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70K Worth Tools



76 Adv. Modules


Rs. 40,000
Rs. 27,000





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Trainer - Mr. Udit Khanna

  • MBA in Marketing
  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Having Digital Marketing Agency
  • Worked on National and International Projects

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Expert Training Institute is one of the excellent Institute that provides best Digital Marketing Course in Janakpuri, Delhi. This is a place where internet marketing experts share their knowledge and experience with learners. ETI has been offering the Digital marketing course in Janakpuri to students, professionals, entrepreneurs, businesspersons, housewives, and retired individuals from the last 8 years with utmost diligence. We have created a place for learning for our students to learn digital marketing so they can shape their careers and future well in Digital Marketing.

The best part of our Digital Marketing Training Program is that all our modules are practical and are sure to create engagement. The reason is straight and simple - we care for our student’s future; therefore, we always make attempts to impart quality training. Our digital marketing course in janakpuri is developed and taught by award-winning Online Marketing experts. We know it well that only theoretical lectures make the training session boring for the students affecting their learning. So, to make our digital marketing training compelling and effective we have included live projects and case studies. As a result, the students get the right experience and exposure that is needed in the online marketing field.

ETI experts impart Digital Marketing Training in Janakpuri with the help of 60 smartly-devised modules. These modules are developed in such a manner that they can be easily understood by a high-school student to working professionals. To complete this course, you just have to invest 3 to 4 months. We provide an added benefit to our students - flexible timings and batches. As the digital marketing course is something that can be done by individuals from any background and age group, students can join any batch at our institute. This facility is provided so they don’t have to take the stress of managing their office, home, and training program all together.

At Expert Training Institute, we assure you that you’ll get the best digital marketing course. This will surely help you to build a digital marketing career with wide scope of digital marketing. We ensure you 100% placement and are proud to share with you that we have successfully placed over 5700 students, which assisted us to achieve a tag of the best Digital Marketing Institute in Janakpuri.




As per the case studies and upcoming jobs in 2020-21 it is found that the digital marketing is the fastest growing industry. There are many companies looking for digital marketers world-wide.


Yes, it is true that in this digital era every small or large business needs digital marketing to reach their potential audience.


Through digital marketing strategies it is very easily to target the right audience by selecting age, gender demographics etc. Targeting the right audience on particular platform gives more appropriate results.


As compare to traditional marketing Digital marketing is not at all expensive. Strategies like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performed in digital marketing is completely organic i.e free of cost .


Digital marketing for entrepreneurs is a very good option for promoting there business / brands online, reaching the target audience and generating leads.


Google Adsense (1 Session) , Affiliate Marketing (1 Session) and Youtube are the platforms through which one can generate their online income.


Writing content , Website designing providing digital marketing services to clients working from home is a very good opportunities for freelancers.


Digital marketing is a useful platform for content writers. Content writers can deliver/share their content either by writing blogs or presenting it on Youtube through video marketing.


Digital marketing gives the ability to reach a global market place. Small or Medium scale business owners can generate lots of profit through Digital marketing at low cost.













  Why Digital marketing  




digital marketing course fees
CourseName Expert SEO Training Course (ESTC) Expert PPC Training Course (EPTC) Advance Digital Marketing Course (ADMC) Professional Digital Marketing Course (PDMC)
Fees 15000 + GST(18%) 15000 + GST(18%) 30000 + GST(18%) 40000 + GST(18%)
Instalments One Go One Go 3(40% + 30% + 30%) 3(40% + 30% + 30%)
Modules 25 30 64 76
1 Digital Marketing Overview Digital Marketing Overview Digital Marketing Overview Digital Marketing Overview
2 Web Designing Web Designing Web Designing Web Designing
3 Static Website Creation
4 How To Choose Domain How To Choose Domain How To Choose Domain How To Choose Domain
5 How To Choose Hosting How To Choose Hosting How To Choose Hosting How To Choose Hosting
6 Wordpress Website Creation Wordpress Website Creation Wordpress Website Creation Wordpress Website Creation
12 Structured Date Markup Structured Date Markup Structured Date Markup
13 Google Search Console Google Search Console Google Search Console
15 Off Page SEO Off Page SEO Off Page SEO
16 Google My Business Google My Business Google My Business
18 SEO Penalties SEO Penalties SEO Penalties
22 SEO Terms SEO Terms SEO Terms
23 PPC Fundamental PPC Fundamental PPC Fundamental
24 Search Campaign Creation Search Campaign Creation Search Campaign Creation
25 Display Campaign Creation Display Campaign Creation Display Campaign Creation
26 Video Campaigm Creation Video Campaigm Creation Video Campaigm Creation
27 Smart Campaign Smart Campaign Smart Campaign
28 Discovery Campaign Discovery Campaign Discovery Campaign
29 App Campaign App Campaign App Campaign
30 Shopping Campaign Creation Shopping Campaign Creation Shopping Campaign Creation
31 Competitor Analysis using
3rd party Tools
Competitor Analysis using
3rd party Tools
Competitor Analysis using
3rd party Tools
32 Conversion Tracking Conversion Tracking Conversion Tracking
33 Remarketing Remarketing Remarketing
34 Bid Adjustment Bid Adjustment Bid Adjustment
35 Bid Strategies Bid Strategies Bid Strategies
36 Google Ads Cert. Questions Google Ads Cert. Questions Google Ads Cert. Questions
37 Ad Types Ad Types Ad Types
38 How to Write Killer Ad Copy How to Write Killer Ad Copy How to Write Killer Ad Copy
39 Ad Extensions Ad Extensions Ad Extensions
40 Campaign Settings Campaign Settings Campaign Settings
41 Google Ads Glossary Google Ads Glossary Google Ads Glossary
42 Landing Page Landing Page Landing Page
43 Additional Features Additional Features Additional Features
44 Keyword Match Types Keyword Match Types Keyword Match Types
CourseName Expert SEO Training Course (ESTC) Expert PPC Training Course (EPTC) Advance Digital Marketing Course (ADMC) Professional Digital Marketing Course (PDMC)
45 Social Media Optimization Social Media Optimization
46 Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing
47 Facebook Marketing Facebook Marketing
48 LinkedInMarketing LinkedInMarketing
49 Twitter Marketing Twitter Marketing
50 Instagram Markiting Instagram Markiting
51 YouTube Optimization YouTube Optimization
52 Pinterest Marketing Pinterest Marketing
53 Google Analyatics Google Analyatics Google Analyatics Google Analyatics
54 eMail Marketing eMail Marketing eMail Marketing eMail Marketing
55 AffilIate Marketing AffilIate Marketing
56 Google Adsense Google Adsense
57 e-Commerce Marketing e-Commerce Marketing
58 Freelancing Freelancing Freelancing Freelancing
59 Online Reputation Management Online Reputation Management
60 Lead Generation and Nurturing Lead Generation and Nurturing
61 Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing
62 Content Marketing
63 Professional Blogging
64 Graphic Designing for Business Graphic Designing for Business
65 Creating Digital Marketing Strategy Creating Digital Marketing Strategy
66 Interview Preparation Digital Marketing Interview Preparation Digital Marketing Interview Preparation
67 e-Commerce Development
68 International SEO Fundamentals
69 Geo Targeting
70 Guerrilla Marketing
71 SMS Markiting SMS Markiting
72 Growth Hacking
73 Market Place Selling
74 Online Advertisement
75 Media BuYing and Planing
76 Cyber Laws
CourseName Expert SEO Training Course (ESTC) Expert PPC Training Course (EPTC) Advance Digital Marketing Course (ADMC) Professional Digital Marketing Course (PDMC)


