
Overview of the Information Technology Act, 2000
Overview of Rules issued under the IT Act, 2000
Cyber crimes/Cyber Frauds
Regulatory Authorities
Cloud Computing







3 Months













Best Digital Marketing Institute In Rohini

Basically, digital marketing is the marketing of goods, brands, or services through Internet Marketing channels. The prime the purpose is to market brands, raise online presence, brand recognition, and increases sales employing various successful automated Marketing campaigns. It features the use of the different company, tools, and Marketing approaches, which largely depends on the net as heart promotional medium, along with cellular, e-mail, digital billboards, radio messaging, Internet tv, radio stations, etc..

Digital Marketing pros are responsible for Various Marketing and advertising approaches like keyword research, search engine optimization, content promotion, sales conversion, effort promotion, eCommerce Marketing, display advertisements, performance tracking, and utilizing social networking platforms to induce prospective traffic into the company site. In this digital era, there's a massive demand for Internet marketing and Marketing professionals that will conduct an effective Marketing and advertising campaign that guarantees more internet presence and promote conversion to the company.

Expert Training Institute provides a professional Digital Marketing Training to satisfy the business requirements. Our functional oriented digital marketing training can help students to gain business exposure in comprehending digital stations, processes, and programs to create and operate a successful promoting effort.

If you are a student or Marketer or an Entrepreneur or a housewife, Digital Marketing Training in EXPERT TRAINING INSTITUTE will give you all the tools and skills needed to form your internet Marketing objectives.

Digital Marketing Training in EXPERT TRAINING Institute Marketers, as well as the Training Course, are delivered by real-time Digital Marketing professionals.


Advantages Of Learning Digital Marketing

The requirement for Internet Marketing is anticipated to Grow high by 38 % this season. The chances are available to the Internet marketer at the commercial industry, Agency, FMCG Company, FDI, and lots of online small business units.

The Financial principle related to almost any product or Support is that the item is valued following the demand. If the chances are high to get a digital marketer, then finally, the salary package will probably be more top. Thus, learning digital Marketing will raise your financial benefit.

The freelancing alternative or starting own company together with the topic knowledge candidate have makes the occupation as a different individual. Work with passion and liberty is precisely what the requirement of young students in a Gig market. Digital Marketing Training is your very best practice to have a bright future with continuous training.

Digital Marketing will boost evaluation abilities and Enhances the imagination to utilize different approaches for the Internet marketing and Marketing area.

The abroad Chance for digital marketers is vast, as online companies are flourishing towards the very best in overseas nations. There's a need in countries such as the USA, German, UK, Australia, and Singapore to your digital marketer with an excellent salary package.

Digital Marketing Tutorial

Illusions and story-telling would be the inspirations to get a new product or to find out a new class like Digital Marketing Training . Internet marketing and conventional marketing have precisely the same foundation, but Digital Marketing covers regional audiences and international audiences. The report claims that in the past 2016, there have been 1.5 lakh project opportunities in the Internet marketing domain. The project chances showed advancement from the calendar year 2017, having a rise of more than 8 lakh job opportunities all around the world. We wish to supply facts about internet Marketing in E-mail Marketing, content promotion, video promotion, social networking marketing, and mobile marketing that reveals how efficient and exciting is the work of the digital marketer.

E-Mail Marketing

Marketing is the prime factor that affects Individuals in choosing whether to use any solution or not. Since they would be the substantial game-changers, it's exceedingly required to dish the screen of this item in the very best way possible, which may be carried out through a variety of Marketing procedures.

The plan of Marketing is omnipresent, not Only today but out of the age-old times. As this leaves any item or company reach to a broader audience at one go. The advantage is the thing that determines the failure and success of any merchandise in the industry. There might be numerous businesses dishing out the same commodity, and getting on the very best of these is an extremely analytical procedure. For additional information associated with Email Marketing, combine to our Digital Marketing Training. The average gain from e-mail marketing is 44.25 on the buck.

