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Master Digital Marketing in Rohini

Master Digital Marketing in Rohini


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[With Comprehensive Videos of the Full Course]

Course Duration 4 Months
Modules 75+
Certifications 15+
Video Course Yes
Session Recordings Yes
Internship 3 Months
Job Assistance 100%
Domain/Hosting Free (1 Yr)
Tools 150+
Provide Laptops Yes

Fees: 40,000

Rs. 24,995 [OFFLINE]
Rs. 17,996 [ONLINE]

3 Months Internship
4 Months Course


First 2 Classes Free As Trial

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Fees: Rs. 40,000

Rs. 24,995 [OFFLINE]
Rs. 17,996 [ONLINE]

3 Months Internship
4 Months Course


First 2 Classes Free As Trial

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Digital Marketing Course Overview

In the very first Module of digital marketing course, we'll provide you basic expression info, differences of traditional marketing vs digital marketing, the notion of a search engine functions, etc..

Definition of Digital Marketing
Scope Of Digital Marketing
Trends Of Digital Marketing
Significance Of Online Marketing
How It Is Different From Traditional Channels Of Marketing

Understanding Website Designing

In this Module of digital marketing course we instruct you how you can produce your own site. We'll help you learn basic construction. You'll find an notion of dynamic and static website pages. Every Student has a different standpoint in accordance with their attention and requirements, you are going to find out how to make an ecommerce site, Fitness website, corporate site etc.

Dynamic vs Static Website
What Are Responsive Websites?
Components Of A Website
Difference Between Website And Blog
Difference Between Website And Web Portal
Points To Consider While Designing A Website
Competitor Analysis

Domain Registration & Hosting

In this Module of digital marketing course, we’ll let you know how to register a domain and host it. This comprehensive module will prepare you to design a website. As a website designer, you must know how to get a domain, set it up for further use, and manage via C-Panel. When we compare our module of Domain Registration & Hosting with other Digital marketing institutes, you’ll discover that ETI a best digital marketing training institute in Rohini Module comprehensively explains each aspect.
What Is Domain Name
How To Choose Domain Name
What Is Web Hosting
How To Choose Hosting
What Is Shared Hosting
What Is VPS (Virtual Private Server)
What Is Dedicated Hosting
How To Host A Domain
What Is FTP
Understanding c-panel
What Is SSL
How To Create Business e-mail ids

Wordpress Website Creation

In this module of digital marketing course, we’ll let you understand how to design websites using WordPress. Basically, this is a content management system, which includes attractive web themes and a sorted dashboard for easy usage. You’ll learn about the installation and functioning of this CMS so you can design engaging websites yourself.
What Is CMS
What Is Blog
Understanding Wordpress & Its Functioning
How To Install Wordpress
Theme Selection & Installation
Exploring Theme Options
Creation Of Pages & Menus
Content Building For Front Page
Team Members
Counters (Milestone)
Image Slider
Pricing Tables
Blog & their Categories
Call To Actions
Service Box (Flip & Icon)
Progress Bars
Gallery (Masonry, Grid, Animated & Stripes)
Adding Required Plugins
Introduction To Woo Commerce
Payment Gateway Integration
Creation Of Page Using Page Builder (Visual Composer)
Register/Login Option
Widget Creation (Side Bars, Footers)

Advance Search Engine Optimization

In this Module of digital marketing institute we instruct you how to get top ranking in google with the help SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, It is a procedure to optimize your page in a high ranking in search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., for any specific keyword without paying anything. Search engine optimization is a job that is technical established. It works on over 200 Ranking Factor. Itself divides one is on page SEO along with one is seo.

