How websites earn money from Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a great way to make quick money from websites. It is an opportunity to monetize on the traffic. It is like opening an additional source of income from your site. But before you make an AdSense account, you should know what it is; how it works and how you can take advantage of it.

What is AdSense?

You know Google AdWords. It is for advertisers. As an advertiser, you use AdWords for placing ads on high traffic websites relevant to your product/service offered. The websites where your ad is run have AdSense accounts. When you run an ad, you work as an advertiser but when you allow Google to run ads on your site, you become an AdSense account holder.

Calculate profit from AdSense

Profit calculation is made in RPM that is page revenue per thousand impressions. It is the amount that you website makes on one thousand views. Divide your profit by page views and then multiply the outcome by 1000 to get RPM of your site.

Your profit is $0.40 from 100 page views. To calculate RPM, you need dividing the profit by page views (0.40/100). The outcome is 0.004. Multiply it with 1000 to get RPM. 0.004×1000 = 4. Your RPM is $4. You earn $4 per 1000 page views from Google AdSense.

Signup for Google AdSense

Before you go to Google AdSense and create an account, you should determine your website traffic. Google will consider and approve your application for opening an AdSense account only when it sees decent traffic on your website. Also it will review your site from time to time to make sure that the site is getting traffic. Do some homework to make your site eligible for AdSense account.

• Create relevant and informative content for your visitors: People will visit your site in search of information and if they don’t find right info or they find that the information is copied, they won’t come back again.

• Place a menu bar on site: Having a menu bar on top of the site helps visitors find information in the inner pages. They can choose which page to visit and in this way save time.

• Create a YouTube channel: Video content could go viral and bring hundreds of visitors for your website. Google allows integration of its YouTube channel with AdSense. You shouldn’t let this opportunity go waste but take advantage of it.

Best practices for AdSense

The only thing you should keep in mind is that the visitors should take the ads to be part of the website design and not something forced on the site. Also, you shouldn’t force the ads on the visitors.

• Don’t overdesign your site as it can hide the ads
• Don’t place ads on locations where they can be distractive for visitors
• Don’t put too many ads on the website as it will be very confusing for the visitors
• Create a responsive website that can download decently on every platform including phones and tablets
• Take help of Google to size the ads on your site, if you don’t want to use fully responsive ads

Make one account for many websites

There is no need to creating multiple AdSense accounts for multiple sites as Google allows managing multiple sites with one account. You can set your account from your Gmail account. Once the account is set, you can start counting dollars.


Internet marketing isn’t all about business promotion but also about earning from traffic. The traffic that comes to your site can give you profit, if you are able to manage your AdSense account. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind while opening your AdSense account.


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