Digital Marketing Course Overview (1 Session)

In this module we'll provide you basic course information, differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing, the notion of search engine functions, etc.

Definition of Digital Marketing
Scope Of Internet Marketing
Trends Of Digital Marketing
Significance Of Online Marketing
How It Is Different From Traditional Channels Of Marketing

Understanding Website Designing (2 Sessions)

In this module, we make you understand the basics of website designing. You’ll learn how a dynamic website is different from a static website. Furthermore, there are other things also that you’ll learn in this module. As all students have a distinct ability, we have made our modules easy to understand so that training session is engaging for both trainer and students.

Dynamic vs Static Website
What Are Responsive Websites?
Components Of A Website
Difference Between Website And Blog
Difference Between Website And Web Portal
Points To Consider While Designing A Website
Competitor Analysis

Static Website Creation (5 Sessions)

In this module, we’ll make you understand how to create a static website. From numerous types of website designing, the Static Website Creation is the easiest one as it contains fixed content. You’ll learn the basics of HTML and other vital features for designing a static website.

Basic HTML
What Is CSS
Understanding Web Design
Understanding The Structure In HTML Code
Designing the Structure According To The Requirements
Incorporating Basic Features
Page Internal Linking
Creation Of Inner Pages
Adding Facebook Like Box
Twitter Feed
Google Map
Enquiry Form
Live Chat

Domain Registration & Hosting (2 Sessions)

In this Module, we’ll let you know how to register a domain and host it. As a website designer, you must know how to get a domain, set it up for further use, and manage via C-Panel.

What Is Domain Name
How To Choose Domain Name
What Is Web Hosting
How To Choose Hosting
What Is Shared Hosting
What Is VPS (Virtual Private Server)
What Is Dedicated Hosting
How To Host A Domain
What Is FTP
Understanding c-panel
What Is SSL
How To Create Business e-mail ids

Wordpress Website Creation (4 Sessions)

In this module, we’ll let you understand how to design websites using WordPress. Basically, this is a content management system, which includes attractive web themes and a sorted dashboard for easy usage. You’ll learn about the installation and functioning of this CMS so you can design engaging websites yourself.

What Is CMS
What Is Blog
Understanding Wordpress & Its Functioning
How To Install Wordpress
Theme Selection & Installation
Exploring Theme Options
Creation Of Pages & Menus
Content Building For Front Page
Team Members
Counters (Milestone)
Image Slider
Pricing Tables
Blog & their Categories
Call To Actions
Service Box (Flip & Icon)
Progress Bars
Gallery (Masonry, Grid, Animated & Stripes)
Adding Required Plugins
Introduction To Woo Commerce
Payment Gateway Integration
Creation Of Page Using Page Builder (Visual Composer)
Register/Login Option
Widget Creation (Side Bars, Footers)

Advance Search Engine Optimization (12 Sessions)

In this module, we’ll make you learn how to get top ranking in search engines with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a procedure to optimize a web page in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc for higher ranking on any specific keyword without paying anything. Advanced SEO functions over 200 ranking factors.

Introduction & Understanding Of SEO And Search Engines
Understanding Basic SEO Terminology
Types Of SEO With Brief Explanation
White Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO
Doorway Pages
Invisible Text
Grey Hat SEO
On-Page SEO

Competitor Analysis
Initial Site Analysis
Keyword Research & Mapping (Placement)
Analytics & Webmaster Code Integration
Site Map (HTML & XML)
Internal & External Linking & Its Benefits
301 & 302 Redirections
Structured Data Mark Up (Schema)

Off-Page SEO
Types Of Links
Directory Submission
Social Book Marking
Article Submission
Guest Blog Posting
Blog Commenting
Press Release
Business Listing & Classifieds
Profile Creation
Forum Posting
SEO Tools
Google Webmaster Tool
Backlink Analysis
Disavow Tool

Advance Google Ads PPC (8 Sessions)

In this module, we’ll provide you the introduction to the website ranking on the search engine using Google Ads. This is an advanced marketing strategy, which is used to increase client-company engagement through Ads campaigns- video, search, shopping, mobile, and universal program. The bidding-based Pay-Per-Click program has given a new face to the advertising industry.