Introduction & Understanding Of SEO And Search Engines
Understanding Basic SEO Terminology
Types Of SEO With Brief Explanation
White Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO
Doorway Pages
Invisible Text
Grey Hat SEO
On-Page SEO

Competitor Analysis
Initial Site Analysis
Keyword Research & Mapping (Placement)
Analytics & Webmaster Code Integration
Site Map (HTML & XML)
Internal & External Linking & Its Benefits
301 & 302 Redirections
Structured Data Mark Up (Schema)

Off-Page SEO
Types Of Links
Directory Submission
Social Book Marking
Article Submission
Guest Blog Posting
Blog Commenting
Press Release
Business Listing & Classifieds
Profile Creation
Forum Posting
SEO Tools
Google Webmaster Tool
Backlink Analysis
Disavow Tool

Advance Google Ads PPC

In this Module of digital marketing institute, we introduce you on how to get top ranking using Google Adwords. SEM stands for Search engine marketing, Search engine promotion is a process to secure visibility in ad's standing through bidding and generating on advertisements by the usage of Google Ads. Google Ads is a stage used to make ads in networks such as Video, Screen, Search, Mobile, Shopping, and Universal program. In search engine marketing, Google ads operate on the bidding procedure and advertising quality.

What is PPC?
How PPC differs from SEO?
Understanding Advertising Goals
What is Google Adwords?
Account Creation
What is Search Marketing?
Types of Ads
Do's & Don't's of Ads
Keyword Match Types
Bid Strategies
DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion)
Count down Ads
Bid Adjustment
Ad Extensions
URL Option
What is Display Marketing?
Branding With Display Marketing

Type Of Ads
Creation Of Banner Ads
What is Shopping Network & Merchant Center
Creating Merchant Center Account
Google Merchant Center Linking With Adwords
Creation Of Shopping Campaign
What is App Marketing?
Mobile App Install
Mobile App Engagement
Promote Mobile App
What is Remarketing?
What Is Video Network?(YouTube Marketing)
True View In-Stream Ads
True View Video Discovery Ads
Bumper Ads
Video Remarketing
What Is CPV?
Promoting Videos
Paid Advertisement on Youtube
What is Remarketing?
Custom Audience
What is Bid and Budget?
Google Adwords Hierarchy
Account Creation
Understanding Account Structure
Case Studies
Advance Settings
Campaign Designing & Optimization
What Is Quality Score & Its Importance
Concept Of Landing Page
Conversion Tracking
Ad Scheduling & Delivery
Advance Settings
Competitor Analysis
Google Adwords Facts
My Client Center
Campaign Automation
Countdown & Keyword Insertion
CTR And Its Importance
Ads Bid Strategies
Adwords Billing
Adwords Tools
Adwords Examination Books
Bing Ads
What is Bing Ads, How does PPC works?
How to run Search Campaign?
Import from Google Adwords
What is a UET Tag?
Keyword Research
Bing Ads Policies
Remarketing in Paid Search
Ad Extensions
Dynamic Keyword Insertion
Conversion Rate Optimization
CRO Strategy
A/B Testing - Split Testing
Role Of Analytics
Remarketing Principles
Budget Allocation Over Digital Marketing
Role Of Testimonial & Other Supportive Material
Method To Increase CRO

Social Media Optimization

In this module of digital marketing institute, We'll provide you a brief Information about Social Media Optimization. SMO is a procedure to raise your visibility through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. without paying anything to these social networking websites. We teach you how you can work on social networking tools such as FST, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc. for bulk posting and sharing and auto-scheduling. If we compare this module with other digital marketing institutes, you'll find out that We have detailed Social media optimization training within our module.

What is Social Media?
Social Media Uses
Social Media Platforms
Benefits of social media
How to target right audience?
Social media tools
How to add large number of friends in single click
How to grow your Instagram fast?
How to use Pinterest?

Social Media Marketing

In this Module of digital marketing course, We'll provide Brief knowledge of SMM to you. SMM stands for Social Media Marketing, SMM is a procedure to advertise your Business, your website, facebook pages through Facebook business, and Twitter ads for gaining visibility and clients.

