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Expert Training Institute is the foremost institute that offers the best SEO course in Delhi proposing a large bouquet of SEO benefits for the diverse learners for their business. We are a known name in the SEO industry due to our caring attitude, strong values and institutional approach shared by our team of trainers. Set up in 2012, ETI is now present across Delhi and has become one of the full-fledged SEO training institutes in Delhi. Keeping in mind all the diversities of the Indian landscape, we are a zealous team of professionals, who performs meticulously to ensure simplified SEO training in Delhi.

If you are looking for a premium SEO course in Delhi and learn Best SEO techniques to grow your business & increase your website traffic, then you’re on the right platform. We are a reliable SEO course training institute in the city that always provides understandable training with 100% placement and 3-month internship assurance. We strive to impart training to each student at their convenience and this is why we have come up with flexible batches (weekdays and weekends). This allows them to easily take care of their SEO course training as well as other responsibilities. We portray our ethics in a unique form that makes us listed among the top-notch SEO institutes in Delhi.

Domain Expertise for Excellent SEO Training in Delhi

With over 12 years of domain expertise, we have an in-depth understanding of every concept of Search Engine Optimization like What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? How Search Works with SEO?. We know well that the more you know about the concept, the more likely you’ll make your training a success. We offer first-hand guidance, which will allow you to experience the magic of learning a new thing. With our advanced assets and experienced trainers, we back the SEO training of the students, homemakers, business persons and employees all over the city.

Expert Training Institute: Most Opted SEO Course Provider

Due to our rich experience, we are recognized as a trusted SEO institute in Delhi. We excel in the industry with the crest of commitment coming right from our Mentor, Mr. Udit Khanna. Being the most trusted SEO training providers, we’ve established our strength, quality, and authenticity in the eyes of students. We are just the right blend of all the winning qualities needed to become the best Search Engine Optimization institute. We have a well-established network across the city allowing students to reach us for the SEO course from any corner of Delhi.

There are a number of SEO institutes in Delhi that claim to offer the best SEO training but not all of them are able to fulfill their commitment. In such a case, people get confused in order to which is the right institute for the SEO course. We have been fulfilling our promise of quality training to students for the last 8 years. We are confident about our SEO training that is why we offer two free demo classes to every person who wants to join us. Unlike other institutes where they will be given a demo separately, we allow them to join our regular batches to experience how we actually teach our students.

We never influence their decision by constantly telling them about our experience and quality. We respect an individual’s right to make decisions therefore it’s up to them whether they want to enroll or not. If they are satisfied with the demo sessions then only they join us.
















As per the case studies and upcoming jobs in 2020-21 it is found that the digital marketing & SEO is the fastest growing industry. There are many companies looking for digital marketers & SEO's world-wide.


Yes, it is true that in this digital era every small or large business needs digital marketing & SEO to reach their potential audience.


Through SEO & digital marketing strategies it is very easily to target the right audience by selecting age, gender demographics etc. Targeting the right audience on particular platform gives more appropriate results.


As compare to traditional marketing Digital marketing & SEO is not at all expensive. Strategies like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performed in digital marketing is completely organic i.e free of cost .


SEO & Digital marketing for entrepreneurs is a very good option for promoting there business / brands online, reaching the target audience and generating leads.


Google Adsense , Affiliate marketing and Youtube are the platforms through which one can generate their online income.


Writing content , Website designing providing SEO & digital marketing services to clients working from home is a very good opportunities for freelancers.


SEO & Digital marketing is a useful platform for content writers. Content writers can deliver/share their content either by writing blogs or presenting it on Youtube through video marketing.


SEO & Digital marketing gives the ability to reach a global market place. Small or Medium scale business owners can generate lots of profit through SEO & Digital marketing at low cost.


