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Best Route to Top RoI—Content Marketing Vs PPC: Merits and Weakness Compared

A mental battle ranges in the minds of business owners and marketers between ideas and the choice to make with respect to growing business, expanding brand awareness, and fattening profits and turnover.

There are many paths to reach those lofty goals. But achieving higher site rankings and better SERPs will require leveraging opposing options such as content marketing and PPC (pay-per-click) upon.

Obviously content marketing walks high with an impressive tally of efficacy. In content marketing, it is essential that the produced content must have the ability to swing the target audience and trigger leads for generating a profitable result.

In the case of PPC advertising, the race is to obtain a prime spot in search results at a price. Here the main goal is that of increasing the traffic. The cost will be high because the business owner has to shell out money every time a visitor clicks his website.

Why Stand Alone Strategy is Not Better

In both PPC and content marketing, there are both positive and negative features. Therefore, selecting one over the other at the cost of the other will not be very wise. The ideal way is to get a judicious mix of two.

Both are situation-specific and have unique strengths. To heighten visibility, take the PPC route and bring more people to find the site’s content. In case the content is hopeless then better not wait for conversions.

Content Drives the Results

It follows that content must be awesome to steer through the SERP ranks and build high ROI for many months and years. In the above scenario, valuable content as the key driver as PPC holds no guarantee of conversions just like content marketing.

According to an SEO analyst, both PPC and content are rich in strategies. But the edge enjoyed by of content marketing ROI in terms of cost-efficiency, credibility, stability and staying power are amazing.

If a business owner is confident that his website carries quality content then his PPC ads will be a rewarding option for conversions.

How Thin Content Was Forced Out?

In the past, thin content survived for long and earned conversions because good content was absent and social media channels were not that active. Today the scenario is cut throat competition and Panda updates of Google have upped the content standards.

Thus started the season of in-depth articles, blogs and infographics showing the power of best content and ROI comes from quality content where articles and infographics call the shots for the higher reach.

High Conversions from Content Marketing

In content marketing, there is 6 times more conversion than PPC. That is why marketers advocate branded content as the best way than putting ads on methods like TV and magazines, PR exercise or direct mailing.

Guaranteed High SERPs with PPC

PPC can take any website on top of the SERPs that too before a purchase-ready target crowd.

In choosing between PPC or content marketing, better advice will be that a client must assess his resources including time frame for results.

If he has the willingness to stay longer and bear upfront costs, content marketing is the best. It will reward with high-quality leads and better conversions.

Content Marketing is Time Eater

However, Content marketing is something needing exceptional dedication and patience. Sustained efforts for many months will be required before landing on best results. When the results start flowing, there will be no looking back as the ROI will be exciting.

HubSpot notes the way old blog posts on current topics grab almost 40 percent share of web traffic. They may be posts dating back to many months but targeted visitors will visit them and the rankings will shoot up.

This shows, despite the time factor content marketing is a gold mine for lasting results.

Content Marketing Yields Better Leads

Despite the delay, when content gets ranked,  the leads from organic search will be sturdy and will be of high quality compared to PPC results.

In online lead generation plan, always organic search offers are ahead with high conversion rates, notes Marketing Sherpa.

No Recurring Cost in Content Marketing

Content marketing makes demands for upfront costs in the beginning phase. But in the aftermath of publishing healthy search results will not force further expenditure on clicks and leads.

Getting Good Writers is a Challenge

But content marketing is constrained by the lack of good writers. Even the process of evaluating a writer is cumbersome and there is considerable uncertainty whether a writer is a really good fit for a brand. In using Content agencies for generating content, they can hire and evaluate writers and offer the content. Since agencies maintain certain benchmarks, in research and writing standards high-quality content will not be an issue. But costs can be an issue and also the matter of longer association.

PPC is a Costly Strategy

PPC calls for pumping too much money to stay on board. Charges accrue every time a visitor clicks on the SERP listing. Since the goal is to boost traffic and stay at the top, there can be no hesitation in spending good money to optimise visibility on Google.

PPC Assures Top Slot

Nothing matches PPC in taking a website to the top of Google results. It offers no barriers in that. In Google AdWords, there is a bidding involved in grabbing target keywords. Only when the page is relevant the bid will allow Google to place it on the top.

In PPC, unprecedented visibility is assured if the price is paid for a top spot. But the drawback of PPC is that when the business owner runs out of budget, the top spot will be lost.

Contrast this with content marketing where no force can dislodge a site from its hard earned position in SERP.

Once the website has earned a high rank and as long as the content remains relevant, it will not disappear. Not a single penny needs to be spent for that.

PPC is More Affordable for Certain Industries

In PPC ads, the payable amount (cost-per-click, or CPC) varies from industry to industry. In legal sector, keywords face huge competition and the CPC rate is high. In education, or employment services and e-commerce, PPC is highly affordable. When the average CPC is $2.32 in many, the legal industry takes a whopping $5.88.

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