Social Media Introduction
What Is Viral Marketing?
Scope & Importance Of Social Media
Facebook & Instagram Marketing
Facebook Business Page Creation
Business Page Optimization
Adding Features into Page
Facebook Groups
Facebook Ads
Facebook Retargeting
Facebook Power Editor
Facebook Shopping Ads
Facebook Video Marketing
Lead Generation through Facebook
App promotion through Facebook
Reporting & Analysis
Instagram Ads
Creating A Business Page
Switching Accounts
Twitter Profile Optimization
Using Hashtags
Increasing Followers
What is Re-tweet and Mention?
Twitter Ads
Twitter Retargeting
Twitter Video Marketing
Lead Generation through Twitter
App promotion through Twitter
Reporting & Analysis
Creating Strong profiles on LinkedIn
Creating Company profiles
How to Post Jobs on LinkedIn
How to create Groups on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn Retargeting
Sponsored Content Ads
Text Ads
Sponsored In-mail Ads
Reporting & Analysis
How to Upload Videos
On-Page Optimization of Videos
How to add End Screens & Annotation to Videos
How to add Cards to Videos
How to add Subtitles to Videos in different languages
SEO of Videos

Google Analytics

In this Module of digital marketing course, We'll provide Brief knowledge of Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool that helps you to analyze your website traffic.

Web Analytics & its importance
Introduction to Google Analytics
Essential Google Analytics Reports
Setting up Advanced Filters & Reports
Setting up Goals & Funnels
Tracking Conversion & Performance
Monitoring Traffic Sources & Behavior
Analytics For E-commerce
Analytics For E-mails
Advance URL Tracking

E-mail Marketing

In this Module of digital marketing course, We'll provide you a brief Information about Email Marketing. Email Marketing is a procedure to send mass emails in one click. You will learn how to use bulk email marketing softwares like Aweber, Mailchimp, etc.. Inside this, you will know how to send every mail-in inbox without paying anything.

Understanding & Benefits of Email Marketing
Permission Marketing & Spamming
Designing an Effective Email Campaign
Email Marketing Tools
Email Guidelines(CanSpam)
How to Increase Open & Click through rates
Tracking Email Marketing Reports
Blog Email Automation
Subscription Email Automation
eCommerce Automation
Creating Signup form for website

Affiliate Marketing

In this Module of the digital marketing course, we will give the advance knowledge of Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a process to start earning commission by selling some other's website products.

Affiliate Marketing with its benefits
3A's of Affiliate Marketing
Ways of Affiliate Marketing and Success
How to make Money
Affiliate Marketing Agencies
Affiliate for Hotel Industry
Affiliate for Travel Industry
Affiliate for eCommerce Industry
Affiliate Tracking Affiliate's Software

Google Adsense

In this Module of the digital marketing institute, We'll provide you a brief Information about Google adsense. Google adsense is a platform use to get ads on your website or webpages. With the help of Google adsense, you can start earning from your website.

What is Adsense?
How to get approval for Adsense?
How to gets Ads on your Blog/Youtube
Ads Placement
Block specific Sites or Category

Creating Digital/Online Marketing Strategy

In this module of digital marketing institute, we’ll explain how you can develop a profitable yet cost-effective online marketing strategy for any business. An all-inclusive Digital marketing strategy can enhance sales significantly for any organization. You’ll gain competency in Social Media Marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, and more with which you can create an edge for the business.
Examples of Integrated Marketing Plans
Using the Best Digital Marketing Channels for Maximum Impact
Create an Integrated Online Marketing Plan

e-Commerce Marketing & Development

In this Module of digital marketing training, We are going to offer a brief knowledge of Ecommerce Marketing. Ecommerce is a shopping site. Ecommerce Marketing is a process to Sale your products or boosts your earnings through seo, social networking websites, email marketing, content promotion, etc.