85 % of those audiences would instead leave the E-mail speech after studying the info regarding an e-book. Digital Marketing Training teaches students with the essential knowledge to examine digital marketing.

E-mail is the First Thing that strikes our thoughts As it's to be promoted on an Internet platform. Though a lot of people believe this a very outdated practice, it's established itself by obtaining the very best place at the listing of top 10 Marketing approaches prevailing around the world for the calendar year 2018. Therefore, there's not any harm in adopting this ideal practice for expanding your equilibrium on the marketplace.

We give significance to the method over any Other latest strategy. This is a result of the extensive use amidst the consumer of e-mail, which hasn't yet been diminished regardless of the existence of several different platforms.

It's essential not overlook any of those Approaches in Internet Marketing your institution amidst another rival. There might be numerous marketing strategies; nonetheless, Email Marketing can be equally important. Thus, let us start with the measures to create your Email Marketing better one:

Prior permission

Before anything to be performed in a digitalized Way, it's crucial to acquire the concerned individual's permission. As sending e-mail might be the only matter for us as entrepreneurs, but to get a client, you're entering their private space. When conducting a company, it's imperative to be worried about the client's privacy too.

Occasionally, they Won't want to get Constant e-mail from a particular company, so they need to have the ability to eliminate the sender, which reveals the difference between spam and chilly e-mail. This could be in-depth clarified in our Digital Marketing Coaching.

Consistent updates

The client's consideration must customize our method of approaching the clients. There can be individuals who hope to acquire upgrades daily; for them, it has to be constant. Contrarily, there are just a few clients who might show attention to their products but won't be curious to acquire daily upgrades to their own it is much better to send the e-mail weekly or regular basis.

Pitching of merchandise

E-mail are delivered to the benefit of any small business. Consequently, it's incredibly vital to choose when to pitch at the Marketing objective to ensure it is a success. As most of a sudden, you can't just move and send e-mail linked to the item, or so the client's attention to the detail has to be produced clear priorly.

Furthermore, If the client Isn't interested in Your company, then it might wind up having a negative comment over your company, which may influence you in the future.

The content Inside The E-mail

First, the thing has to be related to your merchandise in a fashion that produces eagerness for your client to acquire further info to make sure that your first e-mail includes the gist of your company. This will be useful for you to figure the total amount of attention they reveal and will cause you to decide the material to be contained in the upcoming mails.

The contents should be tricky and at the Exact Same time Educated, therefore, that customers don't need to overlook it at any price. It's crucial to indicate your recognition from the hearts of their clients. Hence, make sure you send a minimum of one e-mail address on a weekly or daily basis.


Initially, It's easy for you to reply to this Overall mails you get on an everyday basis. But, it's an issue of concern when the number of readers continues rising. Therefore, you might take the assistance of an automatic tool to be able to react to the e-mail address.

In Cases like This, Auto-responders will Help You to Accomplish the job. Since you only have to program the e-mail beforehand and it's going to be sent according to the program in an automated arrangement. For gaining additional expertise, register into ETI, the most excellent Digital Marketing Training Institute.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is nothing new in the business. The last we used to promote our product by directly sending brochures and templates, which comprised the information linked to the solution or company. Now, because of the immense need to display the item in the digital stage, the content promotion was revived and introduced into the film.

Marketing Cannot Be thought without valuable content from the site. As this has to be applicable at precisely the identical time, it has to be attractive to its users. The favorite search engines benefit the company that dishes from the essential and continuous contents into the marketplace.

Connected to company benefits comes as When there's not any profit from any particular stage, we, because a customer won't embrace it at the additional endeavors. Consequently, content is valuable, and that's the prime motive behind this using a fantastic home at the most exceptional Digital Marketing Course.

The top factors behind focusing more on articles are:

Increase in earnings
Price saver
Fantastic Clients

Content Marketing comes alongside Email Marketing Within the sphere of Digital Marketing. As of this moment, there are many sites out there on the market in each area. Therefore, it requires massive consistency of submitting something on your website to indicate your existence in the business. The best Digital Marketing class is favored over several other technical courses because of the massive requirement.

