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Welcome to ETI PPC Course Institute in Vikaspuri! Operating in this domain since 2012, we are trusted by lakhs of students for high-end PPC training in Vikaspuri. We have created a learning platform for those who want to add up to their skills so they can take advantage of every available career opportunity in this field. Whether as an executive or an owner of a company, students can earn a handsome amount of money by simply gaining expertise in each concept of the PPC course. We have hired industry-best trainers who have considerable experience in PPC training so you learn everything with perfection.


We understand our role as the PPC course training providers that is why we do everything that is necessary to give you a transformative and interactive learning experience. Apart from this, we expect each of our students to put in their dedication and focus while learning PPC course at our PPC training institute in Vikaspuri. We are emphasizing you to be attentive in PPC training sessions as your learning will only be successful when there is equal investment of efforts and concentration from both sides i.e. from trainers and trainees.

Know facts about the founder of Expert Training Institute

The ETI PPC course training institute in Vikaspuri is started by the digital marketing expert Mr. Udit Khanna. He is one of those entities who never stepped back from working hard and accomplishing the career goals. He entered the industry as a digital marketer in 2009 who handled different projects for diverse companies. From Search Engine Optimization to Pay-per-click, he is well-versed with every topic in digital marketing. After gaining enough work experience, he then decided to enter the educational industry where he began providing PPC certification course training to the students.

Before making any promises to his students, he promised himself that he will make all the possible efforts to transform the ordinary people who have learning aspirations into the talented assets for the industry, which will lead to overall growth of the nation. We are glad that his hard work paid him well and today he is the owner of the most trusted PPC course institute in Vikaspuri. We are sure that our rich portfolio of more than 12,000 students will amaze everyone who wants to join our institute to learn this versatile PPC course.

Career Scope of PPC Course

Students who have completed their PPC course training from ETI are today working as PPC executives, PPC managers, PPC freelancers, and consultants in different industries. So, you can too grab such amazing work opportunities by taking up this course.

Here we have mentioned some of the perks of working in the PPC industry:

  • Interactive work
  • Gives learning opportunities every day
  • High-paying designations
  • Cool work environment
  • Performance Incentives

If you want to get all of these benefits at your workplace then it is great for you to get PPC training and prepare yourself for jobs in this department.

Convincing Qualities of ETI for Enrolment in PPC training in Vikaspuri

We know that there are several PPC course institutes in Vikaspuri that you can join; so why you should choose us? If you’re wondering this then we have shared some of our qualities that may convince you to gives preference to ETI over other PPC course providers in this area.

  • Employed a team of trainers with rich experience in Pay-per-click course training.
  • We give you two free demo classes so you can actually understand how our trainers teach students and how focused they are during the sessions.
  • Well-established infrastructure at ETI PPC institute in Vikaspuri; proximity to Janakpuri West Metro station.
  • We have two batches i.e. weekdays (from Tuesday to Friday; 4 days a week), and weekend (Saturday & Sunday). You can get your name enrolled in any of the batches as per your schedule.
  • Every day there are 3 batch timings that we’ll tell you when you come for the consultation. You can get PPC training at any duration of the available timings.
  • You’re allowed to practice modules using ETI laptops.
  • You will be given live PPC training with the help of LED screens and internet connection.
  • Our PPC course comes with15 Modules, including all the necessary topics.
  • As PPC trends keep changing over time, our trainers also keep an eye on these changing trends so they can timely make modifications to the modules. This makes sure you get updated PPC knowledge. We never impart outdated knowledge or skills to our students as we know that it is of no use to them and is a complete wastage of time.
  • You can easily afford the PPC course fees as it just amounts to 10,000 INR/ - all inclusive of GST.
  • If you want you can repeat any module or even the entire PPC course within 365 days of your enrolment at our institute under the provision “1-year course validity".
  • Even after finishing the PPC course training, you can consult us anytime for clarifying any doubts under “lifetime query assistance".
  • In case, you missed PPC course classes due to poor health conditions, urgency, family function, or any other cause, you can schedule your backup classes at your convenience.
  • We provide doubt sessions to our students after each session every day so, they are left with no queries on any topic.

