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How To Write Content For SEO – 6 Tips To Write SEO-Friendly Content

How To Write Content For SEO – SEO is search engine optimization and SEO content differs from normal content in the sense the latter is least spammy and earns a good ranking on search engines.


How To Write Content For SEO


The SEO process implies methods that optimize information on a website in a way people find it easy to them in search engines such as Google.

Content is information. The amalgamation of information with an SEO treatment make content attractive and useful to people.

Content organization means connecting segments of content in the most logical way. This is not only good for SEO but also for visitors on a website to find related content.

Content promotion means hiking visibility for new content by sharing them on social networks and making links to the content internally and from external sites.

The keyword research tool “Keyword Niche Finder” can help to identify specific topics to target SEO content.

But minting the content just for scoring ranks on the search engine will make it artificial. The effort must be to please the search engines that reward with high rankings and also potential customers who would read them.

Thin content gets ranked at the initial stage and win clicks but it has no value to the search engine user.

Sites promoting “thin” content also face the risk of getting penalized by Google. They will also face high bounce rates and low conversion rates.

In short, writing content that incorporates keywords in a way delights and informs customers must be the goal behind any effort on writing SEO-friendly content.

How to write SEO content

Regarding how to write content for SEO, the answer must assimilate how to write content for the website. Some of the ingredients of good SEO content writing include keywords and a good way of structuring information.


Since the majority of the marketing happens via search engines, use of a keyword to attract target n the audience is very important. Spending precious time without targeting hot keywords will be a waste.

The secret of a successful content writer is not doing plagiarism that is copying and a serious offense about copyright violation.

The soul of successful web content writing is the ability to write flawlessly. Therefore, linguistic errors are unpardonable as it will repel readers.

Even if people read the faulty content, they may not take action over the information shared in the content.

For the writer, a good vocabulary is important and it must include words that strike readers. Ability to use words that flash imagery in the readers’ minds counts a lot.

The writing must be to-the-point. This helps to persuade the target readers to take actions and become customers of a product or service.

SEO content in 2019

Getting a place in search engine’s unpaid results or organic search is the most credible way to marketing.

Optimizing for SEO in web or blog for better RoI leads to sub-questions on how to optimize blog posts for SEO.

That aspect further boils to how to make SEO friendly content.

To be frank, SEO content in 2019 is an audience market. That means the content’s success is ultimately judged by the user and if well written with the right target audience in mind, it will rank up.

Tips to create most-read content

There are many tips to create most-read, most-shared, and most valuable content.

The rationale of SEO content optimization is ensuring that the content reaches the right people. That will not work unless it is optimized with the targeted keywords.

In planning how to make SEO friendly content, terms and phrases the audience niches searching that information must be foreseen in advance.

Then there must be an analytical approach in applying information and right keywords to audience segments.

The simple answer to the question is how to write SEO optimized content. For that consider writing SEO content as an art.

It may be true that anyone can write, but the success involves going through a learning curve to equip oneself with the ability to write SEO optimized articles on a given topic or pitch. The basic formula is the right keyword and good presentation.

Every web page is ripe for optimization in terms of search engine ranking with keywords.

Basic work before writing SEO content

In SEO friendly articles, many things are at work.

Research before writing makes a difference without which it will be like shooting in the dark. Decide a few things that the writing the process is result oriented.

  • Keywords to target
  • Length of the article
  • Type of the article


Using a tool like Ahrefs or SEMRUSH research the topic for proper optimization of Keyword. These tools can lead to the right keyword to target.

Type of content

Also put the planned target keyword in the Google search to see the articles ranking for it. This will throw light on the kind of article Google considers best for such queries.

Plan the article’s length

Use a tool like SEO Rambler to identify the average length of articles ranking well for a target keyword. This will guide the article’s length to look for a chance in first-page ranking.

Word limit

To decide the average word limit for a target keyword get a hang of the words in the top three articles. Also, look at the section at the bottom called “people also ask” in Google.

Look at the questions and check whether the content can answer those questions. That is a good way to ensure the standard of SEO optimized content that can answer queries people are looking for.

Use keywords naturally

Now focus on one or two primary keywords at a time. Use long tail keywords intelligently.

Use normal language and style that is palatable to the target audience. Try to use only those keywords that the target audience would be searching.

In knowing how to write SEO compatible content, the key is using keywords naturally than making them look artificial.

Use keywords in the title’s beginning, in the first paragraph and long-tail keywords within the headline tags. Also use, primary and long-tail keywords within bulleted lists.

The SEO content writer must put users first because it is clients who do business and not search engines.

Content must speed upconversion

In creating content, a content writer’s job is to write compelling content that can ultimately convert a visitor into a customer.

A normal content writer may have problems in placing keywords without sounding manipulative.  But an SEO content writer will know how to do it very naturally.

It will be a mess if a content writer does not understand the importance of quality content writing or how quality content writing is essential for good SEO.

When hiring a content writer, make sure he communicates the intended message pretty well.

Writing for the web is also about playing with simple and impressive language. The writer must know how to write smaller sentences with a convincing tone.

The business owner must improve SEO or general quality of content. Search engine ranking, these days, are not solely dependent on “optimized content” or “SEO content”. It is quality content that sells.

Choosing the right content writer is important as he only understands the quality and the need for customizing it to the needs of the target audience.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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