This Isn't associated with just pitching on your merchandise at individuals instead of making them examine products utilized by these and advance towards a better choice that's available. For readers that get immense in studying new kinds of stuff linked to many different items on the worldwide web, this is going to be satisfying combined with them to boost your visibility.

Only posting of contents Won't be useful. It Should be exceptional also, which then is likely to allow the consumers to examine them show interest in your small business. Thus, producing your life reach to a lot of men and women. Additionally, posting of content and blogs associated with your product has to be consistent to produce your existence steady. Joining the Digital Marketing Course in Rohini is going to be of a fantastic extent for you.

Websites are regarded as a Typical Method of pitching in different business enterprises. What's more, it builds continuous belief over your merchandise and company, one of the consumers. As it isn't merely about investing more than you but additionally, you provide advice linked to the several businesses which are in the marketplace for precisely the identical product making it effortless for the consumer to compare and pick their pick.

Should you make use of pictures and Little video clips Into your articles, this will surely add the advantage to your site. Furthermore, this can consequently make your small business reach to another height.

After comparing the earnings of blogging and? Non-blogging companies, the blogging companies generated 67 % greater prospects. To think broad and also to get the possible client learning digital Marketing in Digital Marketing Institute are incredibly beneficial. The training offers insight into the newest trends followed at Digital Marketing.

63 % of those buyers rely on sites before Decided about purchasing the item or picking up the ceremony.

Graphics draw 94 % of page views, and Videos bring 267 %age of higher links than average articles.

78 % of CMO's consider that article Promotion is the future of the company, and the best ten pages in Google contain 2000 words.

If there are over 10 to 18-word names afterward, The articles get more like from the social websites.

Social Media Marketing

Social Networking is increasingly becoming part of life. Therefore, anything on this particular platform will achieve the broader audience very quickly. Thus, which makes it an easy procedure of having the fantastic quantity of reach. Folks are peeping in their smartphones now and then. The main reason might be the range of all around the world to these is currently through the phones they take, they take nearly anywhere. Still, the cause of continuous upgrade check-in cellular is a result of the massive revolution of social networking in their own lives.

Therefore, We Must look at the various Choices Which may be used for boosting our merchandise in a brief length of time.

Forty-seven % of those Americans use Facebook to get Online shopping. Facebook has a significant impact on the buys. Digital Marketing Training in Tambaram conducts the courses with specialist coaches, and the instruction helps to clean the meeting with all the very best businesses.

The long articles with over 1,500 words are Connected to Facebook and Twitter for more enjoys. The extended posts get 68.1% of their tweets, and 22.6% of Facebook enjoys. Seventy-seven % of those buyers prefer to purchase the Products in which the CEO's utilize the social media as well as also the Facebook page of this item help to discuss and get comments concerning the company services and products. There is numerous Digital Marketing Training Institute in Rohini with hi-tech centers and project-oriented training. Social networking marketing assists in your branding and also for creating more visitors to the site.

The Facebook discussion is 30 full of Saturdays Than many of this week. The significant traffic period is utilized by modern folks to advertise their merchandise.

Video Marketing

Video marketing raises 86% of conversion.

Following the 90 seconds, 58% of those Folks Quit viewing the movie and change to another perspective.

According to the Most Recent report, 80% of audiences Watch the film, and 20% of people to read the text.

Mobile Marketing

The cellular traffic is 125 %, whereas Desktop is 12 %. Combine the Finest Internet Marketing Course to Obtain knowledge in Digital Marketing.

74% % of those cellular users to search that the net before doing the purchasing.

Various stations in digital Marketing are Effectively utilized to create substantial lead and enhance the conversions at the companies. Info and application of data Are Essential to market the item and get to the end consumer in your doorstep.

Expert Training Institute
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Best Institute For Internet Marketing Course Studies During The Course Companies Will Come To Institute For Placements & Salary Structures For Fresher After Completion Of Course Is Good. I Am Recommending ETI For Internet Marketing Courses. Thanks Udit Khanna Sir.