5 stars

If you really want to learn practically about SEO, then this is the best institute for doing SEO Course. This institute gives all the latest knowledge and also tech tips and tricks. I joined one month ago, and my experience is excellent.
4.5 stars

I am specially writing this review to thank Udit Khanna, sir, to help me build my career in SEO. After graduation, I was very disturbed as nowadays, if you don't have a professional skill, you will not get a job. After visiting Expert Training Institute, they told me about the SEO course. My course experience was excellent as I was able to learn everything practically. Thanks to all the staff members also.
4 stars

Best training Institute to learn SEO. Faculty and other staff are very helpful. My computer basics and English were not good, but they helped me to regain my confidence. Now i am working in a good company. Thanks to Expert Training Institute. I strongly recommend this SEO Course institute in Delhi if you want personal care. These people will help you in your career growth in every step.
5 stars

Hello everyone, my experience with Expert Training Institute was very inspiring. They helped me in restarting my career in SEO after marriage. I was really worried about the SEO course, but after starting the course, i gained lots of confidence in myself and my work. I started my interior designing work, and now i am working in this field very well. Thanks to the cooperating staff of the Expert Training Institute. These people are very humble and professional. They understand their students very well and support them in every way.
5 stars

First of all, thank you so much, Expert Training Institute, for your wonderful SEO course and faculty. Specially Udit Khanna, sir, for giving so much knowledge and skill of SEO. A great course, excellent and friendly environment... N daily practical are an excellent help for the students. Fantastic experience would recommend to all who are interested in the SEO course.
5 stars

People this such an excellent SEO institute for learning SEO. I wanted to launch my startup but had many doubts, but trainers here gave me so much clarity on the working of SEO that I not only started the work with ease but got some initial funding also through online platforms.
4.5 stars

This is the best SEO Institute to learn SEO in Delhi. Faculty, there is very helpful and experienced. I have personal experience in learning SEO in this institute. I created my website with the help of the faculty as I like that. I would it is a value for money deal to join SEO Course In Delhi.
5 stars

This is the Best SEO Institute for Learning SEO. They focus on learning and understanding. They treat their students very well, and the fee structure is also very reasonable. If you put up in Delhi or near Rohini & Janakpuri and you want to learn SEO as per growing Demand and trend, you should visit once. I am sure you will love it to learn from here.
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Excellent experience, detailed SEO course syllabus. Faculty and staff are very experienced best part is their in-depth knowledge of the updated techniques, which makes this Expert Training Institute stand apart as the best SEO training institute in Delhi.
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This is the best SEO Institute. You can learn here everything related to SEO practically on the live project. Teachers have excellent knowledge. You can do a seo course here at a reasonable fee. I made my fitness and health blog, and now my work in increasing.




1. What is SEO? What are the kinds of SEO methods?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process of keep changing the position of site or a web page in search engine results by using phrases or keywords.
Two Forms of SEO are:
  1. On-Page Optimization
2. Off-Page Optimization

2. On which factors do period necessary to enhance a web site rank is dependent on?

There are a few who are responsible for this although it depends upon attributes and they're: The Total amount of WebPages onto a Website, using more pages, the period required is more When the site contains any unwanted articles and getting the Exact Same
The approaches adopted for SEO
The abilities of this SEO specialist

3. What's Webpage SEO? Does it differ from an Internet SEO?

Webpage SEO is not anything but is making attempts to enhance the ranking of a page at which Internet SEO is the process of fostering the ranking of the entire site optimization. The latter is more complicated and time consuming as compare to this Webpage SEO.

4. Is it possible to rank your website on search engine at one day?

Well, among the common expressions is "Rome wasn't built in a single day." SEO is complex provisions and requires a whole good deal of elements to be paid attention. In reality, it requires more research than the attempts one has to create. Optimization of a site isn't possible in 1 day. It requires some time based on a lot of variables.
It's turning into a fantastic strategy in SEO. It's a strategy with the support of which the consumers can make sure of benefits. It enables consumers to find the results that fit with the keyword.

5. What can you intend by the expression traffic?

Web traffic is your exact or quote figure concerning the number of people that available, accessibility attributes, produce an account or go to a web site in a particular period. Sites with visitors are regarded as the best ones.

6. Do you know the several methods of creating traffic to a web site?

Traffic could be improved using many strategies on any site, and a number are supplied below.
1. By participating in appropriating SEO campaigns
2. Updating the Web Site content Concerning time
3. Ad postings
4. By contemplating Google Ad words
5. Adding new attributes on the Web Site
6. By deflecting the visitors from other websites

7. Could you pay an internet search engine to improve your site ranking?

No, an internet ranking isn't set by search engines. In reality, their people who do can attain rankings of the sites and some algorithms that users may follow. For fostering a web site ranking, search engines do not charge.