What is PPC?
How PPC differs from SEO?
Understanding Advertising Goals
What is Google Adwords?
Account Creation
What is Search Marketing?
Types of Ads
Do's & Don't's of Ads
Keyword Match Types
Bid Strategies
DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion)
Count down Ads
Bid Adjustment
Ad Extensions
URL Option
What is Display Marketing?
Branding With Display Marketing

Type Of Ads
Creation Of Banner Ads
What is Shopping Network & Merchant Center
Creating Merchant Center Account
Google Merchant Center Linking With Adwords
Creation Of Shopping Campaign
What is App Marketing?
Mobile App Install
Mobile App Engagement
Promote Mobile App
What is Remarketing?
What Is Video Network?(YouTube Marketing)
True View In-Stream Ads
True View Video Discovery Ads
Bumper Ads
Video Remarketing
What Is CPV?
Promoting Videos
Paid Advertisement on Youtube
What is Remarketing?
Custom Audience
What is Bid and Budget?
Google Adwords Hierarchy
Account Creation
Understanding Account Structure
Case Studies
Advance Settings
Campaign Designing & Optimization
What Is Quality Score & Its Importance
Concept Of Landing Page
Conversion Tracking
Ad Scheduling & Delivery
Advance Settings
Competitor Analysis
Google Adwords Facts
My Client Center
Campaign Automation
Countdown & Keyword Insertion
CTR And Its Importance
Ads Bid Strategies
Adwords Billing
Adwords Tools
Adwords Examination Books
Bing Ads
What is Bing Ads, How does PPC works?
How to run Search Campaign?
Import from Google Adwords
What is a UET Tag?
Keyword Research
Bing Ads Policies
Remarketing in Paid Search
Ad Extensions
Dynamic Keyword Insertion
Conversion Rate Optimization
CRO Strategy
A/B Testing - Split Testing
Role Of Analytics
Remarketing Principles
Budget Allocation Over Digital Marketing
Role Of Testimonial & Other Supportive Material
Method To Increase CRO

Social Media Optimization (2 Sessions)

In this module, we will provide you with information about Social Media Optimization. It is a technique to enhance the visibility of any brand through social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. For this, you won’t have to make any payment to these social media channels.

What is Social Media?
Social Media Uses
Social Media Platforms
Benefits of social media
How to target right audience?
Social media tools
How to add large number of friends in single click
How to grow your Instagram fast?
How to use Pinterest?

Social Media Marketing (6 Sessions)

In this module, we’ll make you learn about Search Media Marketing. SMM is a technique to advertise or promote any business online through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Social Media Introduction
What Is Viral Marketing?
Scope & Importance Of Social Media
Facebook & Instagram Marketing
Facebook Business Page Creation
Business Page Optimization
Adding Features into Page
Facebook Groups
Facebook Ads
Facebook Retargeting
Facebook Power Editor
Facebook Shopping Ads
Facebook Video Marketing
Lead Generation through Facebook
App promotion through Facebook
Reporting & Analysis
Instagram Ads
Creating A Business Page
Switching Accounts
Twitter Profile Optimization
Using Hashtags
Increasing Followers
What is Re-tweet and Mention?
Twitter Ads
Twitter Retargeting
Twitter Video Marketing
Lead Generation through Twitter
App promotion through Twitter
Reporting & Analysis
Creating Strong profiles on LinkedIn
Creating Company profiles
How to Post Jobs on LinkedIn
How to create Groups on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn Retargeting
Sponsored Content Ads
Text Ads
Sponsored In-mail Ads
Reporting & Analysis
How to Upload Videos
On-Page Optimization of Videos
How to add End Screens & Annotation to Videos
How to add Cards to Videos
How to add Subtitles to Videos in different languages
SEO of Videos

Google Analytics (2 Sessions)

In this module, we’ll provide you with relevant information about Google Analytics. It is a tool that assists you to get an insight into your website’s performance. You can get to know about how much traffic your website is getting on an everyday basis and from which locations.

Web Analytics & its importance
Introduction to Google Analytics
Essential Google Analytics Reports
Setting up Advanced Filters & Reports
Setting up Goals & Funnels
Tracking Conversion & Performance
Monitoring Traffic Sources & Behavior
Analytics For E-commerce
Analytics For E-mails
Advance URL Tracking

E-mail Marketing (2 Sessions)

In this module, we’ll teach you about Email Marketing. It is a technique of marketing in which emails in bulk are sent to the people. We’ll make you learn about different bulk email marketing software such as MailChimp, Aweber, etc.

Understanding & Benefits of Email Marketing
Permission Marketing & Spamming
Designing an Effective Email Campaign
Email Marketing Tools
Email Guidelines(CanSpam)
How to Increase Open & Click through rates
Tracking Email Marketing Reports
Blog Email Automation
Subscription Email Automation
eCommerce Automation
Creating Signup form for website

Affiliate Marketing (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll make you proficient in Affiliate Marketing. It is a process to begin earning a commission by selling the products of some other website.

Affiliate Marketing with its benefits
3A's of Affiliate Marketing
Ways of Affiliate Marketing and Success
How to make Money
Affiliate Marketing Agencies
Affiliate for Hotel Industry
Affiliate for Travel Industry
Affiliate for eCommerce Industry
Affiliate Tracking Affiliate's Software

Google Adsense (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll let you know everything about Google Adsense. It is a platform that is deployed for getting ads on any website or webpage. Once a website gets approval from Google Adsense, monetization is turned on and the website’s owner can start earning.

What is Adsense?
How to get approval for Adsense?
How to gets Ads on your Blog/Youtube
Ads Placement
Block specific Sites or Category

Geo Targeting (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll explain to you how you can target your audience as per their location. It is generally used by the online business for the purpose of offsite digital marketing or in simple words to offer an enhanced onsite experience to the visitors. This is why we are recommended by numerous people and have got positive reviews for providing digital marketing course.

