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Make Good Money from Digital Marketing : Try These 7 Methods in 2018

There is always a clash of ideas in the minds of businessmen as to what type of marketing is more effective and can give the best returns. Today he will be convinced that digital marketing is more valuable as businessmen and facilitating personnel is making money online out of it.

In this modern digital age, there are lot many avenues for making money online unlike the past when you needed a day job to earn money.

Among the online money making sources, digital marketing offers a great opportunity with myriad methods. It can help you to increase, making good money online without going out of your home.

Scope of DIGITAL MARKETING for Business | Career Opportunities and Salary in DIGITAL MARKETING


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But knowing digital marketing and its scope is essential in making success in this venture. However, Digital marketing is no shortcut to earning money online, it also needs dedication and readiness to as much time as possible for best results. The more you learn and more you practice digital marketing, earnings will grow.

Why is Digital Marketing the new Hero?

  Digital Marketing the new Hero

Digital marketing offers the opportunity for a medium to interact with the customers. Traditional marketing does not interact with the audience and it is more like a one side way of handing down some information to excite public announcing that here is a brand that you may patronize. Also, there is not much variety and choice for customers with traditional marketing.  The latter is also expensive, It puts a cost burden when print or radio advertisements are tried out.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the darling of all as it can target local as well as international audience and with digital marketing, we can also learn how to make money fast online. Plus the flexibility to customize campaigns in accordance with specific factors such as gender, location, age, and interests make a campaign super effective.

Digital marketing also gives the audience the best format for receiving the content. One person may be enjoying a blog post while another customer wants YouTube videos.  They both get it.

In traditional marketing, most people receive sales flyers or unsolicited phone calls at odd times on stuff they are not interested.  In Online marketing, people can opt out if communications are not relevant.

Scope for Interaction with Audience

Earn making money online from digital marketing, the audience who are future customers, including clients, influences can be urged to take action such as visiting a business website, reading about products and services, rating the products. Buying them or offering feedback.

BBC’s Example of Interaction: There is a proven example of customers tied in a two-way communication working wonders for top ways to make money online.

Take BBC, it allows customers to engage in a mutually beneficial interaction where the consumers are ready to build relations with the brands.

This can be useful for any media company for making money online that is in the delivery of content, including news channels or print media. The journey towards building a trusted brand comes from communication with the audience.

Cost Savings: Barring the expenditure on paid ads online, the digital marketing is cheaper compared to traditional marketing and through digital marketing, we can earn money online free.

Easy Documentation: Google Analytics and other tools in social media channels can allow tracking progress of campaigns any time and google analytics is the best tool in digital marketing for making money online.

Unlike traditional marketing methods, one can check results in real time to see what is not working online and can shift gears to improve your results to get money online.

Level playing field:  In making money online from digital marketing, any business can compete with any competitor regardless of size with a solid strategy.  In traditional marketing, a small retailer cannot match the resources of large competitors.  In online marketing, a powerful website backed by great service can humble any competitor.

Real-time results: In digital marketing, there is no long waiting period as in, for a client’s fax or customer form.  Analytics will readily reveal the number of visitors to the websites, hike or drop in subscribers, conversion rates at the click of a button.

Going Viral: By using social media share buttons on the business website, it is easy to take the message to customers.  If an average Facebook user has 100 friends if 10 percent shares the message then there are 10 new prospects.

Reach the customer anywhere

Digital marketing can take a product to the customer sitting anywhere in the world and uses social media and web pages to advertise the products. In Digital marketing, products are advertised online on the internet and other digital media. Unlike the past, there is no salesman involved in selling wares by shouting price tags, attractions, and benefits of a community market.

Here we are discussing some of the lucrative ways to how to make money online by digital marketing.

Content Marketing Better For Leads

Content Marketing is a way of creating and publishing free content online that advertises products or services. It bridges the gap between the consumer and the seller. Good content marketing can deliver effective search engine results and content marketing is the fastest way to make money online.

The current trend involves the following steps.

Query searching– People search each and every issue on the internet.

Research– Researching articles on the same subject to know more about the current market value, price etc.

Comparison- In making money online the consumer comparing different price quotes and decides on the best price he can offer.

Buying– Well, here the end result the product is bought.

These are steps for online buying if good content is available about the product. Those with a flair for writing, this suits well for earning money online by digital marketing.

The content must be good enough to make a reader understand the dynamics of the product and must move him to buy the product.

Blogging Influences Purchasing Decisions

Blogging is a way of expressing a personal opinion of a writer on any topic. Blog sites offer free hosting of opinions and the message reaches millions of readers.

A creative writer will find it rewarding to write about a product and make some good get money online.

But the blog’s topic should be about a trending one. By linking Google Adsense, any blog can be monetized.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Search engine optimization is a simple method of getting money online. The main aim of SEO is to increase site’s visibility in the search field.