One Of The Best Private Digital Marketing Institute, Everything Is Best In This Institute Their Education System, It Is Like Assemble Line System Of Providing Certification To Students. Environment Inside Institute Is Good, Library Services Are Excellent, For Same Course Fee Structure Is Budgetable From Other Institutes & Excellent Theory & Practical By Digital Marketer Professionals.



It's A Very Good Institute For Digital Marketing Training. Environment Is Good, Atmosphere Is Healthy, Institute Is Clean And Good & Good Placements, Lot Off Material Is Online So That Is Good, Lot Of Workshops & Seminars Are Conducted Which Are Very Helpful To Students.



Excellent Experience With ETI As I Am Completed My Digital Marketing Training From Rohini Center. I Would Say Teachers & Staff Of The Center Is Good. Also, ETI Gives Placement To Their Students. They Guide Us Through Personality Development Classes Before The Placement Process. I Am Recommend This Institute To All Passionate Students.



One Of The Best Institutes In Rohini With Knowledge About Digital Marketing. Highly Professional Trainers With A Lot Of Experience And Friendly Attitude. Best Place To Learn Digital Marketing From Scratch To Advance Level. Highly Recommended!!



I Did Digital Marketing Training From ETI. I Was Free During That Time, So It Wasn't Career Related. But They Have Trained Me Very Professionally And Give Me Proper Time For All My Queries And Learning. Their Trainers Were Quite Professional; They Know The Better Techniques For Teaching Their Trainees. The One Thing That I Enjoyed During My Session Was Its Atmosphere. It Was Quite Friendly And I Enjoyed All Of My Time. If Anyone Interested In Digital Marketing Then This Is The Best Place For It. I Am Sure You Won't Regret It.



I Did Digital Marketing Course From Expert Training Institute I Was Free During That Time, So It Wasn't Career Related. But They Have Trained Me Very Professionally And Give Me Proper Time For All My Queries And Learning. Their Trainers Were Quite Professional; They Know The Better Techniques For Teaching Their Trainees. The One Thing That I Enjoyed During My Session Was Its Atmosphere. It Was Quite Friendly And I Enjoyed All Of My Time. If Anyone Interested In Digital Marketing Then This Is The Best Place For It. I Am Sure You Won't Regret It.



This Is One Of The Best Digital Marketing Institutes So Far. Trainers Are Really Good In Delivering The Modules. Their Voice And Language Is Very Clear, Simple But Strong Enough To Reach Our Inner Mind. They Not Just Give The Tips And Methods For Learning But Motivate Us To Get In The Flow Of The Subject And Master It. Honestly This Is The Only Digital Marketing Institute Which Delivers Such High Quality Training In Digital Marketing.



The Course Materials Were Really Good And Informative. You Are Provided With E-Books, Case Studies And The Best Part Is Of The Doubt-Clearing Classes. In Any Case You Have Missed Out The Classes, You Get The Options To Attend The Backup Classes Organized By Support. During The Whole Training Session, You Are Offered To Work Upon Live Projects. So, It Becomes Easy To Get A Decent Job After The Completion Of The Course. Trainers Were Really Knowledgeable And Helpful. It’s Wonderful To Be A Part Of ETI. Just Great!



Great Trainers And Great Teaching Atmosphere From Very Basic To Very Advance, The Teaching Methodology Is Just Admiring. ETI Widened My Knowledge Of Digital Marketing Knowledgeable And Friendly Trainers. Individual Attention Is Given To Students. In Class Discussions And After Class Doubt Sessions Add To Its Value.



I Was Able To Find All The Answers To Start A Fruitful Career. The Trainers Provide You Clear And Easy To Follow Explanations Of The Modules With Practical Examples Which I Really Love. If You Want To Look Much Deeper Into A Specific Topic You Will Gain Sufficient Knowledge To Continue Your Research On Your Own. And When You Are At The End Of The Training, You Will Be Well Assured Of Getting Free Placement Assistance Till The Time You’ll Get The Job.



