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Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Tips on Doing it Professionally

Better awareness of the basics of Search Engine Optimization is essential for business owners.
In the first instance, they must understand the process of SEO as an enabler that makes modifications in different areas of a website in making it more search engine friendly.

Knowledge of SEO operations are also a prerequisite for hiring a good SEO expert or setting up an SEO team in house.

Look for Google Answers on SEO Best Practices

We have Google Answers providing the nitty gritty of the processes being performed in different parts of a website as part of SEO, in making it expand user experience and ultimately scoring highest ranks in organic search results.

However, SEO should not be misconstrued as a bunch of tactics for chasing high ranks in Google search. Collectively they are best practices that accentuate crawling and indexing by search engines to decipher a website’s content to a wider audience.

Rationale of Optimization

In defining users, the search engine must be treated as top serious user that discovers a site’s content. SEO enables search engines to understand the content of a given website.

Optimization is advised for all websites irrespective of the size or variation in content to improve the overall quality.

Important SEO Terminology

Understanding the basic terminology of SEO will be helpful in factually analayzing a website.
SEO –The process makes a site better for search engines.

Indexing – The process of storing web pages in Google index. An index entry must be defined by the content and location (URL) of that page. When Google fetches a page, it reads the content and adds to the index.

Crawling – Crawling implies scouting for new web pages. By following links and sitemaps Google reaches out to the URLs. The crawling is done by an automated software called Googlebot with indexing becoming a constant process.

Visibility on Google

There are Google Webmaster guidelines for building a Google-friendly websites. They help in making compatible sites that appear faster in search results.

To assess the compatibility of a website, ask the following questions.
· Does Google display my website?
· Is the site offering high-quality content to users?
· Is Google showing up my local business?
· Is the content easily and rapidly accessible on all devices?
· Is it a secure website?

Why is SEO Expert Beneficial?

A trained SEO expert helps in improving visibility of websites on search engines. However, choosing a wrong SEO expert working irresponsibly can ruin a website. The basic services expected from SEO include the following

· Review of site content or structure
· Technical advice on website development, hosting, redirecting, JavaScript use and error pages
· Content development
· Online business development campaigns
· Keyword research
· SEO training
· Opportunities in Specific markets

Let Google Find Your Site

To make sure search results carry a website, it must be ensured that Google can find it. For making Google notice site, a sitemap is necessary to tell search engines about new or updated pages on the site ripe for indexing.

Google on its own will also find web pages from links in other pages.

Thanks to “robots.txt” file search engines are informed of the readiness to access and crawl different parts of a site. Placed in the root directory of websites the robots.txt can also restrict the type of pages to be crawled. Google Search Console generates many friendly robots.txt.

In case a site is using subdomains and reluctant to allow crawling a particular subdomain, the separate robots.txt file must be created for that subdomain.

However, robots.txt is not a surefire way of blocking sensitive or confidential material as it only instructs gentle crawlers to spare certain pages. A server can always deliver pages to a browser on request.
In such situations, using No Index tag can stop the pages from appearing on Google. To tighten security, better authorization by way of user password or taking pages off a site will do better.

Need for Google to Understand Content

When Googlebot crawls a page the page should be seen the same way as any other user sees it. For optimal indexing, Googlebot must be allowed access to the JavaScript, CSS, and image files of the website.

In case the site’s robots.txt file disallows their crawling be warned that algorithms will be hurt and hamper indexing of a site’s content. This will drag down rankings in SERPs.

Importance of Accurate Page Titles

Atag tells users and search engines information about a page’s topic. Thetag must be placed within theelement of the HTML document. A unique title needs to be created for each page on the site.

By creating good titles and snippets in search results more accuracy and perfection in information can be attained. If a document appears in search results the contents of the title tag appear in the first line of the results.

The homepage title can list the website name/business and include information about the physical location of the business, focus and offerings.

Best Practices

A good title must read naturally and communicate effectively about the topic under debate. Actions like choosing an unrelated title to a web page’s content or placing vague titles such as Untitled or Fresh Page must be avoided at any cost.

Unique Titles for Different Pages

A unique title helps Google in knowing that a page is different from others on a site. If the site has separate mobile pages, appropriate titles for the mobile versions must be made. Never use a single title across all pages in a site or for a bigger group of pages.

In creating titles, the primacy must be on brevity and accuracy. An unduly long title will look irrelevant as Google only displays a portion of it in the search result.

Extremely long titles irritate users. So is the practice of packing title tags with too many unwanted keywords.

Importance of Meta Tag

Description meta tag will give Google and other search engines a crisp summary of the page. Unlike titles that carry a few words or phrase, a description meta tag will have one or two sentences.

Google Search Console offers suggestions as HTML Improvements Report telling a description meta tag is short or long. It also alerts on the possible duplication. Like thetag, the description meta tag is also placed within theelement of HTML document.

Why Description Meta Tags?

Description meta tags are useful for Google in making snippets for the pages. By adding description metatags Google gets it easy in delivering a good snippet without looking for better text elsewhere.
There are many case studies that insist SEO actions backed by an effective content marketing makes a big difference in search results.

By improving keywords and revising content there will be dramatic increase in results. Keyword research continues to be the real key to content marketing even today.

In WhiteHat SEO, efficacy of Skyscraper technique has been highlighted. This is a message for those who have not tried it yet. In short, a better SERP ranking is easily manageable by basic SEO techniques involving keyword research, content marketing, and outreach.

Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper technique leverages the human ability to attract the best. The “skyscraper” plan is executed by looking for top websites that carry the best content on a particular domain or topic. The technique involves making a bigger skyscraper by adding more articles or blogs to exceed the current best.

This suddenly makes the content viral and rapid linking follows. The key steps in skyscraper techniques are
· Locating quality content that is worth linking
· Making the content still better
· Reaching out to the right people

In the matter of obtaining quality links there is no better method than Forum marketing and Quora postings.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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