Many of our students liked our affordable fee structure, 1-year course validity, and flexible batches (weekdays and weekends) the most. According to their reviews, we have actually devised our facilities for the students’ convenience. Unlike many other institutes, we fulfill our claims and give true value for money to the learners.

We, at ETI, are very much confident about our features & facilities that is why we are saying that you should first take up demo classes at other institutes and then come to us. In a comparison of the quality of the training, you will find us to be the best PPC course providers in Vikaspuri.

Ways to make your PPC Campaign Successful

After realizing the fact that the mobile phone is the future, businesses have started giving prime preference to the mobile audience. The launch of smartphones has transformed the image of digital marketing, whether it’s SMO, SEO, PPC, mobile-friendly websites, etc. These days the strategies are made by keeping mobile users as the main factor in the mind.

PPC is a kind of paid marketing that gives instant outcomes. If a PPC executive performs the PPC tasks in a full-fledged manner then you can expect a dramatic boost in the leads and conversions for your business. On the other hand, if it is performed casually then outcomes can be distressful for your company.

If you are planning to make PPC a part of your marketing strategy then ensure that you’re following the below tips:

Prefer Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords assist companies to minimize spending, reach the most relevant customers who have the maximum interest in your domain, and maximize the return on investments. For instance, if you’re a brand that offers high-end products to the customer then, of course, you don’t want to make your ad visible for those visitors who want the cheap products then adding the negative keywords to your Ad can certainly avoid unnecessary PPC costs. During your PPC course training, you will know how to select negative keywords and how to add them to your Google Ads.

Use “Call to Action" in your Campaigns

As per Google’s guidelines, incorporating call extensions in ad campaigns can improve Click-through-rate by 7-8%. Adding contact numbers to PPC ads enable and encourage consumers to directly communicate to the business persons. If you make use of this option, it’ll simply put a “Call" button on your ad.This small feature will make a huge difference in your business profits as potential customers can directly talk to you regarding the product or services; you can close the deal as soon as possible and in the easiest manner. We will teach you how to activate the “Call to Action" button in your PPC campaigns at our PPC training institute in Vikaspuri.

Schedule Google Ads

You can reach your clients at peak times. For definite improvement of your paid aids, you can schedule them on hourly slots daily in a week. Wondering how it’s possible? You can do this by simply scheduling your Google Ads for high times. This will help prospective clients to find your company much faster as it is an outstanding way to display ads whenever clients are browsing online. At ETI, we will let you know how to schedule Ads to reach the maximum audience.

Concentrate on Local Customers

The launch of smartphones has increased the search for nearby or local information. Therefore, focusing on local clients can offer you amazing benefits on the business front. We advise you to create flexible ads targeted on local region, state, or city. This way you can significantly reduce PPC costs while increasing sales.

While learning the PPC course at ETI, you will know in and out of local PPC ad campaigns for boosting sales.


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✔ Search Psychology
✔ Buying Funnel
✔ Full Keywords Setup
✔ Keyword research
✔ Advanced ad features
✔ Ad testing and extensions
✔ Language targeting
✔ Audience reach
✔ Display network
✔ Bidding and attribution
✔ Campaign organization
✔ Quality score
✔ PPC strategy
✔ Track clicks and ROI
✔ Display advertising