Introduction To Geo Targeting
IP Based Geo Targeting
Tracking Email Location
Website Planning Based On Geographic Targeting
Keywords Selection Based On Geographic Targeting Regional Listing
How To Reach Visitors From Different Countries

Guerrilla Marketing (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll introduce you to Guerrilla Marketing in the advertising industry. Basically, it is a unique type of marketing strategy that is distinct from conventional ways of marketing. It is preferred by companies due to its ease of execution and inexpensiveness. Furthermore, it’s appreciated by the audience more than other ones. We’ll be providing you with all the details related to the concept.

Introduction To Guerrilla Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing History
Integration Of Guerrilla Marketing Ideas
Exploring The Creative Idea
Launching Your Fictional Project

Creating Internet/Online Marketing Strategy (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll explain how you can develop a profitable yet cost-effective online marketing strategy for any business. An all-inclusive internet marketing strategy can enhance sales significantly for any organization. You’ll gain competency in Social Media Marketing (6 Sessions), SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and more with which you can create an edge for the business.

Examples of Integrated Marketing Plans
Using the Best Internet Marketing Channels for Maximum Impact
Create an Integrated Online Marketing Plan

SMS Marketing (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll provide you with the detailed information about the SMS Marketing, which includes its introduction, significance, types, and SMS integration ways on Software. This would help you attract your target audience with SMS with minimum efforts and investment.

Introduction To SMS Marketing
Why SMS Marketing?
Kinds Of SMS
Promotional SMS
Transactional SMS
How to Integrate SMS On Softwares

Lead Generation & Nurturing (1 Session)

In this module, you’ll get to know about how to generate leads for any organization. Lead Generation is essential for any business as it helps to get business leads within a short period with the help of social networking sites, SEO, Email Marketing, etc.

Landing Page Creation
Best Practices for Creation
Landing Page Optimization
Converting Leads into Sales
Creating Lead Nurturing Strategy
Lead Funnel

e-Commerce Marketing & Development (2 Sessions)

In this module, we’re going to provide you with a brief knowledge of E-commerce Marketing. E-commerce is an online shopping platform, where people shop for the required products. E-commerce Marketing is a technique of selling products online with increasing earnings through SEO, Email Marketing, Content Promotion, Social Media Networking, etc.

What is e-Commerce Marketing?
Categories of e-Commerce
e-Commerce scenario in India
SEO Strategy for e-Commerce Website
Types of e-payments
Digital Marketing in eCommerce
Paid Marketing for eCommerce
Challenges in e-Commerce
Landing Page Optimization for eCommerce
Creating e-Commerce Website
eCommerce CMS Management
International eCommerce Strategy
Gateway Providers & Policies
Mobile Payments
Core Selling Strategies

Online Advertising (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll provide you with complete information about Online Advertising. It is also termed as online marketing, web advertising, and digital advertising. This marketing strategy is basically adopted by companies to give a marketing message to the target audience in order to develop their interest in any specific product or service.

Online Advertising and its Types
Display Advertising
Rich Text
Pop Up and Pop Under
Contextual Advertising
Payment Modules
Companies and Networks
Tracking and Measuring

How To Sell Digital Marketing Services/Freelancing (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll make you understand how you can sell digital marketing services or become a freelancer in the field of digital marketing. From improving your profiles to discovering the appropriate projects online, from proposal creation to client servicing, you’ll learn everything.

How To Improve Your Personal Profiles
How To Find Projects Online
How To Grab Freelancing Projects
Client Servicing
Proposal Creation

Online Reputation Management (1 Session)

In this module, you’ll learn how to maintain the online reputation of any individual or group. The techniques for managing the online reputation of any brand or person are used to counteract misleading content so your customer is represented rightly on the web.

Understand Online Reputation Management
Why is it required?
Why PR is more powerful than advertising?
Why ORM is Important?
ORM Techniques
Google Alerts and Mention
How to Engage With Consumers Online?
How to Tackle Negative Feedbacks?
Links and Resources for further study Case Study

Content Marketing (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll let you know how you can make use of Content Marketing (1 Session) to grow your business. It is a process to develop or create the latest content, which can pull in sales. There are two main things that should be kept in mind while creating content for your website that it should be free from plagiarism and secondly, it should be SEO-friendly.

Introduction To Inbound Marketing
Understanding Content Marketing
Generating Content Ideas For Business
Effective Content Writing & Content Promotion
Where To Find The HOT Venues
Content Writers Are Publishing On Now
Conduct Proper Research For Your Projects

Professional Blogging (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll tell you how you can become a professional blogger. When an individual opts for a full-time blogging job as a means of earning then he/she will be a professional blogger. We will introduce you to blogging, its best practices, and ways by which you can get freelancing projects.

Introduction To Blogging
Blogging Best Practices
How To Grab Freelancing Projects
Client Servicing – Proposal Creation
Setting Up Your Blog - Live

Growth Hacking (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll introduce you to the concept of Growth Hacking, which is a new thing in the field of marketing that is focused on the growth of the companies. You’ll learn about Growth Hacking tactics and tools for practical implementation. Furthermore, we have included case studies related to this strategy for ease of understanding.

Introduction To Growth Hacking
Growth Funnels & Tactics
Growth Hacking (1 Session) Tools
Case Studies Of Growth Hacking

Market Place Selling (2 Sessions)

In this module, we’ll make you learn about selling products on online market places such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. You’ll understand how to become a vendor on these platforms along with ways to optimize products so they get noticed by the shoppers.

Introduction To Market Place
How To Sell On Amazon & Flipkart
How To Become A Vendor
Requirements To Become A Vendor
How To Optimize Products

Digital Marketing Interview Preparation (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll tell you how to prepare yourself for the interview of the digital marketing profile. We’ll discuss what questions can be asked in the interview related to the profile and prepare you with the right answers. Furthermore, we’ll conduct mock interview sessions to check your clarification about the concepts taught.