I Am Quite Satisfied With The Quality Training Delivered By Expert Training Institute. They Covered Up All The 60 Modules Nicely. The Institute Has Quality Trainers Who Are Always Trying To Deliver Their Best Of The Knowledge To The Trainees. I Was Highly Impressed The Interactive Sessions Conducted By The Trainers. Overall It’s A Good To Go Training Program.



Thank You ETI For Providing The Advanced Digital Marketing Training. I Received In Depth Knowledge On Digital Marketing Concepts. The Way The Trainers Teach Is Very Nice. The Interactive Sessions Were Really Useful. Overall It Was A Nice Journey With The Institute As It Helped Me A Lot In Learning Digital Marketing. Now, Looking Forward To Use The Knowledge I Have Gained In My Business.



I Am Sharing My Experience With ETI To Help Readers Who Are Actually In Search Of A Digital Marketing Training Institute. I Joined Its Advanced Digital Marketing Program And Found It Really Beneficial. Helpful Trainers, Detailed Course Along With Active Support & Placement Department Bring A Perfect Blend. Digital Marketing Is A Vast Stream And You Really Need Quality Training To Learn The Modules. I Also Received Valuable Certifications. Happy To Land Up At The Place...



I Am Sharing My Experience With ETI To Help Readers Who Are Actually In Search Of A Digital Marketing Training Institute. I Joined Its Advanced Digital Marketing Program And Found It Really Beneficial. Helpful Trainers, Detailed Course Along With Active Support & Placement Department Bring A Perfect Blend. Digital Marketing Is A Vast Stream And You Really Need Quality Training To Learn The Modules. I Also Received Valuable Certifications. Happy To Land Up At The Place...



FAQ 1. Why should i join your ETI for Internet Marketing Training?

Digital Marketing Course at ETI is designed & conducted by Digital Marketing experts with 10+ years of experience in the Digital Marketing
• The only institution in Rohini with the right blend of theory 20% & practical sessions 80%.
• In-depth Course coverage for 200+ Hours
• More than 15,000+ students trust ETI
• Affordable fees keeping students and IT working professionals in mind
• Course timings designed to suit working professionals and students both
• Interview tips and training
• Resume building support
• Real-time projects and case studies
• Advance 60 Modules
• Free Books & Notes
• Live Classroom Videos
• Provide Laptops For Practice
• Easy Fee Installments
• 3 Months Internship
• 100% Job placement
• Flexible Batches
• 1 Year Course Validity
• 1 Year Free Web Hosting
• 15 International Certifications
• Doubt Sessions & Missed Classes
• Lifetime Query Assistance

FAQ 2. Will ETI Help Me With Placements After My Digital Marketing Course Completion?

We're pleased to say we have a secure connection with over 600+ midsize little and MNCs. A number of these businesses have openings for Digital Marketing Executive. We have a placement cell that supplies our students with placement assistance. The mobile contributes to coaching students in talks and interviews.

FAQ 3. How Do I Enroll For The Internet Marketing Course At ETI?

Practically, anybody can learn this Training Course in Digital Marketing. All you have to know is the way to run a pc with the internet's use. Individuals that are currently studying in a school that are presently working individuals in almost any business or organization who possess their company or that are intermediate, they can combine the very best marketing training Course in Delhi. Again, the Trainee has to maintain some computer knowledge he can function and perform basic daily tasks during their training.

FAQ 4. How much can i start earning after completing Digital Marketing Training from ETI?

A Digital Marketer's capacity for earning is infinite. It all depends upon implementation and your understanding of abilities and your expertise. You will get @ETI (Expert Training Institute). We ensure you will be ready in each of Digital Marketing's modules. We'll provide you practical training about each aspect of online Marketing so you can take advantage of this knowledge or in your company to catch gains. You may earn upto Rs 50000 on stage from our advertising and marketing institute after completion of the Course. We are an Internet Marketing Institute using Top Digital Marketing Course Stop by ETI to assess. ETI is an Advance institute of Marketing.

FAQ 5. How much salary can i get after this Online marketing course?