Search engine results are based on certain keywords or key phrases and it gives the most relevant results at the top.

SEO professional optimize the website pages with the most searched keyword and key phrases to ensure maximum visibility of the website.

You can earn money online by building links or by writing SEO content with the aim of attracting search engine traffic.

Write content with a rich mixture of keywords and phrases improves chances of the website in the top suggested results. There are different types of SEO content such as,

  • Blog writing
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Directories
  • Guides
  • Articles
  • Slideshows
  • List making
  • Glossaries
  • Product pages

Website Designing

Website Design

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Website design involves planning, structuring and creating and updating websites. The designer has to choose the right specifics such as inviting layout, a splash of colors, brilliant images for creating a user-friendly interface for optimum navigation.

 But the design of the website must keep pace with market trends. One can make money online by digital marketing from the comfort of home by designing websites that meet the client’s needs or restructure existing websites by giving a makeover.

Affiliate Marketing

           Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing is the top ways to make money online and it involves the power of making recommendations. Unlike the other methods in digital marketing, affiliate marketing is based on recommending a product to a friend who then uses the link to purchase the product and helps the other person earn a commission from that sale.

Affiliate marketing is the oldest type of digital marketing. Many online e-commerce giants have highly successful affiliate marketing programs and through affiliate marketing, many people earn money online.

This is also called referral marketing and works by making pacts with a company for a referral link to get money online by digital marketing to sell goods through referral links bringing commissions for every product sold via the link recommendations.

Social Media Marketing

 Social Media Marketing

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As the name suggests a digital marketing is about marketing done on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms and through social media we can sell our products and make good money online.

      Millions of citizens use their free time to dabble in social media and chat with like-minded people. Most of the social media networks have own data analytics that assists in building marketing campaigns.

Constant streaming of discussions in the social media allows anything to be immediately noticeable and they get shared on other platforms. This eventually heightens awareness about the product.

But the process is a little slow as it is a nurturing type of marketing. Social media marketing still has lots of unexplored potentials and a wider demographic to tap.

When a marketing campaign on a social media account the online earnings are to be high as they attract a huge number of views.

Sharing posts on social media, we can earn money online. Social sharing will automatically draw more views and the high viewer participation can be leveraged to advertise a product.

Digital marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms can leverage the participation of huge demographics having free time to spend catching up with people of similar interests.

In helping better advertising, marketing campaigns, social media networks also offer good support by way of their own data analytics tools.

Since constant discussions and opinions fill the social media chambers there is easy attention and faster sharing to expand awareness about products.

A marketing campaign posted on social media will earn more money if it has the potential to attract a number of views, likes, and shares. One example is posting a message on social media on “how to earn money by digital marketing.” No doubt, it will attract more views and those views can be used in pushing advertisements for the product.

As seen already, the internet era offers the comfort of earning from homes with a lot of opportunities and untapped potential ahead. Now, look at some more options that will make a person earn well.

Mobile Marketing

                            mobile marketing

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Mobile Marketing is the most innovative way in digital marketing forget money online making by way of digital marketing. There are different ways of mobile marketing.

SMS Marketing: This is a short messaging service or SMS. Before the internet era opened up, most products used this channel heavily. Even today this method is a favorite among small entrepreneurs.

Push notifications -Introduced by Apple in 2009 and replaced by Google cloud messaging in 2013 Push notifications are pop up messages that jump on the mobile screens forcing the viewer to see the message in a single tap.

App-based marketing: This recent trend in digital marketing has developed facilitating products maximum visibility in the app store. Mobile app development is quite lucrative in earning good money by digital marketing.

Game mobile marketing: When playing an online game, we see lots of pop up ads showing up. When clicked they will take you to third-party websites, making the user buy or download the app or game.

QR Codes – These codes are scanned by the mobile camera, making a URL automatically transmit to the browser’s tab letting users’ access products easily without site navigation.

Now everybody has a mobile phone. Hence, mobile marketing is the easiest channel for digital marketing for persons good at designing and making attractive captions in a few crisp words.

More and more services can be created for sending bulk SMS to contacts as a viable option for local entrepreneurs to develop their business.

Email Marketing

  Email Marketing

                                                                         picture credit

Email Marketing is innovative and helps an advertiser to send an email to millions of customers in a single click. The content can have a mix of graphic and links offering broad access to help the customer for easy purchase.

      Ready-made templates are available to fill that information can be sent to recipients without designing or creating a template. The plus point is the mega reach it offers in grabbing a large audience compared to traditional marketing.

A minus is a person getting a bunch of marketing emails and he dismisses it as spam without paying a single glance, making the whole thing a waste of time and effort.

So email marketing has to be executed with greater creativity, planning, and finesse.


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