What is e-Commerce Marketing?
Categories of e-Commerce
e-Commerce scenario in India
SEO Strategy for e-Commerce Website
Types of e-payments
Digital Marketing in eCommerce
Paid Marketing for eCommerce
Challenges in e-Commerce
Landing Page Optimization for eCommerce
Creating e-Commerce Website
eCommerce CMS Management
International eCommerce Strategy
Gateway Providers & Policies
Mobile Payments
Core Selling Strategies

How To Sell Digital Marketing Services/Freelancing

In this module of digital marketing course, we’ll make you understand how you can sell digital marketing services or become a freelancer in the field of digital marketing. From improving your profiles to discovering the appropriate projects online, from proposal creation to client servicing, you’ll learn everything.
How To Improve Your Personal Profiles
How To Find Projects Online
How To Grab Freelancing Projects
Client Servicing
Proposal Creation

Online Reputation Management

In this module of digital marketing course, you’ll learn how to maintain the online reputation of any individual or group. The techniques for managing the online reputation of any brand or person are used to counteract misleading content so your customer is represented rightly on the web.
Understand Online Reputation Management
Why is it required?
Why PR is more powerful than advertising?
Why ORM is Important?
ORM Techniques
Google Alerts and Mention
How to Engage With Consumers Online?
How to Tackle Negative Feedbacks?
Links and Resources for further study Case Study

Content Marketing

In this Module of digital marketing course, we introduce you on how to do content marketing for your business growth. Content Marketing is a process to compose latent content which can make sell through content. You may even make from writing content from iwriter, freelancer, elance, PayPerPost, etc.. Inside that, you may know about how to create content for the company and any keyword.

Introduction To Inbound Marketing
Understanding content Marketing
Generating Content Ideas For Business
Effective Content Writing & Content Promotion
Where To Find The HOT Venues
Content Writers Are Publishing On Now
Conduct Proper Research For Your Projects

Professional Blogging

In this module of digital marketing course, we’ll tell you how you can become a professional blogger. When an individual opts for a full-time blogging job as a means of earning then he/she will be a professional blogger. We will introduce you to blogging, its best practices, and ways by which you can get freelancing projects.
Introduction To Blogging
Blogging Best Practices
How To Grab Freelancing Projects
Client Servicing – Proposal Creation
Setting Up Your Blog - Live

Market Place Selling

In this module of digital marketing training, we’ll make you learn about selling products on online market places such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. You’ll understand how to become a vendor on these platforms along with ways to optimize products so they get noticed by the shoppers.
Introduction To Market Place
How To Sell On Amazon & Flipkart
How To Become A Vendor
Requirements To Become A Vendor
How To Optimize Products

Digital Marketing Interview Preparation

In this module of digital marketing institute, we’ll tell you how to prepare yourself for the interview of the digital marketing profile. We’ll discuss what questions can be asked in the interview related to the profile and prepare you with the right answers. Furthermore, we’ll conduct mock interview sessions to check your clarification about the concepts taught.
Interview Preparation Essentials
How to Crack Any Interview? - Industry Secrets
Essential Tools and Resources To Help You Succeed
Mock Interview Session

Media Buying & Planning

In this module of digital marketing institute, we’ll give you step-by-step training about media buying and planning. These both are adopted by companies to reach the maximum number of people within the lowest budget. We’ll make you understand how you can buy media placements for advertisements on websites, TV, radio, publications, etc.
Advance Media Buying Options
Creating Media Buying Strategy

Graphic Designing For Business

In this Module of the digital marketing course, we instruct about Graphic Design basics and why its a serious skill which is high in demand when compare to other industries. We give training on tools which will help you build professional images for both google display ads as well as facebook ads.

Graphic Design Fundamentals
Designing – Marketing Kits
Designing Online Documents




Are you been thinking about getting trained in all-inclusive digital marketing course? Here’s something to get serious about it! The era of Internet is on boom without a doubt. People are earning more digitally; spending more digitally and thus marketing their product or services digitally way more than ever before. In India itself, the digital marketing market now boasts of a value of USD 4.5 Billion in 2022, with the world looking at almost USD476.9 Billion with respect to this industry.


If you have been thinking of diving deep in a digital marketing course for some time, this is the best time to do so. The digital marketing industry is sitting at a growing CAGR of 13.9% till 2026 and a massive 32.1% in 2028.