As mentioned in our previous query, your earning will probably depend on your abilities and comprehension. Generally, we've put 100 % of our Students at Internet Marketing Training using a mean of Rs. 20,000/month as minimal salary. If you're applying to get a high profile position at the industry for the complete Digital Marketing profile, then you'll receive a salary of 8 lack/annum. If you're applying for specialized standing like a Search Engine Optimization Expert, then you'll find at least Rs.15,000/month. Salary will be the fundamental needs of each student. We strive our best in Training to get maximum output signal from you. You will get the best digital marketing course duration and fees in ETI.

FAQ 6. Do you provide Internship training for Internet marketing courses?

Yes, we do. The internship would be a choice following your advertising course conclusion. We've got tie-ups with different internet marketing businesses and distinct SAAS (Software as a Service) providers. It is possible to get opportunities after Digital Marketing Training for jobs. You can enroll for an internship in our Digital Marketing institute. It is possible to join after the completion of Internet Marketing Training. For a salary, we're providing some amount in the internship if you are capable. You have to do our customer projects and provide the best result. After completion of the internship, we'll provide a letter of internet marketing internship to experience. ETI is a best digital marketing Course institute in Rohini.

FAQ 7. When will i get course material, certificate and software of Digital Marketing Training?

You don't need to be worried about certificate and course content during your Digital Marketing course. Once you register, ETI will direct and offer you applications and all class content regarding the module you'll be studying at the moment. You'll Get all 15 Certifications after course from ETI. We supply software and course content along with the classes on the daily basis so that students can practice regularly and give their best results. We would like you to be successful in this particular training; that we are assisting you with. The fee for an internet marketing class is minimal in ETI.

FAQ 8. What will be my profile after completion of Internet marketing course from ETI?

An entire Digital Marketing Executive will be qualified at the following mentioned domain name as mentioned in this response. You've got various choices for work and You Can Begin your profession after Digital marketing Course completing as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Executive, Online Campaign Advertising Executive, PPC (Pay-per-click ) Executive, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Manager, SMO (Lookup Marketing Optimization) Executive, Content Writer, etc.) We would like you to operate on the high profile of your career.

FAQ 9. Who will be our Online marketing trainer in Digital Marketing Training?

Mr Udit Khanna popularly known from his Youtube channel Digital Udit.He has over 10+ years of experience within this sector to provide Digital Marketing Training at ETI. He has constructed and worked in the united states and other nations, particularly with customers. Till date, projects completd by Mr Udit Khanna has been over 5000 worldwide. He is has trained over 10158 Students. To find out more about Digital Udit, please see https://www.linkedin.com/in/expert-seo-freelancer-delhi/. Digital marketing course classroom training is the best way to learn all thing practically.

FAQ 10. Why is your institute known as best digital marketing institute?

There are many reasons to be the very best within this Digital Marketing Course. We're currently working to provide the very best Internet marketing training. And because of Trainer and students, we become the best Digital Marketing Institute in Rohini. The majority of the marketing institute are operating for charges, but for us, fees is a second part, first is students. We want to educate well to our students.

FAQ 11. What is the best way to get updated in the digital marketing field?

There are lots of sites which release digital advertising and marketing news and trending instruments from time to time. You can adhere to these sites to get upgraded in accordance with time. We provide Newsletter within our Digital Advertising Course. Some sites are Searchenginejournal, Search Engine land, Moz, Ahrefs, etc.. You can follow these sites on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and join in YouTube. So they post anything associated with the advertising and marketing area that is digital, you'll get upgraded, which will help you to get top results from the best institute for digital marketing in Rohini with ETI.

FAQ 12. Can i complete my Internet Marketing Course in 3 months?

Yes, you indeed can. However, It depend on studying and grasping power. Internet Marketing Course is a thorough and vast course which takes time and effort investment. That is the reason why we need help and dedication from your side to provide the training to you. We need students to practice and complete their task in time. We offer you ample opportunities to practice all of the advertising and marketing modules after or before the classes. This Marketing course period is of 4 months. ETI has Advance and Professional digital marketing course that is of 4 months.