Advance PPC Masterclass Course Content

1. Get Started3 Lessons | 0h 36m 34s
  • Lesson 1. Introduction To PPC - 22:31 Mins - Preview
  • Lesson 2. Google Ads Structure - 10:23 Mins
  • Lesson 3. Set up your Google Ads account - 03:40 Mins
2. Search Campaign18 Lessons | 8h 01m 50s
  • Lesson 4. Introduction To Search Campaign - 13:55 Mins
  • Lesson 5. Keyword Match Types - 12:42 Mins
    • What is Keywords & Queries
    • Exact Match
    • Phrase Match
    • Broad Match
    • Broad Match Modifier
    • Negative
  • Lesson 6. Search Ads: - 25:54 Mins
    • Text Ads
    • Responsive Text Ads
    • Call Only Ads
    • Dynamic Keyword Insertion Ads
    • Coundown Ads
    • Location Insertion
    • If Function Ad
  • Lesson 7. Ad Extensions - 24:55 Mins
    • Sitelinks
    • Callouts
    • Call
    • Location
    • Structured Snippets
    • Price
    • App
    • Message
  • Lesson 8. Remarketing - 17:16 Mins
    • Introduction
    • Setup
    • Code Placement in static Website
    • Code Placement in Wordpress
  • Lesson 9. Custom Remarketing List Creation - 24:10 Mins
    • Website Visitors
    • App Users
    • Youtube Users
    • Customer Emails
  • Lesson 10. Conversion Tracking - 32:06 Mins
    • Setup Conversion
    • Conversion Code Placement in Static Website
    • Conversion Code Placement in Wordpress
    • Conversion Code Placement in Website through Tag Manager
  • Lesson 11. Google Tag Manager - 20:12 Mins
  • Lesson 12. How to Write Killer Ad Copy - 37:11 Mins
    • Scan your comp Ads
    • Don’t use false claims
    • include data & stats
    • Use Offers
    • Use CTA
    • Use Numbers
  • Lesson 13. Search Campaign Creation - 52:44 Mins
    • SetUp
    • Start & End Date
    • URL Options
    • Location Targeting
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • Bidding
    • Ads Schedule
    • Ad Rotation
  • Lesson 14. Ad Group Creation-Pest Control-Local - 54:05 Mins
    • Keyword Selection
    • Ad Copy Creation-Text Ads
  • Lesson 15. Ad Group Creation-Digital-Marketing-Course-Local-PIN - 34:41 Mins
    • Keyword Selection
    • Ad Copy Creation-Dynamic Ads
  • Lesson 16. Ad Group Creation-Aquaguard Customer Care-Local
    • Keyword Selection
    • Ad Copy Creation-Call Only
  • Lesson 17. Ad Group Creation-StudyAbroad-Pan-India - 26:59 Mins
    • Keyword Selection
    • Ad Copy Creation-Responsive Search Ads
  • Lesson 18. Ad Group Creation-Dubai Tours-Travel-Pan-India - 22:15 Mins
    • Keyword Selection
    • Ad Copy Creation-Text Ads
  • Lesson 19. Ad Group Creation-Buy Cake-Pan-India - 13:14 Mins
    • Keyword Selection
    • Ad Copy Creation-Dynamic Search Ads
  • Lesson 20. Ad Group Creation-RO Service-Remarketing - 33:59 Mins
    • Keyword Selection
    • Ad Copy Creation-Text Ads
  • Lesson 21. Bid Adjustment - 12:23 Mins
    • Device
    • Location
    • Ad Scheduling
3. Display Campaign10 Lessons | 3h 54m 16s
  • Lesson 22. Introduction To Display Campaign: - 18:36 Mins
  • Lesson 23. Display Ads: - 24:52 Mins
  • Responsive Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Gmail Ads
  • Lighbox Ads
  • Lesson 24. Display Campaign Creation
  • Ad Group Targeting - Hair Transplant
  • Responsive Ads - 29:15 Mins
  • Lesson 25. Ad Group Creation - 32:16 Mins
  • Targeting - Tour Packages-Canva
  • Ad Copy Creation-Banner Ads-Normal
  • Lesson 26. Ad Group Creation - 44:20 Mins
  • Targeting - Digital Marketing Course-Canva
