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What is Internal Linking ?

Internal linking is related to the architecture of websites. Just like pages of books are numbered and also they are stitched in a convenient manner,web pages also need to be tied together. A website is a collection of several pages like Home Page, About Us, Contact Us and others.The pages are tied together with internal linking.

Links are for Google

crawl and index webpages. The largest search engine finds content through the website structure made with links. Linking gives a type of hierarchy to web pages so that Google gives more link value to most important pages. Finally, it can be said that having a good internal linking strategy could be a real help in SEO.

Why internal links matter?

The links are most valuable weapons of SEO and they work. Today Google uses machine learning system that is developed from the experience of early days of searching when the results were based on keywords only. It was easy to optimize keywords based search but today’s machine-learning algorithm is impossible to game.

Internal linking is the best way to interact with the advanced machine learning system Google has developed over the years of its working. There is no tactic or gimmick involved in linking the internal pages to highlight content.

Advantages of internal linking

 Improved indexation of web pages
 Increase backlink potential of web pages
 Divides website strength into pages
 Links to anchor text work as electronic signals
 It is value to the user


Internal link has many benefits for SEO hence shouldn’t be ignored while making SEO strategy. It is the simplest thing you can do to boost your search engine performance. The science of internal linking involves connecting one piece of content to another and it is simple. Are pages of your site properly linked? If no then it’s time to hurry.


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