FAQ 13. I don't have a website or blog. Can i complete my Internet marketing course?

When you enroll @ETI for your Internet Marketing Course, then we'll be supplying you with training on how to create a blog or a website. This module is a first and an important step in our Digital Marketing Course. We teach both Static(HTML) and Dynamic (CMS) websites. We teach Informative, Product based, Services based and Blog Based websites in detail which will help to fetch a good job in the industry. We assist you in personalizing your site and instruct you how to take care of a blog and articles. We would like you to be upgraded with the present facts, so that you don’t lose the marketplace if you do not walk with the leadership in the Digital Marketing Course.

FAQ 14. What kind of practical experience i will get in this training?

We do not believe in educating you just concepts; after all, it's the practical knowledge that's needed to fetch a job in an industry or grow and develop your own small business. @ETI, every module is in detail and updated. Every module is designed in such a way that the students can implement it practically during and after the completion of the course. After finishing your blog or website, you may do SEO on your website, you increase social networking profiles on your own, you will create and run a campaign for your site, and you'll use your website for email marketing and affiliate marketing. You may make your career following the Digital marketing program.









Udit Khanna is the founder of Expert Training Institute, a Digital Marketing Training & Services Company that heps Businesses, Students, Professionals & Freelancers to fulfil their objectives of Increasing Leads & Sales for themselves or their clients by 250%

Before devoting his work full time to Expert Training Institute, Udit served various roles in Digital Marketing Industry including eCommerce, Travel, Education, Real Estate etc.

Udit has written various writeups & journals for various Digital Marketing & Advertising publications

In addition to being a Trainer & a marketer, he also serves as a consultant with no. of organisations.

He will teach you how to launch consistently profitable campaigns 2020 and beyond, month after month, without wasting time or money.


1. What do you know about Digital Marketing?

Sir, Digital Marketing is Part of Marketing. It is dependent on the Internet and digital devices. Digital Marketing is a procedure to get more branding, enhance awareness, enhance selling, advertising of Services and products through Digital devices such as notebook, desktop, tablets, smartphones, etc., or online. We now have two forms of Marketing. One is offline advertising, and the other one is Digital Marketing or Online marketing. We call digital marketing as internet advertising. Offline Marketing comprises Sunboard sheet, templates, paper advertising, television advertising, radio, hoardings, Canopy and advertising. Internet marketing includes Google search advertisements, social networking advertisement, video advertising within YouTube, Google Display advertisements ( advertisement) over third party websites like w3schools.com ).

2. How many Categories belong to Digital Marketing term?

There are two types of term includes in Digital Marketing which I've learnt from my Digital Marketing Institute at ETI, which are Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing is a procedure to acquire traffic through complimentary promotions such as I'm sharing my posts over social networking websites, e-newsletters, Gmail, etc.. It assists the customer get conscious of it via post or your site and to find out more. It is possible to set a connection on a guest post so people visit your product page and can click on that link and also understand about that item. Outbound Marketing is a procedure to put ads on social networking websites, search engine, etc.. It features conversion, form fillup, leads shooting, etc.. We need customer data to run our business. Outbound Marketing is the best option to get leads from digital marketing platforms.

3. Why people choose Digital Marketing over Traditional or Offline Marketing?

There can be numerous reasons to choose digital marketing over offline advertising. In Digital Marketing Training, we get an idea of both marketings. There are a total of 16 Digital Marketing Course certification in ETI. Traditional Marketing is an old advertising process, including templates distribution, newspaper advertising, television ads, radio, sunpack sheet advertisements, etc., One-way communication is included by this advertising. You show advertisements to them, but you can't count how many people have seen your advertisement. We are currently placing ads in Newspaper, Television, Templates distribution. You are getting business of daily one lakh, but Can you guarantee me that procedure is giving you business and how? Digital Marketing is a marketing process that's choosing my business and brand because individuals want more business. Everyone has smartphones, and they do Google every time to find any information. We can advertise our merchandise advertisements to get results in a short period.

