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How Good WPX Hosting is For Bloggers in 2019?

How Good WPX Hosting is For Bloggers – Blogging is now a very much easier way to earn some money from the internet. Today over 2 million websites are being a host on the internet. So the competition of getting known is very hard. Making your blog a successful business requires good knowledge and planning skills.


How Good WPX Hosting is For Bloggers


So you need to plan and invest in the best services and products. The main focus should be given to web hosting when you want to start the best blog. Web hosting is very crucial for any blog and website because the speed of the blog entirely depends on the performance of the web hosting servers.

Benefits of Having Good Web Hosting

There are various benefits of having a good web hosting service. With the best web hosting, you will get all the necessary features covered. Good web hosting will increase your blog speed and performance.

If you know anything about the SEO then you may know how important the uptime and load time plays in the ranking factor of any blog and website. Google’s search algorithm chooses only the website which has good performance result and ranks it according to the percent of optimization.

If you want to rank in the google’s first page then you will have to choose the web hosting which provides maximum uptime around 99.99℅ And the load time should be as low as possible. It should be around 1 second and if it is less than 1 second then it is the best load time.

Premium Services

If you are using the best web hosting then you get all the premium features that will give you the power to optimize your blog and features which will make your work effortless.

How Uptime is Important For Ranking?

In the ranking factor, uptime is very important because uptime is the percentage of your blog is online. If the uptime will be less then there is the chance of getting your blog going down frequently. This will affect the user experience because when people will try to visit your blog and if that time it would be down then the traffic will bounce. This will cause your blog performance to very poor.

So, it is very important to go with the web hosting which offers the best uptime. So you will not have to keep checking on the blog again and again.

Load Time

Other than uptime there is another factor which should be checked before going for any web hosting. Load time is the time which requires the blog to load its pages. If the load time will be more means if your blog takes more than 5 seconds then there is a 95% chance of bouncing. Most of your traffic will go on another website and you will lose your traffic.

So the load time should be as low as possible to get a better result.

Is WPX Hosting is Best?

Wpx hosting is an advance and popular web hosting service for bloggers. The company has been providing service to their users for many years and has gained a lot of trust and support from the market. wpx hosting is the most reliable web hosting provider which will reduce your efforts and increase the quality of the blog. With the wpx hosting features your blog will become more professional and will not have to work hard for getting ranked in the search results.

wpx hosting is famous for its quality features as the features which are important for ranking, it got all covered. The uptime of wpx hosting is around 99.99% and load time is below 1 second which is sufficient for getting ranked in the search results.

Wpx Hosting Features and Benefits

Affordable Price

Wpx hosting is recommended as it is an ideal web hosting which provides balanced services and comes at an affordable price. it is an ideal choice for any blogger who is going to start a new blog or already running a blog but want to shift to best web hosting.

You can also get an amazing discount on the wpx hosting package using the discount coupon code.

Blazing Speed

Wpx hosting has blazing fast web servers which are very powerful that is capable of handling a huge amount of traffic. even in the rush hour, your blog will never get down. The user will feel the speed of your blog and will return back to your blog to get the blazing services.

Money Back Guarantee

This feature is very helpful for those who are not sure about web hosting. After purchasing the web hosting if you don’t feel satisfied with the service then you can cancel the subscription and all your money will be refunded.

The Knowledgeable Customer Support team

After purchase if you will face any problem related to the web hosting then you are free to contact the customer support and they will try 100% to solve your problem. The customer support team is very knowledgeable means they are sufficient to solve any problem you will discover in the service.

Free Security Certificate

Wpx hosting provides free SSL certificate which is used to secure the data of your website. So that people can easily trust your website and they will feel secure to surf on it. If you are going to buy the SSL certificate from others then you will have to pay a yearly fee which can be expensive for you if you are on a tight budget.

Alternatively, If you’re looking for a Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress then we have the best recommendation for you which is Social Warfare. It’s the best plugin that you can install on your blog to get more social shares & ultimately more Social Targeted Traffic as well.

Last Word on WPX Hosting Service

In my recommendation, wpx hosting is the ideal choice for a blogger as it is loaded with the best services and comes at a very affordable price. If you want to see your website grow then you should go for it.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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