Even without these numbers in the picture, you must be aware of the online marketing and advertising industry going aggressively on the consumers of all modes of digital content. More people are into their smartphones than in their TV sets, which by the way, has also gone ‘smart’ for the same reason. Every small, medium and large business, freelancer, side-hustler, revolutionary thinker, self-proclaimed coaches and gurus, self-taught gardener / cook / health-enthusiast / traveler / teacher / storyteller / astrologer either needs a digital marketer or becoming one themselves to avoid costs to ride the wave of digital economy boost.

For those in Rohini, digital marketing classes at Expert Training Institute is the farthest you have to look at to be the part of such an insanely growing industry. Once enrolled, you won’t believe the amount of value you are going to get out of it.

Digital Marketing course objectives

  • To highlight how the digital business practices would continue to change the world
  • To help understand digital marketing practices in detail
  • Learn more avenues of revenue generation on digital platforms
  • Attract more traffic to the website
  • Conversion of leads into customers
  • How to lay down the digital marketing strategies with respect to business

Essential elements to focus on in Digital Marketing classes at our Rohini center

  • How various types of content make the foundation of digital marketing
  • Role of SEO marketing, SMO marketing, paid marketing, email marketing and content marketing individually
  • How to set up Google and social media advertising for promotions
  • How to perform inbound marketing as a long-term branding strategy
  • Understanding how to automate the process later to focus on key result areas
  • How to employ everything as a combined digital marketing strategy and come up with properly laid out digital marketing plan for an online business

What all encompasses Digital Marketing Training course?

All the major and minor topics and sub topics are covered in our course. Some of the highlights of the course are:

Search Engine Marketing

When you have opened your online business store, i.e. your website, it’s time to get it ranked on the search engine. In addition to the search engine giant Google, you can also work on ranking your website for Yahoo and Binge. You need to take in elements of SEO course and PPC course in this section. Sort your targeted keywords and use them appropriately on-site and off-site keeping your target audience on mind. Analysis then is the natural next step to improve certain metrics to elevate performance of your website on the search engine. The important thing to know is that the ranking would be a healthy mix of both organic and paid.

Social Media Marketing

Since social media platforms act like the open platforms where anyone can say anything on just about anything, the review, recommendation as well as bad mouthing is considered to be genuine. The platform thus could be leveraged in favor of branding your product and services. Just experimenting a little would yield as to which platform or platforms work best for your kind of business. Certain tools and plugins can really help you in your endeavor. How to work towards building fans of your products and services to ensure more sales while also managing online reputation would be the highlight of the course.

Paid Advertising

Well the whole idea of a business online or otherwise is sales, which starts with letting people know about you. Paid advertising just does that faster. It helps you to reach your audience faster, build up awareness about your propositions and show up to those to whom your products are really going to make most sense. Our digital marketing course as taught in our Rohini center would focus on equipping you with the right tools to make the optimum use of the tool.

Email Marketing

As the name suggests, this taps into the powers of properly using emails to market your brand. The tool is simple and effective, but only when it’s clear, concise and true. Certain elements of email marketing are key to its success as a strategy. You must know how to write compelling newsletters, give out offers that are difficult or we can say impossible to ignore and then automate the process through the available tools.

Content Marketing

As with every other digital marketing tool, this one’s also crucial because it acts as the foundation of all other pillars of the digital marketing strategy. You will have to create content, written, audio and video, to support all the claims your business is making. The more you populate the content the more are the chances of your audience to find it. But without a content marketing strategy in place, everything would seem like some random occurrences on the internet. Our highly professional digital marketing trainers at Expert Training Institute located in Rohini would ensure you understand how to draw up that plan and put the strategy in place to achieve it.

Inbound Marketing

As the word highlights, the attempt is to bring in audience from sustained efforts not to go out in search for them and often coming back empty handed. Content marketing is the best bet to attempt this over the longer period of time in an effort to brand your business appropriately.


Now all the above strategies work a little differently if you have hundreds of products listed on your website, each on a different page. Learning and implementing these strategies takes immense attention and patience. Loads of things are still going to be hit-and-trial method, depending upon your products and where do you want to sell these. Empty cart, remarketing, subscription, payment, reviews, rewards / points etc. are some of key learnings in this section of the digital marketing training course.