  • Ad Copy Creation-Banner Ads-Gif
  • Lesson 27. Ad Group Creation - 10:05 Mins
  • Targeting - Digital Marketing Course-Placement
  • Ad Copy Creation-Banner Ads-Gif
  • Lesson 28. Ad Group Creation - 29:28 Mins
  • Targeting - Beauty Makeover
  • Ad Copy Creation-Gmail Ads
  • Lesson 29. Ad Group Creation - 14:18 Mins
  • Targeting - Women Bags or Cosmetics
  • Ad Copy Creation-Lightbox Ads
  • Lesson 30. Ad Group Creation - 17:20 Mins
  • Remarketing
  • Ad Copy Creation-Responsive Ads
  • Lesson 31. Ad Group Creation - 13:46 Mins
  • Customer Emails
  • Ad Copy Creation-Responsive Ads
4. Video Campaign7 Lessons | 2h 20m 15s
  • Lesson 32. Introduction To Video Campaign Creation & Setup - 18:40 Mins
  • Lesson 33. Ad Group Creation - 20:32 Mins
  • Targeting - Personal Loan
  • Ad Copy Creation - Skippable Instream
  • Lesson 34. Ad Group Creation - 20:34 Mins
  • Targeting - SEO Tutorial
  • Ad Copy Creation - Non Skippable Instream
  • Lesson 35. Ad Group Creation - 21:07 Mins
  • Targeting - Remarketing
  • Ad Copy Creation - Bumper
  • Lesson 36. Ad Group Creation - 15:06 Mins
  • Targeting - Digital Marketing Course
  • Ad Copy Creation - Video Discovery Ads
  • Lesson 37. Ad Group Creation - 06:22 Mins
  • Targeting - Digital Marketing Course
  • Ad Copy Creation - Outstream Ads
  • Lesson 38. Ad Group Creation - 06:22 Mins
  • Targeting
  • Ad Copy Creation - Ad-Sequence
5. Shopping Campaign43m 56s
  • Lesson 39. Introduction To Shopping Ads - 43:56 Mins
  • Product Ads (with price)
  • Showcase Ads (without price)
  • SetUp
  • Create Google Merchant Account
  • Verify Your Business
  • Create Product Feed
  • Link Merchant A/c with Google Ads
  • Campaign Setup
6. App Campaign24m 12s
  • Lesson 40. Introduction To App Campaign Creation - 24:12 Mins
  • Ad Creation
7. Smart Campaign21m 33s
  • Lesson 41. Introduction To Smart Campaign Creation - 21:33 Mins
  • Call To Your Busines
  • Visit Your Store Front
  • Actions on Your Website
8. Discovery Campaign19m 43s
  • Lesson 42. Introdction To Discovery Campaign Set Up & Creation - 19:43 Mins
9. Landing Page Optimization10m 37s
  • Lesson 43. Landing Page Tips - 10:37 Mins
  • Competitor Research & Tips
10. Google Ads Glossary54m 29s
  • Lesson 44. Google Ads Terminology - 54:29 Mins
  • Ad Relevance
  • Frequency Capping
  • Quality Score
  • Ad Rank
  • Invalid Clicks
  • Click Through Rate - CTR
  • Dimensions
  • Split Testing
  • Campaign URL Option
  • Ad Rotation
11. Bid Strategies36m 30s
  • Lesson 45. Introduction To Bidding Strategies - 36:30 Mins
  • Manual CPC
  • Maximise Clicks
  • Enhanced CPC
  • Target CPA
  • Maximise Conversion
  • Target ROAS
  • Maximise Converion Value
  • Target Impression Share
  • Target Search Page Location
12. Google Ads Additional Features1h 14m 49s
  • Lesson 46. Additional Google Ads Options - 01:14:49 Mins
  • Negative Keyword List
  • Shared Budgets
  • Placement Exclusion List
  • Account Access
  • Billing
  • Ad Preview & Diagnosis
  • Recommendation
  • Change History
  • Linked Accounts
13. Competitor Analysis22m 41s
  • Lesson 47. Competitor Analysis For Better Ads Optimization - 22:41 Mins
14. Google Skill Shop5m 32s
  • Lesson 48. How to take the Exam - 05:32 Mins
  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Google Ads Video Certification
  • Google Ads Mobile Certification
  • Google Ads Shopping Certification