8. Is it possible to adopt different strategies for SEO at the same time?

Yes, precisely, the same is possible. The best results can be had if the consumers do not just rely on a single and believe approaches. There are many approaches available, and they have zero effect on each other when they all are considered simultaneously.

9. What can you intend by the word BackLink?

It's currently making a website's connection on a different site by marketing or with cooperation between two of these. Backlinks may improve from the optimization of a web site and also can divert traffic. Backlinks are active and will bring in a good deal of users for a website that is newly introduced.

10. What's the importance of Keywords in Search Engine Optimization?

Keywords would be the words that are composed of a quantity in a website's material. They can be chosen based on what the site has to supply them while searching on what an internet search engine spider may probably compose on the search pub. The search engines in their databases usually store them, and the outcomes are supplied dependent on which site has a match together.

11. What is link auditing in SEO?

It's mostly a strategy that let users cross confirm the links generated are currently functioning. Connect auditing is completed after a particular period. Dependent on the outcomes, the hyperlinks added could be removed or altered to find the results.

12. What is On-site and Off-site SEO? What is On-site and Off-site SEO?

On-site SEO is your set of protocols and principles an internet owner have to employ on the site to acquire the outcomes. The Off-page SEO is about the marketing of composing and site articles.

13. Why SEO is Important for new websites?

New assist marinating regular visitors' attention and or upgraded sites draw more customers. It helps in fostering a web site to rank on an internet search engine optimization. It is but one of the fundamentals of SEO.

14. Do you know the Kinds of Metatags in Search Engine Optimization?

They are of the following four types.
1. Description
2. Meta Robots
3. Meta Crucial tags
4. Name tags




FAQ 1. What kind of practical experience will I get in this Course?
Our SEO course will give you practical knowledge of the necessary concepts of Search Engine Optimization, including On-page and Off-page SEO. We’ll give you an opportunity to work on the live projects under the guidance of our trainers. This will surely give you exposure to what kind of work you will be going to do on the job.
FAQ 2. Do you offer placement assistance in this Search Engine Optimization course?
Yes, definitely! We offer 100% assurance for job placements once you complete your SEO course from our SEO institute. Furthermore, we’ll assist you in getting prepared for the interview so you can know about your conceptual clarity. We work to make your practical base stronger so you can be an asset to any company.
FAQ 3. Do you provide any free trial SEO class for student satisfaction before joining the Course?
Yes. We have a provision of two free demonstration classes for those who want to enrol for the SEO course at our SEO institute. Additionally, for a demonstration, you will be allowed to join the regular on-going lectures.
FAQ 4. Can I offer SEO services as a freelancer after completing the course?
Yes, of course! In order to provide freelance SEO services, it’s imperative to have first-hand knowledge of SEO. Once you know how to practically implement each and every aspect of SEO, you can be an independent provider of SEO services. Through our SEO course, you can attain practical knowledge of SEO techniques.
FAQ 5. I am not an Engineer and don't know Programming. Will I be able to do this SEO course?
Yes. For Search Engine Optimization course, you won’t need any Programming knowledge as it is a certification course that is solely based on the skills and creativity. You just need to have the basic computer knowledge to get started with this SEO Course. We’ll train you on how to shortlist keywords, use different SEO tools to optimize a website, and SEO algorithms.
FAQ 6. I am a Web Developer/Designer with 5+ years of experience. Why should I learn this SEO course?
Being only able to design or develop websites is not enough as it’s important for any business to get exposure online. Every business person wants to have more leads and sales, which will help them to achieve their organizational goals and this is only possible through Search Engine Optimization. You can be an all-rounder expert who knows how to design and develop a website along with optimizing it. The SEO course will enhance your skills, improving your career opportunities.
FAQ 7. Who should do Search Engine Optimization Course?
There is no eligibility criterion for joining the Search Engine Optimization Course. Be it students, working professionals, homemakers, retired people, new entrepreneurs, and business persons who have the willingness to learn SEO course can enrol for it. With this course, you can improve your career opportunities, start your business, or improve the sales potential of your existing digital business.
FAQ 8. How can I trust that Search Engine Optimization is the best course in the Industry?
First of all, you must know that Search Engine Optimization is a way to enhance the performance of any website by optimizing it as per the search engine guidelines. Website optimization increases the chances of ranking on the topmost position on the search engine results pages, which will then bring organic traffic to the website.
As you know that these days almost all businesses have started operating online due to better sales opportunities, all business owners need a website. Now, until it’s exposed on the search engines, no one will get to know about its presence eliminating the sales probability. Therefore, to make a website visible online, SEO is needed. In this way, it has a wider scope in the future and website owners are looking for a certified SEO expert for improving their business that makes SEO course the best in the industry.