Marketing Analytics

We have briefly covered it in SEM but that’s not all. The software and plugin market is ripe with sharp analytical tools that give key matrices to focus on and even give out suggestion to better it. You might need to buy it one time or subscribe to use these tools. But even before that you need to figure out which one’s is just the right for your business, which is what demos are for.

Online branding

Keeping your name fresh in your target audience’s mind is essential for branding and the Internet as a market place is not so different. Since it’s an ongoing process, you need to include it in your branding strategy and we will help you understand the implementation aspect of the process so your brand has a greater chance of reaping profit and building loyalty.

Mode of delivering training content

The modes of delivery of content for digital marketing course training in our Expert Training Institute in Rohini would remain the same, as with all our other courses.


You would require a laptop or a computer system and a stable internet connection to learn from the comfort of your home. Never come to the institute yet do not miss a single session with our highly skilled professional trainers. If you have paid the attention to every single topic, made notes where you felt like, you are covered for everything important.


You can attend the live sessions with the trainer, interact with him and fellow course takers and clear all your doubts then and there. If that is the mode of learning you prefer (which by the still is much loved by many), love the feeling of sitting in a classroom environment and feel alive to the process, you are most welcome. We don’t discriminate and value your reasons and preferences.

Video Course

We have pre-recorded video sessions also available for this (as well as other) course(s). You can learn at your own pace and there’s no rush to get all the practice work done with in a stipulated time (though that also certainly is an advantage for some!) You may leave your queries and doubts in the mail, and you will get a respond as and when the trainer can.

Who all can receive Digital Marketing training at our Rohini Institute?

Since digital marketing as taught in our institute is an all-encompassing course, you need not look further. Moreover, people from every profession and business can reap benefits of learning in detail about digital marketing, all must think of it as a life skill in today’s hi-tech era.


So, you are a proud learner and want to keep up with the pace of technology and internet works. Later you would decide what to do with this knowledge. We cater to your hunger for knowledge and show you the best ways to implement in real-time whenever needed.

Business owners

Either you are actively doing a business or planning to start one. The business is either online but needs serious work or your business is doing great in current brick-n-mortar model but you want to take it online for better reach to your audience. Our digital marketing classes have got you covered with all its material. And you are ready to excel with our professional guidance.

Professionals upgrading themselves

If you are a working SEO specialist or paid online marketer but looking to upgrade your career, Expert Training Institute in Rohini is just the place. Here you add more feathers to your cap with our digital marketing certification course and win in your career.


People who mind working 9-5 job and are better at individual project handling while also scaling their skills are welcome in our digital marketing center. Your time is just going to value more and bring more stability in your chosen career with this enhanced addition.


Moms, students and experts of their fields like cooks, vaastu, tutors, musicians, coaches, etc. who are running a business single handedly to contribute their bit to the society while getting paid for their expertise benefit tremendously through this course. The digital success is decoded in here.

Home-bound / no-fixed-place self-motivated people

Business or no business, a skill is still a skill and a value proposition that has takers is still bridging the gap between demand and supply. In Rohini, at our institute enroll for the digital marketing classes and earn a skill that will continue to reward you for your efforts when implemented thoughtfully. Your motivations is all it is going to take.

Students transitioning into job-seekers

Students who are in the career building phase also make the best of their life by visiting our institute. With great knowledge and digital marketing skills you are going to step into one of the brightest career you imagine.
Just remember to have a bigger vision which could be achieved slowly yet gradually with our digital marketing certification course as a stepping stone. Before enrolling, ensure that it is the best fit for your needs and dreams!

Our Knowledge delivery process

When you take the digital marketing classes in our Rohini institute, know that your efforts would be most supported in a way to make the learning stick. You would still have to go through the process as follows:

Attend the classes

You will have to take the sessions, online or live. The instructor will take you through everything that is a part of the material and you can ask all your queries. However unless you practice whatever is taught, you cannot know what are the challenges. So you need to find time to practice the topics discussed in the class.