4. What is the difference between Static and Responsive Website?

As you know, that website is a blend of webpages. We utilize coding language to make webpages such as HTML, PHP, JSP or ASP.net. HTML is the language. HTML stands for Hypertext markup language. HTML used to create a static site. A static website is a type of website that doesn't change their design or some other information based on location, user, ip or time. A dynamic website is a type of site which vary their data based on user, location, ip and time like Facebook.com. If you will log-in, the layout will have different data, and I will log-in, the layout will have different data. It changes according to the user.

5. Tell me some points to increase traffic to my website?

There are plenty of platforms, you can utilize to boost your website traffic. We have two types of traffic. One is a simple user and alternative is a potential user. Simple User isn't preferred by me. It just like a visitor without any productivity. A potential user can boost your sell and increase your business. I will use social networking sites like Facebook, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn to attract visitors. I do SEO on keyword phrases to bring traffic that will boost my sales.

6. How many tools can we use in Digital Marketing?

There are hundreds of tools in the marketplace for Digital Marketing. But we utilize simply the very best. There are few tools that were given us during Digital Marketing Training which are Ahrefs, Opensiteexplorer, Majestic Seo, Advanced Grammarly, Buzzsumo, SEMRush, Keywordtool.io, Rankwatch, Wordai, SpyFu, Animoto, Alexa. I've completed over 3 projects in my Internet Marketing Training at ETI and that I utilized mentions tools in my own projects. I got best results that which I need for my projects.

7. Where do you see yourself in my company after work of 5 years in digital marketing field?

It totally depends on you how will going to answer this question. But the best way to answer this question talk about your ambition and how this company will fulfil those dreams. There are many advantages to a digital marketing course. Digital marketing course advantages will help you to get the high package as a fresher. Talk about your life goals and productivity towards their company to get the best promotion.

8. Difference between Direct Marketing and Branding.

In Direct Marketing, I will target only those customers through which I will get earnings. Direct Marketing is directly proportional to prospective customers. In branding, I'll attempt to work out those ways through which I will find more branding. Like mass reaching, email marketing, etc.

9. What is Remarketing? Can we use Remarketing in Google and Facebook both?

Remarketing is a procedure to target again and again to the same client who visited our site. It helps us to maximize our branding and sale. Google Display Network utilize to make Remarketing ads. In this, the way to target choices, you may have three options, Display key words, Interest and Remarketing and in-depth Targeting. In Interest and Remarketing, you've got an choice of Remarketing list. This option helps you to create a Remarketing ad. Yes, you can use remarketing in facebook also — same procedure like Google adwords. You've got a choice to set marketing to your effort. Remarketing process is dependent upon JavaScript code. You will need to put marketing code onto your Landing page to conduct marketing ads.

10. Is there any limitation in digital marketing?

Always, Every marketing strategy has some limitations. In internet marketing, we all know we can not touch products and feel the way that product look like in reality. The trust factor of merchandise online only depends upon reviews, but you can not find that authentication — the main problem with internet products. In delivery, maybe the merchandise does not look the same as appearing on the website.

11. How will you ensure us for profit through digital marketing

No one provides you guarantee for profit through Digital marketing in the initial stage. But I ensure you that after one week, I will give you the best result for your company. In the first week, we will analyze your prospective products and ways to get potential traffic. We will find your competitors so I can eliminate ads on your competitor device.

12. What are the best ways to get updated in digital marketing field?

The best way to get upgraded in Digital Marketing field would be to have subscribed in Digital marketing blogs, news and trending topics of Internet marketing through internet portals such as search engine land, search engine journal, moz etc.. You may join innovative digital marketing institute in India to get updated on a daily basis.

13. Have you done any project in digital marketing?

Yes, i have done more than 3 projects. One is on Real Estate, Hospital and Furniture. I did Search Engine Optimization, Social media optimization and pay per click on these projects.

14. Are you ready to do night shift?

It depends on the salary package and work. If you give me an appropriate salary as per my need, I can do the night shift to provide the best results for our company.




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