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Course Duration 3 Weeks
Modules 15+
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Freelance Assistance 100%
Certifications 15+
Provides Laptop Yes

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Rs. 6,999
Rs. 12,000



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✔ Search Psychology
✔ Buying Funnel
✔ Full Keywords Setup
✔ Keyword research
✔ Advanced ad features
✔ Ad testing and extensions
✔ Language targeting
✔ Audience reach
✔ Display network
✔ Bidding and attribution
✔ Campaign organization
✔ Quality score
✔ PPC strategy
✔ Track clicks and ROI
✔ Display advertising


FAQ 1. I’ve missed some of my PPC Course classes? How can I cover the missed part of the training? Will you charge for it?

There is nothing to be worried about if you have missed some of your PPC course classes as we have a provision of backup sessions. You can schedule the backup classes at your convenience so you can cover the missed course part. Also, we record all lecturers and provide these videos to you so, you can learn from them as well. There will be no cost for the backup classes as it’s included in the PPC training beforehand.

FAQ 2. I couldn’t understand some of the concepts well. Will I get classes on those topics again? If yes would you charge anything?

If you haven’t understood any of the topics in your PPC course, we’ll conduct the doubt classes where you can clear doubts upfront to our trainer. We’ll not charge you for the doubt sessions as they are inclusive in your PPC Certification course.

FAQ 3. How much salary will I be getting after completing PPC Course?

PPC Certification course has a great scope in the future as all online businesses looking for a quick and infallible way to get more sales and PPC makes this possible. If you have clarity of all concepts of PPC course then you can be hired as PPC executive or manager. These designations offer an impressive salary package that ranges from at least 20,500 INR per month to 49,990 INR per month. You must keep this in mind that these salary estimates are dependent on your skills and expertise.

FAQ 4. Do you give placements?

We provide you with the 100 percent job assistance once you complete your PPC certification course. Firstly, we’ll provide you PPC training and then will share your resume with numerous companies who are looking for PPC executives. We’ll schedule interviews and depending on your skills, you’ll be hired in that company.

FAQ 5. What is the eligibility required to do the PPC course?

There is no set criterion or eligibility to pursue the PPC course. However, having a basic computer and internet knowledge is sufficient for you to understand the Pay-per-click concepts. You don’t have to have a certain qualification for the same. This course can be done by working professionals, students, house makers, retired persons.

FAQ 6. Is there any flexible timing for working professionals during PPC training?

Yes. We have flexible timings and flexible batches that working professionals can join so they can manage both office and PPC training simultaneously. We provide PPC course training for 2 hours on weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

FAQ 7. Do you provide any training material for the PPC course?

Yes. We will give you PPC course training study material, which includes notes, PPTs, and live classroom videos. You can use this study material while revising the concepts at home. The best part is that the live classroom videos allow you to refer your practical sessions again for practising.

FAQ 8. Do you charge for study material?

No, we don’t charge you even a penny for study material as it’s a part of your PPC course.

Q 1.How Pay-Per-Click advertising is different from Organic Search Engine Optimization??

Pay-Per-Click advertising involves paid ads positioned on the topmost or right side of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). On the other hand, Organic results are natural or unpaid. Organic listings get ranking from Search Engine Optimization techniques that include optimized content and link building.
My trainers at ETI PPC institute in Delhi have given me clarity over these two concepts and now I can do PPC and SEO efficiently.

Q 2. What are the chief PPC services?

During the PPC training, I learned about the major pay per click services that are listed below:
Adwords (Google)
Adcenter (Microsoft)
Apart from the above two, there are a few social media networking sites that offer PPC services:

Q 3. How PPC can help your business?

PPC is beneficial for every online business as it helps in the promotion of newly-launched products and services, increasing awareness about the brand, generate targeted traffic to the website quickly, helps in lead generation and sales, and assist you to target the potential customer across the globe.