Practice in practical sessions

So apart from working in the classes and practicing at home, you also get to practice in front of the trainer. We ensure that you truly understood what was being taught. Our experts at digital marketing center in Rohini ensure that the process learning is filled with practical tips and insight. Only when you practice, would you know all the gaps and work towards bridging it.

Take final assessment

Although this one’s the last step in the process of transmitting the knowledge, it’s the most crucial one. However, you need not sweat over it because you get to practice a lot, clear all your doubts and have sufficient time with trainers. You assessment would be one hundred percent of thrill, enlightening you on what all you have learned spectacularly and what you still need to work on. You earn a certificate of completion.

If you are determined to become a digital marketer, we are committed to transform you into one!

How to know if it’s D-course to take?

You need to be clear on the following:

  • What you already have (current skills)?
  • Where you want to go (career vision)?
  • How understanding digital marketing can help you in your career?

If you are still unsure, we recommend visiting our premises and:

Talking to our consultant

Discuss your needs and expectations from the course and see if it’s the right fit.

Taking a Demo session with our experts / trainer

Lastly, you can take demo session to really get the feel of the class and course material. This would help to take-it or leave-it call!

What’s next, after the Digital Marketing course?

The world is open for you to explore. We are there for guiding you whenever you feel the need. Just drop us an email and we are there for you.

Why Digital Marketing Course?

Advantages of doing this course are many. Here are some:

  • A better career
  • A better business
  • A better understanding of how the internet functions and how to make the most of it
  • A life skill
  • A better strategist
  • Better use of your time and money
  • An investment with returns and a great sense of gratification
  • A lifetime guide to support your efforts

Having reached the end of this page, you now must be clear of what you have and what you will achieve with our digital marketing training if you know what to do of it wisely and work towards your vision / goal constantly.
And remember, we have got your back once you choose us as your learning partner!


We’re just a call away: 9958-38-19-38




FAQ 1. Why should i join ETI for Internet Marketing Training?

Digital Marketing Course at ETI Rohini is devised and imparted by Digital Marketing experts having more than 10 years of practical experience in the field. The combination of 20% theoretical knowledge and 80% Practical Digital Marketing training makes us the best digital marketing institute.
We have listed below some other reasons why you should take Internet marketing Training from ETI Rohini, Delhi.

Advance digital marketing course with 60 Modules
In-depth course coverage in 200+ hours
Flexible course timings with flexible batches
Affordable digital marketing course than other training institutes
Free Books and Notes
Live Classroom Videos
Laptops for practical sessions
Easy Fee Instalments
3-months internship
100% Job Placement
1-year course validity
1-year free web hosting
15 International Certifications
Doubt sessions & Missed classes
Lifetime Query Assistance
Interview tips and training
Resume creation support
Real-time projects and case studies

FAQ 2. Will ETI Help Me With Placements After My Digital Marketing Course Completion?

We are proud to have a secure and good association with more than 600 medium-scale companies and MNCs. There are numerous organizations who are hiring for the Digital Marketing Executive. Our placement cell is competent to provide our students with the placement assistance whenever needed. In this way, we are all-time ready to help you in getting a job after completing your Digital Marketing Course.

FAQ 3. How Do I Enroll For The Internet Marketing Course At ETI?

Enrolling for the digital marketing course at ETI is simple and hassle-free. If you’ve interest in internet marketing then you can be a part of the demo class conducted at our ETI centres either Rohini every Sunday at 12pm. You’ll be given a practical demo of the course and you are allowed to have face-to-face interaction with the trainer for any doubts. Once you’re satisfied, you can enrol for the course.

FAQ 4. How much can i start earning after completing Digital Marketing Training from ETI?

There are endless earning opportunities for a digital marketer. We, at ETI, provide you with the unmatched digital marketing course, which make you competent to earn a good amount. After completing the course from ETI, you can expect to earn from minimum 15,000 per month to 40,000 per month according to your profile and expertise. Your ability will decide your payout so make the most of your time in the digital marketing institute for a bright future.