Interview Preparation Essentials
How to Crack Any Interview? - Industry Secrets
Essential Tools and Resources To Help You Succeed
Mock Interview Session

Media Buying & Planning (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll give you step-by-step training about media buying and planning. These both are adopted by companies to reach the maximum number of people within the lowest budget. We’ll make you understand how you can buy media placements for advertisements on websites, TV, radio, publications, etc.

Advance Media Buying Options
Creating Media Buying Strategy

Mobile Marketing (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll teach you how to promote any product or service using a mobile. Mobile Marketing is a method by which you can reach the target audience on their handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets via SMS, MMS, email, applications, etc.

Social Media & Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing Mix
Advertising Tools for Mobile Marketing
Creating Mobile Websites
Uploading Mobile App in Playstore & iTunes
Ecosystem of Mobile Advertisers & Publishers
Advertising on Mobiles
Targeting Ads on Apps
Targeting Ads via Location
Targeting Ads on Search Engines

International SEO Fundamentals (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll be giving an introduction to the fundamentals of International SEO for business growth. Through this technique of optimizing the websites, the companies research and analyse which countries and languages are to be targeted for business expansion.

International SEO Myths
International SEO Strategy Development
Diff b/w International SEO and Global SEO
Considerations For International SEO
Multilingual SEO
Guide to International SEO
Multilingual Websites & Multiregional SEO Tips
International SEO Checklist

Graphic Designing For Business (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll talk about the basics of Graphic Designing and its increasing scope in comparison to other profiles. We’ll make you proficient with the tools that are helpful for creating high-definition and professional images for Ads campaigns on both Google and Facebook.

Graphic Design Fundamentals
Designing – Marketing Kits
Designing Online Documents

Cyber Laws (1 Session)

In this module, we’ll take you through details of cyber law and its significance in the entire legal system. We have made this module engaging for our students by including cybercrimes case studies for better understanding.

Cyber Law in India
Overview of the Information Technology Act, 2000
Overview of Rules issued under the IT Act, 2000
Cyber crimes/Cyber Frauds
Regulatory Authorities
Cloud Computing





5 stars

Deciding on a Digital Marketing institute was very confusing, but given the reputation I was recommended by one of my friends to join Expert Training institute in Rohini. To be very honest, the learning and syllabus covered was value for money. Specially would like to appreciate the efforts of our trainer Mr. Udit khanna, her knowledge and inclusive approach definitely needs a special mention. Keep up the good job! - Thanks Udit Khanna Sir.
4.5 stars

Excellent Digital Marketing Course! A lot of in-depth information and knowledge can be learnt from this course. Practicals made it a lot more understandable. A good way to understand the Digital Marketing World and to start something of your own career.
4 stars

I had enrolled for a Digital and Social Media Marketing course. The topics were explained in detail with a lot of projects. They also provide notes. I had an amazing experience inculcating knowledge, the sessions were fun and our trainer also helped me personally in a lot of topics. ETI Rohini is the Best Digital marketing Training Institute for practical training.
5 stars

I had an amazing experience with this institute. I recently completed the advanced digital marketing course from ETI and I am totally satisfied. Learnt many things with fun environment. I would totally recommend this institute to the people who want to learn digital marketing.
5 stars

Wanted to value to myself, so I thought of doing digital marketing & after a lot of research on Google about the various Internet marketing institutes and their courses, I found ETI to be very promising...and to my surprise I learnt a great deal, more than my expectations...all the faculty members are professional and have all the knowledge required. I have done this course and I am thoroughly satisfied with what I have learnt here. This is the Best Digital marketing Institute In Delhi for practical training. Thank you ETI and all the faculty... keep it up!!.
5 stars

I Did Digital Marketing Training From ETI. I Was Free During That Time, So It Wasn't Career Related. But They Have Trained Me Very Professionally And Give Me Proper Time For All My Queries And Learning. Their Trainers Were Quite Professional; They Know The Better Techniques For Teaching Their Trainees. The One Thing That I Enjoyed During My Session Was Its Atmosphere. It Was Quite Friendly And I Enjoyed All Of My Time. If Anyone Interested In learning Digital Marketing Then This Is The Best Place For It. I Am Sure You Won't Regret It.
4.5 stars

The Digital Marketing course was very helpful and very informative. Helped me in understanding the concepts of Digital Marketing. I would recommend others who are looking for Digital Marketing Course to enrol and be a part. Would like to thank all the faculties. Wishing ETI all the Best.
5 stars

ETI is an excellent Digital Marketing institute In Delhi Rohini. It's a wonderful experience. I thank Udit khanna Sir for providing such training to me, also enjoyed learning period with his friendly nature. I surely say that a person who complete course according to sir's guidance can get job easily and make his future very bright. ETI Provides up-to-date knowledge about the specific courses, which is simple and easy to understand.
5 stars

This has been an amazing experience and I am very glad that I choose this institute for learning Digital Marketing. Right from the faculty to all the other services we got were literally amazing. I'm proud to say that I took the best decision to enroll into this Internet marketing by ETI.
5 stars

I have done the digital marketing course at ETI Rohini, the faculty explained well with enough time given for practice and lot of assignments. I am confident to take up the campaigns. thank you ETI, and I passed the Google Ads and Analytics certification also.
5 stars

This has been a wonderful experience learning at ETI. The Faculty has been very co-operative and attentive and more than 80% course was practical, learning which gave us huge benefits and insights. Every person interested in Digital marketing field must learn from ETI for better understanding.
5 stars

Great experience of classroom study after years, with a well blend of practical and theoretical step by step learning. Excellent faculty support with clear explanation with relevant real life examples helped in understanding easily. Looking forward to use the learning to optimum.
5 stars

ETI is the best institute for Digital Marketing Training in Delhi Rohini. Faculties have practical knowledge and are up-to-date, they have practical answers to any of your queries related to Digital Marketing. The fees is also affordable. Overall, ETI is a highly recommended institute for Digital Marketing Course.
4.5 stars

Had a good experience in this Internet marketing institute. People who are interested in starting their career in digital marketing will get to understand the course in detail. Faculties are great and always there to assist. I was a part of weekday batch (August 2019)..
5 stars

ETI is a very good institute to start your career in Internet Marketing. I was a part of weekend batch in Janakpuri West. The faculty will teach you all the aspects of digital marketing course in detail. Over all I would say this is a best digital marketing institute in Delhi. Highly recommended, go ahead for it!



FAQ 1. Why should i join ETI for Internet Marketing Training?

Digital Marketing Course at ETI is devised and imparted by Digital Marketing experts having more than 10 years of practical experience in the field. The combination of 20% theoretical knowledge and 80% Practical Digital Marketing training makes us the best digital marketing institute.
We have listed below some other reasons why you should take Internet marketing Training from ETI Rohini, Delhi.

Advance digital marketing course with 76 Modules
In-depth course coverage in 200+ hours
Flexible course timings with flexible batches
Affordable digital marketing course
Free Books and Notes
Live Classroom Videos
Laptops for practical sessions
Easy Fee Instalments
3-months internship
100% Job Placement
1-year course validity
1-year free web hosting
15 International Certifications
Doubt sessions & Missed classes
Lifetime Query Assistance
Interview tips and training
Resume creation support
Real-time projects and case studies

FAQ 2. Will ETI Help Me With Placements After My Digital Marketing Course Completion?

We are proud to have a secure and good association with more than 600 medium-scale companies and MNCs. There are numerous organizations who are hiring for the Digital Marketing Executive. Our placement cell is competent to provide our students with the placement assistance whenever needed. In this way, we are all-time ready to help you in getting a job after completing your Digital Marketing Course.

FAQ 3. How Do I Enroll For The Internet Marketing Course At ETI?

Enrolling for the digital marketing course at ETI is simple and hassle-free. If you’ve interest in internet marketing then you can be a part of the demo class conducted at our ETI centres either Rohini or Vikaspuri every Sunday at 12pm. You’ll be given a practical demo of the course and you are allowed to have face-to-face interaction with the trainer for any doubts. Once you’re satisfied, you can enrol for the course.

FAQ 4. How much can i start earning after completing Digital Marketing Training from ETI?

There are endless earning opportunities for a digital marketer. We, at ETI, provide you with the unmatched digital marketing course, which make you competent to earn a good amount. After completing the course from ETI, you can expect to earn from minimum 15,000 per month to 50,000 per month according to your profile and expertise. Your ability will decide your payout so make the most of your time for a bright future.

FAQ 5. Do you provide Internship with Internet marketing courses?

Yes, we do. The internship is optional for you after completion of the digital marketing course. We are associated with different internet marketing organizations and SAAS providers so you’ve a great chance to work as an intern in these companies. Depending on your capability, they’ll offer you stipend. You’ll be provided with the live projects of the customers and are expected to offer the best results during internship. On completion of internship, you’ll get the internship certificate, which further increase your chances for placement in well-established organizations.

FAQ 6. When will i get course material, certificate and software of Digital Marketing Training?

Yes, you’ll get the digital marketing course material, course completion certificate, and software for practice. Once you join ETI, you’ll be given the course material and applications for ease of learning. We make sure that each of our students understands each of the modules deeply so the practical session becomes easier for them. When you complete this 3 to 4 month course, we’ll give a certificate as a proof of your proficiency in digital marketing field.

FAQ 7. What will be my profile after completion of Internet marketing course from ETI?

ETI provides its students with the best-in-class digital marketing course so they can unfold various job opportunities for themselves. After completing this course from ETI, you can start your career as SEO Executive (Search Engine Optimization), PPC executive, content writer, SEM Executive, etc. As “We care for our student’s future”, we make every possible effort to train them for a high-profile job and secure future.

FAQ 8. Who will be our Online marketing trainer at ETI?

Mr. Udit Khanna, a 10+ year experienced Digital Marketing Expert and founder of ETI, will be imparting you the internet marketing course. He knows in and out of digital marketing training and happily shares his knowledge to mass audience through his YouTube Channel- Digital Udit. You won’t have to worry about the quality of the internet marketing training when you have Mr.Udit Khanna by your side.

FAQ 9. What is the best way to get updated in the digital marketing field?

To stay updated in the field of digital marketing, you can go through several websites that share latest updates related to internet advertising and marketing. To name some of them, you can follow Ahrefs, Searchengineland, Moz, etc. Apart from this, we, at ETI, provides newsletters to our students within our digital marketing course.

FAQ 10. Can i complete my Internet Marketing Course in 3 months?

Absolutely, you can! However, it depends on your grasping ability. Digital Marketing course is a comprehensive course, which requires your effort and time. This is why we ask you to pay attention during the sessions and practice as much as you can. We offer you ample opportunities to practice all modules of the course after or before the digital marketing classes.

FAQ 11. I don't have a website or blog. Can i complete my Internet marketing course?

When you enroll at ETI for your Internet Marketing Course then we'll be providing you with training on how to create a blog or a website. This module is one of the most important step in our Digital Marketing Course. We make you learn the designing of both Static (HTML) and Dynamic (Wordpress) websites. We impart training about Product based, Services based and Blog Based websites in detail, which will help to fetch a good job in the industry. We assist you in personalizing your site and instruct you how to take care of a blog and articles. So, you don’t have to worry about the website or blog as we’ll help you create one for the completion of your digital marketing course.

FAQ 12. What kind of practical experience i will get in this training?

We don’t believe in providing you just theoretical knowledge as we understand it well that, work is done practically in companies. At ETI, we make sure you have understood each concept clearly through giving you practical projects.




1. What do you know about Digital Marketing?

Marketing is a vast field and digital marketing is its part. For doing digital marketing, we need digital devices and the internet. Basically, it is a process to enhance awareness, increase sales, and improve branding by advertising the products and services online. Digital Marketing is also famous as internet advertising. Unlike offline marketing which is done using newspapers, hoardings, pamphlets, etc, digital marketing is done through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. When I was studying the digital marketing course at ETI, I realized that it has a wide scope in the near future, which can assist companies to achieve their goals.

2. How many Categories belong to Digital Marketing term?

I have been a part of the well-recognized Expert Training Institute wherein I’ve studied about two types of terms in the digital marketing course namely outbound marketing and inbound marketing.
Inbound Marketing is a procedure to attract traffic through content created by the organization, Social Media Marketing (6 Sessions), and SEO. The relevant content for which the potential customers are looking for is made available to them. So, they explore more on the customer’s website in search of the required information, product or service.
On the other hand, outbound marketing includes the promotion of a product or service through continuous advertising and PR Campaigns. It is also known as interruption marketing because companies try to interrupt the users with content they don’t require. It is basically a bothersome way of traditional marketing. Despite being annoying, it is a great way to collect lead data for any company.

3. Why people choose Digital Marketing over Traditional or Offline Marketing?

There can be several reasons to choose digital marketing over traditional marketing. During my digital marketing course at Expert Training Institute, I got to know that internet marketing has a greater scope than offline advertising as it helps the companies to reach a mass audience and attract them towards their product or service.
As offline marketing is done via newspaper, pamphlet distribution, hoarding, the message or information reaches to a limited audience that results in a lower volume of sales. Whereas with increasing usage of digital devices along with the internet, it easier to connect with a large population. Search Engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc and various social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc are the backbone of digital marketing.

4. What is the difference between Static and Responsive Website?

The digital marketing course provided me with a complete overview of website designing, which includes static and responsive websites. A website is an amalgamation of web pages that are created using different coding languages, including PHP, HTML, JSP, etc.
Of all these coding languages, HTML is utilized for creating static websites. Static websites are the ones that don’t change their design or display different information on clicking any option on the web page. For example; the “Contact Us” page on a static website won’t display the content like contact details or addresses of the company rather it will remain the same no matter how many times to click it.
On the other hand, a responsive or dynamic website is one that modifies the data based on the user, IP, and location. For example: if you click the “About Us” page on a dynamic website, you’ll see information about the background or profile of the company. Similarly, on clicking different pages on the website, you will get different data.

5. Tell me some points to increase traffic to my website?

There are many platforms that can be utilized for boosting your website traffic. The digital marketing course explained two types of traffic that include simple users and potential users. Personally, I don’t prefer simple users as they’re simply the visitors without any result. A potential user can help increase your sales and profits. I would suggest using social media networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc to attract visitors. Additionally, doing SEO on keywords brings relevant traffic to your website to increase sales.

6. How many tools can we use in Digital Marketing?

There are many digital marketing tools in the market, which can be used for improving website traffic. But we make use of the best one. During the Digital Marketing course, I was provided with some tools that include Alexa, Animoto, Wordai, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, Buzzsumo, SEMRush, Advance Grammarly, etc. I have completed more than 3 projects in my internet marketing training at ETI using these tools. This is why I am proficient in using them and I’m confident about the best results with these tools.

7. Where do you see yourself in my company after work of 5 years in digital marketing field?

You’ve to answer this question with your intellectual. However, it’s suggested to talk about your ambition and how this organization plays its role to fulfill your dreams. Digital Marketing Course unfolds countless advantages, which can help you get a great CTC even as a fresher. Talk about how your skills and efficiency can give the best promotion results to the company, which would help you both grow together.

8. Difference between Direct Marketing and Branding.

Direct Marketing is a kind of marketing, which is done to connect directly to prospective customers. There is a higher chance to convert such customers into actual sales. Branding is carried out with the help of social media channels so that the audience can identify your brand only by looking at your logo. In simple words, you attempt to gain brand recognition.

9. What is Remarketing? Can we use Remarketing in Google and Facebook both?

Remarketing is a procedure to target the same customer multiple times who visited your website. This kind of marketing helps in maximizing branding and sales conversion.
Yes, remarketing is possible in both Google and Facebook. Google Display Network is utilized to make remarketing ads. You may target your choices with three options- Display Keywords, in-depth Targeting, and Internet & Remarketing. You’ll get an option of the remarketing list in Interest & Remarketing to create remarketing ads. Facebook also uses the same procedure as Google to make remarketing ads. You’ll have a choice to set marketing to your effort. As this process is based upon JavaScript code, you’ll have to put marketing code onto your Landing page to start marketing ads.

10. Is there any limitation in digital marketing?

Every marketing strategy always has some limitations. In the case of digital marketing, we cannot touch products and know about their quality. Reviews are the only way to get to know something about the product’s practicality but still, they don’t tell about the product’s authenticity. It happens many times that the product showcased on the website is different from the product actually delivered. This leads to customer disappointment and affects the relationship between client and company.

11. How will you ensure us for profit through digital marketing

In initial stages, no one can ensure you guarantee for profit through digital marketing. But, I assure you post one week, I’ll offer the best results for your company. Why I’m saying after one week because, in the first week, I’ll analyze your prospective audience and ways to generate potential traffic. Additionally, I’ll be conducting a competitor’s analysis for better results.

12. What are the best ways to get updated in digital marketing field?

There is no best way to stay updated in the field of digital marketing than subscribing to Digital Marketing news, blogs, and trending topics on Moz, Search Engine Journal, and other internet marketing portals.