Q 4. Are PPC results measurable?
Both of the chief PPC engines- Google and Bing allow you to track the conversion rates as well as offer a range of reporting features. Furthermore, E-Power Marketing also suggests making use of third-party reporting software.
Q 5. How do you pick keywords for PPC campaigns?
Finding the right and relevant keywords are the most significant step of any PPC campaign. I make use of several keyword researching tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner, AdCenter Keyword Tool, etc that help me in shortlisting the right keywords.
I have used all these keyword finding tools during my PPC training for creating an Ad campaign.
Q 6. What is a Landing Page? How they are important?
A landing page is a web page where the users are redirected or landed after clicking on the PPC ads in any search engines.
Landing pages let businesses to share details of their products and services and sell them to the interested users through their ads. When a landing page is well designed, developed, and optimized then it increases the chances of conversions.
Q 7. What is the Google Display Network?
he Google Display Network is a group of thousands of websites, apps, and videos where your PPC ads can appear. This network is of great use as it reaches more than 90 percent of people who are using the internet worldwide.
During my PPC certification course, I have created several display ads through the Google Display Network.
Q 8. What is Remarketing?
Remarketing means displaying Ads to those visitors who have visited your website earlier. This kind of advertising is effective as it influences the visitor’s buying decision.
Q 9. Can you fix budgets for PPC campaigns?
Yes, I can. Both Bing and Google have a feature to set budget limits on a daily basis, at the campaign level, and at the account level. As of now the Microsoft AdCenter and Google Ads have not defined a minimum budget limit.
Q 10. How do we get better outcomes from our PPC campaigns?
Although there is no standard way to improve the PPC campaigns due to the different performance of each campaign. However, we can always attempt to make it better by targeting the right keywords and location, preparing an attractive and engaging Ad copy, and having a well-designed landing page.
During my PPC course training in Dwarka, I was trained on keyword researching, fascinating ad creation copy, improving landing page quality, and other things that can impact your PPC campaign.


A very warm welcome to Expert Training Institute in Pitampura! We are one of the foremost PPC course in Pitampura where students will get the right and complete knowledge of pay-per-click marketing. PPC has become a crucial digital marketing technique in the internet business world due to its ease of implementation and faster results. Unlike other digital marketing techniques like SEO where a website owner has to wait for 5 to 6 months to get positive results, PPC can help them achieve spontaneous results. The reason why this happens is that search engines like Google give more value to the paid results than organic results. In simple words, PPC ads will give a quick exposure to your business online than organic SEO rankings in SERPs.


We, at ETI best ppc institute in Pitampura, have been training students on PPC from the last 10 years under the guidance of our mentor Mr. Udit Khanna. He has been into this domain since 2009 and possesses deep knowledge about this marketing technique. The positive reviews of our students speak for our expertise and perfection in providing PPC training. We are appreciated for our unique way of teaching, comfortable learning atmosphere, and flexibility in learning. These are not just appreciations for us but also our strengths, which keep us moving ahead in the digital marketing industry.

About PPC Course in Pitampura

Pay-per-click is one of the most preferred advertising programs in digital marketing. This primarily helps to market your business instantly with the help of online advertisements and keywords. PPC is a paid marketing method that is imperative to online business. It will enhance the traffic to the websites. Here you are free to define your budget and bid for every click. With ad networks such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc., you can choose your target audience as per their language, location, profession, and other aspects to run a targeted ad campaign.

ETI is well-known for the PPC course in Pitampura. By taking up training from us, you will be able to make and run PPC campaigns easily and effectively. Our PPC certification course will make you capable of designing the paid marketing strategies on your own; your skills will be sufficient for working as an independent PPC specialist. Throughout the PPC training, you will come to know about the vitality of different advertising networks and different ad types such as display ads, search ads, video ads, shopping ads, and smart campaigns. We will help you to determine your business objectives and you’ll learn how to maximize your return on investment by conversion tracking and periodic report analysis.

Why Do PPC Course in Pitampura At ETI

It is well-known that ad networks like Google Ads and Bing Ads are fantastic platforms for running paid campaigns. A large number of advertisers have made and even now also making profits through them. We know it sounds easy and effortless but the entire process requires some conceptual knowledge. While making a PPC campaign, an advertiser needs to invest in the same according to his/her budget and will also set an everyday spending limit on that particular PPC ad. To run the campaign with ease and properly, an individual must have in-depth knowledge of all the factors of pay-per-click marketing.

ETI has massive experience in providing PPC training in Pitampura. Whether you’re a student, homemaker, or working professional, our skilled and knowledgeable mentors will teach you the campaign creation, running, and optimization. You will have a clear understanding of PPC fundamentals and implementation ways for your business. The ETI PPC institute in Pitampura is the right place to get a transformative learning experience as well as excellence in this field.

As a dependable PPC course provider, we take care of all the requirements of students that are important for an exclusive learning experience.
Here is an overview of techniques that can strengthen any PPC campaign and show even greater outcomes.

Effective PPC Techniques

Many advertisers make use of distinct online strategies to boost traffic on their websites and PPC is one of those strategies. The main motive behind choosing PPC campaigns is to get immediate and qualified traffic as well as leads that can get easily converted into sales.

Digital marketing models keep changing regularly, which makes a reason for the introduction of new tactics and strategies periodically. Therefore, a marketer requires executing an extraordinary digital strategy to yield the maximum advantage from the campaign. Due to changing policies of search engines, businesses look to outsource PPC services. This opens extensive career opportunities to people, which further increases the importance of learning the PPC course.

Brief About Click-Through Rate of a Website

Boosting website traffic is crucial for generating business but this is not the only way out to get conversions. CTR or Click-through rate gives an insight into the performance of the PPC campaign. Additionally, a good CTR is an indication of long-term conversion optimization. Advertisers always look to maximize the click-through rate for high-paying keywords as this will result in more conversions on the site.

We will let you know all important PPC techniques in detail during our classroom PPC training in Pitampura but here are some helpful and effective tips that can take your CTR a level up.

Avoid using Trademarks of Other Brands

Customers are now becoming brand conscious owing to the difference of the quality offered by small companies. By implementing this tactic, you may enhance your CTR but be careful while executing it because when a potential customer browses for a brand, they’re expecting to look it in your Ad. This is a great strategy for online retailers and wholesalers can adopt this strategy. For instance, if you are a consumer website dealing in stationery products from various manufacturers, you can include words like “Natraj, Apsara, and Faber Castell Pencils at 15% discount" but not the trademark of the brands otherwise search engines will disapprove your ads. This is done to protect the interest of genuine brands or companies who own that trademark.

Our trainers will make you equipped on how to create ads as per the search engine’s guidelines during the PPC course in Pitampura.

Ads Optimization for Mobile Devices

Due to the increasing use of mobile phones, it has become crucial for the owners of the websites to optimize their PPC ads for mobile devices. This is why many marketers create their ads to target Smartphone users. Even when anyone wants to buy products they prefer doing online using their Android or iOS smartphones. Therefore, you should optimize your PPC campaign for the mobile audience. If ads optimization is done properly then you can witness amazing results.

At our PPC course training institute in Pitampura, you will learn how to optimize ads for mobile devices so you can target more audience as well as get more sales.

Review Websites and Ads of Competitors

Keeping an eye on your rivals’ website, ads and their promotional tactics are essential in today’s competitive business world. Furthermore, this helps you understand the difference between your brand’s and your competitors' marketing strategy so you can make amendments in your strategy to engage your audience.

We will teach you how to do competitor analysis for a perfect ad creation for your business during our PPC course in Pitampura.

Regular Ad optimization and Modifications

Your visitors and potential clients often tend to get bored by seeing the same old Ad repetitively. Thus, it’s important to consistently modify and optimize your Ad. It will provide a new look and feel to your ad, which may boost CTR as viewers may think that this time the ad is about something else. Our PPC course will make you perfect in ad alternation and optimization to make your PPC campaign more effective and profitable.

Focus on Buying Intention

A PPC marketer must select those keywords that tend to have a buying intent behind them. For instance, a person who browses for “oven" has little to zero probability of converting as compared to a client looking for “Buy oven" or “Discounted oven deals". We’ll let you learn how to do keyword research for an effective ad campaign for your business.

ETI: The Best PPC Training Institute in Pitampura

PPC is a powerful marketing technique, which is sure to impress the business owners with immediate outcomes. By adopting the above-discussed methods, a cost-effective, interactive, and result-oriented ad can be created within limited time and effort. PPC involves the client’s money and is not something with which you can easily fool your client. You must be attentive and well-aware about every penny spent and should wisely invest in the PPC campaign otherwise your client might incur huge losses.

You don’t have to worry about creating satisfactory ad campaigns when you have experts and trainers from the ETI PPC training institute by your side. Our trainers always endeavour to deeply educate on all concepts. You only have to invest your 3 to 3 WEEKS to complete your PPC course in Pitampura at ETI and then you can work as a PPC executive or manager in any reputed organization.

Plus Points of Studying at ETI

  • Flexible batches
  • Live lecture videos
  • 1-year course validity
  • Backup classes
  • Doubt sessions
  • Affordable PPC course with EMI option

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