FAQ 5. Do you provide Internship with Internet marketing courses?

Yes, we do. The internship is optional for you after completion of the digital marketing course. We are associated with different internet marketing organizations and SAAS providers so you’ve a great chance to work as an intern in these companies. Depending on your capability, they’ll offer you stipend. You’ll be provided with the live projects of the customers and are expected to offer the best results during internship. On completion of internship, you’ll get the internship certificate, which further increase your chances for placement in well-established organizations.

FAQ 6. When will i get course material, certificate and software of Digital Marketing Training?

Yes, you’ll get the digital marketing course material, course completion certificate, and software for practice. Once you join ETI, you’ll be given the course material and applications for ease of learning. We make sure that each of our students understands each of the modules deeply so the practical session becomes easier for them. When you complete this 3 to 4 month course, we’ll give a certificate as a proof of your proficiency in digital marketing field.

FAQ 7. What will be my profile after completion of Internet marketing course from ETI?

ETI Digital Marketing Institute provides its students with the best-in-class digital marketing course so they can unfold various job opportunities for themselves. After completing this course from ETI, you can start your career as SEO Executive (Search Engine Optimization), PPC executive, content writer, SEM Executive, etc. As “We care for our student’s future”, we make every possible effort to train them for a high-profile job and secure future.

FAQ 8. Who will be our Online marketing trainer at ETI?

Mr. Udit Khanna, a 10+ year experienced Digital Marketing Expert and founder of ETI Digital Marketing Training Institute will be imparting you the internet marketing course. He knows in and out of digital marketing training and happily shares his knowledge to mass audience through his YouTube Channel- Digital Udit. You won’t have to worry about the quality of the internet marketing training when you have Mr.Udit Khanna by your side.

FAQ 9. What is the best way to get updated in the digital marketing field?

To stay updated in the field of digital marketing, you can go through several websites that share latest updates related to internet advertising and marketing. To name some of them, you can follow Ahrefs, Searchengineland, Moz, etc. Apart from this, we, at ETI, provides newsletters to our students within our digital marketing course.

FAQ 10. Can i complete my Internet Marketing Course in 3 Months

Absolutely, you can! However, it depends on your grasping ability. Digital Marketing course is a comprehensive course, which requires your effort and time. This is why we ask you to pay attention during the sessions and practice as much as you can. We offer you ample opportunities to practice all modules of the course after or before the digital marketing classes.

FAQ 11. I don't have a website or blog. Can i complete my Internet marketing course?

When you enroll at ETI for your Internet Marketing Course then we'll be providing you with training on how to create a blog or a website. This module is one of the most important step in our Digital Marketing Course. We make you learn the designing of both Static (HTML) and Dynamic (Wordpress) websites. We impart training about Product based, Services based and Blog Based websites in detail, which will help to fetch a good job in the industry. We assist you in personalizing your site and instruct you how to take care of a blog and articles. So, you don’t have to worry about the website or blog as we’ll help you create one for the completion of your digital marketing course.

FAQ 12. What kind of practical experience i will get in this training?

We don’t believe in providing you just theoretical knowledge as we understand it well that, work is done practically in companies. At ETI, we make sure you have understood each concept clearly through giving you practical projects.


  • MBA In Marketing & 5+ Years of Industry Experience
  • 9+ Years Of Experience In Running Training Institute In Delhi
  • 6+ Years of Experience of Digital Agency
  • Director & Founder - Expert Training Institute (2012), DigitalUdit (2015). I am also the creator of several websites, host of a digital marketing channel on YouTube. I teach many SEO topics that I myself use all the time. They include link-building, keyword research, and using other sites like YouTube, Amazon, and even freelancing sites like Fiverr as search engines to get discovered when people are searching.
  • I wanted to take a bigger role in the businesses that is how I got into business and marketing. Today, I am a successful entrepreneur. I geek out on things like motivation, building healthy habits, and creativity.My aim is to reach at the highest stage of prominence in the SEO course training. The continuous hard work of more than 10 years has fetched me fruitful results in the field of digital marketing.