13. Have you done any project in digital marketing?

Yes, I have done more than 3 digital marketing projects. I did them on Hospital, Furniture, and Real Estate. I completed these projects using SEO, SEM, and PPC.

14. Are you ready to do night shift?

It depends on the salary package and work. If you offer me an appropriate CTC, which fulfils my needs then I’m happy to work on the night shift.



Overview of Digital Marketing Course In Janakpuri


Digital Marketing has provided a new edge to the businesses that they haven’t received with the use of conventional marketing. We have discussed some advantages of Digital Marketing, which clearly states that it is better than traditional marketing.

Direct Client Engagement: Digital Marketing is a great strategy to connect with people directly and interact with them on a daily basis. Users share their reviews and experience of products and services they have used via comments on social media or email. Companies can communicate with them directly by responding to their emails and comments.

Efficient & Cost-effective: Digital marketing methods are quite efficient in every aspect or make money online. This provides you the leverage of beginning with a small investment and then scale according to the results that you’re getting. In comparison to traditional marketing, the cost of digital marketing is less. Furthermore, this strategy is result-oriented and ROI (return on investment) is better too.

Mass Audience: Digital marketing change the customer behaviour & knowing the customer behaviour is necessary for any business to offer the right product and service. Through digital marketing, you can reach your target audience effortlessly and increase your sales for business growth. This is done by conducting marketing campaigns. Unlike traditional marketing where you can just acquire a limited or local audience, the digital marketing campaigns help you target a global audience.

Tracking Outcomes: Another major advantage of advanced digital marketing is that it enables you to track each advertisement, ads impression, clicks. Based on this information, you can decide on your target audience. Targeting people from a specific age group, location, and other factors is crucial for boosting sales.

The concepts and strategies of digital marketing have become better with modernization to maintain pace with the requirements of different businesses. Now, advertising techniques are more refined and use a number of configurations depending on their age, interests, placements, jobs, hobbies, etc.

In the modern era, everything is getting online and so marketing ways. We, at ETI, make sure you know everything about technique and concept of this strategy through our digital marketing course.

How Digital Marketing Course Can Transform your Career?

As online marketing is more preferred by businesses, Digital marketing field has great career opportunities. When you join ETI for a digital marketing course in Janakpuri, you’ll get to know in an out of this field. You’ll learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (6 Sessions) (SMM), Website Designing, Content Marketing (1 Session), and much more, which makes you a great fit for various job opportunities. Digital Marketing training can transform your career greatly. Here is how it does the same:

High Demand: Digital Marketing is a booming field and has a great demand for professionals. Whether it’s a small-scale start-up or a Multi-National Company, there is a need for digital marketers who will enhance their sales.

More Job Opportunities: Though the market has a high demand for digital marketers, there are not enough applicants for the position. This means you have great job opportunities available. You can grab these opportunities by pursuing the digital marketing course from ETI.

High-Paying Jobs: In India, you can earn a minimum of 15,000 INR to 50,000 INR monthly as a digital marketing executive, SEO executive, SMM executive and more. Furthermore, if you have the expertise to join as a digital marketing manager then you may earn 80,000 INR or beyond. Your salary package will depend on your experience as well as expertise.

Digital Marketing is a popular career field for those individuals who can adjust to technological modifications and experiment with their creative ideas to make a successful and cost-effective marketing campaign. So, be proactive to improve your knowledge and skills in internet marketing and stay updated with the development in the industry. It will keep you all set for new opportunities and advancing your marketing career.

How to Get into Digital Marketing Field?

Entering into the field of online marketing is an uncomplicated thing. If you have a passion for marketing and technology then this is the field for you to work. Follow the following steps to get into the digital marketing field:

Step 1: Pursue a Digital Marketing Course

The industry has developed drastically over the years, which has insisted on universities around the globe to introduce digital marketing courses. The rising demand for this digital marketing training course is one of the reasons for the establishment of a number of digital marketing institutes. Before joining any institute or university for the same, you must know about its legitimacy, course content, and placement opportunity given by them.

Step 2: Develop Digital Marketing Skills

During the online marketing course, you must focus on developing your skill set that is required in this domain. The below-listed skills are vital for having a good digital marketing career.

  • Technical skills
  • Knowledge about current online technologies
  • Stay updated about the new internet marketing techniques
  • Social media skills
  • Public Relation skills
  • SEO skills

Step 3: Internship After Digital Marketing Course

Doing an internship in the field of digital marketing can help you understand the business from a different perspective. Make sure you’re open to learning new and different things each day during your internship so you implement your knowledge practically and even better.

Step 4: Improve Your CV

Apart from gaining proficiency in your area of interest, make sure that you’ve basic knowledge about other fields too. This will assist you to get an advantage over other applicants when you apply for jobs in any organization. Moreover, it’ll provide you a broader outlook about digital marketing as a role.

Why Choose ETI Digital Marketing Training Institute in Janakpuri?

When it comes to finding the best digital marketing institutes in Janakpuri, you’ll find us at the top. We deliver top-notch digital marketing courses. Enrolling for this course is easy but finding the appropriate institute is not that easy. Unlike other institutes which operate just with the perspective of money-making, we make sure that you get quality digital marketing training so each one of you become successful in this field. You’ll learn each and every concept in detail and step by step. In case of any doubt, we always help our students with the same.

Here are a few aspects in which we stand out from other institutes:

  • Excellent domain experience of more than 12 years
  • The course includes 60 advance modules
  • Live classroom lectures
  • 2 free demo classes
  • More than 15 Certifications
  • 3-month internship
  • Doubt sessions
  • Backup sessions for missed lectures

Apart from the above facilities, we offer our students 1-year course validity that means they can turn to us whenever they have any query in any of the modules within 1 year. We have kept the cost of our internet marketing course affordable so everyone can enrol easily. The best thing is that we’re providing them with an easy EMI payment facility that means they can pay the course fee in multiple instalments on a monthly basis.