FAQ 1. I’ve missed some of my PPC Course classes? How can I cover the missed part of the training? Will you charge for it?

There is nothing to be worried about if you have missed some of your PPC course classes as we have a provision of backup sessions. You can schedule the backup classes at your convenience so you can cover the missed course part. Also, we record all lecturers and provide these videos to you so, you can learn from them as well. There will be no cost for the backup classes as it’s included in the PPC training beforehand.

FAQ 2. I couldn’t understand some of the concepts well. Will I get classes on those topics again? If yes would you charge anything?

If you haven’t understood any of the topics in your PPC course, we’ll conduct the doubt classes where you can clear doubts upfront to our trainer. We’ll not charge you for the doubt sessions as they are inclusive in your PPC Certification course.

FAQ 3. How much salary will I be getting after completing PPC Course?

PPC Certification course has a great scope in the future as all online businesses looking for a quick and infallible way to get more sales and PPC makes this possible. If you have clarity of all concepts of PPC course then you can be hired as PPC executive or manager. These designations offer an impressive salary package that ranges from at least 20,500 INR per month to 49,990 INR per month. You must keep this in mind that these salary estimates are dependent on your skills and expertise.

FAQ 4. Do you give placements?

We provide you with the 100 percent job assistance once you complete your PPC certification course. Firstly, we’ll provide you PPC training and then will share your resume with numerous companies who are looking for PPC executives. We’ll schedule interviews and depending on your skills, you’ll be hired in that company.

FAQ 5. What is the eligibility required to do the PPC course?

There is no set criterion or eligibility to pursue the PPC course. However, having a basic computer and internet knowledge is sufficient for you to understand the Pay-per-click concepts. You don’t have to have a certain qualification for the same. This course can be done by working professionals, students, house makers, retired persons.

FAQ 6. Is there any flexible timing for working professionals during PPC training?

Yes. We have flexible timings and flexible batches that working professionals can join so they can manage both office and PPC training simultaneously. We provide PPC course training for 2 hours on weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

FAQ 7. Do you provide any training material for the PPC course?

Yes. We will give you PPC course training study material, which includes notes, PPTs, and live classroom videos. You can use this study material while revising the concepts at home. The best part is that the live classroom videos allow you to refer your practical sessions again for practising.

FAQ 8. Do you charge for study material?

No, we don’t charge you even a penny for study material as it’s a part of your PPC course.

Q 1.How Pay-Per-Click advertising is different from Organic Search Engine Optimization??

Pay-Per-Click advertising involves paid ads positioned on the topmost or right side of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). On the other hand, Organic results are natural or unpaid. Organic listings get ranking from Search Engine Optimization techniques that include optimized content and link building.
My trainers at ETI PPC institute in Delhi have given me clarity over these two concepts and now I can do PPC and SEO efficiently.

Q 2. What are the chief PPC services?

During the PPC training, I learned about the major pay per click services that are listed below:
Adwords (Google)
Adcenter (Microsoft)
Apart from the above two, there are a few social media networking sites that offer PPC services:

Q 3. How PPC can help your business?

PPC is beneficial for every online business as it helps in the promotion of newly-launched products and services, increasing awareness about the brand, generate targeted traffic to the website quickly, helps in lead generation and sales, and assist you to target the potential customer across the globe.

Q 4. Are PPC results measurable?
Both of the chief PPC engines- Google and Bing allow you to track the conversion rates as well as offer a range of reporting features. Furthermore, E-Power Marketing also suggests making use of third-party reporting software.
Q 5. How do you pick keywords for PPC campaigns?
Finding the right and relevant keywords are the most significant step of any PPC campaign. I make use of several keyword researching tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner, AdCenter Keyword Tool, etc that help me in shortlisting the right keywords.
I have used all these keyword finding tools during my PPC training for creating an Ad campaign.
Q 6. What is a Landing Page? How they are important?
A landing page is a web page where the users are redirected or landed after clicking on the PPC ads in any search engines.
Landing pages let businesses to share details of their products and services and sell them to the interested users through their ads. When a landing page is well designed, developed, and optimized then it increases the chances of conversions.
Q 7. What is the Google Display Network?
he Google Display Network is a group of thousands of websites, apps, and videos where your PPC ads can appear. This network is of great use as it reaches more than 90 percent of people who are using the internet worldwide.
During my PPC certification course, I have created several display ads through the Google Display Network.
Q 8. What is Remarketing?
Remarketing means displaying Ads to those visitors who have visited your website earlier. This kind of advertising is effective as it influences the visitor’s buying decision.
Q 9. Can you fix budgets for PPC campaigns?
Yes, I can. Both Bing and Google have a feature to set budget limits on a daily basis, at the campaign level, and at the account level. As of now the Microsoft AdCenter and Google Ads have not defined a minimum budget limit.
Q 10. How do we get better outcomes from our PPC campaigns?
Although there is no standard way to improve the PPC campaigns due to the different performance of each campaign. However, we can always attempt to make it better by targeting the right keywords and location, preparing an attractive and engaging Ad copy, and having a well-designed landing page.
During my PPC course training in Dwarka, I was trained on keyword researching, fascinating ad creation copy, improving landing page quality, and other things that can impact your PPC campaign.