Overview of SEO Course In Delhi


SEO Course Outline

Search Engine Optimization is perhaps a highly challenging and rewarding marketing concept. Combining analytics, data, content marketing, HTML knowledge, and technical website optimization, SEO unleashes the potential of your marketing proficiency and efforts. At ETI Delhi, the SEO course covers all these mandatory SEO techniques and how they work together to form an effective and profitable marketing strategy. Our module is sure to make you learn the advanced SEO tools and methods while achieving hands-on experience via interactive live projects.

Key Features of SEO Training

End-to-end Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization

ETI Delhi provides its students with the end-to-end Search Engine Optimization course in Delhi. This all-inclusive course with 12 modules will help you attain proficiency in the various SEO disciplines, including:

Become an SEO Specialist with ETI SEO Training Institute in Delhi

Our advanced SEO training course will change you into an all-rounder SEO professional who can drive sustained growth in the most significant marketing channel of any website. By pursuing this course from ETI SEO training institute, you can master all facets of Search Engine Optimization, including link building, keyword research, analytics, technical SEO, etc.

Designations for you after SEO Course

These days SEO certification course is preferred by individuals from all age groups and educational backgrounds due to its extensive scope in the future. It opens many doors of opportunities for you such as SEO analyst, SEO specialist, and SEO manager.

Overview of Annual CTC in the field of SEO in India

At the above-mentioned designations, you can earn good money due to the impressive CTC that is being offered in this field in India. Let’s go through the average annual salary for all three designations in the domestic country. The data is taken from a reliable recruiting website “Glassdoor”.

It is an important thing to be kept in mind that the above figures are dependent on an individual’s expertise and experience. If you aspire to earn more than the average amount in the sector then it’s crucial to understand all aspects and concepts of SEO course.

Fee for SEO Course in Delhi at ETI

We know that learners come from all backgrounds; some of them have a financially strong background while others may not have. We want everyone to create an opportunity for them for a well-settled future with our SEO course in Delhi. Budget constraint is one of the reasons why talented individuals take a back seat and are not able to think for their future. Therefore, the Expert Training Institute has come up with a life-changing way for everyone- SEO Course. We offer this great course at an affordable cost i.e. 10,000 INR.

We also understand that it’s not easy for some students to pay the entire amount in lump sum; therefore, we offer an easy EMI option to all students. With this provision, they don’t have to stress themselves about paying the whole course fee in one go.

SEO Course Pre-requisites

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a certification course, which can be pursued by anyone without any prior knowledge of the concept. However, it’s always good to know a bit about the industry. So, knowing about marketing will be beneficial but again it’s not mandatory.

ETI SEO Course Certification

As we are the leading SEO institute in Delhi, we take care of the requirements of our students to the highest possible level. Apart from providing the best SEO Course in Delhi, we offer an SEO course completion certificate that holds great importance when the students go for interviews in the organizations for different designations.

The ETI SEO Course certificate will act as proof that you have actually enrolled for the SEO course in Delhi and are aware of all on-page SEO techniques and off-page SEO techniques. Our certificate will help you get a good job in a reputed company that offers you a great salary package.

Advanced Infrastructure & Assets for the Best SEO Training in Delhi

We are highly ambitious SEO trainers in Delhi, who are capable to understand what our students from diverse qualification background expect from us. The efficiency and quality SEO training in Delhi are the resultant of updated technology that we implement in our program to present integrated solutions. We’ve made our modules so responsive and foolproof to help different individuals understand the topics well. Other than our experienced faculty, our infrastructure, as well as assets, is the major reason behind our success. These are shared below: